February 26th, 2012 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “popcorn”

  1. Its yellow and yummy. You eat it when you go to the movies or when you are just watching a movie. Many people like adding butter to it. They even like adding EXTRA butter. It gets stuck in the teeth sometimes and is hard to get out. Most of the time you will find this item at a move thaeter and many people order it. If you make it at home, it only takes 3:00 to cook.

    By Victoria Baker on 02.27.2012

  2. popcorn it so good to me. i like it with suger and butter. popcorn can be at movies and and playing and partys and etc. my mom and dad loved popcorn when they was younger. it can get nasty sometime.

    By zenas URL on 02.27.2012

  3. Popcorn – a food you can eat anywhere. you have to sit in a microwave and let it pop. but you cant let it pop for to long or will burn and smell stank. you can eat popcorn at the movies. and etc,. Ex: we went to the movies lastweekend, and the popcorn was asweme.

    By chelsea URL on 02.27.2012

  4. I think popcorn is give a information and fact about the resource

    By david Stewart URL on 02.27.2012

  5. popcorn- is a food you can eat. you can eat it anywhere. all you have to do is put the bag in the micorwave but you have to be carefull. you can set the time on 30 seconds. you can burn popcorn and if you do, its not going to be good, but when you pop it at the right time. popcorn is to good. you can eat popcorn at the movies, home, school, restuarant, etc,. Ex: we went to the movies lastweekend, their popcorn was good.

    By chelsea URL on 02.27.2012

  6. It was really gross seeing all those poor little kernels fall to the floor, wasted like they never were meant for more than the trashcan… but the treat I got in place of enjoying the butterness of the popcorn was more than worth it. Something I hoped would last me forever.

    “Greg,” he said between kisses my collarbone and chest, his body pressed agaisnt mine gently, “You’re somehwere else again, aren’t you?” He sounded hurt, “You never stay with me for very long…”

    I pulled his face back up to mine and rested my firehead against his with a smile, “No. I’m here with you… and I always will be. I love you, Lucas.”

    He smiled, too, then, and kissed me. “I love you, too! I always will.”

    Yeah… this was way better than some silly ol’ popcorn. Even if I wouldn’t remember him in the morning, we had this moment. And maybe, just maybe, I would having fleeting memories of this moment for the rest of my life… and maybe I would remember him for longer than a day for the first time in years.

    By The Mistress URL on 02.27.2012

  7. I was a little apprehensive of a drum set going in our upstairs apartment. But hey now, it is an electric one. No worse than the music on the stereo being turned up too loud. And listening to him tip and tap and bang and pound – it’s really relaxing.
    Mental candy. Sound popcorn.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 02.27.2012

  8. just the word popcorn
    makes me giggle
    and think back to the
    short winter nights
    where we’d all
    sit in front of the fire,
    playing music and
    telling silly ghost stories
    until the scent of butter
    the particles in the air

    By Iffath URL on 02.27.2012

  9. Delicious, salty, crispy snack — this is my favorite food, and the first thing I ever learned to cook. I scorn the microwave kind and make mine in a pan wiith oil. I love to use the big metal bowl my mother always used when she made popcorn.

    By Joan on 02.27.2012

  10. Just another example of human’s use of resources. What else can we turn a kernel of corn into, instead of boiling it until it’s soft? At least this one did us some good, and won’t soon fail.

    By Amanda URL on 02.27.2012

  11. crunchy salt and butter that makes my hands greasy
    kernals stuck in my teeth
    popcorn is one of my favorite foods
    the smell of it makes me smile!

    By Jennifer FitzGerald on 02.27.2012

  12. Popcorn is our favorite snack. We eat it and watch The Biggest Loser!

    By Pat Girard on 02.27.2012

  13. The smell of salt and butter fills the air. Children are around the stove watching on tip-toe in anticipation as the butter heats up and begins to sizzle on the bottom of the pan. Mom has dropped in a kernal and eyes are wide and bright waiting for it… tick tock tick tock.. POP! smiles fill faces as they add the rest of the bag for enjoyment.

    By Michelle on 02.27.2012

  14. I like popcorn…. the noise is exciting and so inviting
    I can’t wait to gobble it all up and not share a kernal with anyone in my family
    ha hah it is all mine
    hands off!

    By Jennifer FitzGerald on 02.27.2012

  15. You eat popcorn at the movies. Popcorn is usually buttery and salted. Sometimes you get bits of popcorn stuck in between your teeth.

    By Damaris URL on 02.27.2012

  16. A pounding of feet down the stairs, and John was rushing his way around the flat to hurriedly prepare for work. He was late, but still paused for a moment to sigh in dismay at the state of the sitting room. The couch was a mess, with blankets strewn about everywhere, the telly still on (with a blank screen left over after the DVD player had turned itself off), and an entire bucket of popcorn was spilled and lightly strewn about the floor. It looked almost as though Sherlock had left in as much of a hurry as John was in now.

    The weary doctor headed out to work, considering suitable punishments for the mess Sherlock had left behind. The popcorn would make an excellent snack for the few waterfowl that graced the Thames.

    By floppybelly URL on 02.27.2012