March 16th, 2012 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “pastel”

  1. There were pastels in the river. Her mother had emptied them out into the river when she caught her drawing with them. Her father had not stopped her. And now, all of the beautiful colours ran together. She could see where they individually started, and then track their progress downstream as they slowly dissolved into a muddy, opaque sort of ordeal.

    By Maryannerose URL on 03.16.2012

  2. The sky was pastel then though I don’t remember it that way. My memory colors are saturated like a sponge with cold clear water from a stream of pastel greens.

    By nannan URL on 03.16.2012

  3. A pastel is a color having a soft, subdued shade. I think pastels are beautiful colors. They don’t hurt your eyes when you look at them, where when you look at neon colors they are very bright and hurt your eyes. I still like neon colors though.

    By Damaris URL on 03.16.2012

  4. wir haben in letzter zeit viele worte mit hartem b. astel. das das ist eine bezeichnung für eine farbgruvve. die sind relativ sanft aber in der hellen richtung. wenn sie dunkel sind heißen sie gedeckt.

    By mue URL on 03.16.2012

  5. the thing i make movements with
    across a blank canvas
    it’s BRIGHT, and then smooth,
    the texture underneath
    the ridges of my fingertips.
    smooth. like red wine.
    Pastel, for a baby,
    the little room in yellow and blue. easter eggs.
    Pastel. like the color of your pale skin.
    smooth. like the feel of your pale easter egg skin under my lips.

    By RaRa Locke on 03.16.2012

  6. Pastels are pretty cool if your’e artsy. but I”m really bad at being artsy. I know a lot of artsy girls who enjoy doing things with pastels, like the colors. Because pastel is a description of things and you can’t really do that. That’s like saying I use red on everything. I guess that’s pretty cool but it doesnt make sense. Actually I like pastels a lot. Pastels are nice but I only own dark colors because I’m a dark soul living in a dark world with dark people and dark things for dark reasons in a dark life.

    By timsational URL on 03.16.2012

  7. the pastel colors made a beautiful effect on the canvas. as i continued to draw, an image of a person came to life. with my fingers i smudged the lines and shadows into place until a work of art unfolded in front of me. the more hours i spent, the more it became the image i wanted it to be

    By Edt on 03.16.2012

  8. Uhg. Unless of course you mean the media and not the color range. Then, pastels are pretty cool; but dry pastels, not oil pastels; those those are just too messy.

    By scott on 03.16.2012

  9. the lighter shades of colors the ones that take you back in time a little bit. think of all the crazy shit people would wear everyday, lilike it was nothing new, everyone walked around looking like they just popped out of a rainbow. but pastel was invented to make it more suddle wasnt it? Who really knows, but they’re aweeesome.

    By Jewell on 03.16.2012

  10. The walls were pastel pink, she noted. The color was horrid and did little to quell her feelings of rage. How could this happen? In her family, no less? They were better than this. Sophisticated, even. Apparently, she had been wrong. Things change, and not always for the better. The door opened with a soft click and her mother stepped through.

    By Karissa on 03.16.2012

  11. calm, babies, drawing swirls and painting nurseries, nursery rhymes and humpty dumpty and crescent moons, all sweet and summer and innocence, pink blue yellow, tea parties and curls.

    By Tee on 03.16.2012

  12. We drew with pastel chalk on large sheets of black paper. At first, just scribbling incoherently. Like a sculptor, we were digging out what lay beneath the surface. I drew a giraffe. She, a narwhal.

    By bryan URL on 03.16.2012

  13. pastel colors, like easter eggs. Pastel blue, the sky so pastel blue. Pastel soft, gentle colors. Light and happy. Simple. Happiness. Innocence. Pure

    By bianca mayoral URL on 03.16.2012

  14. It is a color, or well a tone of colors, this defines all the soft tonalities of colors. They remind me of tenderness and the blue sky, they are like soft and very light. They can sometimes be thought to be dull, since they may not be too bright colored, they are not so strong. They are friendly colors, don’t push you to do anything, not like neon colors that make you see them. No, pastel, referred to colors are the colors that make you be peaceful, since they push you to do nothing, therefore, you are yourself.

    By Ileana on 03.16.2012

  15. I can see the soft colors of spring air. I breathe them and I let myself feel them. I am happy. I am warm.

    By Anna on 03.16.2012

  16. Pastel like a blue sky, made soft by the suns fading rays; it is beautiful and soft.

    By Jonny shepherd on 03.16.2012

  17. pastel. light colors. spring. girls. cute. children. nurseries. faded. what exactly does it mean? artsy? soft? feminine? delicate? flowers. chalk. childhood. pale. lavender and pink and mint green.

