December 10th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “presented”

  1. i don’t have any more money for cat food. i think the magpies ran off with the bag. dollar store is 10 miles away. end of the month always presents me with these kinds of problems.

    By Jay on 12.10.2012

  2. The song flowed through my body, and the feelings that had never crossed my mind finally did. A mere three weeks later, I understood what he wanted out of us. He wanted something secretive, presented only in the dark when no one else was around. I got the message. I wasn’t the girlfriend. I was the girl friend, the one who fit best in bed.

    By Marissa URL on 12.10.2012

  3. Ready to come out into the world?
    Perhaps your father will walk you
    Into the bright room full of other
    Young ladies bobbing in their
    Teacup dresses.
    How lovely you are, my dear.
    Don’t embarrass us again this year.

    By Genevieve on 12.10.2012

  4. I presented a lot of information about this and that and tha. How long is 60 seconds anyway? Just forget about it. What’s next in line for me? How can I save this work? There are so many websites out there. There appear to be two squares left. If I can say this is the time of the year. Winter presaple so far

    By Joey on 12.10.2012

  5. Presentation. It was all he cared about. The way he presented himself to others, and the way others perceived that presentation. He wasn’t even selfish. A selfish person only cares and thinks about themselves; he only cared about how others thought of him.

    By Grace URL on 12.10.2012

  6. I have presented many things in my life: myself, art projects, school projects, songs, ideas… They all terrified me to death when I thought about presenting them. All though, I have been more terrified as I grew older..

    By M on 12.10.2012

  7. Laid out on the table. Flowers for the centrepiece. Cutlery at each chair. And at the door, a welcome mat.

    Presentation matters.

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.10.2012

  8. One of the main skills in life is being able to present something to a group of people. I have presented before and it can be scary but it is a useful skill. You never know when people are willing to hear what you have to say and during those times, good presenting skills are necessary. It’s kind of funny because people are presenting all the time; they just don’t realize it.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 12.10.2012

  9. well presented is pulling down my skirt
    or pulling up my pants
    or adjusting my shirt so the lace doesn’t show through
    it’s checking my face in the mirror
    running my fingers through my hair
    pouring orange tic tacs into my mouth after lunch
    it’s glossing over everything, so my face isn’t dry and my lips aren’t chapped

    By Emma on 12.10.2012

  10. presented with the worlds biggest honour
    the largest trophy for being the best of the bestest me
    overwhelmed with joy I was
    presented with the most prestigious award
    an honorarium crafted by the hands of my own monkey man

    By Aley on 12.10.2012

  11. everything I bring forward will be seen by the people in front of me any of the information will be taken in but may not be fact, some people look down upon this but i see it as a definite help to knowledge of any human being.

    By tristan labrie on 12.10.2012

  12. a challenge
    a question
    a choice
    all presented in a few short moments
    forcing me to decide
    what path will i follow
    a leap of faith
    making me doubt all that has ever
    been presented in life

    By madyson haskins on 12.10.2012

  13. a challenge.
    a question.
    a choice.
    all presented in a few short moments,
    forcing me to decide,
    what path will i follow.
    a leap of faith,
    making me doubt all that has ever,
    been presented in life.
    help me i shout to Him, as he stares at the masterpiece he has created.

    By madyson haskins on 12.10.2012

  14. Here at Imperial Foundations and foundry, ideas are presented with a hopeful excitement. We take those ideas and turn those people down. Together with Progressive counsels and National Cohesion organizations we make sure that the world is moving forward in the governments interest using the people’s innovation which we spur with our media infusions and subliminal motivations. Come, and join our ranks as the leading party in the world’s natural course.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 12.10.2012

  15. At the Present moment, I capture the Presence of such glorious gift & Present….of LIFE….at this very moment.
    What will you do……with life’s special moments… the time they are …Presented …to you?

    By RaShelle URL on 12.10.2012

  16. The problem—presented right in front of you. You’re confused though. Unable to think of a solution, right then an there. You want to make a change and begin to figure out your life, but everything seems so challenging. Don’t be scared though, people are there, people are willing to help—never be alone with the problems you are faced with…

    By T on 12.10.2012

  17. I have been presented with an opportunity to excel beyond any level I had previously reached before. I am in the prime of my life and confused as hell….breaking mental chains that hang on to my consciousness so well….channeling the spiritual realm in order to keep free of the bondage of hell….body and spirit eternal in this temporary organic dwelling .

    By Theresa URL on 12.10.2012

  18. i have to show this project
    this is horrible after presenting i feel ohkay
    but i feel worse
    but its something i accomplish

    By Adriana on 12.10.2012

  19. At the end of life, will it all be presented? Will my actions be laid out before me? What will I feel if they are? The actions that will be presented should have more impact on my present, if they are to affect my future. But I don’t remember the past, just the now.

    By Archori URL on 12.10.2012

  20. They presented it to me. It was so ugly, and I nearly screamed. Forcing the vomit from my throat, I walked out of the room and thought about what I had seen.

    By Senya20 URL on 12.10.2012

  21. I want to be presented and introduced to my future husband unexpectedly. I want life to make us meet, but then separate us, just to reunite us again in the future.

