March 19th, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “pained”

  1. i am pained with sadness. the nail pained me. i don’t feel like pained is a good word. glad to know that pained words exsist. gosh, my son’s behavior has pained me. i am gl

    By Danielle on 03.19.2013

  2. There was a girl with hands like shark fins. They helped her swim backwards. It was fun at first but she was always going in the wrong direction to where she wanted. It’s a tough life.

    By M Stone on 03.19.2013

  3. hurt, lost, most, i don’t care, painted, color, labour, headache, pin, pinch, pink, do

    By magggdalena on 03.19.2013

  4. I couldn’t help but look away, the sight of her pained me so Not that it mattered; the sight of her body, cold and pale upon the rock, would haunt me for the rest of my days.
    If there was one grace in this it was that, even in death, she was still the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her skin still alabaster pale and porcelain soft, her hair gleaming like hand-spun gold…it was both a blessing and a curse to see her lay as though she were only sleeping. To have her rise again…I bit back a sob.
    A hand fell to my shoulder. “Aeona, it’s time,” Kimhari said, his voice thick with unshed tears.
    I didn’t look at him, I couldn’t; after all, what right did I have to look more pained than he at the death of his own wife?

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.19.2013

  5. I feel pained. I feel it when I walk outside and adjust my hair using my shadow in front of me. I can fix it only for a short length of time… just long enough for the next gust of wind to blow some chunk or strand out of place. I feel it when I sit at home, unable to get out of bed or find the will to go to class. It’s the emptiness I find when I look inside myself.

    By Amanda G. URL on 03.19.2013

  6. His leg pained, all soaking in blood after that shot in the dark. He couldn’t see who fired the gun, but he surely knew he will find him – sooner or later.

    By Diamond on 03.19.2013

  7. I could tell that Logan was pained as he fiddled with the flowers sitting on the table, trying to pry his eyes away from the clock on the wall. June had been gone for six hours now, and I knew that he needed her to come back. With everybody else gone, she was all he had.
    “She’ll be back,” I tell him.
    He nods and takes a sip of his water, swallowing as if it’s poison. “I know.”

    By EJ URL on 03.19.2013

  8. window panes shudder, brushing off frost
    sobbing softly,
    only shaking after the house is asleep
    pained shoulders
    and glass panes of weary outlooks
    melt the pain,
    like window panes
    sobbing softly in the dark

    By Alison on 03.19.2013

  9. It pained me to see him like that. The way he sort of just floated around the house and slept in until late in the afternoon. The way he became a zombie and couldn’t find a tiny ray of sunshine on the clearest day.

    And to know that I couldn’t do anything, not really, to help was even worse. We’d talk through it and he’d seem inspired, but then he’d revert back to his old self and things became hopeless once more.

    By elinmacrae on 03.19.2013

  10. I had never known such pain
    she was my best friend
    my tragedy felt her suffering and I couldn’t bring myself to tell her
    “It wasn’t your fault” I wish I could tell her

    By Molly on 03.19.2013

  11. “Don’t tell me that!” he said, quietly at first, but building in force with each repetition.

    “Don’t tell me that!” he said. The tears began, streaking down his face, carving rivulets through the caked on dirt and gunpowder.

    “Don’t tell me that!” he screamed. His legs gave out, dropping him to the ground next to his friend, who had given everything for the flag sewn onto his sleeve.

    By Chris Clow URL on 03.19.2013

  12. She wraps her arms around herself, trying to create a barrier between the pressing air around her and her struggling lungs. She inhales deeply, but never seems to find any air. She shuts her eyes, squeezing them with all her might, tears spilling down her face. She can’t find her surroundings.

    By Meg URL on 03.19.2013

  13. Falling,bullying,cancer,stomach bug,splinter.

    By Mitchell Wise on 03.19.2013

  14. it pained her to think of the task and how it was being handled. but no one wanted her help, no one asked for it and no one was going to. sometimes it is best to keep your knowledge to yourself she guessed. but it is really frustrating when that ass-whole keeps stealing away the things she had created.

    By yesMAM URL on 03.19.2013

  15. Once upon a time……it was gym class. We did the Fitness Gram Test yet again…..but this time, more pains! Great right? So anyway, I think I got the most curl-ups in Mrs. Smith’s 5th grade classroom. But that resulted in pain, pain, and more pain! It was horrible too! I wish I hadn’t have done 36 curl-ups, and still went home and did 65 more! That was the worse mistake ever! I was in pain in my abs and my stomach hurt more often then usual! Every move I made, it hurt more each time I moved! I officially HATE the Fitness Gram Test at LJM Elementary!!!!!!!!!!

    By Katelyn Madonna on 03.19.2013

  16. regret. love. my ex. i still love him. i felt real love for the first time when i was with him but i let him go.

    By lindsey on 03.19.2013

  17. she was pained from the moment she learned to think clearly. She was pained about him. she was pained about her. she was pained about life. she was pained simply because pain existed. she knew nothing more that suffering. of course she was pained.

    By Bunny on 03.19.2013

  18. To be pained by a personal crisis, perhaps even Depression, can really bring a person down.
    Going outside for some fresh air may help. It may also give you a new perspective on things, giving you a better angle from which to see things, if you will. Then, hopefully, you can have a better outlook on things.

    By Jessica URL on 03.19.2013

  19. It was a day of pain. Pain in the heart, pain in the mind. Though she was little and didn’t understand at the time. All she noticed was the pain of the black dog who was kicked out of the way by the ambulance drivers.

