August 21st, 2011 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “poison”

  1. Poison reminds me of death. Three people I know have passed away this year. April 19th, my uncle, my friend. He committed suicide. Danny, a town favorite, who graduated from my high school 2 years ago. And Chris, a sophomore who died of infection. I hate death, it really sucks.

    By Lexie Jones URL on 08.21.2011

  2. Poison, from snakes, this hurts but so does poison from words. This can hurt more because what is said can spread further than one can realise.

    By Arru on 08.21.2011

  3. It’s a taste more than a feeling. Weak beyond control. My fingers twitch and my tongue is heavy in my mouth but that’s a side effect of the cocaine and nothing else. I blink twice and see the stars through a shitty sky light in the middle of a club bathroom. Weird place for a sky light is all I can think mixed with the stars are too bright for me, it’s all I repeat until I can move again.

    By Cassie URL on 08.21.2011

  4. poison. death. poison. murder. poison. suicide. all those things happen right? killing innocents, killing always. love is a poison that targets the heart.

    By al on 08.21.2011

  5. Snake bitten fear crosses his face as the young man witnesses his childhood friend fall to the ground in agony, crying out for help, but the young man is frozen in snake bitten fear.

    By Maddie on 08.21.2011

  6. The way you poison me. You mean so well, want to see me so happy. But it kills me. The grasping, pulling at the fraying edges of my calm when you almost touch the small of my back, tell me so seriously that I am stunning.
    It kills me.

    By Mia URL on 08.21.2011

  7. Poison not to be confused with poisson in French. Poison you mind, many people try to do this, maybe even the media and politicians can be accused of poisoning people’s mind. How many people own a poison necklace nowadays?

    By Kanna URL on 08.21.2011

  8. Poison is a deadly toxin spread through the body. while poison in the previous sence is a palpable thing poison can encompass the body in other way instead of only physical. There can be mental and even audible poisons that harm the body.

    By CoryD on 08.21.2011

  9. Merci pour le venin.

    By aeropostale URL on 08.21.2011

  10. The bitter aftertaste of hostile words lingered on her tongue for months.
    Her intent had been to spread the venom;
    Instead, it ate her up from the inside
    For there is no greater poison than remorse.

    By Carly Luk URL on 08.21.2011

  11. She looked down at the cup before her. Should she drink it, and let herself go? Fall into the oblivion of the poison before her? What happens when she’s gone, what would she be leaving behind? She pushed her fringe back, and took the shot of tequila.

    By Jordan E URL on 08.21.2011

  12. id rather drink it than lose you. id rather grow to 20 stories than lose you. id rather die so you could live.

    By al on 08.21.2011

  13. drink it
    sift it
    pour it
    and then go blank
    for rats
    or humans
    the regular users
    who take such substance
    and readily abuse it
    it can be booze
    or even just bud
    but if you overuse anything
    you’ll end up dead

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 08.21.2011

  14. Poison
    Penetrating through your entire body like a curse
    An oily substance
    It attacks every part of you
    Suck it out. Suck the poison out
    Once it has been sucked out, it’s gone
    No more

    By Maddie URL on 08.21.2011

  15. It wasn’t the poison that killed him. Sure, that helped, but when your heart is broken by the woman you love, the woman you thought loved you just as strongly, no poison could ever be your demise.

    Betrayal was the only word on his mind as he clutched his chest, struggling for the last few breaths of his life.

    He knew now he’d been set up. He could see the plan clearly. Its setup, its execution, its endgame.

    And he’d never be able to tell.

    By S.C. Nolan URL on 08.21.2011

  16. The poisonous plant seemed to be sprouting up in new parts of the world. Spreading, spreading, as if it were some virus single handed destroying the human population. Millions of suicides have been blamed for this plant over time, and I suppose, it’s to say one thing. This plant is love. It’s poisonous, but oh so captivating. So hard to resist.

    By Missy on 08.21.2011

  17. i wanna poison the little rat bastards in my house. i wanna poison every single roach here too. hell i think im drinkig poison right now. The used has a song named poison i think. Death, romeo and juliet

    By michael on 08.21.2011

  18. The poison of today’s modern age is the our numbness to our society and our earth as a whole . 24 X 7 entertainment has made us a distracted generation with shorter attention span .

    By ste URL on 08.21.2011

  19. Peter pan almost poisoned by the evil claw of captain hook.I do believe in fairies.

    By Ariel URL on 08.21.2011

  20. You are my poison apple.
    You are my fatal flaw.
    You are my Achilles’ heel.
    the arrow in my eye.
    You are my poison apple.

    By Lizzie on 08.21.2011

  21. The poison running its toll through my body, like a ravaged animal taking its last breaths as do I. What have i done to deserve this, I ment no harm to you my love and wished you only the best. My happiest desires will have past as do you so it shall be in the near future without you. What others call love I call poison.

