April 6th, 2016 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “possible”

  1. ‘Is it really possible?’, you would ask. Yeah, it is. One can do whatever they want if they truly believe it. Fake it until you make it, as they say.

    By Akira on 04.07.2016

  2. When the line is blurred between the possible and impossible, when the two extremes become one, that is when insanity becomes reality and life is forced to become death.

    By Evie on 04.07.2016

  3. Dear beautiful souls,
    The beautiful comfortable ideas we so much have in mind are possible.
    Just be them.
    Be the every ideas, every way you want it.
    There is no need for massive training or woulda or shoulda.
    Just the word and art of that beautiful idea.
    Apparently life gets unsatisfying and by now we all should have accepted its ever gonna change.
    its just the way is and always will be.

    By Sameeka URL on 04.07.2016

  4. possibility is the dish
    I pile onto a spoon and try
    and choke down,
    like cough syrup,
    like defeat,
    like maybe, just maybe,
    “bright” will mean more
    than the sun.

    possibility is the disease
    under my skin, detailing how
    many days I have yet to live;
    I scrape apologies and dirt
    from my knees.

    By Pandatry URL on 04.07.2016

  5. Anything is possible if you put your midn to it. Even homework. You can do anything if you juist believe in yourself. See, right now I want to write a play. So to write I gotta be creative. TO be creative I need to have the creative juices. They’re flowing hard like the bars on Kanye’s new album. Didn’t think this was possible, did you?

    By kittydestroyer69 URL on 04.07.2016

  6. Writing again is possible. It’s always been possible. There’s no block, though sure, it seems that way. The block is the act of picking up a pen, of tapping keys and turning the mind outward to create, to put information and words outside of oneself, not simply vacuum them in from tv, books, movies, video games. No matter how excellent the writing one consumes – it’s still advisable for the writing mind to divest itself of some creativity by doing some god-damned writing of its own … even if the product is shit, the process of literary evacuation is good and worthwhile in itself.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 04.07.2016

  7. Maybe it was possible, maybe it wasn’t. He didn’t have a choice. As he sized up the chasm, he wondered if he was going to die. He hoped not. This jump HAD to be possible. He was a demigod, so maybe he could use the water at the bottom, even though it didn’t look friendly. Here goes nothing!

    By GrapeHufflepuff URL on 04.07.2016

  8. Do you think its possible to get to the other side of the bridge without it falling? Yes I think it is possible to get to the other side.

    By cad on 04.07.2016

  9. Think of all the possible ways to beat this level. I got it lets try to use the vines on the ceiling to swing to the other side.

    By cad on 04.07.2016

  10. Is it possible to get the jet pack on the roof over there? No I don’t think its possible but we can try.

    By cad on 04.07.2016

  11. its possible that i may be crazy, but rias dxd is a hottie who keeps me excited ;) add William Warrick on League of Legends @RiasDxD or on Facebook Today!

    18+ only.

    By John Baker URL on 04.07.2016

  12. ‘It’s possible’, the doctor had said, ‘but it’s unlikely’. And now, here we were, a mere 24 hours later and the unlikely had happened. After 6 years in a coma, she was waking up, and she had heard every single secret that was spilled over her seemingly lifeless body.

    By ME on 04.07.2016

  13. It’s possible i know it is.

    “Jump!” Jack yells from the roof top in front of me.

    Even though he is shorter than me, he still managed to jump across smoothly and skillfully.

    “I don’t think I can do it!” I yell back.

    Im not a great jumper, or runner, or pretty much anything that has something to do with physical activity.

    “Come on Grace you can do it! Just back up, run a jump as hard as you can. You’ll make it!”
    He yells, encouragingly.

    “It’s not possible!”

    “Anything is possible.” He says. With so much seriousness, that I believe him.

    I take a deep breath, and jump.

    By Lauren URL on 04.07.2016

  14. Okay so yesterday, I wrote about the word possible. I recognize that I was pretty negative about the word, which was probably determined by my really terrible mood yesterday, but today I’m feeling better! I’m feeling like many things are possible for me. Maybe not everything is possible, but many things that are important to me, are very possible :)

    By annie URL on 04.07.2016

  15. No. Its not… He wouldn’t. As I looked at the picture on my phone, I realized its possible. He could. He would. He cheated on me. How could I not have noticed. I mean, he’s been hanging out with her more often. I’m such an idiot. I thought he loved me. He said I could trust him. So I did. I gave him everything. I gave him all of me. But he just used me. He doesn’t love me. And here’s the proof. He never cared, and now I’m nothing to him.

    By Caeli Wells on 04.07.2016

  16. It is possible that you have atleast 7 dopplegangers in the world. But frankly, the chance you’ll ever meet one is rather slim.

    By Desmond Ooi on 04.07.2016

  17. Without thinking, just typing away, I question if my head is screwed on correctly. I feel it hangs too loosely atop of my spinal cord and I soon will spill every thought I’ve ever had onto the ground. But is that possible?

