December 10th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “presented”

  1. Every attempt to pay close attention to the way I have presented myself to the endless number of people I’ve encountered this semester has failed. Still that cowering shy girl. Will the new year present me with new found bravery and confidence?

    By Britty URL on 12.11.2012

  2. i was presented with a choice today. beast or belly. beast or belly. and i chose the beast. when you are presented with this choice i hope you make your decision wisely and think of all the people

    By andi_pandi URL on 12.11.2012

  3. That boastful little devil. Four digital spaces of death. Laying my eyes upon it once more, just in case… That damn clock presented each number viciously. Mocking me all night long, and tracking my sleep deprivation once again.

    By Britty URL on 12.11.2012

  4. presented means showcased.. to present your talent or show your capability.. present also means gift .. ‘

    By Pooja Joshi on 12.11.2012

  5. This! I stare at it with glee. This word, this chance, this timer. This! Presented it has, and written it shall be! I’ll do it! Give it to me, the opportunity, the chance, and I shall succeed! There’s no doubt that this word shall be the origin of the greatest story to have ever come to fruition!

    By Mike W URL on 12.11.2012

  6. A gold watch. After 40 years of faithful service, they trot out that old chestnut. I’m insulted. Back in the good old days, there wouldn’t have been a farewell party and a firm handshake. Dagger ‘twixt the ribs was the *real* tradition in this profession.

    By Snellopy URL on 12.11.2012

  7. he presented her with the gift. With trepidationhe handed it over, gilt wrapped with extreme precision. The uncertanty writen all over his face. Was it expensive enough, did it say the right thing? did it convey how much he desperately wanted to claim her as his own? was it subtle enough that her boyfriend wouldn’t realise the importance of such a simple gift. With one look of the sparkle in her eyes as she opened it he know, she was his now and forever.

    By Jen URL on 12.11.2012

  8. I can’t think of anything. My Speech and Drama class during my junior year in high school, maybe?

    By mr.newbie URL on 12.11.2012

  9. What were you presented with today? If you think of what each day presents you begin to see your life in totalllly different perspective. Being presented with a lot time today, i discovered a some skills i didnt know i had. Everyone should make something out of what is presented to them

    By Praj URL on 12.11.2012

  10. i was presented with an honour of writing in . i was given the word ‘presented’ and was asked to present my ideas regarding it. i was perplexed. i had never done anything like that before. but i took up the opportunity, and i typed down whatever i could think of in 60 seconds. but i feel 60 seconds is too less a time to even put your ideas together articulately no matter how simple ideas prop in your head.

    By Pooja Joshi on 12.11.2012

  11. He presented like a god, like a devil of presentations, who had all the powers of hell on his side. His powerpoints were develish and clever versions of his thoughts.

    By Marc on 12.11.2012

  12. I was presented with a talisman the day I was born. It was a little name no one else knew and for the rest of my life I carried it with me. Each time the word was uttered, I was reminded that I was different. In a world full of people, I was still unique.

    The day I was presented that talisman, was the day my life changed forever.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 12.11.2012

  13. She presented a lovely gift to us, a dog wrapped in a bow and tied off with string. The dog was brown, the wrapping was green, and my cheeks were red as I accepted it. Henry, as we named the Spaniel later – for the author of the book I’d given her – licked my hand, and I knew then that it would be love.

    By Caramel on 12.11.2012

  14. We were presented with the facts, however I was not at all convinced that we were on the right track. Something was missing from the report that was presented at the hearing and I was duty bound to find out what was going on in the company that I had worked so hard to established. .

    By victor URL on 12.11.2012

  15. I presented him with the gift I had bought. I had put a lot of effort into it, even in wrapping it. I had a big red bow and all that. He stared at it in confusion for a while until comprehension dawned.
    “It’s our anniversary,” he says.
    “Yeah,” I reply, had he forgotten?
    “Well this is awkward,” he says.
    “I was about to introduce you to my new girlfriend. I’m breaking up with you.”
    What a waste of a bow.

    By Moniek URL on 12.11.2012

  16. I was presented with a dress. Lovely. However, I didn’t like it.

    By vivalaspaceman URL on 12.11.2012

  17. i did not like what i was presented with. it was disgusting. it was appalling. i wanted to toss it across the ocean and never see it again. but i couldn’t. i wasn’t allowed to get to rid of it. man, i really hate broccoli.

