September 16th, 2011 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “pouch”

  1. A pouch full of diamonds could never flaw a man so much as it had flawed Emerald Didmington; the prospective earth metal collector straight out of the latest Bond Novel…Johannesburg will never be the same.

    By Edward Walker on 09.16.2011

  2. a pouch like a kangaroo pouch. A pouch that keeps little things warm and safe and good. A place that holds love and so much care. Like a kangaroo. It’s strong and takes care of his family. pouch.

    By Olivia on 09.16.2011

  3. a holder, a place too keep things, known, unknown, mysterious, and seemingly strange. a place for a child, a book, a phone, a pen, money, materialistic things.

    By cora and emily on 09.16.2011

  4. what would you keep in a pouch? A mother kangaroo carries life in her pouch. whatever could you hold in yours that would top that?

    By brose URL on 09.16.2011

  5. A pouch something to hold things, to keep things safe. what if we had a pouch for our hearts? what if we could keep our hearts safe and only take them out when we are ready? what if we co

    By Amber on 09.16.2011

  6. Pouch? How do you even pronounce that anyway? Is there a proper way of saying it? I’ve heard it said many ways, I suppose it depends on where you live then.

    By Danielle on 09.16.2011

  7. The first thing that comes to mind is a Kangaroo. Elegantly, the mother’s pouch cradles their young in warmth and comfort as she hops through the barren unknown outback. It’s young asleep inside, unaware of where it will wake up next.

    By Josh URL on 09.16.2011

  8. Pouch. That is one of those words that give you a feeling of childish amusement every time you pronounce. I don’t know why it is the case. Maybe the fact that it makes your mouth curl into a round set of lips coupled with the “ch” sound that make you feel like giggling mindlessly after saying it.

    By ozzy URL on 09.16.2011

  9. Pouch… that’s what hanging over my jeans right now, right? I want to get rid of it, but the taste of cheese, fat, and funyuns are pretty much overruling any attempt at a diet.

    By Amanda on 09.16.2011

  10. there once was this pouch that a women owned. it was an evil pouch. every night it went out and attacked the citizens of Atlantis. the police couldn’t find anyone to arrest. they never would’ve suspected a pouch. that’s why it was the greatest mystery of all. and to this day, no one has ever seen this pouch again.

    By Christy on 09.16.2011

  11. There was a small pouch secured around her neck by a leather string. Inside were the crushed petals of an immortal flower. They were purple and the aroma rose to her nose, calming her in times of anxiety and keeping her awake when sleepy. A gift from her mother, a witch, to keep her safe and sound. How grateful she was to her mother for this gift.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 09.16.2011

  12. The old man clung to his pouch as if it contained all his worldly possessions. It did.

    By Bart on 09.16.2011

  13. Baby kangaroos? That’s all I could think of. Sorry – I’ll do better next time, I swear.

    By B. Green URL on 09.16.2011

  14. the pouch of the kangaroo was filled with three tiny baby kangaroos. Strolling through the Australian outback, I was astounded by the new wildlife that I had never experenced before. Everything was new and exciting, and I just didnt know where to start.

    By Anna on 09.16.2011

  15. The little pouch of his stomach was warm as he slept. He hated it, the bit of weight that hung there. But I loved it, a lot. I liked to rest my head against his stomach and let his easy breathing sway me to sleep, like the small ripple of waves washing through me.

    By Cassie URL on 09.16.2011

  16. The cheeks pouches of rats store more meat than garbage and grain nowadays.

    By aeropostale URL on 09.16.2011

  17. Pouch. What can I say about the word pouch. It’s a word that means a thing. A think sort of like a pocket but not. I have an epi-pen for my ant allergies and for a while I carried it around like a fanny pack…my little pouch. That’s what I think of when I think of the word pouch. It makes me laugh.

    By Quinelle on 09.16.2011

  18. a pouch is a place where you put things right?
    like a man purse or whatever.
    speaking of which,
    those are really dumb.
    I have a pouch on my backpack.
    well actually i have a lot of them.

    By alistair barrell on 09.16.2011

  19. This makes me think about a kangaroo. Nothing else really. It makes me think about cute little baby kangaroos and the like, all cuddled up. But really, they are probably covered in goo or something disgusting like that. Pretty gross eh?

    By Darcie on 09.16.2011

  20. The word is pouch. Kangaroos carry their babies in their pouch. Pouch rhymes with the word couch. Every now and then I carry a puch

    By Giselle on 09.16.2011

  21. in my pouch i put my wages for the week. later i will save my wages and purchase a new purse to keep my money. my father thinks that it is completely worthless to save money for a purse when I have a completely good pouch to hold my money. oh well.

    maybe if my father stopped blowing all of his money down at the pub with his mates I wouldn’t need to keep saving my money to feed my brother and sisters.

