October 31st, 2011 | 369 Entries

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369 Entries for “passionate”

  1. The light in his eyes burned through her. She had no idea that he would miss her. She had been so careful not to let things get out of hand. He touched her. She melted. he kissed her. She fell into him.

    By Ashley URL on 10.31.2011

  2. notte de veille, de plastrone – mine’S

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 10.31.2011

  3. She felt passionate about her idea, though being the new girl in the group, she did not have much credit to go by, not to mention this was her first time in the “real” world. They did not know that yet. Princess Lia pressed her lips together and waited for their response.

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 10.31.2011

  4. Passionate

    Not so many years ago, the hobby I was most passionate about was counted cross-stitch. There was one year where I completed well over 50 projects. Not so much now. I do still love to stitch, but it’s no longer part of my daily round. My new passion is in photography. Now … if I could only get myself to pick up my new camera and learn to use it well!

    By CameoRoze URL on 10.31.2011

  5. Throughout her school years, Mimi never showed much interest in the subjets covered in books. Her parents worried that she would flounder forever. It wasn’t until her 24th birthday that she discovered she was passionate about deep fried candy bars.

    By emmystrange URL on 10.31.2011

  6. Yuri secretly loves to paint but she doesn’t tell anybody that. She feels as if her little secret got loose it would be an embarrassment to her life, but one would argue that such things were not.

    “You draw great things Yuri, why don’t you even share.” Yoona pouted at her friend while leisurely resting on her bed with a magazine shoved between her fingers.

    “How do you know, you haven’t even seen it.” Yuri furrowed her eyebrows frustratingly.

    “Well it’s your passion, anything with your passion in it is beautiful.” Yoona put her magazine down and offered her friend a wicked smile. “Plus, all your pictures were of me, and I’m clearly beautiful.”

    Yuri’s face went bright red as she hurled her art equipment across the room at Yoona who is laughing and saying desperately on the floor. “I knew your passion was me!”

    By -Sarah URL on 10.31.2011

  7. What does it mean to be passionate? does it mean to be intense? without a purpose? or is does it mean to have an intense desire and goal for a specific thing? I hope and believe that it is the second meaning.

    By David Collier on 10.31.2011

  8. Cold cracked hands grasp for the pen. Cracked hands that are flawed with scars and bumps. Cracked hands open to the vulnerability that any shattered person attracts, hands of a person who knows the feeling of fresh salt in fresh wounds. Dry blood cakes around his finger nails that have been ripped and torn by teeth, in the attempts of orderly cleanliness. But he never cared much for that. The young boy raises his old hand and slashes it across the page. Hands of anger write out furious words of life, and hell. People are afraid of the damaged, for they know they can survive. But he, he never planned on it. So why is he still here? He writes and spill out dirty ink that taints the surface of white. He needs to know just where to go and who to be. He is not passionate, he is determined.

    By Saskia URL on 10.31.2011

  9. How could anyone be as passionate about green witches and scarecrow and wooly-coated caterpillars on Halloween? It took a kindred spirit, the same yes that looked into hers on her birthday and said you are mine.

    By nannan URL on 10.31.2011

  10. i woke up, seeing her laying there. as i stroked her hair from her face, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. i lookd back, gazing into those deep blue. for hours we stayed like this. it was time to get going, get out of bed, be contributing memebers of society, but for that moment, we were traped in love.

    By Aedan on 10.31.2011

  11. My brain couldn’t handle it anymore. I clenched my eyes shut and tried that mental trick where you sing aimlessly to drown everything out. No luck. “Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!”

    “Ahem. Are you alight over there?”
    “Oh! Yeah..yeah, I’m fine.” I could feel her stare on the back of my neck.

    By Ariel on 10.31.2011

  12. Really? It’d been over two months and all he could do was smile shyly and look down. He was such a coward. Well, at least if he didn’t have a backbone he dealt with disappointment well.

    By Ariel on 10.31.2011

  13. I love the game. I could spend hours admiring my cleats, or lacing up my old indoors, running my fingers over the frayed strings. Out of every memory in life, I remember each and every game since the eighth grade. Spring, Winter, Summer, and Fall. Every season is spent for the game. I dedicated myself to the game. I push myself for the game. I work myself for the game. And I bleed for the game. Because in the end, it’s all about the game.

