January 3rd, 2013 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “placed”

  1. i was placed here in this world in a torn and broken home to love torn and broken people and it’s crazy how much you can love someone who can’t even love themselves. It’s crazy how I fell so deeply in mad with this broken boy who was placed in my class by chance. It’s crazy how much he can love me with this ring he’s placed on my finger. Placement is an odd experience.

    By samantha on 01.03.2013

  2. A Scarf was placed in the centre of the table. She thought that was the one she lost a long time ago, but it wasn’t. It was from the girl who was in the kitchen.

    By Aina Freitas on 01.03.2013

  3. I had been placed here, on this mahogany shelf, where I could compliment the store the best. I had been placed here as a decoration, right smack in the middle of a French looking Victorian girl and a small boy on an even smaller bike. My polished teal eyes gazed seemingly vacantly across the beautiful ‘abandoned’ store.
    As I gazed at my fellow prisoners silent suffering I never moved a silk gloved finger. I never batted an outrageously long eyelash. I never once let my flawless, white, porcelain face betray my emotions, not that I could anyways. I would have screamed and shouted and cried the entire time if I’d had the choice, but i didn’t have this luxury. So I suffered silently along with other unfortunate children that didn’t listen to their parents and wandered the streets after dark. Forever.

    By Mya URL on 01.03.2013

  4. It was placed at the center of the room. The vase was a solid white with an ornate blue pattern painted along the neck. It was a gift given to her from her husband many years ago. To her, it might have well been an urn.

    By theeribird on 01.03.2013

  5. I placed my wallet on the table. I placed the shoes in their container. I placed my fingers on the keyboard. Placed is the wonderful word (and time) between being grasped and discarded.

    By Ryan on 01.03.2013

  6. I was placed here for a reason…..i cannot change where i have been placed…..but i can make it mine…and make it the best! Where we are placed is where we belong. We just need to own and love it.

    By Elise Johnson on 01.03.2013

  7. Placed, what to write about placed, Good question, but it can be said that I placed a sentence here, a sentence, even a sentence containing the word placed. That’s so intriguing.

    By Hans on 01.03.2013

  8. When I got placed in the program, I found my self flustered and the people around me, a daunting conclave. Brain-children with their hive-minds challenging my fetus-stage thoughts. I counted myself blessed but wondered if it was better to be the weaker amongst the intelligent or vice versa. I seek to undermine them, to overcome them and that – is the real challenge.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.03.2013

  9. She would just keep her eyes closed. She’d keep them closed until she got out. Until she left the hell she had been placed in. Whenever she may reach the day she leaves.

    By Grace URL on 01.03.2013

  10. He placed his hand on the Bible.
    “I swear,” he said.
    “I swear to you that I will never do that to you again.”
    The corners of her mouth curled.
    She crumpled the empty foil from the chocolate box and threw it into the garbage bin, closing the fridge door firmly.

    By iMissMannersintheWorld URL on 01.03.2013

  11. she placed her hand on his and it remained there. weeks months years. winter froze them.

    By sadie on 01.03.2013

  12. I am placed. Placed in this world to love and be loved. To breathe and to view all life’s gifts. To do for myself and for others. I am placed here until my dying day.

    By Debra Matheson on 01.03.2013

  13. She feels…lost. As if some vengeful god has placed her in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the wrong life. She doesn’t belong here.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.03.2013

  14. He placed his head in his hands. He didn’t know what he would do next. The news was devastating! He’s lost his job. How was he going to tell his family? What was his future going to be? At his age he was going to struggle to find another job in the present economic climate.

    By smh on 01.03.2013

  15. Everything has to be placed just right.
    Flowers here, napkins folded just so and a bowl of perfect lemons.
    the window shades are up a certain amount.
    Soon you will be placed in my life.

    By Robin on 01.03.2013

  16. I placed her on the boat, and ran off into the streets. They would follow me, I hoped… I could only do so much to insure her safty, this I can only hope this would be enough. My feet hurt from the running, and my heart from the distance.

    By kathryn on 01.03.2013

  17. She placed a gentle kiss on his lips, and to the onlookers it was nothing, just a kiss. But it held so much more meaning, it was a silent goodbye, an unspoken ‘I love you’.

    By sheonaid on 01.03.2013

  18. I’ve placed myself in the lost zone. A place where I can’t create, can’t live, can’t breathe. I struggle in this placement every day of my life and I find it incredibly hard to get out. It’s too full of wishes and dreams and now that I realize what I need to do, there’s not enough room for action. I can’t stand it any more and I wish I had placed my priorities in doing instead of dreaming.

    By aaron on 01.03.2013

  19. I happen to misplaced something very valuable. I just can’t remember what I was. Perhaps that is itself is what i misplaced. Who’s know?

    By Madalyn URL on 01.03.2013

  20. I shall not be.

    By Liam Johnson URL on 01.03.2013

  21. I placed a mirror ball in my office window, and today for the very first time in 2013, the sun finally hit the ball and there are pieces of light scattered all around me… dancing around the room with the promise of more light to come.

    By Mamaleah URL on 01.03.2013

  22. Everything and everyone has their place. When we stray, we feel it pull in our roots, where we grow from. This is where we grow, in our small corners, far from one another, though we try to let our branches tangle. We reach.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.03.2013

  23. He placed the final gem into its space and in that same moment the shield started to glow the brightest white he had ever seen. Squinting painfully as his pupils recoiled, the shield began to vibrate and to hum a long, single note. The vibration bled out from the shield in a droning wave reaching out to the cave’s walls which buzzed in reply. Gently at first, a pleasant sound, like a bee’s wings. But second by second the sound became deeper and deeper and the walls shook harder and harder. Ancient dust and tiny splinters of rock began to fall from the ceiling in dirty clouds. Grabbing the shield, he thrust it over his head. Then vaulting across the chamber, he sprinted back down the tunnel towards daylight.

