December 13th, 2011 | 147 Entries

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147 Entries for “palette”

  1. There was many colors to choose from. What are the colors on your palette?

    By Jamie on 12.13.2011

  2. i have no clue what palette. I think it’s like color palette . But i don’t really know. It’s snowing outside well a least it was a while ago. I’m gonna go into hibernation. I don’t like snow.

    By Chata97 URL on 12.13.2011

  3. Dipping in joy
    Dabbling in melancholy
    Blending isolation, appreciation
    Smearing searing pain
    With smudged but vibrant love
    Clashing perspectives with
    Wide, unbending strokes
    Of anger, remorse, forgiveness
    Touching up with grace

    By TheBess URL on 12.13.2011

  4. ok.

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.13.2011

  5. So many colours, pretty, fresh, strong, vivid, bold. Too many to choose from. Wheeling around, touching cans and sample cards. Something to live with for years to come, something to wake up with, something to have a headache with. Big responsibility. Choosing a new paint colour.

    By idiosyncratic eye URL on 12.13.2011

  6. Full of colour, optimism, hope, future, variety, excitement

    By Aaron Humphries on 12.13.2011

  7. The king of the yuppies, used the word palette. “It cleanses the palette” he says, as he drones on and on about wine, and all of his money, not too proud to try his hand at the bartenders pants. He talks about scotch, and his love for it, but wears a dumb hat. In his gleaming whitened teeth, her reflection is seen rolling her eyes, as the first button on her shirt is loosened.

    By Natalie URL on 12.13.2011

  8. I think that’s the thing that people put paint on like those french people use. I’m not sure if I’m correct, but I think I am. If I’m wrong it’s okay.

    By Drenna(: URL on 12.13.2011

  9. Palettes are the pieces of wood that remind me of my childhood. They remind of the days when me, my brother, and my friends used to build ramps out of them.

    By Alex Cornell URL on 12.13.2011

  10. A palette is a load of things.

    By mango1209 URL on 12.13.2011

  11. i only know its sumthing related to computers

    By s!gno @ries URL on 12.13.2011

  12. A palette is a is something that is on a computer like a color palette.

    By kiwi URL on 12.13.2011

  13. The palette of my mind is electric yellow, red balloon rouge, radioactive white, and the most royal of spray paint blue. It splatters the back of my eyelids in spritzes and drops, shocks and sparks. Each thought like an exploded plastic children’s toy in your face with my liquefied youth.

    By mere URL on 12.13.2011

  14. My favorite palette contains teal, red, orange, black, silver, and lots of shiny.

    By cyndietodd URL on 12.13.2011

  15. “oui oui oui!” said the french artist as he painted merrily, the colors splattering on the canvas, lighting up the room and his soul.

    By Isabel T. Crane URL on 12.13.2011

  16. Sometimes, I wish I was an artist:
    I wish I could simply pick up a palette and a brush and just create…something beautiful…something to be proud of.

    By Lor-n URL on 12.13.2011

  17. Your face used to be a canvas on which I would paint emotions, say things to deliberately see you smile, grimace, make you laugh, scream, sigh. It used to be the only thing I ever thought about when I talked to you, making your eyebrows rise to the stars, curling your lips into a simple curve, cause the wrinkles around your eyes.

    By Kiso URL on 12.13.2011

  18. There are innumerable colors in my palette, and even though I am in my older youth, I still have many more colors to explore, color combinations, streaks, and mixtures! I used to think that life would get more boring when I got older, but I was wrong! Hooray!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 12.13.2011

  19. i don’t know if she’s really that concerned about me. these palettes of life smiles at me. but it tells me not to trust somebody alone with her gestures but with her heart and what my heart reflects back.

    By bry URL on 12.13.2011

  20. A palette. Your taste palette. The different things you experience, the sensations you feel, on your tongue. A palette of paint, so capable of painting the most beautiful images, a way to convey your imagination and allow others to perceive what you see in that wonderful mind of yours. Beauty. That is what palette is.

    By Jenny URL on 12.13.2011

  21. My palette begins to burn as a bite into the dip and the cowardly chip crackles in my mouth. The fire sauce that seemed to be all too overwhelming could make you sweat with a touch.

    By WhereismyMind URL on 12.13.2011

  22. When I think of he word palette an artist comes to mind because of all the colors they use. i also think of a taste palette and all the wonderful flavors that cme with food. I am sure that each type of foode emits a different flavor for each fperson

    By Allison Streeter URL on 12.13.2011

  23. palette
    is where
    ideas are started.
    Where they mix
    and mingle
    and become something more
    something that will
    mean something
    when they swirl together
    on the canvas

    By Louisa Crane URL on 12.13.2011

  24. the palette of my mouth taste bitter, the palette that i paint on is lumpy, is that the same spelling for palette ?

