August 21st, 2011 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “poison”

  1. The poison floated through my veins, leaving me feeling giddy, a little dizzy, and fearless all at once. It was a strange sensation, this stuff. I wasn’t sure I disliked it. I could imagine why other people might, though.

    By Cat URL on 08.22.2011

  2. Bitterness is like poison. Jealousy is like poison. Living life carrying these feelings around, you act as if you hope that the people that you believe have given you reasons to feel such are the ones that get harmed, but no. With bitterness, that poison is all for yourself.

    By Alyssa on 08.22.2011

  3. The poison slowly crept throughout his body and he knew he only had minutes–maybe only moments to live. “Khadya,” he croaked, “come…closer.”

    The stunning woman inched her head closer, her eyes full of grief but a sad little smile on her face nonetheless. “Do you remember the oasis?”

    By Tony URL on 08.22.2011

  4. i was poisoned by a rat once. it was not fun. i choked and coughed up blood. then i died. that’s why i’m extra terrified of rats. they are so extra narsty. yes, yes. this is true.

    By kayla schultz URL on 08.22.2011

  5. Packing is like poison to me. It’s getting me more and more unhappy as I progress. I should be happy. But I just can’t. I’m leaving everything I know. And I’m just scared. I know it’ll be amazing, but I’m scared. I’m going 2000 miles away from everything I know and love. And it’s just a shock.

    By J. URL on 08.22.2011

  6. Can a person be poison? There are people who seem to poison every person and every activity around them. How do you come up with an antidote? I don’t think you can avoid the poison, not if the person is a prominent person in your life. But how to keep from being poisoned?

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.22.2011

  7. poison poison poison
    we all have a poison
    and none more toxic than the next
    wether you know it or not
    the person beside you
    knows what yours is
    and you can run
    and you can hide
    but they will find
    out our poison
    so best you figure it out first

    By LauraP on 08.22.2011

  8. Poisen is something that can be very dangerous.
    When I think of a poison I think or something liquid that you would take by accident and die from it

    By Gracie on 08.22.2011

  9. So I got poisoned once, it was my ursaring. He got this guts ability activated so his attack power was increased by like 1.5. it was pretty cool. so I continued to sweep the elite fours team. all thanks to that toxic orb.

    By doug on 08.22.2011

  10. wait…..wasn’t this yesterday’s word? Oh….I see…the website got poisoned and now we’re forever stuck on this dastardly word. mon dieu……..

    By johken URL on 08.22.2011

  11. Dripping down my throat, the cough medicine choked me. The irony was not lost on my mother. Are you sure this will help? the doctor was reassuring. He just doesn’t like the taste. But he’ll like the results– a good night sleep and less coughing.

    By zannaz URL on 08.22.2011

  12. love, peace, follow, go

    By PATRICIA on 08.22.2011

  13. This is what you are, what I crave, what i can be. I hate you, i want you, I fear you, Why are you? What can i do with you, hide you away? Put you on a shelf, dispose of you. Maybe you have a purpose. Maybe you will kill me. Maybe you will save me. Why am i obsessed with you. i am not like the rest. I am yours, you are mine. i hate you, I love you ! Come to me ! Stay away from me! Lamai, what can I do?

    By Joe Feather on 08.22.2011

  14. the poison seeped through my veins, drawing me closer to death. i don’t know what this poison is, or how it got to be inside me, but it’s here. no doubt. I don’t know whether to fight it or accept it. I don’t know who to say goodbye to. I don’t know who to call to for help. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know anything about this world. Anything about this life, but somehow I’m going through it. Somehow this poison that everyone has is keeping me alive while also killing me. Who knows when my time will come? Who knows when anyone’s time will come? Not I. This poison…..I think it’s called life.

    By jeszi Wareing on 08.22.2011

  15. poison is what the bad guys usually use to kill people in movies… just sayin!!! haha, but really poison is pretty intense stuff… so im told! and it should really only be used on rats :P

    By Liz on 08.22.2011

  16. Poison. Hah. What is there to say about poison? I could write anything. Most of it will be dark, depressing, what-is-wrong-with-the-world hijinks. Poison kills and that is all I have to say right now.

    By Antonio URL on 08.22.2011

  17. Funny that the word today is poison. My mind is feeling poisoned by my office. Tired of being taken for granted, tired of not being respected. Need to get this poison out of my system to focus on what’s important, my family, my beach time. Feeling better already. Breathing, breathing. Focused and coming back into the moment. Thanks OneWord!

    By Jamie URL on 08.22.2011

  18. Poison is the word I think of when it comes to apples
    like in snow white
    but i think the world is filled of many different posions
    many different apples
    many different people
    all trying to poison eachother
    trying to get ahead
    trying to not recognize the faith they have in humanity
    by destroying it
    poison is the beauty of evil wrapped with a bow.

    By Natalie on 08.22.2011

  19. Poison is their way of life, because they walk in the lie, they know no food but poison, they know no life but death. As poison is to food, so is death to life

    By Paul URL on 08.22.2011

  20. oozes through my veins slowly up my neck, around by head and burns the back of my brain like ice. i just close my eyes and wish it would go away, now that you’re gone it should be wearing off by now.

    By Park URL on 08.22.2011

  21. poison is very bad. It can hurt you. There are many types of poisin. Food poison, poison ivy are just a few of these types. poison can make you sick. it can make you itch your skin or possibly throw up. Very bad casses of poison can lead to death. Poison has played a big part in fairytales. The evil witch in snow white treid to poison snow white woth a poison apple. Many other fairy tales have similar cases also.