    By DCRVC on 08.21.2011

  22. you’re like poison to me.
    all i want to do is see you.
    think about you.
    touch you.
    and i know it will never happen
    because of her.
    your poison runs through my veins
    and it truly hurts.

    By Karolina URL on 08.21.2011

  23. you can’t escape the blood in your veins
    when it comes stoppered in a jar
    enemies may try
    but what will it take for you to

    By Teo on 08.21.2011

  24. Something that isn’t just a thing that can kill you, it can also be something very addicting, such as tv, or computers. Poison is a chemical that can be given to you to harm of kill you.

    By Brittney on 08.21.2011

  25. i am poisoned. everyday i injest more. i sit in front of the tv poisoning my mind. i listen to ignorant people poisoning my soul. i take in more poison every passing day and i can’t stop it. i’m slowly dying.

    By drea URL on 08.21.2011

  26. poison poison poioson. We’re around a lot more of it than we think. Of course, sometimes people associate it with things like television, rap, rock, punk, and whatnot. That’s not entirely true, while some things on television are poison our greatest poison is really ourselves because at base level, we’re the only thing that poisons.

    By Chance on 08.21.2011

  27. It’s strange that poison is a word that has two meanings depending on the context in which it is used. It can symbolize both life and death. Poison is something that destroys people but sometimes it can be the only thing that keeps a person alive. One meaning is abstract while the other is concrete. Is the natural division between good and evil. It’s hard to explain but in my mind all is clear. Nevermind.

    By Francesca URL on 08.21.2011

  28. something that hurts your inside parts or anything else. you can die from it. Also the name of a band, isn’t that cool? Yeah coll story bro…

    By Courtney on 08.21.2011

  29. I really dislike poison, it’s not very nice, it can kill people but not just kill, seems to be associated with something bad for you. poison has many conotations, e.g. for alcohol; “what is your poison.”

    By Casey on 08.21.2011

  30. poison is all of the bad in world. poison is evil. poison seems exotic but is deadly when you get to close. everyone wants a little bit of danger but some end up dead by poison.

    By M on 08.21.2011

  31. These words you read are tapping into your soul
    their mission is to find your heart and destroy your purpose
    These words are poison you see
    you cannot escape the pain simple words can cause

    By Caroline Mowry on 08.21.2011

  32. you’re killing me with this touch
    fingers wrapped and tightening
    glinting teeth, and laughter (laughing, so much laughing)
    killing me with a smile, with a sigh
    with the prick of your nails, scratching my thigh.

    By lapseofgravity URL on 08.21.2011

  33. Severus Snape can mix you a poison and he can even stopper death if you want him to. But it’s not only liquid which can poison you. It can also be a thought that can poison you.

    By Sayla URL on 08.21.2011

  34. I already wrote about poison.
    The snake comes up and attacks from behind, and you just feel a sharp pain.
    Bame you hit the floor ouch that hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    By Brittney Pino URL on 08.21.2011

  35. poison

    Earlier, I was thinking about drinking water vs washing water. I’d just as soon have everything filtered, but it’s not practical. When people ask me why I want my cooking water filtered too, since it’s boiled, I compare it to urine. What if unfiltered water = urine. You might use it to rinse off your plates, but would you boil your food in it or use it in your soups? I think not.

    (Ok, some people know that urine is actually quite sterile and that some people drink it for health benefits on purpose, but those aren’t the kinds of people who ask “Why do you want filtered water for boiling?” :P )

    Attempts to silence people by disgusting them aside, not all contaminants in water can be boiled away. Where I live, one of the bigger issues is rust from pipes. Do you know how much rust, lead, and other metals are removed from water when you boil it? – None. ‘Nuff said.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 08.21.2011

  36. I think there are spores coming through my window at night, poisoning me and my boyfriend as we sleep. There is poison in this house!

    By Locsalot URL on 08.21.2011

  37. that was such a little fish – boiling over it looked like- worth a look surely – cute little thing – who could have told – we weren’t to know without the guide book to hand – ah well we escaped this time –

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 08.21.2011

  38. It seeps through the cracks of your soul, killing it and turning light to dark. Creates bitterness and hangs over like a heavy cloud.

    By Jazz on 08.21.2011

  39. I looked up at the poisonous sky, threatening to let loose giant drops of water at any second. But far into the distance, I saw a crack of blue sky in the dark clouds. There was hope. And that’s what kept me walking through the slick, deserted streets.

    By Marissa URL on 08.21.2011

  40. “You murdered me! I’m dead!” she shrieked dramatically. Clutching her stomach, she held up the small plastic cup which moments before had held muddy water.
    “Did not.”
    “I know, but just pretend it was poison.”

    By Valkyrie URL on 08.21.2011