January 3rd, 2013 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “placed”

  1. I was placed in a town where no one wanted me. They may have thought they did once,but now there’s no mistake. I get looks and whispers everywhere. What I wouldn’t give to do high school over again.

    By H URL on 01.03.2013

  2. They replaced me.
    They fucking replaced me.
    How could they? I thought I was important to them.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 01.03.2013

  3. I couldn’t help but smile as I stared off into the darkness. The lights blinded by eyes, but I didn’t mind. The crowd’s roar filled my ears causing me to go deaf to everything but my beating heart.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 01.03.2013

  4. God has placed me exactly where I’m supposed to be :)

    By Kim Clawson URL on 01.03.2013

  5. I placed my hopes in men and was disappointed. To place your hopes in anything that can change is to be disappointed ultimately. There is nothing permanent enough in this world that will not eventually betray you and break you. So, either you place yourself in something which is greater, or you don’t place yourself anywhere, and thus refuse to participate in the world.

    By Denis A. URL on 01.03.2013

  6. I placed the coin on the counter. I told the man that I’d be counting my change so he’d best not try to short me. He merely grunted in reply, but he gave me the correct change.

    I quickly scooped up my purchase and stuffed it in a front pocket of my
    trousers, anxious to get out of there as fast as possible.

    By chipschap URL on 01.03.2013

  7. I have been placed here for a purpose. Not sure yet what that is, although with three kids, two dogs, family, friends, a job, I’m sure it’s with them. But is there more. I want to know where I’ve been placed. Been thinking lately about women’s studies and what a degree in that would mean for me. We’ll see.

    By Marlena on 01.03.2013

  8. It smelled of cheese and shame.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.03.2013

  9. It was hard to be where he was, stuck in his position with no real hope of advancement. Oh, sure, he had the qualities, the strengths that were needed for leadership; but the current leadership was biased against him, and no matter what he did, he knew he would always– ALWAYS– be under their thumbs.

    Placement really sucked.

    By Courka URL on 01.03.2013

  10. I didn’t placed a potato in my pocket because potatoes ARE STUPID! So dont look at my potato you pervert! If I was a potato I would watch out for you cause you are a potato eater! GASP! Why would you eat a helpless potato! What did it do to you!?

    By Tyler on 01.03.2013

  11. the world, your life, your things, your loved ones; are placed they are there for a reason to show the beautiful symmetry of chaos.

    By Taylor Balke on 01.03.2013

  12. location
    something can be placed somewhere
    placed in a box
    on a counter
    on the floor
    and found

    By maxine URL on 01.03.2013

  13. After Vincent placed the flowers in the middle of the table, he went back to the kitchen to finish glazing the ham. Sitting in the corner with a crossword bunched up against her chest, Emma busily toiled over whether or not 32-down was “wise” or “keen.” If only she knew what the name of King Charlie’s second cousin for the across.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.03.2013

  14. He placed all of his eggs in one basket, he tripped and lost the basket.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.03.2013

  15. As the snow whirled by outside, we climbed the freezing attic steps. In the front room, I turned on a flashlight, illuminating the piles of old memories. I placed it on top of a dusty radio, pressing the button. Music whirred around us, and I smiled at him while twirling around boxes and blankets. He smiled back as warmth rushed through the windows. The sun was rising on a summer day, and heat flooded out from our bodies. We grabbed each other with stupid smiles on our faces and held tight to the beautiful warmth. I didn’t want to let go.

    And I still don’t.

    By Marissa URL on 01.03.2013

  16. We’re placed into where we are.
    We were placed into “gifted” classes.
    We were placed into our class ranks.
    We were placed according to our SAT scores, our AP test results, our ACTs.

    But where is our place? Why can’t WE choose where we belong?

    By ankni on 01.03.2013

  17. I was placed in this place. I didn’t find this place. I didn’t request this place. I have no idea how I got here except that I was placed here. Sometimes we are just placed places. Sometimes we wake up and have no idea how we got where we are. But that’s because we don’t actually make all the choices. Some choices make us. Some choices “place” us. And those are really the places, and the choices, and the moments… the moments that place life. So this place, I was placed here.

    By J.D. on 01.03.2013

  18. Marion was a careful packer; every item was carefully placed. Despite the fact that everything in her bags would be jostled loose, she had to at least start with order. It made her feel as though she was putting her life in order…
    when the reality was that everything she knew was coming unraveled.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.03.2013

  19. i took the mug and placed it on the table. it was weather worn and cracked in some places but it reminded me of home. i can’t remember the last time i visited my old home. My old family. none of that mattered anymore. I’m on my own and no one is going to ruin that. i have found my place in the world and i will not let anyone else take it.

    By Sabrina on 01.03.2013

  20. I was placed in a room with no windows. I was sad to be left alone. It made me feel helpless, because it was isolation at it’s best. I was cut off from the green grass and trees.

    By A URL on 01.03.2013

  21. I was placed in a time that didn’t really relate to me. I was placed where friends and family were not on society’s main list. This world I was placed in, didn’t know anything about true love, giving, or the one who put us all here. This place that I was placed in doesn’t understand what life is really about.