    By Erin on 08.22.2011

  22. “No way.”
    “Holy shit dude. I wasn’t fucking kidding!”
    “So, I’m dying? REALLY??”
    “I’m afraid so, bor.”
    “Then I’m going out with a nut-shot.”

    By Bradley A on 08.22.2011

  23. Die. Die.

    By earl URL on 08.22.2011

  24. poison poison
    how much can i drink
    without starting to shrink
    the perfect and pure
    without even a cure

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.22.2011

  25. Takes lives, infects, and affects people drastically. Leaves. Animals. Venom. Danger. People. Intentions. Contagious.

    By Trish on 08.22.2011

  26. Is something that makes you sick. It can be a person place or thing. Relationships can be poisonous. Like eating too much candy. It makes you ill and you wonder why it ever tasted so sweet in the first place. It’s poisonous.

    By Erica on 08.22.2011

  27. I eat it, and then i’ll be dead, but it make me feel righit, it’s a liquid green, it smell like my favorite food

    By gepeta on 08.22.2011

  28. You stared into those thin lips and croaked out your life. It was a simple story with no great climax, but it was riddled with shame and regret, and those eyes of yours faltered further with all the truths you revealed. But I was not captured by the hurt on your face, but the shake in your hands. They trembled with disgust as though you knew you weren’t all that great, and they cradled your head for a sense of comfort. I looked at you, and I saw poison. You were wretched and damned, but with the strength of a God you fought with all the might you had. Then I heard you speak those few little lines that were murder; “death must be beautiful. To be captured by the soft ground with the wind above, and to listen to the silence. With nothing and nothing running. To have no reason, to have no purpose. With no tomorrow, no end, no beginning.”
    And at moment that I knew that the poison in front of me was enough. I knew I wanted to save you.

    By Saskia on 08.22.2011

  29. It was poisoned, and Elia knew it. She sat at the table with her father and Rio, and she knew what he had done. She kept her eyes on the wine that sat in front of her lover, silently willing him not to drink it. Ezio’s eyes were on her, narrowed slightly, daring her to say a word. Elia glanced up at her father, her eyes wide, begging him silently to spare his life.

    By Holly on 08.22.2011

  30. the poison in your hand makes me feel kinda lusty… in a way wanting to try it but still feeling a little scared of what it really brings. after all… only you know what is in that cup and i’m just under your spell right now hoping for the best and thinking if I can trust

    By rahel on 08.22.2011

  31. dripped from her lips. i never should have believed anything she said, all of it was lies. those blood red, seductuive lips, how could i resist?? especially when accompanied by those sexy, smoky eyes.

    By maria on 08.22.2011

  32. I remember that one. Sitting in the back of the glass. Her hair down to just the point where the beloved’s hair should go. I ran cross-country which was good enough to get me on the radar. Later ones would say she looked like a bug. There was pepperoni pizza suggestions that she assured were vegetarian. There were the claims of homosexuality. She would later die in a trap of her own creation.

    By Bryan URL on 08.22.2011

  33. something you drink in order to be killed. Mice eat mouse poison and die as well as any other animal that might ingest it. I think of romeo and juliet and the vile of poison that they drank in order to be in love for eternity in the after life. There are also many poisonous flowers.

    By Alana on 08.22.2011

  34. is dangerous. it reminds me of romeo and juliet. And fish, because of the french word that resembles it or maybe even is the same word, i dont really know. There are various poisons that can be found pretty much everywhere, in the house, in nature, in the air and whatever.

    By robin on 08.22.2011

  35. mürk on paha ja mürgiks võib olla alkohol, inimesed, mõtted, teod ja midagi veel. mürk on tervise ja tervislikkuse vastanud. mitmeid mürke saame ära hoida – näiteks mitte oma kehasse valada alkoholi või muid mürke ning lõpuks teeme oma valikud ise!

    By Tõnu on 08.22.2011

  36. Poison she was, a beguiling beautious toadstool on the woodland of humanity. I loved her for a while.

    By Jacques Thelad on 08.22.2011

  37. evanescence. lithium. music can really be a poison for the state of mind. nails, trent reznor, marilyn manson, they only enhance dark feelings and perceptions. yet, in the way of music, are perhaps positive in some sort of aspect – its there when one is searching for understanding, a place to belong, a way out, or simply release, or to vent. even if its themes are brooding, of death, suffering, and alienation. but perhaps the giddy, happy, enlightened music is equally as poisoning…. creating a ledge which one will inevitably tumble down. but then there’s always balance there in the middle – the last chord(s) of a beethoven symphony….

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.22.2011

  38. can be terrible, something that ruins your another’s life or being or self. but it can also be a more humane way of taking the life of someone/something that is near death or deserves it. ultimately, et tu brute?

    By Zach on 08.22.2011

  39. Hatred. Hatred was my poison. It filled me up, reaching every limb, until it consumed me. My thoughts, my actions, they were all an act of this poison that filled me. I couldn’t stop it. Eventually it became all I am. I hated everything. I found no happiness. The only thing I took comfort in, was hatred.

    By Jen URL on 08.22.2011

  40. poison is a hard word for me, because i always seem to spell it wrong. i can never remember if the i or the o go before or after each other. i usually stay away from it, and just rephrase the sentence so that i don’t have to go through trying to remember to spell it correctly. it also reminds me of romeo and juliet…by the way.

    By Emmy Garcia URL on 08.22.2011