August 1st, 2013 | 121 Entries

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121 Entries for “peppers”

  1. Sweet peppers arent sweet. Bell peppers don’t ring. Jalepenos- dunno what that means. Are chilis from Chile. Eating a scorpion pepper doesn’t feel like being stung by the animal, right?

    By Kayleigh Ramesar on 08.01.2013

  2. Cool, yet spicy. Your lips burn as they come closer to your mouth. You can’t resist them though. They are too enticing—brightly colored. Making your eyes tear up. “Water! Water!” you scream, “these peppers are too damn hot!”

    By T on 08.01.2013

  3. sredded

    Orientation matters, even when you’re upside down. And maybe backwards. But definitely not mirrored.

    By Intuition URL on 08.01.2013

  4. they’re really freaking hot, those papers. i am not very fond of them. but my parents really seem to like them on, well, everything. the peppers also seem to make some good music when they’re in the form of red hot and Chile.

    By ali on 08.01.2013

  5. pimientos? los hay verdes, rojos, pero es curioso como un vegetal tan poco apreciado, hace que al cocinarlo, haga más exquisitos los platos. En la vida pasa igual, a veces las personas que más pasan desapercibidas, son las que dejan su huella una vez las conoces y profundizas en ella. Es curioso como podemos encontrar ejemplos en todo lo que nos rodea!!!

    By Carol on 08.01.2013

  6. Peppers are hot, and very spicy, although some can be sweet. I love frying and cooking them, to add to a dish. Sometimes, I imagine sitting at home eating them, not caring. I want to share them with someone. I want someone else to feel the heat, someone to stuff them into our mouths and joke around. Someone to cook salads with and then eat it all while watching a movie, Peppers are wonderful.
    I love peppers.

    By Laurel on 08.01.2013

  7. Peppers?
    Spicy. But definitely good.
    Like some of the…finer things in life.
    An easy conclusion to reach, is it not?

    By Cat on 08.01.2013

  8. pitter patter the sound of pepper is nice. Like puppets and porcupines, and parsnips and prancing little porcelain dancers. The crisp sound of a pepper hits your ears like a pebble skipping across the polished water.

    By Bobbi B URL on 08.01.2013

  9. “Peppers,” He looked at her with big, brown puppy dog eyes, a look he’d perfected since she came to work for him. unfortunately, it worked far more often than Virginia Potts liked to admit.

    By annie URL on 08.01.2013

  10. hot peppers
    red peppers
    spicy and sweet
    add to meals

    By Regina URL on 08.01.2013

  11. hot peppers
    red peppers
    spicy and sweet
    add to meals
    many sizes

    By Regina URL on 08.01.2013

  12. hot and spicy, burns my tongue as I’m sitting with my family at a famous mexican restaurant, The warm lighting and the laughter ignites my soul and makes me feel happy, and comforted and loved.

    By Grace URL on 08.01.2013

  13. When he wanders too close to the churning machinery in his father’s shop, one of the groaning steel gears peppers him in a shower of sparks. Brief heat against his skin, tiny embers. When he pulls his shirt out to inspect it, there is nothing left but tiny, star-shaped holes.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.01.2013

  14. When I came to Mexico I left everything behind but the gossamer heartstrings of home and the silver tensile pull of the west. I wash my hair in chile peppers now.

    By Katie Wiggin URL on 08.01.2013

  15. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were the band that got me into the music I listen to today. It was like the Red Hot Chili Peppers were the gateway drug, like marijuana, and now I’m smoking meth. My music taste has grown into something it wouldn’t have grown into without the Red Hot Chili Peppers, without marijuana. Thank God.

    By Christie Caulfield URL on 08.01.2013

  16. Peppers are red and hot and spice up any menue.
    If you want to cleanse your body, hot food is the best remedy and therefore eating peppers ist very healthy.

    By Sarah on 08.02.2013

  17. peppers.
    the hot is deceiving. it isnt from the flesh. it is from the seeds. the tiny seeds. the seeds you otherwise wouldnt have noticed. they are the hot.
    my father made pineapple cerano tequila. the burn was pleasant, and not overwhelming.

    By sophie on 08.02.2013

  18. There are so many different types of peppers; you have red, green, and yellow, and probably some other kinds as well. I don’t like peppers, they taste funny. Some people like to dip them in a sauce that makes them taste better, which I agree it does.

    By Liz URL on 08.02.2013

  19. peppers, bell peppers, chili peppers, ghost pepper, paprika, memories of acute pain, and longing for the same. Dark flavors then scintillating light, cream cheese and rum coke tears, and sinus clears and the flavors mellow. You learn to respect the pepper, you learn to dance with out being pierced, by stiletto heels. In extremity we find the sublime basis for moderation, the edge is sharp, and Monday morning is a cutting board. The consequences and the reward balanced on a sword, and a choice is made. You Choose to live even through the pain, that is the language of the flesh. The spice becomes your expression and you tell it to your tongue, the bite brings you to the moment and your body accepts its nature. You no longer feel the pain, inured by repetition, then it’s absence seems strange, but in that variation is the frequency that makes each bite fresh.