    By rhyme79 URL on 01.03.2013

  24. Quickly, she placed her hand over his mouth and whispered:

    “If you’re not quiet, we’re dead!”

    He frantically nodded in agreement and without even blinking or moving from his spot under the table, he let out the most ear piercing scream. Some say it was only audible to dogs…

    By laurenlauren28 URL on 01.03.2013

  25. I recently did a story for the paper about a 13-year-old girl who place 2nd in the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition at the regional level. She got to complete in Kansas City and be introduced on the field at halftime of the KC Chiefs game. she said the best part of the whole day for was getting to see Peyton Manning. He walked by her in the tunnel as the team exited the field and the PPK kids waited to go on.

    By Jean URL on 01.03.2013

  26. What was placed was usually misplaced and later picked up and moved.
    I have a way with second thoughts.
    It’s been something I doubt about myself from time to time.

    What I place in another is usually something that I have had placed in me.
    For significance of evolution and the warding of boredom, typically I re-wrap the gifts I’m given.

    Sometimes I look at maps and feel hopeless about navigating myself anywhere but where I already am. But sometimes I delight to remember that maps make excellent wrapping paper and with large enough ones I can even wrap up my own self.

    By Melanie Lind URL on 01.03.2013

  27. I need to be placed. Placed somewhere where there is love and compassion and understanding. Kind of like a draft pick or a short straw choice. Thats what I need. No one to tell me what I feel is confusing or misplaced. I need to be placed.

    By Rebecca on 01.03.2013

  28. does everything have a place? why can’t i find my place? sometimes i feel like i’ve just been placed, like i don’t belong. i feel like i will always struggle to find my place. maybe that’s the beauty though. maybe the beauty is in not having a place, feeling free to roam. being undefined.

    By christina on 01.03.2013

  29. i placed the bag on the shelf and went to bed. I was tired from the long day before me; caring for the kids, cleaning the house. There’s never a time I am not doing something. Sometimes I wish he would just come home. Stop working so late. That would make me feel so much better. Sometiems I can’t sleep at night because I am thinking about so many things. Is he still in love with me?

    By mMadeline on 01.03.2013

  30. in a hurry i thought of everyone i met within the past hour. the young wizards, the future of this world. i began thinking of house placement. where would i be placed? which house would detrimine my future?

    one person, or rather thing, would decide that. the sorting hat.

    By Ryan Deveau on 01.03.2013

  31. I placed the plate of macaroni and cheese on the dark chestnut table as he walked in. Smelled of perfume, of another woman’s breath. The kids said hi and he gave me a kiss on my soft pale cheek. He asked me how my day was and I asked how was his. Does he still love me?

    By Madeline on 01.03.2013

  32. “We placed first!” Sheila squealed, running up to our team and embracing us all in a group hug. We were hopping up and down, too caught up in the moment to hear the director clear his throat behind us until he spoke. “Excuse me. There seems to have been an error in the rating.”

    By musicrazi URL on 01.03.2013

  33. I was placed down on the ground. It was cold so cold and I didn’t understand anything anymore but the coldness of it all both inside and out. All I wanted was to be free just once.

    By Valerie on 01.03.2013

  34. I was placed in the orphanage after my parents died.
    They told me they died in a crash. That it was a tragic accident.
    I couldn’t believe them.

    By Jane on 01.03.2013

  35. I was placed down down down like it was a never ending feeling a sort of coldness rising up through my bones, I could see my breath and feel the last warmth of the big strong hands fade away. Maybe now I could learn to live and love another woman alone.

    By vvhurricane URL on 01.03.2013

  36. I feel placed. Placed in a life where time stands still. In a world where I am lost and still forgotten. I feel wrong in my own story like the heroin who never got the chance to spin her own tale. I feel placed. Placed in someone else’s dream.

    By Aubrey Lewis on 01.03.2013

  37. Ever since she watched her husband take his last breath on the hospital bed, she felt hopeless and lost about the rest of her future. Where will she go now? Who will go with her? What’s the point of being alive when he’s dead?

    But deep down inside, she knew that her feelings are not what he would’ve wanted. But how can the fact of his nonexistence be avoided? Oh denial…

    She placed his urn in the hollow grave that summer day. She buried him with her hands. Once she felt the serenity of the breeze that blew through the strands of her hair, she knew that he would always be with her. She felt the rush of his hands on her cheeks and imagined that he placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

    She was finally at peace, just like her husband was. Suddenly, there was no longer a suffer or grief.

    By MollyJ URL on 01.03.2013

  38. Benedict wiped a single tear from his cheek as they led the mare away. Pretty Puffin placed last in the Derby, 6th in the Preaks and third at Belmont. He knew his daughter would miss her friend but business was business.

    By penny dreadful URL on 01.03.2013

  39. She placed one foot reluctantly in front of the other. The cat followed. He loved this time of morning, but she dreaded it. “Quack quack quack quack quack!” They saw her coming and began having their usual excitement attack. She lowered the fresh water and food into the ducklings’ cage and then began the arduous and stinky job of cleaning up their poo. Lucky they are amazingly cute.

    By Rochelle URL on 01.03.2013

  40. You see it’s very weird that you can be placed, can you be in one place and that is your place forever? Labeled, placed, like an object? You are at one place in one moment in time but are you placed for good

    By Tamar on 01.03.2013