    By Sarah URL on 03.19.2013

  20. You stare at my frown with half open eyes
    With hands on my waist, my mouth is parted,
    I have to wonder what your touch implies,
    I’m here, aren’t I

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 03.19.2013

  21. With a pained look, she watched as he drove off the driveway. He was gone and he wouldn’t come back. How had it come to this? How had she managed to push him away? He was the man she loved and now he was gone and out of her life.
    She knew she was responsible, but she couldn’t exactly explain how.

    By Marjon Melissen on 03.19.2013

  22. She looked up at me with a pained expression. I’d hit that spot in our conversations again – gotten too close to her scars. I apologized, like always. I made her some tea and toast. And I just sat there across the firelit living room, looking into her eyes, wanting her to know things were going to be alright.

    By Archori URL on 03.19.2013

  23. I was pained when I had heard she left. No goodbye, no note. No clue or hint that she was to pack up and leave that thursday evening. I am blindsided by her absence. Why did she leave. Where is she going. I know the answers, but I still ask why it has to hurt so bad. I was nothing to her, but I was made everything with her.

    By matt on 03.19.2013

  24. That look on her face was the first thing he noticed. She looked – pained, as if this entire affair had already been far too awkward and he was just making it worse. But that wasn’t possible, really, it wasn’t, he reminded himself, because SHE had called HIM. She had reached out to him, she had requested his presence…he’d tried to figure out what her feelings were by watching her video, but he’d had to admit to himself that he didn’t know her half so well as he’d like to, certainly not well enough to read her expressions.

    By Yuthika on 03.19.2013

  25. She didn’t consider pain a feeling; she considered it her life.

    By Grace URL on 03.19.2013

  26. sorry, hurt, had a fight, did not agree, missunderstood, to people did not come together, arguing, did not talk to each other

    By cathrine olsen on 03.19.2013

  27. He looked mildly pained
    as he walked past the man on the street
    asking for some spare change
    “for the bus” he insists.
    But he knows he’ll never make it that far,
    this little pained brother.

    By Kairn URL on 03.19.2013

  28. Teeth clenching, knuckles follow, dragging against the earth in rough, jagged scrapes. Lightning flashing, shallow breathing in rhythm of your heart beating gently, weeping in your chest and violently in your throat. Searing in your head with the gashes in front of your eyes, cloudy thoughts with an unaccomplished life passing before you, with those that forsook you. It takes twenty years for the universe to win against you, a lifetime of sliding against the grain. All you can muster is…Ow.

    By Carlos on 03.19.2013

  29. You look really pained. Please let me help you. It pains me to see you like this. I’m sorry for just making things worse.

    You, on the other hand, I’m not sure I even want to be your friend anymore.

    By Jason URL on 03.19.2013

  30. It pained me to write you that letter. Long and slow, it seemed as though my wrist moved at a snail’s pace, inching over the pristine white surface of intricately detailed paper, the kind you so liked with the roses, writing nothing but black lines that barely seemed to fit together.

    By KT URL on 03.19.2013

  31. The blade sliced cleanly through the warrior’s chest. She crumpled to the floor with a groan. Her scarlet hair falling in her eyes. A groan of agony echoed the battlegrounds.

    By Hanna on 03.19.2013

  32. His expression was one of pained grief as he looked his wife in the eyes. The nurse was yelling “Push!” and every part of his own body wished he could take her pain away. Finally it was over and the underdeveloped child was presented to the anguished couple.

    By Christinymous on 03.19.2013

  33. Curtains blowing in the breeze,
    Footprints in the sand.
    you cannot go on in life,

    so it is largely unplanned:
    you’ll gracefully cast yourself
    Into the silent, dark ocean.

    there’ll be little commotion,
    soon overtaken by everlasting peace,
    as you lie upon the water

    floating past this disease.
    to do this you were compelled:
    to end the anxiety,

    so the water will make your body swell,
    and unrecognizable you’ll be,
    but swallow down the salty tears,

    because you’ll finally be free.

    By cosmic URL on 03.19.2013

  34. Denise looked pained to see Rosalyn trot into the room. Rosalyn’s hair was pulled back for her jog, the puckered skin exposed around the nape of her neck. Her cheeks were flushed, like a flare kissing the whitening sky. Rosalyn inhaled, then saw Denise.

    “Oh,” she gasped. “Hey.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.19.2013

  35. Pained like a window
    to all sorts of worlds these eyes have seen
    the new, the old, the mean
    can’t quite explain the peeling of the wood
    or the cracks in the glass
    It would never last
    It will never last

    By Jill on 03.19.2013

  36. I should say pained when maybe I got burnt with a stove making dinner.
    Pained is what really make us think of present inmediately.
    So when being pai

    By Tess Oro on 03.19.2013

  37. To be pained is to be very hurt and upset. Either by what someone did or if you are in pain. Then you are pained. Someone can insult you or do something mean to you or you can just fall and hurt yourself. Either way your in pain and pained.

    By Taylor B on 03.19.2013

  38. Today, and yesterday, and last Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Cramps, and aching feet. I am weighed down by it. It sits like a rock, resting, unmovable, heavy, permanent. And I am Pained.

    By Savannah URL on 03.19.2013

  39. I like to think of pain more than everything in my life because one feels sad. It is not as noble as being in joy. Pained is like a crime to some people. It is like suicidal for some others.

    By Tess Oro on 03.19.2013

  40. It was dark in the dungeon. The girl was cold and thirsty and hungry. She cried and cried and cried. It pained her to think of anything other than her hands. Her bloody, burned hands that had been through so much torment. But still they worked. Still she could move her fingers. It was better than her legs. They were severed just below the knee.

    By Ross URL on 03.19.2013