April 22nd, 2017 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “parents”

  1. in the belly of the beast I did not fear.I had been here before.the object was not only to survive but to

    By a false terl on 04.22.2017

  2. Parents are the regulatory body of the kids. They are the one with huge responsibilities of shaping other humans, who would one day become like them.

    By Taki on 04.22.2017

  3. My parents have been there a lot for me lately. They’ve encouraged me to go into detox and to continue in sobriety by using support groups and consciously managing my schedule more efficiently. They have been a big staple in my efforts into recovery.

    By Nikki URL on 04.22.2017

  4. “Honey.” His voice was syrupy like the very thing he was calling her. Honey. Golden and warm, dripping. “Do you know where you are?”

    “No.” Her vision was fuzzy, like flecks of hairs suspended in front of her. The voice continued to ooze toward her.

    “Where are your parents?”

    “What parents?”

    Mother. Father. Did it even really matter anymore?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.22.2017

  5. Parents, always on your back but then when you take the time to realize that Parents are very important. They keep you safe and they feed and they take care of you. Parents may seem like they are annoying and stuff, but when you get older you realize that they aren’t that bad.

    By Hannah on 04.22.2017

  6. My parents are the reason why I am who I am today. Sure, at times they can be annoying or overbearing, but at the end of the day I’m grateful for their guidance. But I know everyone isn’t as lucky to have a set of parents like mine. Which is why I don’t take a moment with them for granted. You never know what life has in store.

    By Ethereal Angel URL on 04.22.2017

  7. I hope I never make my child feel even an ounce of pain that you’ve made me feel.

    By krismarymac on 04.22.2017

  8. I have both of my parents. Most kids I grew up around had only one that they were with regularly. And some of my friends grew up mainly with their grandparents. But I had both of mine. Things weren’t perfect and not all rosy, but we had each other. Mom, dad and my 5 siblings. So there.

    By Daniel M URL on 04.23.2017

  9. My parents are distant memory, a life that seems a million years ago. Happy people most of the time, hard working. I miss you Mum and Dad

    By Angela URL on 04.23.2017

  10. Huérfano antes de nacer.

    By Sam Peg URL on 04.23.2017

  11. at a young age i did not appreciate my parents. today as i m older and wiser i love my parents they mean the world to me. i love spending time with them and doing things with them. my mom can stress me at times because she doesnt listen or understand me and thinks she knows it all.

    By chris franceschi URL on 04.23.2017

  12. She looked through the photos, her parents young and dewy skinned, laughing, looking at their children with so much love. She wished she could remember them this way, instead of having to transport herself there through the photos. They weren’t her memories, they were the shadows of a time before her memory started, a place she could only access in her imagination.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.23.2017

  13. It was a strange feeling when my parents died 10 months apart from each other. They were old, and I am now a parent myself. It was odd to think I no longer had parents…and I wondered how long before they died it was when I felt that way. Probably decades.

    By Mary URL on 04.23.2017

  14. they’re my mother and father. without them i am nobody. i just want to be a parent someday i only want kids who would respect me. someone told me before if we don’t respect our parents they’d become old, lonely and worried. life is no fun with sadness. we should all learn to respect everyone and not worry.

    By willy on 04.23.2017

  15. They always tell you what to do. They don’t always know what’s best but they think they do. You listen to them, live with them, sometimes even want to be like them. They can make you or break you. They, in most cases, want the best for you. These are your parents.

    By Jeremy on 04.23.2017

  16. She looked back at them in the stands and caught their eyes. Her dad gave a thumbs up and mouthed, “Go get ’em.” and her mother stood up and started yelling and cheering.
    “That’s my girl! Woohooo! Go Mai!”
    Parents. Mai rolled her eyes and quickly continued to the table, not daring to look back again.

    By spiffypenguin URL on 04.23.2017

  17. I literally have no idea what to write. They are living in a completely different dimension than I am. Obviously, in our relationship, I am in control.

    By Julia URL on 04.23.2017

  18. You can’t blame your parents, the logical side of your brain says, but then you go ahead and do. If we could not target our parents for their shortcomings, their lapses, the 1,000,000 ways they fail then we would spend our whole lives searching for just such a perfect enemy.

    By Danielle1 URL on 04.23.2017

  19. Who knew they actually knew what they were talking about. Who knew that they were full of good advice, knowledge and what we needed to know. Who knew that they would always be there, no matter how many times you screw up, no matter how many times you don’t think you are good enough. Mine have always been there.

    By El on 04.23.2017