December 10th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “presented”

  1. I just presented a conference. But I didn’t really want to go. I’d rather go somewhere other than Hawaii. And I don’t have anything to present – Hell I don’t even know what I’m doing. What is coding? Will I get results? Fancy pants fancy pants fancy pants. I need a businessy top. Oye vey. Presenting a SURF will be a good test run.

    By cmcclain on 12.10.2012

  2. I presented a sweater on Powerpoint and got a sweater in return as a present from the President. he told me to use Keynote because it’s better looking that Powerpoint

    By Gertrude on 12.10.2012

  3. I presented Tim with a Huskers flag.

    By Jano on 12.10.2012

  4. present the presents. our christmas tree just toppled over… again… this time with ornaments on it. expensive ones. that broke. ones that i’ve had since i was a child. memories shattered. oh well though. nothing you can do about it and it’s just material things. so it’s all good. more just time wasted. but this is me being a downer and has nothing to do with presented.

    By allie on 12.10.2012

  5. Presented. What does that even mean? Everything we know, everything that has been presented to us is relative, subjective. P.R.E.S.E.N.T.E.D. What is life really???

    By YOLO@# URL on 12.10.2012

  6. Normally I’d be thrilled at the prospect of getting together at the holidays, but given the current atmosphere with the family dinamic I’m starting to dread it again. Like I’m a teenager all over again. If I were presented with a better option I’d take it in a heart beat. Bahamas for Christmas, anyone?

    By Anna URL on 12.10.2012

  7. this morning a special kind of advice and problem. best friend and best situation. maybe my turn. i don’t know that we’re ready. always ready. always waiting. best wing lady. best friend. want. need. always loved. always love. she hates me for the best reason. he isn’t in love with her like he is with me. and now my opportunity is here and i won’t take it.

    By Lj URL on 12.10.2012

  8. Presented forward is a world unknown. Where al you can know is that there is unknown. Accepting this you present an open mind to all the possibilities and opportunity that are presented before you.

    By Andrew Shoemaker on 12.10.2012

  9. given formally

    By lara on 12.10.2012

  10. I presented a document, power point, play, musical, essay, and a problem that requires a bunch of information.

    By JordY on 12.10.2012

  11. It’s all about how things are presented–
    gifts, people, flowers, attitudes.
    It’s the pomp and circumstance,
    It’s the flourish. So remember,
    present things properly.

    By Robin URL on 12.10.2012

  12. You can be presented with an award. It feels nice to receive an award. Presented is a very positive word and provokes feelings of self-worth and proudness. It also has the word present in it. Presents are nice too. I always wanted a puppy as a present when I was little but I never got one, which was sad. Despite this, it is always nice to be presented with presents, regardless of how rubbish they are.

    By Caroline on 12.10.2012

  13. presented with something you never thought would receive, something you never thought was possible, evaded all perception beforehand, in an empty blissful ignorance of self plight.

    By Lee URL on 12.10.2012

  14. Sam brushed the leaves out of her hair to present herself without a mussed look.

    By michelle a.m. URL on 12.10.2012

  15. i presented my power point
    i presented my garage to my freinds

    By Sam URL on 12.10.2012

  16. I was presented a gift on Christmas day. The person I gave it to loved it.

    By Reagan URL on 12.10.2012

  17. She presented with such grace that the ugly drawing did not matter.

    By taylark URL on 12.10.2012

  18. i presented my 5 minute speach to the company
    we all presented diferent ideas

    By kyle URL on 12.10.2012

  19. I presented a project in my english class and got a 99.99% on it.

    By skyler jayne URL on 12.10.2012

  20. Images deceive us. In business, society, different cultures around the world; what we see is not what we get. These are abstracts. Fragments of a whole that people wish us to see; the other fragments hidden we will never see. How they present themselves.

    By Liam Johnson on 12.10.2012

  21. the students presented there projects in class.
    they presented the prize to the young man.

    By sterlingm URL on 12.10.2012

  22. Last month i presented three trophies to the blueridge cheer team. It was aweful they should never have won those awards

    By bryce URL on 12.10.2012

  23. As i presented my project to the board of directors i felt an excrutiating pain.

    By benji URL on 12.10.2012

  24. Once the deal was presented, there was no way that the follow-through could NOT happen. The idea was ripe and the assuredness they had about it was not to be underestimated.

