October 31st, 2011 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “passionate”

  1. i’m passionate about writing
    i don’t know why.
    sometimes i think it drains me
    until i feel so weak
    i want to crawl into a hole
    and cry
    and cry
    and cry until i’m all cried out.
    but what good would that do?
    other times,
    i think that tapping my fingers
    on the keyboard,
    or gliding my pen over paper
    is the best feeling in the world.
    but would good does that do?
    sometimes i think
    that i should
    care less about the voices in my
    head telling
    me to spill it all out
    but i can’t.
    what scares me is that they may be here to stay
    and i don’t know what to do.

    By Iffath URL on 10.31.2011

  2. my love is overwhelming. i cant handle it. i cant bear with it. its far from a problem. it troubles me. overrides me. save me. help me. i suffer here. paining for your touch longong for your embrace. but you walk away from me. in cold silence

    By khaos&flor on 10.31.2011

  3. Why are people so afraid to be passionate about something? Oh, there’s plenty of passion out there – I think it should usually be spelled “lust” though. But to be passionate about a pursuit, a cause, an idea –

    By beadpig URL on 10.31.2011

  4. Passion is love. Love is passion. To be passionate, is to be loving. And to be loving is to be loved in return.

    By Ashley Bunjevac on 10.31.2011

  5. Oh, the passionate embrace of young lovers!
    The strength, the love, the caring, the vulnerability!
    How sad, that passionate lovers soon fight with fervor
    And soon become passionate enemies with power to to hurt each other.
    Perhaps passionate lovers should be equally fervent to remain passionate lovers, rather than fighters.

    By ToriBird on 10.31.2011

  6. Passionate.
    I’m not passionate about many things. I’m only really passionate about things I care about. I care about you. Your the only thing I’m truly passionate about, because your different. You listen to me. You care for me. You don’t just ignore like I was some crack on a sidewalk. You acknowldege me…..I’m grateful for that. So grateful.

    By Victoria URL on 10.31.2011

  7. She didn’t just paint, she was passionate. With colors moving like in a breeze, it seemed like everything fit together, perfectly!

    By Muddypawprints on 10.31.2011

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    By seth maerker URL on 10.31.2011

  9. passionate means feeling love for for someone or something or feeling bad for something

    By marmar URL on 10.31.2011

  10. Passionate: a characteristic many of us lack in our gifts, relationships, and interests.

    By Lauren on 10.31.2011

  11. Passionate

    By cmonster URL on 10.31.2011

  12. Do you wake up and feel passionate for me? I don’t. I go back to hiding in my hole never want to return again to the outside world. You have made my want to stop. Stopping to no return.

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 10.31.2011

  13. I’m am passion about sports

    By vans URL on 10.31.2011

  14. something to do with some thing

    By santos URL on 10.31.2011

  15. I don’t know what passionate means.

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 10.31.2011

  16. She eagerly hopped up the steps of the tube station, keen to get to the gallery and see the art she was so passionate about. It had been a long time since she had had a day to herself and she was going to make the most of it!

    By Annemarie on 10.31.2011

  17. The man was very passionate about painting and soon became a very famous artist

    By lauren.forever16 URL on 10.31.2011

  18. i passionate my pink pillow.
    if that is what it means.

    By pink.pillow URL on 10.31.2011

  19. passionate is a big word that i do not know it is hard for me to understand and i have no desire to look it up or find out what it means, sorry people but it is just not working for me.

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 10.31.2011

  20. the passionate are the fuel of progress. passionate, passion, the drive, thrive, strive, to be alive.

    By joey on 10.31.2011

  21. Passion. Its an often overused phrase. What does it really mean to be passionate about someone? To love them? To need them? No, it’s so much more than that. They are your entire existence. Your everything.

    By Evelyn Maguire on 10.31.2011

  22. I wish you would find something to be passionate about. Like me, for instance. God. Why do I always come back to writing about myself on this site. I even was going to start this one out “I wish I…” but then I thought “wow always so self-involved” so I changed it to you but then what do you know, it just comes right back to me in the end. I wonder what this says? Probably that I am a teenager. Yes.

    By snickerdoodle on 10.31.2011

  23. Torianna is very passionate about going to the pool to see hot life gaurds.

    By Together_We_Waffle URL on 10.31.2011

  24. I’ve been missing something to be passionate about in my current life. With a shitty job and nothing but crazy women around, I’ve found my self looking very hard to find something new to invigorate my soul. If only my job still allowed me to have vices.