    By Katy URL on 09.16.2011

  22. Pouch.. kangaroos have pouches. purses have pouches. a pouch is like a safe keeping. it keeps your things safe. you could connect love to a pouch.. you want your heart to be safe with the person you love. pouches keep things warm.

    By Seattle URL on 09.16.2011

  23. the pouch of the kangaroo make great wallets.

    By Joe URL on 09.16.2011

  24. pocket? maybe.. no i think more about kangaroos… yea I like how they hop/run… what would you call that? I have no idea. You tell me…. i also think of Fanny packs… BAHAHAHA those are awk!

    By Jackie on 09.16.2011

  25. You snuggle up to her like a joey in its pouch. You wish you were attached somehow.

    By Marian writes URL on 09.16.2011

  26. So my girlfriend got me a man purse. I guess she’s my girlfriend. I took her first kiss. I’ve had many girls before. And I don’t know what to say to her. It’s pretty much a purse. She says “Look at this pouch, you can carry your stuff in it.” And I say, “Well I’m just not that comfortable yet.”

    By jack URL on 09.16.2011

  27. Something smaller than your days wages and more precious then your obsessions, delights in the unknown.

    By Sugar on 09.16.2011

  28. There is something amazing about how a kangaroo hides their babies in their pouch. Protective? Smothering? Doesn’t that little baby want to come out and play with other little baby kangaroos? Imagine if we, humans, hid our babies in the same way???

    By Marcy on 09.16.2011

  29. kangaroos have pouches. so do koalas. I wish I had a pouch because that would make it easier to carry things around. If people had pouches we wouldnt need purses and men wouldnt get messed with for man purses.

    By Molly Rector on 09.16.2011

  30. Kangaroos have the most incredible reproductive system of any other animal. The babies are born prematurely and crawl up into their mother’s pouch. When they finally emerge, they are what is called a joey. Incredible. No other kind of animal has this ability, and it allows the mother to keep a close, intimate relationship with her baby until it has developed enough to survive and flourish on it’s own.

    By Erin Burley on 09.16.2011

  31. I really can’t put it into words. The soft, warm images that come to mind flood the senses. Mother…can you hear me now? I wish to convey this to you.

    Please hear me.

    By Saki-chu URL on 09.16.2011

  32. a kangaroo has a pouch where the baby joey lives and is kept warm it’s safe and beautiful and just what that joey needs. closeness to its mother for support and nurishment. imagine having that? imagine loosing that??

    By sunshine on 09.16.2011

  33. The pouch contained a number of interesting items that the gentlemen was not interested in revealing to his present company. How, though would he be able to dissuade the soldiers from searching his person when it seemed there was no apparent way out.

    By kimwrites URL on 09.16.2011

  34. Standing in the aisle, swaying along with the bus, clutching the handhold for her life with one hand. She has a small pouch at her hip with its straps slung across her body. She uses her free hand to pull out a folded pocket-sized photo from the bag, of her home. Her first love and her city, now gone.

    By Adia D. URL on 09.16.2011

  35. sucked into a world of life, there is nothing but truth. warmth and love, all wrapped up into one word. a way to keep it inside, tuck it in and say goodbye. or goodnight, whatever awaits.

    By mallory on 09.16.2011

  36. a kangaroo lives in a pouch
    i live on a couch
    couch rhymes with pouch.
    llamas don’t have pouches.
    kangaroos have pouches.
    i sleep on couches

    By MJS on 09.16.2011

  37. I was walking down the street when i stumbled upon a pouch on the ground. As i picked it up and peered inside i found 500 dollars in cash. I though to myself how lucky i was! Now all i had to do was decide what to i wanted to do with the money.

    By Nicole Fastyn on 09.16.2011

  38. A kangaroo mama has a pouch, in which she holds her baby joey. Same with a Koala. Mothering is such a personal and important thing in the animal kingdom. So many animals would never survive childhood without mothers. And now in modern society you see children with nannies and adoptive parents and foster parents and even NO parents. Why can’t human beings be more like animals (in a parenting sense, not a civilization sense).

    By Emily T. on 09.16.2011

  39. Some people carry one around their waist. They use it for snacks I guess. Fannypacks! Yea I would never be able to wear one of those. So it’s really weird and I would never use one. It’s just plain odd. Also I saw someone with a little cell phone pouch.

    By Laura Hilton on 09.16.2011

  40. Koala’s have pouches. They’re marsupials, and they live in Austrailia. People sometimes think that they’re bears, but they’re not. They are really cute though! I remember that Magic Tree House Book where Jack and Annie go to Austrailia and rescue a koala. That was a cute story. I miss stories like that. Actually not so much, but they were just so cute and I remember reading them all the time. I love koalas though, I wish I could have a pet one. It could sleep in my bed, and we could go hunting for the special types of leaves it eats. I think I’d name it pan-pan.

    By Sarah on 09.16.2011