    By Jess URL on 12.13.2011

  25. Palette

    In vocal class, I was taught how to stretch the soft palette in order to sing higher and softer. I loved learning how to manipulate and train my voice. My vocal recital at the end of my senior year was a life highlight.

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.13.2011

  26. Painter who paints on his palette, He thinks of his love as a ocean that goes back anbd forth. He mixed his paint with a palette.

    By MAtt Williams on 12.13.2011

  27. my palette is pretty grey right now. i usually love color but i just don’t have the energy to look for it right now. you don’t seem to understand that breaking your heart meant breaking my own. that all the color i thought my world had actually ended up being nothing but a white light at the end of a tunnel.

    By Kate on 12.13.2011

  28. My palette is ready with my beautiful colors, as I write and create my story and poem. My palette is full of colorful colors to learn and explore.

    By teeda URL on 12.13.2011

  29. i ran my finger back and forth in his mouth and let out a low, throaty giggle. i remember the feel of his tongue in my ear. his panting a hair’s breadth from my eardrum. i remember how he seemed to catch my drift with that sort of thing. he’s dissapeared now. my most intimate moments, among the few ive had, have been reduced to massaging the palette of my cat’s fetished mouth.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 12.13.2011

  30. The messy colors seemed mixed and scattered on the paint palette. Her brown hair was in a braid and she had streaks of paint on her face here and there. She was wearing one of my plaid flannel long sleeve shirts, with the sleeves rolled up. She finished a painting of a princess from a far away land. But in that moment with that innocent smile on her face, I knew she was the only princess I ever needed.

    By Emily Hope URL on 12.13.2011

  31. did you know that theres an organ valve called a palette? and also a wine in southern france

    By unbornsymphony URL on 12.13.2011

  32. The taste of wine rolled off the palette of her tongue, sending a warm sensation through her body as it tumbled down her throat. With closed eyes she savored the taste; sweet cherries and a hint of roses.

    By Ashlee URL on 12.13.2011

  33. The artist’s palette is this tiny tool with thin slots for colors. Only three colors are needed – red, blue, and what was that last one? I think it was yellow. But what about black and white? And pink and purple and magenta and grass green and sunshine orange. We are more than a three color block, a little saying like “bleu, blanc, rouge.”

    By Talia URL on 12.13.2011

  34. I played this game once on my Nintendo DS and it was this painting game. There was different palletes and some of them looked really pretty :))))

    By Kylaaa. URL on 12.13.2011

  35. He looked back and forth between his latest victim and his bloody hands as he drew out her curves on the canvas. His palette had two colors, blood and a pale peach paint he brought with him. Despite his brutal yet well executed murders, he was an excellent painter, and he was completely convinced that this would be his masterpiece.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 12.13.2011

  36. The color of the sun, as yellow as a beautiful wild flower. The color of blood, but also the color of love. The color of the skies and the oceans. The colors of my feelings, all of them in this palette.

    By Gaby on 12.13.2011

  37. there was a palette of emotions to choose from, she thought as she mused over her latest creation. he could be funny, but that would mean eliminating the already established cockiness because arrogance always decreased the value of hilarity. she would make him be one of those obnoxious child prodigies who were too smart and too perfect for their own good, but she didn’t want to play into common stereotypes.

    she grinned. philosophy may have been a complete waste of a year in high school but it taught her one thing; if you don’t like the world you’re in, make one of your own.

    By Leanne URL on 12.13.2011

  38. It might be the more compelling piece. Wonderers seem to ask what tribulations, joy and sorrows were going on the artist’s brain. But do you honestly think that we’re that nimble? The palette is where the brain really is. All of the colors that have been seen through the day, in the dreams in the nights. That is what influences the entire product. More mysterious than…

    By Adeline on 12.13.2011

  39. I remember the day I walked in to dance for her. The room had two sets of mirrors almost the same size of the walls. One set infront of me and the other on the wall behind me. She, the ajudicator, was the only one in the room but the mirrors made me feel as if hundreds were watching. My feet were cold against the yellow laminate flooring. I had no dance shoes. My shape was contorted from my combination of stretch pants and an old tank top. The closest items in my closet to a leotard and tights. I didn’t want her to think i was a charity case. I wanted to prove how capable I was. I wanted her to look past my make shift ensemble and my being from the inner city. If my mother could have she would have paid for the classes without question but she couldn’t. So I walked in and I danced. My dry feet touched the cold floor after each direction she shouted, and I danced for that scholarship. Shamed as I was for not looking like the rest of the girls waiting. Their hair pulled into buns, legs covered with white tights, and feet adorned in piggy pink slippers. I danced.

    By dell URL on 12.13.2011

  40. They give you a limited palette in life, with so few colors, and yet they expect you to draw a painting better than anyone else’s. There are so few things I can do, and so many I can’t, how can they expect me to succeed? How can they expect me to do better than those with more colours to mix?

    By Whispers in the Wind URL on 12.13.2011