April 6th, 2016 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “possible”

  1. In this big world anything is possible if you use your imagination, power, belief to create things you want with an genuine heart. To think that anything is possible, you are already half way there to your dream.

    By April Zheng on 04.06.2016

  2. They told me that anything was possible. Anything. If I just set my mind to it, it would happen. Confidence. Zeal. Resilience. All those big words typed in Garamond or Helvetica on inspirational posters. If I just got motivated, I could do whatever I wanted. Whatever I wished. Whatever I hoped.

    Well, people, I have been working tirelessly to learn how to fly, and seven broken bones in my arms and legs later, I still haven’t accomplished it. Needless to say, I want a refund.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.06.2016

  3. Nearly everything in this world is possible, lots of things are impossible too. Using your imagination is when you think everything in this world is possible if you try. But there are only so much in this world you think is possible which is impossible.

    By Stars URL on 04.06.2016

  4. When something is possible, you can do it. There are so many scenarios when something can be possible (meaning that you can do it) or impossible (meaning that you can’t do it). There are scenarios said to be impossible but they could be possible.

    By MurrayHadley URL on 04.06.2016

  5. I think of all the possibilities, near or out of reach, they all have something to give me, a lesson that they teach.

    By Pity the Dead URL on 04.06.2016

  6. It’s possible. You just gotta believe in yoself man.

    By TING URL on 04.06.2016

  7. This is possibly the most useful writing exercise I’ve come across. I will continue to use it.

    By Jordyn on 04.06.2016

  8. Anything is possible, they said. Of course, it’s not true. Flying Pigs aren’t possible. Blue grass aren’t possible. Someone falling in love with me isn’t possible.

    By Bea URL on 04.06.2016

  9. I now believe anything can truly become possible. I was with a man I’ve missed for six months these past three days. I thought he would never be back into my life. I loved his beautiful face and beautiful soul and destroyed it. Or so I thought. Now I know he’s still innocent.

    By Vanessa URL on 04.06.2016

  10. It’s possible that you don’t know this; it would be my fault if you didn’t. If you ever go, if you leave because you died, I will be lost without you. I will think of you and all that you’ve done for me and with me. There has never been a day when you were not glad to see me or hear my voice; never a time when you raised yours to me first. There’s never been a single second of any day that you did not make me feel as though I was the best thing that ever happened to you. I have never been able to make another person feel that way, no matter how much I loved them or cared about them. I can’t tell you why it’s that way. It’s terrible for the other person. But if you’ll forgive me, that will be a great thing. And if you’ll let me tell you in words, which are the only things i know how to use right, I love you as much as it’s possible for me to love anyone. It’s as far as I can go. But I do completely and fully and always love you.

    By ruby on 04.06.2016

  11. Is everything really possible? That’s what they say. Right now, everything seems impossible. Are possibilities really attainable when you can’t even gather yourself enough to do the dishes that have been sitting in your sink for a week? The homework that’s been left unlooked? All of the things that every other human seems to be able to accomplish, that for some reason seem absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

    By Annie on 04.06.2016

  12. Anything is possible, she thought when she arrived at the meeting site. The n-dimensional craft hovered in place and she could see the many infinite destinations, the many planets, both habitable and desolate.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.06.2016

  13. Is it possible to believe in love? No one knows but everyone will give every inch of themselves to get a hold of that fairy tale love that you dream, read, and hear about as a child.

    By Kayla Brown URL on 04.06.2016

  14. Only believe only believe all things are possible. Only believe. That is a hymn.

    By Dean on 04.06.2016

  15. it was possible that the clock had been laying down the times of their births and deaths for as long as time itself could remember. and wasn’t it an interesting thought, that birth could be predicted and arranged for, and so very predictable, with just one way into this life… yet so many, many different ways out of it? the range of possibilities was dizzying.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 04.06.2016

  16. what is possible? there are many things that have not been invented yet but it is so hard to think about what the possibilities about. it was pretty cool Darryl messed me up

    By carlos perdomo on 04.06.2016

  17. today it is possible to communicate with anyone around the word. The internet is an amazing tool with which we can see. hear and speak to each other every day. Social media has also made many friendships possible. People are able to find old friends as well as make new friends from all, over the world. The possibilities are endless

    By S URL on 04.06.2016

  18. Poss – A possum. ible – Like the bible. This could mean that possums might possibly be a gods favourite animal. This could be possible or impossible, though, we still don’t know if this is true or not. Might be a coincidence, might not.

    By Stars URL on 04.06.2016

  19. I once thought that it was possible for real change to happen in this country but as the years go by, I lose hope. I think that the best that I get is things to be slightly less messed up than it up than before.