    By Joy on 03.16.2012

  18. The pastel color of the balloons filled me with an odd sort of hate. I lived and loved in a house that was made of pastel colors: blue, green, yellow, and orange. The coushions on the couch and the wind that blew through the curtains were all light. I hated it. There was a fakeness to it; the house tried to hard. I tried to hard, he tried to hard. This, I knew, could not be love.
    And yet the pastel color of the balloons were beautiful, and I didn’t have to try to hate them.

    By Katie on 03.16.2012

  19. Pastel colors are just precious. They remind me of softness and romantc

    By Sandra URL on 03.16.2012

  20. color cornucopia on my windshield, easter in the spring with lace dresses for little girls and white shoes all around. The boys throw eggs while the girls squeal and laugh, being young and offensive. parents watch, mildly amused but turn away.

    By Alaska on 03.16.2012

  21. the color women should wear “Men love pastels on a woman” this line comes from the movie, Now and Then…with Tom Hanks wife…I forget her name and Rosie O’Donnel (not sure how to spell that) and Demi Moore and…the chick with blond hair hair that says “Hey Bitches!” when she arrives….good movie. Although I suppose “Pastel” is also a color group, I believe the light color group…makes me think of easter but I’m not quite sure if those are the colors…I don’t think Pastels are my kind of color. Since I’m a red head I think my colors, so to speak, are “Jewel Tones”

    By korri on 03.16.2012

  22. reminds me of easter. pastel colors are on most easter eggs, and look good on Brunette’s. I see a lot of pastel colors in baby outfits and clothings, as well as hospitals for some reason. I’m not a huge fan of them, I prefer louder colors that pop all though everone needs some pastel i

    By Lexi on 03.16.2012

  23. The pastels smeared across the paper as she thought. How was it that pastels made her feel so much better? It was like an electric current coursing through her veins.

    By Jordan on 03.16.2012

  24. your mouth is pastel
    and my love is neon.
    we do not compliment each other
    despite our wonderful words and
    smiles and kisses
    pastel. light.
    the Easter bunny isn’t real

    By Anna V. on 03.16.2012

  25. I like a pastel. It reminds me of something I can eat. Some are dull. Some are bright. But they look good on clothes. Pastels are great!

    By Jordan on 03.16.2012

  26. pastel oh pastel. you bring such fascinating paintings to a hult. sucking the life out of all the bright vibrant colors…making everything so dull.

    By Allie on 03.16.2012

  27. Pastel is bright easter eggs with candy inside. Pastel is frilly dresses poofed out that spin when I twirl. Pastel is the color of girlhood and innocence and simplicity and everything I want back, everything I lost in his hands.

    By L on 03.16.2012

  28. color of soft things. babies’ toys. spring. light airy.

    By David on 03.16.2012

  29. Upon seeing the pastel palate of condos lining the riverside I wondered what the next trend would be. It reminded me of stale saltine crackers and mint candy at my grandmothers; tacky and comforting.

    By mel on 03.16.2012

  30. A pastel is a thing you make beatiful art. xD


    By Twerewolf URL on 03.16.2012

  31. a quid novo
    loca madura

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.16.2012

  32. i love pastel colors, every spring i cover myself in them be it my clothes, hair nails. in hopes of it making me happier. happy colors happy girl? one can hope little things like this work, and hell sometimes they do. which is great, i just wish i could always be as happy as pastel colors.

    By Laura URL on 03.16.2012

  33. The lake was frozen stiff with great swirls of flakes gathering at my feet. The pastel sunset reflected gently off the surface and left me feeling calm, albeit cold as hell.

    By Krisi URL on 03.16.2012

  34. her pastel dress blended nicely with the pastel walls in her room, in fact they blended so nicely that she disappeared completely and that is exactly what she wanted, disappear in the sugary sweet colour of the world she created.

    By kim on 03.16.2012

  35. Pastels are great uses for artists. Derp derp derp I don’t know what to talk about anymore, haha. Pastels are smooth and blend well. I like purple.

    By Alex on 03.16.2012

  36. Of coure, Pastel, a tool for shaping the beautiful flowers and landscapes of the country. No one will be able to show you, with any other impliment, the true reflection of color and light, that Pastel can. It is quite true, believe me.

    By vcxzvx on 03.16.2012

  37. I began to paint today,
    Before i knew it, my pastel ran out.
    I didn’t know what to do.
    So I went to the store to buy new pastel.
    There I met the most beautiful girl.
    I dated and married her.
    We bought a house and had a family.
    I still don’t have pastel, but now I have something more.

    By John Cabral on 03.16.2012

  38. Spring through the eyes of a child.
    Bright colors and soft warmth,
    Bringing new life to a landscape of grey.
    Strength in new hues.

    By Em URL on 03.16.2012

  39. Pastels are colors in the fashion world. They are very popular in spring and summer. They show innocence. Many people used them to color block and painted their nails with these colors.

    By Sarah on 03.16.2012

  40. colorfull

    By brenda on 03.16.2012