    By Edwin Charles Fletcher Green URL on 04.07.2016

  18. evreything is possible nothing is impossible
    you can do anything on earth but it might be hard to do so keep trying and never give up

    By Zachary Setzer URL on 04.07.2016

  19. v

    By Dylan Montgomery URL on 04.07.2016

  20. Is anything really possible if you put your mind to it?
    Max really had no idea for he can not feel everything that everyone else can.
    Max is a lion that that speaks with every roar but is caged in the mind of Zerak waiting to be released from the cage ( the beast ). Max seeks to have a heart and only feels whole around the one he truly loves.

    hint- i hit you with a door ¨ sorry “

    By Max556 on 04.07.2016

  21. Was this even going to be possible? He had the typical bravado of someone promoted to leadership too early, and I had the typical pessimism of someone who had been undervalued for too long. He punched my shoulder and told me, “Don’t overthink this one, Jones.”

    By ulimonster URL on 04.07.2016

  22. Some say that trying is futile
    That Hardwork has no value
    But there is still a small group of us who believe in the word Hustle
    That Striving, aiming, venturing is what makes things attainable
    Sometimes Reaching your goal is painful
    And Working is too hard
    But it is these things that make the impossible possible

    By Emilia Morton URL on 04.07.2016

  23. For with God
    nothing is impossible. The
    possibilities and
    opportunities are endless. you have to be
    thankful for all that you have. to survive you have to have
    faith and be
    forgiving people of their
    past, and believe that the
    present will be better. It will all get better in

    By Cora Martin URL on 04.07.2016

  24. I find myself imagining
    a type of food that is super yummy,
    of course it has to be about steak that comes
    from a fat cow that is full
    from eating to much grass, but
    spiders come to mind and that’s scary
    but then I remember that in some houses
    there is cats that hunts
    mice and
    their you can see their tails disappear into small holes.

    By Jose Sulca URL on 04.07.2016

  25. anything is possible in the gaming world
    all you have to do is believe
    computers make games go farther and farther in technology
    games are what strives some one youtubers
    black ops 3 has been a very big hit on youtube
    nuketown is one of my most favorite maps
    locus is a very high powered rifle
    i hit very major quickscopes
    i always get a headshot
    my rank is always high up there

    By Drew Payne URL on 04.07.2016

  26. impossible
    mission impossible
    hard work

    By Landon Jimmerson URL on 04.07.2016

  27. The chance of making something possible is something everyone has if they look
    If you NEVER give up, you can do it
    Impossible is a word you should never know
    Faith is a key to help anyone keep going
    Hope is something I will never loose
    I can do anything is say in my head
    Even doing nothing
    Joy fills my body from head to toe
    The feeling of accomplishing something give me chills and is so satisfying
    With hard-work the possibilities are endless

    By Sisley Pryor URL on 04.07.2016

  28. possible or impossible
    monsters are real
    they live in your head
    and make you feel ill
    eating your sanity
    and drinking your blood
    the parasites are creatures
    so vicious and fierce
    injected by scientists
    to make you disappear

    By Abigail Miller URL on 04.07.2016

  29. Possible is one of the best words to remember.
    Nothing is Impossible.
    When you work hard
    and have faith.
    Any mission is impossible.
    Everything worth working at is going to be hard.
    No matter how bad things get you can always bounce back from it.
    Anything is possible.

    By Andrea Blount URL on 04.07.2016

  30. what does possible mean
    it means impossible is a motivation
    it means faith is need
    it means your mission is whats in front of you
    hard isn’t in your dictionary
    anything you put in your mind is what you want the most
    possible is what sports are
    running is what i believe possible is, youll think possible when you run

    By Cameron Payne URL on 04.07.2016

  31. Everything is Possible if you have,
    God makes you so much stronger when your realize you cant do it on your own but its alot of,
    Hard work
    You will also face many trials
    It can be very hard at times but,
    If you keep your faith strong anything is possible
    All your heart will feel is happiness.

    By Ballislife22 URL on 04.07.2016

  32. could be
    that we
    were meant to be
    love was a stranger I thought I knew
    until there was you
    until there was you

    By katiekieran URL on 04.07.2016

  33. Is anything really possible?
    That is what Max did not know.
    Max is the other part of Zerak the man behind the Mask.
    Max is the lion in the cage, the man in the woods, the Wanderer, the out lander.
    The only one who has truly seen his face is his father and the one he truly loves who is different from the others like……… me. She fills a broken, missing, forgotten piece of my heart as long as she is around especially when she looks in my eyes and knows………………….

    hint- i hit you with a door ( so sorry it was an accident )

    By Zerak Thomas Brown URL on 04.07.2016

  34. Nothing is impossible, nothing out of reach.
    Explorers going to distant lands, washed up on the beach.
    We are limitless.

    By Pity the Dead URL on 04.07.2016

  35. “That’s impossible!” a boy exclaimed haughtily. I started peddling as hard as I could, faster, faster, faster. I went up the ramp and flew over all the trash cans that were lined up. I landed and rode back over to them, “Actually, its possible.” I smiled.

    By Em URL on 04.07.2016

  36. This is the best word to describe the possibility of the action. Very useful when you are hesitating to do something or uncertain about your future.

    By elena.cheremnykh on 04.07.2016