    By WBen Cummings on 08.02.2013

  20. Red. Green. Red. Green. Red. Red. RED. An explosion of pleasured pain, an agonising yet subtlety of elation and rejuvenation. RED. Red. Blue.

    By Helianthus URL on 08.02.2013

  21. I love to eat my tuna steak with peppers on it. Peppers is a cheap leisure yet a bit spicy. Peppers is life itself. No one could live life without peppers on it. Some say peppers erase the peace, I agree anyone says that is Collins from Hunsford. Seek your own peppers and sprinkle it to your steak. Welcome to the adventurous life.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 08.02.2013

  22. Peppers are red. They are also yellow and green and orange. This is a fact that everybody accepts, everybody knows that they are red and green and orange and yellow. But above all, everybody accets that they are peppers, no matter what colour they are.

    By Peggy Gray on 08.02.2013

  23. Pepper using for cooking.Its good for health.It’s good Ayurveda medicine for cough and cold.And also it famous in the name of “black gold”.

    By dithya on 08.02.2013

  24. Breathe a sigh of relief
    It’s only a matter of belief
    I thought my troubles had gone away
    But now I see their here to stay
    Like red hot peppers they burn my eyes
    Perhaps a blessing in disguise

    By untamedimagination URL on 08.02.2013

  25. The small hot peppers hung from the plant, ready to picked. My basket was almost full and my wife, Mrs. Piper was calling for me to come to dinner. Would I get a full peck picked?

    By Joe Carey URL on 08.02.2013

  26. Spic and span with dots of icky red along the tile floor
    Peppering the hallway in a trail as she walks
    There may be some truth in what her mother says
    This monster, not good for her
    It never hurts enough to stay
    She wanders there and back again

    By Saudade URL on 08.02.2013

  27. Courfeyrac can barely register what’s going on as Jehan peppers his face with kisses.

    “I — uh, hey, man. Hey.”

    “You’re a fucking idiot,” Jehan breathes. “A /fucking/ idiot. You could’ve gotten killed.”

    “Nah.” Courfeyrac’s face is scarlet. “You know me. Careful as they come. I knew what I was doing.”

    Jehan sighs. He traces the bruise discoloring Courfeyrac’s left cheekbone. He gives him one last, sound kiss. “You didn’t. And it was kind of hot. But please don’t do it again.”

    By Julia A. URL on 08.02.2013

  28. Worries peppered into daily lives
    stirred in with our scrambled eggs
    as we sip on our morning coffee –
    our third one for the day.
    Sprinkle a bit of anxiety in there too;
    shifty eyes and fidgety fingers.
    Such is the life of an individual
    that is no longer an individual,
    but just another bar code,
    a set of serial numbers
    bred and branded onto us
    by society.

    By Valkyrie URL on 08.02.2013

  29. We in the Carribbean, love pepers real bad, and we believe that our hot cherry peppers are the hotest that can be eaten anyway in the world. If you want to have great tasting food, then you must add peppers to your meat or gravy.

    By victor URL on 08.02.2013

  30. peppers make me hot, make my mouth twist taut. I cringe and reel my tongue back until I’m choking on both capsation and the slipperiness of my tongue.

    By sophie on 08.02.2013

  31. The spice from the pepper drifted into my eyes while I chopped them, hurrying to get the ingredients into the pot so they could begin the long process of simmering. Tonight’s party was weighing on my mind. I wasn’t ready for so many people to be here, not after what happened.

    By Zombie Z URL on 08.02.2013

  32. green bell peppers littered my kitchen floor.
    seeds stuck in my teeth like chocolate pudding smashed to my lips.
    ruby red lipstick stains on my nose.
    leaving me wondering
    how this happened?

    By B.Crazy URL on 08.02.2013

  33. She looked down the rows of her garden, and she could see the reds and greens of her peppers peeking through the leaves waiting for her to pick them.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.02.2013

  34. red green and yellow, the colours of bob marley. and the peppers. they are thus the beacons of peace in the veggie world.

    By wordless URL on 08.02.2013

  35. Hot peppers. My eyes roved over them greedily. Jalapenos, habaneros, scotch bonnets. Visions of shimmering pepper jelly rose in my brain.

    By mrsmig URL on 08.02.2013

  36. Green peppers.

    By Jason URL on 08.02.2013

  37. Peppers are more often confused with reapers, although they are not quite of the same category of primal forms. Peppers do spray, and peppers ride with them salty people.

    By Lofi on 08.02.2013

  38. Peppers was her childhood nickname. She’d never liked it. She felt like it reflected the red of her hair and the freckles that outlined and filled in her entire face and most of her body.

    By Victoria RGW on 08.02.2013

  39. I like peppers cuz they rock my socks and the green ones are pretty good. Why am I lying? I actually hate the taste of peppers. My mom always puts it in pasta sauce and I am absolutely disgusted and have to pluck them out of the thick mass of sauce, all limp and stinky. Honestly how is it even possible to enjoy peppers?

    By jo on 08.02.2013

  40. my grandmother
    sausage & peppers
    Family dinners
    Dads imitation
    never enough
    stumbles behind
    tongues forging thoughts

    By Gina on 08.02.2013