    By Rebecca on 01.03.2013

  22. Everything was placed in its place. Everything looked the same. As if nothing had happened. As if he was still there. She couldn’t help but looking to the room’s door with hope that he would show up at it soon.

    By RAM URL on 01.03.2013

  23. She placed the ladle across the kettle, like a rickety bridge over a brewing chasm.

    By Ichabod123 URL on 01.03.2013

  24. I feel I was placed here in this job for a reason. I am supposed to create the best web presence for the Charlotte Mecklenburg library. So patrons can access and their material on the internet. I’m thankful for this opportunity and feel God put me here for this reason, to make peoples lives better.

    By MT URL on 01.03.2013

  25. I’ve placed importance on the placing of objects in the place I call my home. For where they are placed they remain in place as long as I see it fit that they do so.

    By Abi xoxo URL on 01.03.2013

  26. She woke up slowly, stretching her arms up towards the ceiling until they cracked and lazily kicking her blankets away from her legs. She yawned as she sat up, tilting her head to the side to get rid of the crick in her neck, and it was as she reached for her glasses that she saw it, the note held ever so carefully in place by the glass of water.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 01.03.2013

  27. Placed in from to me I see a glass. It is tall and round with a thick bottle. When I fist glance at it I don’t see anything inside it, but when I take the time to look agin I see a small mouse. This mouse has soft brown hair and littl black eyes. It appears to be sleeping so I pick it up. It feels warm in my palm. It stirrs and I smile.
    “Hello little one, welcome to his world”

    By Michelle Occhipinti on 01.03.2013

  28. She held the tea cup firmly in between her index finger and thumb. To keep her hand from skating, she tensed her hand. She had to look calm. She had to look controlled. The girl placed the tea cup gently on the table.

    By flutefrog URL on 01.03.2013

  29. Gently, she placed the last piece of the puzzle into its fitted space. Everything laid perfectly across the table. Except for one piece, a corner piece, that had been bent, and now stuck at an awkward angle upwards. ‘Like me…’ She thought as she tried to smooth it out, determined. ‘I don’t quite fit either.’

    By Serryphae URL on 01.03.2013

  30. i placed the whiskey glass upon the mantle. it confused me, as the concoction inside was thick, i ice thawing and diluting the amber liquid. alcohol was not something i had had since college, and it had been some time since i felt the nostalgic burn against the pale pink skin of my throat. it was easier to forget with this sort of swallow.

    By Leona on 01.03.2013

  31. It was a stone’s throw from that old shed we used to play in as kids. Remember the smell of the rotten wood, and the river we could hear just beyond the trees? It was that tiny piece of heaven that we shared every summer, sweating and burning and licking our sticky fingers from the melted ice cream we would sometimes share.

    By sonneillon URL on 01.03.2013

  32. Raj sat down quickly placing the bag of chinese takeaway on the coffee table in front of him. He wondered where Stuart was. Must be back in their bedroom. Their bedroom. That’s weird, he thought chuckling aloud. It wasn’t their bedroom. It was his bedroom. And, sure Stuart sometimes slept in there but never with him. Although, there was that late night last Saturday when they had shared the bed.

    By ladyofdecember URL on 01.03.2013

  33. She placed top of the league table but it wasn’t where she wanted to be. She had had it up to here with ping pong. It had never been her dream. She placed her bat calmly on the table and simply walked away.

    By eldark URL on 01.03.2013

  34. I placed my hand on the jar. The money was all in there. I could run away from this hell right now. If he lays one more hand on me I’m gone. 1,680.75 dollars in this jar. Just enough to get to a friends house and to get me on my feet. To start a life on my own, away from pain and misery.

    By Nicole Grillo on 01.03.2013

  35. where you are, where you live, where you end up, where you’re planted where you bloom, where yo

    By heather on 01.03.2013

  36. Suddenly without any notice whatsoever, it all came tumbling out. Who was at the races, what they were wearing, who entered the fashion stakes all hotly contested apparently – and who placed where. Troy did try and appear interested, but all he wanted to know was whether his horse won.

    By Amimee URL on 01.03.2013

  37. walking around
    drifting in and out
    of my mind
    wondering wandering
    happiness is elusive
    the more you want it
    the more it walks away
    on these city streets
    the faces, placed in a row
    glowering, glum, grumpy faces
    facing each other
    passive, elusive
    like happiness
    walking away

    By Matty M. on 01.03.2013

  38. she places a piece of silk on top of her eyes and wondered how it could feele like water and fabric all at once it was easy the softness, the fluid feeling. almos better than seeing it was, she was simply underneath waves and wrinkles and a little hint of time colors gone with it all

    By isobel on 01.03.2013

  39. There was a word that was placed in my heart. Not just a single word but a word of truth, a word of power and a work of the past and future. It is God’s work and word. It is a truth that I see in creation all around me both during the day and at night. There is a creator who made things on this earth that are more beautiful than anything a man can create, more majestic than any man or group of men and woman can create. It is a story of love and it’s placed in my heart.

    By stuart on 01.03.2013

  40. In his correct spot. Thats where he belonged. I was tired of all these dudes trying to steal my throne so i started listening to Ye and Jay and started watching it. They won’t try again anytime soon. Unless they dont like their eyes.

    By Colton Adrian URL on 01.03.2013