    By Steff on 12.10.2012

  22. this is a thing that is given, shown or displayed. it is something that has the opportunity to demonstrate something to a group of people or an individual. In context presenting can be a presentation of sorts, a visual showing of elements, descriptions, etc.

    By laura URL on 12.10.2012

  23. Presented suggests that there will be something to present, or that something has been presented in the past. In a way it makes this script quite meta, as it is a presentation on my thoughts of the word presented. It is in itself the show, the end product of inspiration, but also has connotations of the creative process, which is why i keep mixing up my tenses.

    By Robbie on 12.10.2012

  24. presented is a past tense of a word that means to show, display or demonstrate something. this can be in front of a group of people or one individual or alone. you can “present’ something that is an activity, a specific subject, facts, or how-to’s.

    By laura URL on 12.10.2012

  25. He was presented with a gift; it wasn’t big, just large enough to require he hold it with both hands. It had a dark blue ribbon that clashed with the lime green wrapping paper that his grandmother had chosen.

    By Paul on 12.10.2012

  26. I presented my light,
    my laugh,
    my smile,
    and heart.
    on a platter.

    you turned them all away
    seeing them
    as nothing more than mud
    from your shoes.

    so now I shall present you
    my darkness,
    my rage,
    my smirk,
    and roar.
    cruelly, messilly,
    through bloodshed.

    for what they say is true;
    hell hath no fury
    like a woman scorned.

    By all4imagination URL on 12.10.2012

  27. you should present to me sometime (:

    By AlecJB URL on 12.10.2012

  28. Remy presented flowers to her girlfriend, who was in her office working as usual. “Hey baby!” The blonde squealed.” Are those for me?”
    Yep.”Remy answered.
    “Hunny! what the special occasion?” The blonde asked jumping from her seat and kising Remy. the brunette just shrugged.
    “Well i love them thank you.” Allison kissed her girlfriend again.
    “So what do you say you and I go out to eat for dinner?”

    By thebtvs4eva on 12.10.2012

  29. He presented her with his finest work of the week, but as with all other offerings, his human owner just did not seem to appreciate the effort and skill required for a cat to kill a pigeon

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.10.2012

  30. He presented himself to me. Not consciously, he didn’t know I was watching. He simply walked into the room and I was there, waiting, out of sight. Waiting for one like that. I could do a lot with that innocent charm. He looked like he might have a lot of independence, but those are the most fun. Six months from now, he would have no idea his life began this day.

    By Maggie on 12.10.2012

  31. I was presented with a problem today that I don’t know how to fix. I have to fix a friendship. It’s broken. I’m broken. I fucked up and I’m going to miss my friend when he decides he hates me.

    By Christine on 12.10.2012

  32. I presented a present to my husband the day before yesterday because it was his 27th birthday. I really love my husband and think he is the greatest thing ever. I bought him a Star Trek mug and a new wedding ring. We had to go down to the states to get the new ring because they wouldn’t deliver it to Canada. That was the beginning of a great adventure…

    By Haley on 12.10.2012

  33. I stammered…I sweated…I swooned. As my head hit the ground and my eyes rolled to the back of my head I heard the shouts.
    “What’s happened?”
    “Is she going to be all right?”
    I listened for as long as I could, but soon everything faded into a dull blur. It was just a presentation, how could it have gone so wrong?

    By Kerry URL on 12.10.2012

  34. He was presented to the King and Queen at which time he started to sing and dance. They were not amused. Infact, they were insulted. So insulted they cast him off to the lions to be torn to shreds. Moral of the story is to know your audience.

    By Jackie URL on 12.10.2012

  35. I was presented with a gift. It didn’t come in the form of a car or a shiny ring. It came in the form of a 15 year old boy named Aleks who was assigned as my skipper for the summer. And he is possibly one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I love what he’s done for me, I love what he’s helped me become and most of all, I love him.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 12.10.2012

  36. When you are presented with an opportunity please don’t give it up. Give it your all. Make sure you suck every last bit of juice out of that opportunity. Make it your bitch. Take control. Exhaust it to the point where you think there is nothing more it could possibly give. Then push harder.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 12.10.2012

  37. I presented a video to my fiancee saying how much I loved him after we got into a fight… then the next time we got into a fight he did it with prezi. oh I love the modern age… even though we are long distance at them moment it is nice having little things like that.

    By Jordan on 12.10.2012

  38. when i was six years old or so, i was presented with my first award. it was for some trivial thing like perfect attendance, as if we were meant to believe that sort of thing matters in the world. still, it mattered to me then. it still matters to me, as i have had perfect attendance from then until now.

    By Juliette on 12.10.2012

  39. I was presented with one of the best gifts I could possibly get. It was my father, coming home from war. It was christmas day and as I woke up that morning I was presented with a choice, to continue to believe that my father was never coming back or to remain hopeful. That next moment he walked through the door.

    By Ray on 12.10.2012

  40. so many things happening today but nothing beats getting presented with a bunch for flowers. it makes everything else so is much better! =D

    By Trixiewixieo URL on 12.10.2012