October 31st, 2011 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “passionate”

  1. I am passionate about… about what? I don’t know!
    People? I fear them and sometimes loath them.
    Things? I don’t care about richness.
    Love? I don’t know how to love.
    Do I?

    By Jens URL on 11.01.2011

  2. Yet, few have remained with this kind of perseverance.
    Only those with iron heart and mind, a passion that has not compromise,
    Will make any kind of difference in this place.

    By Marcus McMahon URL on 11.01.2011

  3. Passionate.
    Love comes to mind but so does work…My work is in writing, and that is like love to me. Some people never find something that they are truly passionate about. I feel sorry for those people…It seems like unless you can find something you really love in life, you haven’t ever really lived at all.
    Passion is a funny thing actually…When it comes to love, it means you’ve passed the point of romantic evenings and you’ve begun to taste lust. I wonder if passion is lust in disguise…We’re much more accepting of the word passion, are we not? Lust is associated with sin, but when you think of passion, does your mind not wander to sex?
    “Passionate”, perhaps the newest costume for “Lustful”.

    By Jamie Locke URL on 11.01.2011

  4. Passion is danger. The spark that lights the fire of war, love, violence, and jealousy. Positive and negative are fused forever in human action.

    By gi on 11.01.2011

  5. Of course she possessed enough obstinacy to remain passionate about her cause, regardless of what her ”friends” thought.

    She glared as they snickered and giggled by her, whispering at her new friend, sprawled on the ground. He quickly gathered his books all around him.

    “Don’t worry,” she said. “They’ll see straight eventually.”

    He chuckled. “I think that’s already the problem. It’s a little too straight.”

    By elinmacrae on 11.01.2011

  6. A passionate embrace like a red rose against a black and white background. My passion is red-blooded, combustible corpuscles, flame fury and a parade of rose petals. Pain, pleasure, effort, earnest, blood, flames, licking at paper edges, adding heat, heart, kick, colour. Yes, I feel too much, enrage, inspire, catch fire, convulse at a red flag. My heart is a muscle I’m not afraid to flex. Trying to embrace the world.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.01.2011

  7. Dave excitedly explained how passionate he is about his job…you understand what I mean?

    By vanhaydu URL on 11.01.2011

  8. i am a passionate man
    i love things, i hate them i form unneccessarily long opinions on meaningless inanimate objects and for what reason you ask? because i have nothing better to do
    Passion is an important thing for people. i revel in it

    By Anon on 11.01.2011

  9. passionate is believing what you say in and knowing that what you do, you do for yourself. you have to be proud and happy of what you do, it’s emotions in words. that’s passionate.

    By Arianna URL on 11.01.2011

  10. That day, we lay on the blanket in the park
    We faced each other and I looked into your eyes
    I told you I’d never leave you and I’d always love you
    We both knew that it couldn’t be sustained
    I wanted to believe that it could–

    and knowing the right decision was to end it is the hardest part

    By Christian URL on 11.01.2011

  11. Passion. To be passionate is a great thing and many people aren’t sure how to do it. They aren’t sure how to approach showing passion towards somebody. Some feel weak by it. They don’t want others to know they have passion for them. But it is a beautiful thing. One shouldn’t be ashamed of showing passion or being passionate towards somebody else.

    By Cheyanne Haagen on 11.01.2011

  12. I feel passionate love for Cara. She is so beautiful and young and I think about her constantly. What I feel for her is pure and natural passion. I wish she knew how passionate I feel for her. I’m not sure she feels as passionate as I do about this entire situation. But, I hope she feels the same too. I love her with all that I am. And that is absolutely the most happy thing in my life right now. Even though I know it shouldn’t be… I can’t help it. I love her. And feel so strongly about that.

    By John on 11.01.2011

  13. I am passionate about my violin playing. Without it I would not be the same person, merely an empty shell of myself. My violin is my most prized possession and if anything happened to it I would be devastated. As such I do not let other people carry it or play it. They don’t understand how special it is to me. They might be careless and it’s something I can’t afford to be careless about. Music is everything to me, it is the joy of my life. It is also my dream.

    By Lucy on 11.01.2011

  14. You think I can’t imagine you again, don’t you? You think that since I’m cold, and withdrawn, and so far away that I couldn’t recall what it was like to be in your embrace, or that I can’t imagine the types of thoughts that went through your mind at the moment —
    You can’t imagine what it is to imagine thoughts like that. How it feels for someone so dead inside to cultivate emotionality at such a level. You burned me, with that passionate nature of yours, and I’ve only begun to heal slowly, but heal I will, and heal I have, and you will never stop my imagination.

    By Lancir URL on 11.01.2011

  15. The way men felt when they discovered fire. How an artist feels about work. I do not think I have ever been truly passionate about anything in my life. Instead, I’ve had that lukewarm sense of completion, the way a man doing a necessary job must feel. But passion- ubridled and pure,, i have never had.

    By laci on 11.01.2011

  16. I remember that, once, I was passionate. I lived for him – and I suppose that was my first mistake.

    My second was that, in my passion, I trusted him. I explained away things that were wrong in my mind – I tried to ignore things that meant that my dream wasn’t all I have dreamt; that my happiness was bliss in ignorance; that my passion was misplaced; because he had done nothing but lie.

