June 5th, 2011 | 578 Entries

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578 Entries for “plaid”

  1. she wore a plaid shirt, black and red and hints of coral orange. it was a pretty shirt, very appropriate for the school setting, but her miserable expression did not compliment her wardrobe at all.

    By papercut URL on 06.05.2011

  2. What the fuck I dont know What PLAID means .. I am gonna ccommit suicide .. Lemme check Dictionary . It means any cloth with tartan pattern .. THanx GOOGLE
    … Now i am gonna remember this . This will help me in my GRE .. :-) Peace

    By Inten_21 on 06.05.2011

  3. i hate plaid i look like a lesbian when i wear it.

    By shaina on 06.05.2011

  4. Plaid. All I an think about plaid right now is that it came from scotland and that one iCarly episode about the dancing scotsman. It was pretty crazy. I’m sure I can come up with something better later, but this is all I got for now. Sadface…

    By Myiege URL on 06.05.2011

  5. The skirt was too short, tattered at the hem, with holes in the seams. That was the way he liked it after all. Chess smiled up at her, watching her face as her hips swirled and swayed, as her hands worked the buttons of the white blouse she wore. He licked his lips and smiled, slipping a dollar bill into the waistband of the blue plaid, not caring what it cost him as long as he could have what he wanted.

    By Sally URL on 06.05.2011

  6. I think this word is meaning the crossing pattern that is associated with Lumberjacks and Scottish people. I hate plaid, it is ugly, and looks bad on everyone. I hate people wearing plaid, it just makes me angry!

    By Aimee on 06.05.2011

  7. Possibly the pattern of nerds, and classy old men. Beautiful in its absolute overuse of lines, angular and ridiculous. Now over used and made tacky, once iconic. Love it, Love love love it

    By Cait on 06.05.2011

  8. plaid reminds me of lumberjacks. i don’t particularly like plaid because i don’t particularly like lumberjacks. lumberjacks are ruough and burly, much unlike myself. soft. delicate. these are words i’d use to describe myself. in other words, girly. i am a girly girl. though i’d never like to admit it.

    By Katie Edwards on 06.05.2011

  9. The noise in the street filled the air.
    The drums and bagpipes was all anyone can hear.
    The parade went for miles and it felt like it never stopped.
    Everyone wore something plaid in honor of the country.
    Ireland, we love you.

    By Lexi on 06.05.2011

  10. boring. tidy. ordinary. picnics. multi-colored. cowboys. cowboy hats, boots, light faded ripped jeans. pretty. ugly. normal.

    By Taylor on 06.05.2011

  11. I think of plaid as like tartan, but it’s not – at least i think it’s not. so here I am wittering about something I can’t quite define – except I know its something to do with fabric. Time for the dictionary.

    By Joey on 06.05.2011

  12. He had a plaid shirt. He had a plaid jacket. He had plaid pants. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had painted his house plaid, or if his car was plaid. His socks were plaid. Even his shoes were plaid – is that even possible? I don’t know, but if it is, then Mr. Plaid had done the impossible: made everything plaid.

    By Jacque URL on 06.05.2011

  13. criss crossing – around and round endless patterning for a scottish manner. lumberjacks too, though they wear it on top instead of on bottom. now just imagine a scottish lumberjack.

    By Cosi on 06.05.2011

  14. The sight was almost unbearable. Rotten flesh barely covered his bones while pieces of a once vivid plaid kilt were wrapped around his hips. The zombie raised his half decayed arms and tried to grab her…

    By cybershadowmoon URL on 06.05.2011

  15. Plaid was what we all had to wear in elementary and middle school. The girls anyway. Plaid skirts. You know, like with the little pleats? Whit keeps asking me to bring my uniform to school. I do admit, I looked cute in it, but still. It’s an odd fetish isn’t it? Not fetish.. no, that makes my boyfriend sound like a sex maniac–which he isn’t. Plaid. I’d rather have that bring up memories of kickball and handball.

    By Nicole on 06.05.2011

  16. i really dont know what this word really means maybe it has some thing to do with a style of fabric or the way clothing should look and maybe its something out of style now. i wanna say they wore it in the early nintys or late 80s and it is very popular with lumber jacks

    By jessica on 06.05.2011

  17. I pulled on my favorite plaid jacket and stepped out into the rain. Ugh, i hated rain. It had always frustrated me. But i knew i had to get through it if i wanted to get to … him. Liam. My best friend, my boyfriend, my everything. He was the only reason I drug myself through life.

    By Carson on 06.05.2011

  18. The plaid burned fiercely. A multitude of colours went up into the reds and oranges of the ensuing flame.

    “You didn’t like it then?”
    “-Oh, but I do. It’s just that the things you truly love, are also set to be utterly destroyed in the end. Might as well do that part myself.”

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 06.05.2011

  19. Prim and proper school uniforms. Boarding schools in England. Preppy kids. Big think black rimmed glasses. Pleated skirts and braided hair.

    By Nico URL on 06.05.2011

  20. I have no fucking idea what this word even means. I think something along the lines of boring, but that might be just something I associate with the word. Like plaid shirts or maybe its plad and I am totally off track. O wait. Since “plad” has a fun little red line underneath it maybe I am right on track. . . . hurray. . . Hmmm I wonder if it is associated with Tim the Tool Man Taylor. ..

    By Drew Godwin on 06.05.2011

  21. Hipsters in skinny jeans. I used to be afraid to wear plaid, thinking it was relegated to the cool kids, but now I have a few in my closet. Plaid makes me think of my friend Raamish who wears buttons over logos and Toms shoes and listens to an extensive collection of music that I do not care as much for.