    By MsShel330 URL on 04.06.2016

  20. brambles cover your arms and i ask myself how is this possible?

    a creature covered in stretch marks and loose skin and freckles walks in front of me. i can’t turn my head away, can’t close my eyes. you are beautiful, you are beautiful.

    i preach self-love, i tell myself that even the skeletons in my grandmother’s closet are friendly.

    i can’t teach love to monsters.

    By Arianna Reiley on 04.06.2016

  21. Anything is possible.
    At least, if you’re five foot nine with blue eyes, an hourglass figure, and unblemished skin.
    Anything is possible for you when nothing stands in your way.
    Unfortunately, I’m not one of those so blessed.

    By Grace on 04.06.2016

  22. the opportunity to make something happen and you dont know the outcome.
    possible is the optimism and opportunity to force yourself to grow stronger and morph into someone brighter, stronger, broader, and more open minded
    it makes you consider things that you wouldn’t have before.

    By Sarah Joan Salvador on 04.06.2016

  23. das ist moglich said bert the traitor. we dont call it treachery any more but such it is. all things are possible through christ who strengthens me misquotes the enthusiastic believeer. no no no.

    By teedubz URL on 04.06.2016

  24. oh those faded flowers
    counting down their hours
    “i was so beautiful once”
    they must say
    “like three days ago”
    a truth is oy vey
    whatever’s possible
    still going to die one day
    so it’s best to enjoy it all
    and buy flowers for people you love
    because one day they’ll be dead
    and a mound of flowers is all they’ll have left.

    By Matty M on 04.07.2016

  25. how is it that the possibility of things remain elusive with many plans hinging on that possibility but never on the steps to be taken but yes, aren’t we all adamant to pursue for things to happen until the records combust and until we’re squeezed dry. Help, we are drowning in ideas

    By Mary on 04.07.2016

  26. yes

    if you put effort in anything can be achieved with hard work dedication and commitment if it you actively care and it internal to you

    By jonathan Carlton on 04.07.2016

  27. They say anything is possible if you believe in it. So therefore it is possible that I could be a dinosaur if I believe hard enough… Obviously a false point, therefore not everything is possible and we must accept that in order to evolve as a species.

    By Soph on 04.07.2016

  28. “That’s not possible”, said the man.
    “But why not? Other people claim, they can fly. Why can’t I?”, asked little Suzy.
    “You can claim it. But that won’t make it possible…”

    By LotteZwo URL on 04.07.2016

  29. “There’s an intersection between possibility and our knowledge of possibility. Science is the process of moving further from the one into the other. It also means that we can never truly know the risks of these experiments when we start them.”

    By CapricAura URL on 04.07.2016

  30. Anything is possible. This is something that parents have told to their children for generations. Is this really true? Is anything truly possible in the day in which we live? I don’t think the possibilities are endless in this day.

    By Rachel on 04.07.2016

  31. is it possible to make English class fun? nah it is always gonna be horrible

    By jason payne URL on 04.07.2016

  32. Possible: impossible, crazy, magical, talking, flowers, ants, tank, cliff, and plane.

    Possible is also very impossible.
    Like crazy ants and talking flowers.
    Like magical tanks and planes falling down cliffs on purpose with no passenger.

    By Dr. Zomboss URL on 04.07.2016

  33. impossible nothing good test grade some good hunting

    there is nothing impossible but only possible theirs was nothing to stand in my way to get some good test grades to some good hunting so there for there is nothing impossible but only possible

    By Damenator URL on 04.07.2016

  34. love

    By Kaitlyn Parker URL on 04.07.2016

  35. Nothing is impossible.
    The word itself says I’m Possible.
    Life is only as hard as you make it
    you can go through life regretting everything
    or you can go through regretting nothing
    Sometimes the path might not be what you want
    so make it into something better
    Learn how to take a bad situation and make it good
    Anything is possible
    you just have to have faith in yourself and others.

    By Brittany Turnbough URL on 04.07.2016

  36. work

    By Angel Carl URL on 04.07.2016

  37. anything is possible as long as you
    use your imagination it can get you somewhere
    i did for sponge bob i mean really look at that fella
    now hes doing great

    By Ethan Mayes URL on 04.07.2016

  38. Anything is Possible
    If you just Believe.
    Yet we Try so hard
    And Work until we ache.
    Our Reality burns,
    And Never breaks through.
    Through hopeless Fantasy
    And endless day Dreaming
    We Soar and realize that
    Everything we Thought was possible
    Is actually Impossible.

    By Carine Bierlein URL on 04.07.2016

  39. It is possible to straighten hair without my sister burning a fuse.

    By Cheryl A. Lima URL on 04.07.2016

  40. It’s possible I guess.
    Just possible?
    I mean… it’s likely.
    Your certainty is overwhelming.
    I don’t know what you want me to say.
    I want you to say what you want for once in your life.
    I don’t, like, want things.
    How can you live like that?
    I dunno, I just never think about wanting anything.
    You are allowed to want things, you know that, right?

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.07.2016