August 18th, 2012 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “porter”

  1. a kitchen porter is a job i can’t have because i’m not entirely sure what it is. but im sure that would mean i wouldn’t get very far in the interview. that’s not a problem now anyway because i have a job and its so so . like everything. ups and downs.

    By ellen on 08.18.2012

  2. I have no idea what a porter is… Maybe it is that thing that delivers mail… Or maybe like on the news or something. It might even be an object. I’m not exactly sure what a porter is… A person, place, or thing? I don’t know.

    By Camryn URL on 08.18.2012

  3. The train glistened in the sunlight.
    Bright red,
    streaks of blue,
    and then a blur.
    It was beautiful,
    a beauty not lost on the porter
    though he sees it everyday,
    he appreciates it most of all

    By Rachel on 08.18.2012

  4. The porter smiled coolly at her as she stepped carefully from the cab. It was hard to say what set him on edge. Perhaps the scuffing on her shoes, the unraveling edges of her sleeves, all of it…it was all setting him off and he hated her. Her eyes were wide with wonder, but to him she just looked like a doe-eyed fool. The world wasn’t something to wonder at, but to hide from. It was not something to celebrate…only to fear.

    By Mairead URL on 08.18.2012

  5. Is a man who helps people to their rooms in hotels he helps them out of their cars on arrival at the hotel

    By S wardroper on 08.18.2012

  6. what the hell? a porter?
    at first, i checked translate.google.com to see what that means. and now that i know i want to refresh the word but i don’t know how. to lazy to go to back page.
    and i haven’t checked e-mail adress correctly so now i’m here again. guess i’ll just put a potato :lepotato:
    see ya, take care

    By bogdan raicevic on 08.18.2012

  7. The man was at the dock, waiting while the brisk air hung around him like a ghost. He shivered while he grabbed the luggage, having a deep and hateful loathing for his job. The worst kind, next to McDonald’s. He just wanted to feel like he was needed.

    By Autumn Hayley on 08.18.2012

  8. “… And the porter finally arrived.”

    By SourPire URL on 08.18.2012

  9. porter….what a weird name. it sounds like it could be the last name for someone cool sounding, like will porter, the badass fraternity kid who gets laid ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time. with no exaggeration there. anyhow, this is a dumb word to write about.

    By luke URL on 08.18.2012

  10. Porter, I don’t know, I think of portly which means kinda stout and fat, or stocky, like George Costanza from Seinfeld. There’s also Port wine. A porter is someone you pay, but I never understood what they did.

    By April URL on 08.18.2012

  11. I remember when me and Brandon first came to McCarthy Insititute. I was scared to death, but of course when did I not feel clueless and moronic. I didn’t understand where we were going or what these people were going to do to us, but all they told us was to wait at the port where some man would pick us up. From there our new life would begin.

    By Samara URL on 08.18.2012

  12. I do not know the word to be honest, but it made me think of a small waiter opening doors and ports, i really have no clue as to what a porter does, or what a porter is. Really it could be anything in the world to me, since English is not my first language i don’t understand everything.

    By Danni on 08.18.2012

  13. carries things. uppity. fancy. ugh. lalalala. british. funny. hotels. tips. jackets. old suitcases. underpaid. old.

    By Hiba on 08.18.2012

  14. london porter is the most delicious beer that is easy to find around the bars here. It has a slight chocolate-y undertone, it’s almost warming and it tastes awesome. I like going to a small bar, and sitting with friends and a great beer.

    By poop on 08.18.2012

  15. Porter, transporting goods from one point to another. Implies a mutual transaction, a degree of understanding. You need something of theirs, and they likewise. But partnerships aren’t always friendly, strictly on a need basis. You have to work with what you have.

    By Ashi URL on 08.18.2012

  16. all day i traveled. like sandpaper on my feet. who am i to say a thing about it though?