    By clairee URL on 06.05.2011

  22. She wore a pleated plaid skirt with a striped blouse and all the colors clashed. Everyone thought she was stupid. They rolled their eyes at her and muttered behind her back and called her a baby. But I thought that she was the most interesting person I knew.

    By Ann on 06.05.2011

  23. leggo my eggo is a waffle with a mustache

    By et URL on 06.05.2011

  24. Plaid is my favorite because it reminds me of my Scottish heritage. Actually I am not really Scottish but if I were I would still love plaid.

    By edzchky URL on 06.05.2011

  25. His shirt made the checker board of my youth seem dull. It seemed to suck the color out of everthing I remembered.

    By Cory P on 06.05.2011

  26. Plaid thoughts. Criss-crossing, over-lapping. I’m stuck, what should I do? Stuck in my plaid thoughts…

    By Jelisa URL on 06.05.2011

  27. His trousers flapped like wings around his ankles, they called him Scottish Sam because, well, he was Scottish, from Glasgow, and he still wore his roots like a flag. He wore plaid every day, sometimes a small thing, like a tie, or sometimes he was swathed in it – like the wing flapping trousers that caused a stir along the high street. His home was splashed with it. A table cloth. A bedspread. Napkins. ‘You can taste plaid,’ he’d say, tucking his shirt into his trousers. ‘But only if you’re Scottish. If you’re English it tastes of nothing. But if you’re Scottish… well, I won’t have to tell you what a feast lies in those squares.’ Of course people laughed, but he liked to stand in the doorway and watch them put the napkin to their lips. Always disapointed.

    By Jeannie on 06.05.2011

  28. The old plaid skirt isn’t exactly wearable any more. The deges are frayed and torn and the belt is broken, but she doesn’t have the heart to throw it away. She’s not sure why; what’s the point of keepin thre skirt from an old school uniform? There really isn’t one, if she’s honest with herself; it’s just one more thing she doesn’t have the guts to let go of.

    By Mackenzie on 06.05.2011

  29. Her heart had become plaid, no simple expression could show off her now demolished love. He looked back at her, sorrow in his eyes as he begged for forgiveness.
    “It’s fine.” She spoke slowly.
    “No..I’m sorry.”

    By Emily on 06.05.2011

  30. You were plaid! I’m not a player. I know several players. I’ve never really liked them. This is possibly the most frat-tastic work I could ever think of. Makes me sick. Eww.

    By Emily Arth URL on 06.05.2011

  31. Her plaid skirt reached just above her knees, longer than the other girls, enough to draw my attention, she smiled and it was a thing of great beauty.

    By robin URL on 06.05.2011

  32. Plaid is the thing that separates one Scottsman from another. Plaid disignates clans. Plaid looks good in kilts. Plaid goes in and out of fashion but is always a classic. I would like to know the plaid for my clan. What makes a scottish plaid different than “colors” that gangs wear. Each acts as a means for memebers to identify their own. Plaid is belonging. It represents family.

    By Pam Donehew on 06.05.2011

  33. so i was walking down the street and I saw this guy wearing a plaid jacket. i couldnt help but notice everything else about him. His smile, his eyes. I was wondering what it felt like to be him . What our life can be like together. It went from admiration to envy.

    By Ashlei on 06.05.2011

  34. hmm… that’s highly disappointing. I get the word that Em just said she got. I thought it would be a word generator that gave more variety and theen this… is is cheap? or is it fate? do i believe in fate? I like to think that i am in control of my life

    By RobbyTheRoBot on 06.05.2011

  35. Plaid, plaid
    Like this rat I once had
    He was really really bad
    but he was all I had
    Named Brad
    My rat of plaid
    He made me not sad
    He was pretty darn rad
    He was a college grad
    Which at the time was a fad
    Oh Brad, my rat of plaid
    What ever happened to Chad? Your dad.

    By Morticon URL on 06.05.2011

  36. He always did look good in plaid. Even when he complained about it, he really made it work. It was almost his signature, really. So, it was only fitting, was it not that his father be laid to rest in his old favorite standby shirt.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 06.05.2011

  37. Her mind was plaid with confabulation, the night before seemed so vivid and textured, every moment before that paled like a waning dream at daybreak collecting his last odd sock before her eyes cracked. This was her second day back in England, after an extended stay on the planet America.

    By David Simba Douglas URL on 06.05.2011

  38. The smell of Marlboro and Jack Daniels would turn most young girls stomachs. But that is what my father always smelled like, Marlboro reds, Jack Daniels, and sweat so it is a smell I long for the most. Sometimes late at night after everyone has gone off to bed I will sit up in the living room wearing one of his old plaid shirts, have a drink or two, and light up a cigarette. Of course, I don’t smoke so I just watch it in wonder as it slowly morphed into ash in the crystal candy dish. On nights like this I miss my father so much it physically hurts, yet still I do not pick up the phone to call him because even though he is alive and well that father that I use to love is long since gone.

    By Trista URL on 06.05.2011

  39. plaid oh my god i hate my school uniform. Uhh i hate the navy blue skirt with jacket! why plaid out of all fabrics?

    By evy perez on 06.05.2011

  40. Makes me think of a scottish man in a kilt playing the bagpipes, he’s probably quite a popular dude with a habit for drinking whisky whilst biting his nails. Multi talented is his middle name. Maybe.

    By Simone on 06.05.2011