September 16th, 2011 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “pouch”

  1. There once was a pouch. This pouch was on the side of a camel carrying a bottle of wine for Moses to drink on his great exodus to the Promised Land.

    By Peyton URL on 09.16.2011

  2. There once was a kangaroo with a baby in it’s pouch. I wanted to see a closer look but I didn’t want to scare them, so I just took a picture and now I could see them all I want, whenever I want.

    By Scarllet on 09.16.2011

  3. there was a kangaroo named Ned. ned was a girl, even though her name was ned. ned had a pouch. ned carried a baby in her pouch. it name was daniel. ned loved daniel very much. very very much but one day ned

    By Ish on 09.16.2011

  4. lol wut

    By asdasdasd on 09.16.2011

  5. I put everything in there. Everything I love and need? Childhood memories. Momentos of events long past. I store it in my closet. It’s a secret place I goto when I need a smile. I love recalling old memories. They make me giggle at the most inopportune times. Like when I’m atmy desk at work or on the bus surrounded by strangers. I have forgotten what some of my tokens represent. Some over the years have taken on new meaning for me. Better memories I hope. I have pictures, lots of movie stubs. Balloons and old keychains. A cracked mirror with my name on it.

    By KellyMVL on 09.16.2011

  6. A pouch holds all sorts of things. I wish I had one like the puch Hermione has in HArry Potter where it hold everything! That would be so cool cause I could backpack without having a huge pack and that would give me the freedom to explore more.

    By Chelsea on 09.16.2011

  7. I already wrote a story about a pouch, but this new pouch contains my old story about the pouch. aka. This pouch is holding a story about a pouch. Which is ironic..

    By Peyton English URL on 09.16.2011

  8. it holds things
    easy to carry
    five-letter word
    starts with a p

    By Tiye on 09.16.2011

  9. when i first saw this i thought it said porn. oh my.
    well pouch reminds me of a fanny pack which is a cool nerdy purse. and if a guy i liked had this i’d tease him.

    By sam on 09.16.2011

  10. My pouch of dreams is full of wonders. You can imagine what bizarre things I have in it. From going to Paris to becoming a known author.. my pouch has it all! :)

    By Cindy URL on 09.16.2011

  11. pouch is a funny word. kangarros have pouches and i just want to sit in it and be all snuggly! in a kangaroo pouch with my kangaroo mother all snuggly and such! :)

    By skylee on 09.16.2011

  12. She pulled from her pouch a dead watch, a canned ham, pickles, toothpaste, a reefer, an apple, a gyroscope and a map of Tunisia, murmuring, “Will this help?”.

    By carol URL on 09.16.2011

  13. I filled it with rocks. My dad smiled. I was a rock person, so was he. We watch as the rocks fall out into the hot sun. Rocks of memories.

    By Isabel on 09.16.2011

  14. This bright eyed girl with her face smashed up against the windowpane staring at what she longed for the most; fiddling with her fingers she worried about what to say. Much to her dismay a rush of wind flew past her scattering leaves everywhere, her mother rushed her away from the window display; her eyes never left the beautiful pouch (bag) she yearned for.

    By Jezell URL on 09.16.2011

  15. She looked down at him and panic filled her eyes. Before she could freeze up though, she sprang into action. She grabbed the first aid kit from her pouch, and knelt beside him. She carefully and quickly cleaned and bandaged his wound.
    Now, all they had to do was wait.
    Wait for someone to save them, or wait until they could save themselves.

    By Kaylyn URL on 09.16.2011

  16. A velveteen patch was fastened to his hip. In it was everything he owned: two shillings, some string, and a polished stone.

    He hadn’t much money, and the string was useless, at least at that time, but the tiny, seemingly insignificant rock—

    The stone was what burned in his pocket, what burned in his mind; he could never forget the look in her face when she handed it to him and said goodbye.

    By Tai URL on 09.16.2011

  17. Word

    By Alec Lemmon on 09.16.2011

  18. I have one. It’s small and it’s leather- you’d think that I would feel weird about carrying something made out of a dead cow’s skin- but it’s really not if you don’t think about it. A lot of things aren’t what they are if you think about it- you’re not who you are if you think about it. Why do we then impose our own thoughts onto our observations?

    All these thoughts, from a small pouch.

    By spazzycorn URL on 09.16.2011

  19. kangaroo’s sleeping place. a spot to keep little things. what dumb people refer to as their belly fat. cross between potato & couch.

    By zia on 09.16.2011

  20. As I stand on the edge of the world,
    pondering my own mortality, I am
    reminded of how I got here. A bad
    egg in the pouch. It’s a fitting end
    to someone such as myself: half
    comical, half grave. I realize that
    I will only miss one thing from this
    world, the only thing worth protecting.
    Is it wrong to protect it with a lie?