    By Tai URL on 11.01.2011

  17. People are passionate about many things. For instance, I am passionate about reading and writing. If you are passionate about something it means you love doing it. My mom is passionate about knitting. My dad is passionate about preaching.

    By Damaris URL on 11.01.2011

  18. Passionate. Infinite. The two collide. For when there is passion it rarely lasts.

    By Moira URL on 11.01.2011

  19. Je parle francais quelquefois et tout le monde me regarde comme je suis folle. Ben ouais, je suis folle.

    By mere URL on 11.01.2011

  20. She laid alone in the dark, eyes closed and pretending to sleep. Inside her head, however, was a different story. Desperately, she tried to recall what it was like to be kissed by him but all she could remember were flashes, nothing concrete. All she had were her memories after all.

    By J URL on 11.01.2011

  21. passionate, amazing. feelings. you’re only passionate when you really care about something. that very passion, burns through you. that’s when you feel it.
    you can be passionate towards several different things.
    but you can never be passionate towards hate.

    By Nicollette URL on 11.01.2011

  22. As the zombies circled closer, the man realized that his wife was completely insane.
    “Are you serious??” He yelled. “This is no time for passion!”
    “If not now, when?” She screamed back. “I’m tired of living half a life!”

    By Tim URL on 11.01.2011

  23. Its so subjective, vulgar and kind of like saying you’re a retard. Why passionate? Why not awesome? A little kid who jumps on a jungle gym with one finger could be passionate about climbing, but ultimately be a useless climber. Scratch that, he might be called passionate, but not even have any idea why he’s so excited.

    By Tyson Jopson on 11.01.2011

  24. commitment with all one’s heart and mind and soul, unshakeable faith, engaging all of one’s emotions – once can wear you out!

    By bearface URL on 11.01.2011

  25. how do you live like that?

    By Ylan on 11.01.2011

  26. The passionate leaves and winds that whipped by my hair in the autumn, how much I missed you. It made tears fall down my cheeks. Passionate. The passion that I miss having with you on those cold winter nights just a year earlier. It was always good with you, your hugs warmed me up inside like no fire ever could. It was heaven.

    By SiMiAN URL on 11.01.2011

  27. So there were two friends talking about how passionate works and then there was a bunny who explaned to them that it can be good in many different ways who was eating a carrot and then brought along their other bunny.

    By Jose on 11.01.2011

  28. I am passionate. Live is passionate. I love you. The kiss was passionate. And went on. It was the type of passionate kiss that they hadn’t shared in a long time. Too long of a time. Lila pulled back and looked at Smith in the eyes. “I don’t know what we are doing,” she whispered. Her breath was coming out heavily. He covered her mouth with his and kept kissing her. “It used to always be like this

    By KEW on 11.01.2011

  29. The doctor called it obsession but he never agreed.
    “I’m just a passionate person. Like Da Vinci, or Michael Jordan.”
    Granted sometimes his passion made him do unusual things, like what happened to the cat.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 11.01.2011

  30. Passion is the mist that clouds reason. Passionate people tend to be spontaneous and don’t think things though. I believe that passion begins in emotions, so emotions are what truly cloud reason.

    By Marios on 11.01.2011

  31. I am very passionate about building.

    By just582 URL on 11.01.2011

  32. I am passionate about Danielle. She blossoms in my heart every single minute of every single hour of every single day. Sometimes I wonder how I spent my life happily without her sunshine smile and her positive vibes creating this cocoon of warmth around me. Suffice to day she makes me feel alive, loved

    By Swiss on 11.01.2011

  33. I am passionate about the summer wind and the trees, falling leaves, and the snow. I’m passionate about listening and learning…really hearing what the universe is trying to tell me.

    By klcraig on 11.01.2011

  34. stop looking into a spacial void devoid of what it is you are looking for back and forth through time into a basement or cellar and finally past the window of a great man, maybe a great woman, but will anyone care once you’re gone?

    By Daniel Ryan Baker on 11.01.2011

  35. You’re holding my hand under the table whilst my hand slips in between your legs. Your breath hitches, and you try not to make any noise because we’re in a restaurant and it will just be disturbing. You’re tense, but I whisper passionate words in your ears and your eyes meet some sort of haze as you become more relaxed and out of it.

    By circinus URL on 11.01.2011

  36. My mother placed so much emphasis on passion. what if his passion is quietness, brewing coffee, placing forks. What if I could love someone who had no passion. IT would be odd

    By goldenair URL on 11.01.2011

  37. He rarely got excited over anything. He always held the same stoic face and kept and even level voice. So this new him, this smiling, radiant, man who was almost glowing with excitement…It was new to me. I’d never known him to be so passionate.

    By WingsDurus URL on 11.01.2011

  38. burning with the fire of desire in your heart. On the edge of obsession, to want something with fervor, so much so that it effects you viscerally.

    By kendra cashmore on 11.01.2011

  39. How does one become passionate about something? What triggers an intense dedication to something? The line between passionate and apathetic is a narrower one than a person might think. You will reach a point where you either have an excess of caring or none at all. And isn’t that a scary thought?

    By Alex Black URL on 11.01.2011

  40. passion cannot be forced. the most passionate relationships are so for reasons that nobody can really explain. though it is something that comes naturally, passionate relationships are often the ones that last the longest. lacking passion for the other person, it is impossible to stay connected to a relationship.

    By KB on 11.01.2011