    By charmed URL on 12.10.2012

  25. In 6th grade i presented like 10 power points.

    By siena URL on 12.10.2012

  26. I presented a powerpoint on what i like in 6th grade.
    I presented my report about egypt to the class in 6th grade.

    By andrewk URL on 12.10.2012

  27. When shown one thing, you may react this way, or some way I did not expect at all. Most of the time, you show me what I expect. But, my dear friend called Life, when you don’t, it usually bring me the most joy. I’d rather not expect the unexpected, as knowing is fun, but surprises are too. So, sometime soon, present me with another unexpected gift.

    By RadioactiveFoxx URL on 12.10.2012

  28. All her friends read stories about demure little debutantes, being presented in society. Books where there was no sex before marriage. Or if there was, the heroine died tragically. In a gutter. Covered in snow.

    Marion had this ringing in her head as Guy took her back to his apartment.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.10.2012

  29. how you look or let people look at you you are presented i guess

    By alexia URL on 12.10.2012

  30. The award was for the most laughable context to use the word “favor”. I won it. I won’t tell you how I used it because it isn’t important. What is important is that I didn’t really even want to enter, let alone win. I only did it because I was asked to do it. I was, if you’re wondering asked in a very nice way.

    By Golden Refugee on 12.10.2012

  31. At this time of year, many people are presented with gifts from family and friends. The interesting thing is . . . many times the gifter gets more benefit from the present than the gift receiver. It truly is more blessed to give than receive. I hope this presented valuable information to you.

    By Jill on 12.10.2012

  32. He presented the man with a question of choice. He knew he had to pay close detail to the exact words stated, “would you like fry’s with that?”

    By nicholas on 12.10.2012

  33. They presented the world, with and option of freedom or religion.

    By nicholas URL on 12.10.2012

  34. Presented…present end. the end. over. done. life fulfilled.

    By Alaina on 12.10.2012

  35. when i presented to the class
    i thought it went o.k.
    not good
    but o.k.
    but hers was better
    and when i tried to be eloquent
    it all came out

    By VB on 12.10.2012

  36. Er gab ihm mit einem feierlichen Lächeln das rote Packet. Es war nicht groß und die Oappe an den Rändern ein wenig angeknickt, aber Jaroe freute sich riesig.
    Es war das erste Geschenk, das Kray jemandem gebracht hatte.

    By BlueRay on 12.10.2012

  37. I am standing there in front of everyone. All eyes on me with their judgements stirring. AS I look upon the faces with the critical eyes I feel as I should faint. I ramble onward through the motion and at last I have presented

    By L.L on 12.10.2012

  38. I am presented with challenges on a daily basis, with these I have a choice…. to kick their ass outta the ball park, or let them defeat me…. Lets ROCK! All I gotta say!!

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 12.10.2012

  39. She presented me the knife in a ceremonious manner i would normally think strange for this situation had it not been her. Slowly, but deeply, i cut into my palm and let the blood trickle into the glass that filled up almost too quickly. Then with a nod from her, i drank the whole thing and every inch of me split up into scrambled pieces of matter and atoms as i cried out in pain.

    By Sophia URL on 12.10.2012

  40. I presented him with the facts.
    I am not human. I breathe air.

    I am more than human. I am not simply a person. I am a me. Completely unique and just like you.

    I travel in time. Mostly forward.

    I am made up of stars and dark matter. I am pure and evil. I make decisions, not mistakes. I am flawed. I am perfect.

    I make miracles and cause problems.

    Sound comes from my mouth. Music comes from my chest. Words come from my lips and drip off my fingers. My hands are lined. They are strong and soft. Light shines behind my eyes and my brain is made of magic. Actually, all of me is made of magic.

    There is nothing more magical than quarks, making up atoms, making up molecules, making up the universe.

    I am made of light and dark, just like the universe.

    I presented him with the facts.
    I am alive. That is all.
    That is more than enough.

    By Me URL on 12.10.2012