    By Samuel URL on 09.16.2011

  21. There once was a magical pouch, and when you stuck your hand in it, and pulled it out inside of the pouch you’d find everything you’ve ever wanted.

    By Aly URL on 09.16.2011

  22. Outpouch.

    By No on 09.16.2011

  23. If I had an infinitely large pouch, I’d put all sorts of things in it. Things that would whizz around inside it, and things that would pop and squish and whirl. I’d have a colony of ants in there, keeping everything organized. Sometimes everything would pop out to say hello to the world…

    By Marie on 09.16.2011

  24. I was a Kangaroo in a show once. I had balloons in hip pockets and a baby kangaroo in my pouch. I remember i kept pins in the baby kangaroo’s head to pop the balloons. but I had a pouch. And I know it’s not the most original thing ever, but it’s what the word reminds me of.

    By Katie on 09.16.2011

  25. i put things in my pouch. i wish i was a kangaroo..they have pouches for their young..but i dont want a kid…that would suck, im only 16 i mean come on…i like pouches for storing purposes…they make me really happy.

    By Alec Vigil URL on 09.16.2011

  26. The pouch was metallic and an odd-looking color of green. Where it came from? Who the hell knows? What did this pouch contain? How did it arrive on the door-step of what used to be the home I lived in? I guess I will never know- the pouch had a padlock on it.

    By thebananapost URL on 09.16.2011

  27. “What’s this?” she asked confused, holding up the pouch.
    “This. Is something incredibly important. “You can fit whatever you need into it. it’s something you need to keep with you at all times. Keep everything that’s necessary for you to immediately live in it. You never know when we’ll be attacked and you’ll need to run. So keep it with you.”
    “What should I put in it?”
    “Money, phone, notebook, pens, camera, ID’s, and your ring. Those are the things you need. Oh and your runes I suppose.”
    “Hmmm that’s sad.” she mused.
    He turned to her again, “Sad?”
    “Well the idea that if I needed to, I could simply run away with this tiny bag.”

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 09.16.2011

  28. i stored whatever was left of the money i had spent that evening at the inn back into my worn leather pouch. It bounced lightly against my hip as i walked, reminding me of how little money i truly had.

    By jamie hystad on 09.16.2011

  29. They never tell you what’s in the pouch. They just say, “Keep it safe, or else…” They never finish the sentence. You never find out what the ‘or else’ means. You just follow their instructions, because you know if you don’t, bad things will happen.

    By Zehroy on 09.16.2011

  30. The idea of a kangaroo baby in its mother’s pouch is cute, but I saw a video of a joey popping out and it just looked so weird.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.16.2011

  31. The words he never got to say
    The kiss he never got to give
    The ring he never got to offer

    Come to rest on his relentless, unforgiving heart.

    By 陸光儀 URL on 09.16.2011

  32. The tiny pockets that I’ve stored so deep within my soul hold more than just insignificance and waste. They hold the hopes and dreams I dwelled on that culminated into nothing. And instead of being hidden they dwindle in my mind everyday, like the haunted memories of those I’ve loved.

    By mkl URL on 09.16.2011

  33. Kangaroos have those.
    Also, Capri Suns come in pouches.
    I think that word is kind of weird to be honest.

    By Hollie URL on 09.16.2011

  34. He reached into his pouch
    a bag of magic tricks
    still moving shadows crouch
    their target still to fix
    And though my view he often bars
    this once he let me pry
    to see how he pulled out the stars
    and patterned out the sky

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.16.2011

  35. A simple one, of the softest leather imaginable. It sat impeccable, as if it was never touched. What it may have contained nobody knew. It was a mystery to all that set their sights on it. But how did one know it was crafted of buttery leather?

    By Crystal on 09.16.2011

  36. A pouch in which to carry all my worldly goods of which there are few. A pouch to carry a snatch of love and a parcel of hope. A pouch in which to carry life. A pouch to hold memories. A pouch for the good ones and the bad. What do you hold?

    By bella on 09.16.2011

  37. rhyme with couch. and i am siting on one wit the girl i love the night before she leaves for school. ouch.

    By Megan on 09.16.2011

  38. There’s a spot in my heart made for you, I tuck you in and hope you’ll stay there forever. I want you safe within its chambers, kept warm by the metronome beat.

    By The Real Megan on 09.16.2011

  39. Pouch….Kangaroos! Kangaroos are the cutest animal ever! I’m listening to that song at the moment! They are defiantly one of the greatest creatures there are. And they have pouches! Really cute ones! They are lucky they always have a pocket to hold things in. Mainly they use it for babies.

    By Anna URL on 09.16.2011

  40. one time a little kid had a pouch. he took the pouch and put money in it so he could buy a puppy. he loved puppies. since he was getting all this money to put in his pouch he was going to be able to purchase a pup. so he went and did chores for people. it would be the neighbors his family and everyone. finally he got enough money for the puppy

    By mariah on 09.16.2011