    By Olivia URL on 10.31.2011

  14. passionate means to like it like i passionate barnet and you passionate mickey it just means to like
    i passionate cars and transportation

    By madisson swartz on 10.31.2011

  15. Jesus’ display of love.

    By Christian Zoll on 10.31.2011

  16. Art is my passion, my world, and my love…

    By Yuki URL on 10.31.2011

  17. I am passionate about music. It is my life. I play a few instruments and I can’t describe the feeling of listening to music gives me. It can make me happy, sad, depressed, amped up, anything. The possibilities of music is endless. It is a love of mine that will never change.

    By Sam on 10.31.2011

  18. The poems I have pouring into my inbox. They write them with soul, they stayed up late at night, clicking words onto a page, pressing hard onto the pen until it broke. Passion like the thick curtains, blowing through the page so I can almost smell the spice of the artist’s bedroom and his or her frustration to find that one, solid word. And I am the one who must judge them.

    By Talia on 10.31.2011

  19. The fire in my heart that keeps me filled with hope for the future. Passion for helping other people. Passion for making people laugh. Passion for believing. Without being passionate about something…anything, life would be meaningless.

    By Yvonne on 10.31.2011

  20. that girl is passionate about animals.

    By fishyy URL on 10.31.2011

  21. if im passionate then im very true to what im doing im passonat about acting, singing, and soe dancing im passionate because im attached to all of it.

    By onyx jacobson URL on 10.31.2011

  22. passion means strong words about things

    By artist URL on 10.31.2011

  23. I’m passionate.. Yep I am.. I don’t know what else to say.. Passionate.. Passionate..

    By jacque URL on 10.31.2011

  24. Are you passionate? I am passionate about some things.

    By joey URL on 10.31.2011

  25. i dont know what passionate means????????

    By lil c URL on 10.31.2011

  26. About how I push this thing, down the road with my left leg swollen. I love it though she treats me wrong, sometimes. Not all the time; I whine when I can’t go.

    By DRB URL on 10.31.2011

  27. You are passionate about that phone.!!!!!! (:

    By jacie URL on 10.31.2011

  28. something I have a lot of care for. Things of my passion: writing, the arts, fashion, my family, animals, the earth.

    By Arial on 10.31.2011

  29. I could care less and I do not know it.

    By fire-soul URL on 10.31.2011

  30. Passionate experiences have been the story of my life lately. All my life I’ve wanted to have passionate love with someone like you always see in the movies. I finally have! Even though its always a drunken blur of passion I’ve grown to quite love it

    By D on 10.31.2011

  31. I am passionate for my homies in the hood.

    By tatertot URL on 10.31.2011

  32. Aw my arm hurts

    By cbfan16 URL on 10.31.2011

  33. pasion que pasa no se lo que tengo que hacer pero lo que de verdad me apasiona es hacer lo que quiero y pasarmelo bien =))

    By carmen on 10.31.2011

  34. I can’t believe I couldn’t do it. I was up there on the stage, ready to go. I was feeling overwhelmed I guess, the passion that the male lead had left on that stage before me was something I could’t top, it was too much, and I panicked. I know that I could’ve done it, if I tried, but I just gave up..I gave up like I always do…

    By Jessica G on 10.31.2011

  35. even with the excused, maria didn’t know what to say next. this was something she wanted more than anything in the world, even if it meant she had to starve herself and die for it. so many people told her to stop. but why should she?

    why should she give up her dream for them?

    to be a famous model.

    By Asia URL on 10.31.2011

  36. Me. I am passionate about everything I do, from my Sims 3 Games, to my reading and writing, to all the work I do in school. I am passionate about people, and my relationships, and making the world a better place. I’m passionate about teaching the disadvantaged kids in my 5th grade class, and teaching them to love and be passionate themselves

    By CaptainCaelyn URL on 10.31.2011

  37. I’m passionate about kids. Food. Music. Happiness. Laughing. Helping others. Hope dealing.

    By Jennie on 10.31.2011

  38. I am passionate. I turn other words into stone. I am steel, stone and fury. Blazing down the ally, hell-bent for leather and flesh; searching is my mission, passion; my cause.

    By Cat D. on 10.31.2011

  39. I’m passionate about a few things in my life. My family, horses, My Chemical Romance. My mom wishes I was passionate about my grades. My dad ashes I was less passionate about my favorite things.

    By Zoe URL on 10.31.2011

  40. Heaven meets earth like a passionate kiss. My heart turns violently inside my chest. God is the reason I live today. He’s the reason I can type this. I love Him more than anymore. Thank you, Lord, for sending us for your only Son.

    By Sara on 10.31.2011