    By Emma Ryan URL on 08.18.2012

  17. Porter lived in the suburbs of a small town with his parents. Being only a 17 year old caused him trouble, due to the fact he was determined to get the fuck out of his house. He was eager to turn 18 so he could be able to leave as soon as possible. Craving the need to head out to San Francisco to make something of himself. He tried getting money in various ways but no one was offering work. He desperately needed to flee his household but he didn’t know how just yet. Porter had no money, no job, no car, and no family willing to help him out with his intentions. He was all on his own, but he didn’t mind. Living with his family, he learned how to live life alone with no assistance from others. He had the ambition of a man with many years but had no experience himself. Out of all things, he was most fascinated with art. Porter had such a strong desire to be a artist but every single time he made an attempt to do something with his art, he was turned down. Since he lived in such a small town, no one was really interested. Feeling as trapped as he did, he had the plan to leave his childhood town at the age of 13. At that time, he realized how disorganized and terrifying life really was.

    By Hannah on 08.18.2012

  18. porter reminds me of a pig?i dont know it makes me think or porker. or maybe a last name i cant really decide. hmph. lalalalla. writers block!!

    By maya on 08.18.2012

  19. sounds like a person who ships things from one place to another like a ups man or fed ex and other things like that….

    By breyanna URL on 08.18.2012

  20. I don’t actually know what a porter is. Possibly it is an occupation, or something like that. It reminds me of wine, but there is probably no relation.

    By Veronica on 08.18.2012

  21. who is porter? lalalalalalaala
    porter scavo?
    or mr porter ?

    By m on 08.18.2012

  22. I saluted the porter with an automated wave. Routine never changes. How frustrating. I can’t even enjoy my day thinking that I have nothing better to do than to run the same course every day. I need vacations perhaps.

    By Patricia Alvarez on 08.18.2012

  23. The porter carefully took her bag and placed it just inside the door to her room. He waited, hesitating at the door hoping for a tip. She was lost in thought. Too occupied to notice the kindly frail older gentleman waiting and carefully watching her. What was she going to do next? Where would she ever find the answers to all of her questions?

    By Catherine Headley on 08.18.2012

  24. hehe they be portin’ the whole town! port port! choo choo! choo choo train! you can be a transporter – and make the whole potash! potassium! ohh chem is life. this sucks. hmmmm… i love this font. jk. it’s pretty average.

    By a lemon drop URL on 08.18.2012

  25. Porter, it makes me think of hotels and that in turn makes me think of The Shinning, what a wonderful book, setting, characters and writer. Imagine if it all become real or was real all the time ago? Does that exist and if it did what would people do what would happen? Would the world go into panic? Intresting.

    By elle m URL on 08.18.2012

  26. The man ordered a dark porter from the bar. I instinctively followed suit and ordered the same. The first sip revealed a bitterness which I had not experienced in an ale before. This was my first experience of London – bitterness. However, this was quickly meshed with an inherent sweetness as an aftertaste as it left my palate.

    By Sean URL on 08.18.2012

  27. The porter of hell-gate was a man who time and time again lost and regained his humanity on the job. He would see men and women at their weakest, most fragile, as they yet display the perseverance of those who know they are beyond salvation.

    By MM on 08.18.2012

  28. “You know what no one says nowadays?”
    “That you’re funny?”
    “Very funny, no. No one says ‘I want to be a porter when I grow up.'”
    “I’m not sure anyone ever said that.”

    By April URL on 08.18.2012

  29. As soon as the visitor entered his room, the porter quickly followed him in and placed his bags next to the white bed. The visitor thanked him, asked him how much money did people usually give him. he porter didn’t respond and walked out of the bedroom.

    By Alex URL on 08.18.2012

  30. porter is a word that i do not know the meaning of. It sounds like something to do with the ocean, one that I could not be bothered looking up in the dictionary. Furthermore, I only have been granted with a mere 60 seconds, so I am trying to write as much as

    By Finch on 08.18.2012

  31. My surroundings were hectic, there were many people zooming pass me with their luggages. I glanced around the terminal, trying to find Mat, but he was nowhere to be seen. I heard a voice, “Ma’am,” it said. I glanced to my left and found a porter.