    By vivalaspaceman URL on 12.11.2012

  18. My dog presented a nice, fine steamy turd to me. It was on my brand new carpet I had set down just weeks prior to the event. I sighed in frustration, wondering why my life had gone so wrong. I don’t know why I’m writing on this site. I came here from stumbleupon and I’m up at 2 in the morning. I looked back at my dog, and he looked back at me. He seemed to have no idea that I was spiraling into madness. “Goodbye Son, see you in anotha life brotha.”

    By Patch on 12.11.2012

  19. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.11.2012

  20. I once preseneted in a classroom that was awesome. the class was so curtous and they listeded. i preseneted about technology and how they can used the technology to become better learners. I presented the best way possible.

    By elizabeth on 12.11.2012

  21. This weekend at the party, I was always presented by my host family as the “adoptiv-daughter”. It was a joke but I remember how I used to think that I was adopted, when I was a child.

    By Alea on 12.11.2012

  22. We were all gathered around the table. He was grinning like child, his eyes sparkling.
    “Are you ready?” he asked cheerily, but he didn’t wait for a response. He tugged the sheet that was covering the surprise. Everyone gasped in unison.

    By Asma URL on 12.11.2012

  23. When presented with such a silly question, I wondered whether it was time for me to move on from this numbing position to consider a better suited and more creative vocation, one where my mind will actually be applied.

    By lisi URL on 12.11.2012

  24. Things I have presented:
    Babies x2
    Homework to teachers
    Presentations to audience-mos nerve wracking!

    By Bernie on 12.11.2012

  25. Teachers and students are presented with a unique challenge. They are trying to prepare for a 21st century world in a 19th century classroom. Outdated models of instruction, assessment and professional development force teachers to balance the meaningful and the mandatory.

    By Donya on 12.11.2012

  26. she sat down and talked about it. The monkey turned around to show her bottom to the world. I wish powerpoint weren’t a real thing and I wish that this word didn’t make me associate with Grey’s Anatomy “the patient presented” because that reveals how narrow my imagination is and that I am watching far too much TV. Do you remember Dick and Dom and other children’s TV presenters?

    By TB on 12.11.2012

  27. as some sort of fait accompli – a justifcation of why you don’t care dressed up as being loving and caring and totally not too blame…cowardly smiling face

    By georgie on 12.11.2012

  28. I love jewellery and black.

    By Cleo URL on 12.11.2012

  29. I presented myself as someone who cares, but it didn’t matter. He was already one foot in the grave with regard to graduation. Earlier in high school, Darius listened to my advice. Now, he only gave it his utter contempt. This disappointed me to the utmost.

    By Eric Nentrup URL on 12.11.2012

  30. I reminber my first time I presented a sermon. It was hard and I was a little shy at first.

    By Demykhel on 12.11.2012

  31. presented mean that it has already been shown. its just like when kids have show and tell. they present their special thing.

    By Craig B. on 12.11.2012

  32. to give or award

    By KeVanna on 12.11.2012

  33. I presented the story I wrote in class to all of my classmates in Mr. Netrup’s class

    By Chris URL on 12.11.2012

  34. When I presented my progress report to my mother she was proud of me because i have kept my grades up all semester. I was nervous at first but she told me she will always be proud of the right choices I make in school.

    By Tatty on 12.11.2012

  35. knowledge
    do i trust this
    what you have given me
    this false information
    presented with a bow tied around it
    could i be mislead
    for you look me in the eye and give me what i presume to be honest
    and correct

    By madyson haskins on 12.11.2012

  36. i presented a presentation that was presented successfully

    By Jared on 12.11.2012

  37. Stumbling up onto the stage, bleary eyed, hair not-artfully mussed (just mussed) to be presented with the award for Class Poet of Queenstown High School’s graduating class of 1995. All in black, reeking of cigarettes and wine – as any poet worth their salt would, even at only 18 years old…then mumbling the poem into the mic, locking eyes with those in the audience responsible for putting her in this position in the first place.

    By Ara URL on 12.11.2012

  38. I was presenting the constitution of the United States of America. I was so proud but I started wondering how this presentation was showing the world through international relationships. Was I even presenting this right?

    By Lauren URL on 12.11.2012

  39. I presented myself in a way that I could not achieve. I was just lying most of the time.

    By lilyberry URL on 12.11.2012

  40. Again I have this damn word again, I presented in front of the class and I failed because I sucked and I failed. I hate my life it was a sad day when I failed chemistry because I could pronounce tellurium and then I was in trouble and forced to recite the entire periodic table for the class where I failed again. I was sent out of the class and then ran away to Mars because that’s the only place I felt safe.

    By Kman on 12.11.2012