    By gabe URL on 10.31.2011

  25. Brian. Everything I like and don’t like. How I feel about Harry Potter and the world-passion. I don’t think of Jesus. Sorry. But I guess I do since I just wrote that.

    By A on 10.31.2011

  26. I rarely feel passionate about anything. When I do, I have trouble expressing it. My passions are usually kept private, because I fear judgement. This timidity makes me harder to know, and harder to notice. I like that.

    By dan URL on 10.31.2011

  27. Behind a Captain America mask, the passionate Peter Smith felt invincible. Especially when the bottle on the carpet spun in his favor. Tossing back the warm beer from the red cup into his throat, he grinned a lopsided grin as he led the cheerleader Susan, dressed as a vampiress, into the closet.

    Some people celebrated Halloween for its candy and spookiness. For Peter, courage was found in more than just scoffing at ghosts.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.31.2011

  28. Being passionate about someone means writing them love letters, before you’ve even met them.

    By Allie URL on 10.31.2011

  29. Passion is the most important thing for each individual in this world. It makes us have drive and motivation and it is simply beautiful. I hope to some day be endlessly passionate. Creativity and passion some hand in hand and these things make our would unique and certainly they give meaning to life. Passion creativity love all it it. Vital

    By Michelle on 10.31.2011

  30. passionate its the description you feel whenever your over the top of your ambitions, passion is whatever moves someone doing the best they got.. for no reason at all…

    By 47792024t URL on 10.31.2011

  31. everyone is passionate about something whether it be education, sports, art, or another person and i believe that you should stay strong and believe in what you are passionate about. if you dont you will lose all joy in life and there will be nothing that you truly love and cherish.

    By Susie URL on 10.31.2011

  32. Syriaze kissed him deeper. His skin was warm against her lips. She didn’t know why she was focused on that right now, but the thought continued to nudge at her mind.

    By Trisha Schuman URL on 10.31.2011

  33. “Passionate,” she mumbled to herself, “The characters must be passionate.”

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.31.2011

  34. passion is the thing that gets me up in the morning. Its the emotion that drives me to be my best, to do my best, and to never back down. I love being passionate about life, and many of the things in it. Without passion the world would be empty. It would be cold. It would be lifeless. What would a lifeless life be like? certainly nothing i want.

    By mollysue URL on 10.31.2011

  35. Passionate people care alot. they always are there for you, no matter what. Whether it’s for love, friendship, or any thing else. people can have passion for an art, place, object, or form of life.

    By Margo Henzler on 10.31.2011

  36. Passionate about what? Yourself?
    In this state?
    Look at yourself, this isn’t passion.
    This is pathetic,
    and thats what you’re making it to be.
    Youll cry to yourself at night,
    and yell at the star rippled sky,
    “what happened to me?
    When did I leave?”

    By justin URL on 10.31.2011

  37. I love when my pencil brushes across the fresh paper. I love the colors of the the pencils I use, tangerine, azure, emerald, ruby, midnight, snow, and violet. The creation blooms from the white paper,like an exotic flower of true beauty and elegance. I love the feeling of pleasure when you are done with drawing a line of clothes. Not that it will ever get published or become an actual garment. But, I still will and always love creating and pouring my heart into each sketch, each doodle on the side of my math classwork, and each portfolio worthy drawing. I am passionate about fashion design.

    By Ursula rox URL on 10.31.2011

  38. Finally, he kissed her. Maddie had been waiting for this kiss her whole life. It wasn’t a family kiss, or a tiny peck on the cheek. It was some thing real. It brought fireworks to mind. She couldn’t help but lift her leg, like in cheesy, romantic movies. All she could say when she pulled away was, a very fitting, very surprised, “whoa.”

    By Zoey URL on 10.31.2011

  39. Love. All you want to do in your life. Look for the things that make you happy. Look inside of yourself. There’s so much you want to do you don’t know where to start. Well, it’s time for you to do something about it. Change your life. Do as you please.

    By Santi on 10.31.2011

  40. Oh I lack such a thing,
    Such a thing that says life,
    Something I never had,
    Or so it seems,
    My life seems empty,
    But not a void,
    For small things spark me enough,
    Enough so I keep going,
    But no,
    Oh no,
    There is no passion in me,
    And I wonder,
    If I am even human.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 10.31.2011