    “Ye—yes?” I asked, tilting an eyebrow. I didn’t have time for petty conversations. Where was Matt?

    “Would you like it if I carry your luggage for you Ma’am? Only for two dollars, Ma’am,” the man asked. He had ruffled hair, stripped jeans and an old shirt, most probably from a second hand store. I nodded, slowly and gave him two dollars. His hands were dry, and I winced faintly as my fingers brushed his dry and scaly palms.

    By Aisha Momand on 08.18.2012

  32. He carried the bags for my grandmother when she traveled by train to the deep south. She tipped him quite handsomely, though some would argue that she shouldn’t have. He smiled at her and she ducked away bashfully.

    By Jenny on 08.18.2012

  33. The porter went up to the door and let in the hooded stranger. Wanting to go back to bed, he did not confirm his arrival with his majesty, not knowing what would come next.

    By Tanya on 08.18.2012

  34. He watches as she flicks her hair back with a perfectly manicured hand. The other, he sees, is still clutching her cigarette, which is smoldering lazily, neglected, and almost burning down to her scarlet fingernails. “Well, darling”, she says with her fake upper class accent. He can almost imagine her practicing it in front of a mirror, pairing it with her condescending smile or disdainful smirk repeatedly until she got it just right. He’s impressed that she hasn’t burst out laughing at just how preposterous she sounds; instead, she carries on with the charade. “Don’t forget to tip the porter”, she continues.
    “I haven’t got any money.” It is the truth, but he also has an ulterior motive. He desperately wants to see what she does—what will she do if she doesn’t actually have any money?
    She sighs as if to say, what an inconvenience, then lets the tasseled purse dangling from her cigarette arm slide down. He watches with interest as she paws through its contents: a cheap plastic mirror, a tube of lipstick, cigarettes, a granola bar, and what appears to be a pack of tampons. It is a long moment before she locates her skinny wallet.
    One of her fake red nails has peeled off in the process, and she looks the most undignified he has ever seen her as she gingerly removes a crumpled bill from her wallet and hands it to him. “It isn’t much,” she says, voice almost approaching normalcy, “but it will have to do.”

    By WearyWater URL on 08.18.2012

  35. What is a porter? I have no idea. Is it like a portal? Or is it like something that carries something around like luggage or something. I know it’s a boys name. I think. Maybe. Maybe its someone who works on a port on a cruise or something like that. Hmm… I don’t know.

    By Blair on 08.18.2012

  36. ‘Don’t you dare touch my bags’. I struggled into the hotel lobby with my hefty bags and gave the porter the evil eye. I had been in the country for only a few days and already I had had to tip the taxi man, the waitress, the maid, the man who let me hold an alligator… Maybe I should start tipping anyone who has the decency to say hello. Bloody Americans…

    By Sarah URL on 08.18.2012

  37. One who puts away a guests’ items. Usually on a ship. I learned this from Spongebob. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    By Laura URL on 08.18.2012

  38. That’s one of my mom’s friend’s names.
    He’s an okay guy I guess. Like, he does some political junk
    He says I’m really quiet because he has never heard me blast my music
    That’s about it really. I don’t know much else about him.

    By Hanna Johnson on 08.18.2012

  39. A porter is a medical service worker who transports patients by stretcher for ultrasound or X-ray screenings or any other type of diagnostic imaging. One porter I met a few times called me adorable. He had brown hair and eyes. He was so cute…

    By Sarah URL on 08.18.2012

  40. There once was a fellow named Porter
    who slept with the schoolkeepers daughter.
    He was spotty shy and when he pulled down his fly
    she knew that she shouldn’t have oughta.

    By sharon london on 08.18.2012