January 13th, 2014 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “orders”

  1. i have a lot of orders to send out the next couple of days. and by orders i mean intrustions to my brain, so that i can get all these goals out of my head and make them become a reality. im tired of only having potential, i want to be

    By luis URL on 01.13.2014

  2. “Kill her.” The order came from the Queen’s lips quickly and sharply, the mere tone in which she said it frightening me down to the core. I blinked once, twice, three times, just staring at her, wondering if she was serious or just acting out of anger.

    “Milady, you can’t be serious.” I swallowed thickly, wondering if I’d chosen the correct words. Her hand balled into a fist and slammed down on the arm of her chair.

    “Kill her!” She repeated, her voice echoing throughout the chamber, making me jump. She rose from her chair and started inching towards me, and immediately I started walking backwards, fear pulsating my body.

    “Do whatever it takes, just get rid of her! I never want to see my sister as long as I live!”

    By Jonny1424 URL on 01.13.2014

  3. Orders, my goodness, all the orders that I take on a daily basis from customers. The orders that come online and the orders I fill in store. Then there are all the orders they give me in a way of verbal direction. Ha, direction, verbal abuse. Ordering me around, telling me how to do my job as if they know anything about the printing world. How about all the orders I place at restaurants that they always get wrong. I don’t tell them how to do their job, I just need it done right.

    By Kacie URL on 01.13.2014

  4. taking orders from lifes sinister retractions
    shes misplaced the fundamentals of spontaneous reactions
    she fails to see through the cruelness of satisfactions
    and screams for a hollow place between walls of rash distractions.
    shes trapped in what people find a conquering abstraction.

    By Tas URL on 01.13.2014

  5. “Your orders, master.”
    “Bring me a bottle of ketchup, two buns, and a pear-shaped sausage.”
    “My lord, where would I find such a wiener?”
    “Your problem, not mine. Now get on it.”

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 01.13.2014

  6. I had my walking orders, the direction I was supposed to go was clear. The odds were insurmountable, deep water and dark oceans before me. A moment in time to decide if the risk is worth it. My eyes can’t see the future, my heart feels the path before me but I’m blind as to how I can reach the other side. To the shores of happiness and the place I desire most in this world … how do I get there and how do I keep from losing myself in the process.

    By Chelle C URL on 01.13.2014

  7. When I think of orders I think of the days I worked as a waitress at Taco Den. I worked there for over 4 years. My brother and one of my sisters worked there too. I enjoyed getting paid and having spare cash to use on myself as my parents didn’t really have much money.

    By Lisa on 01.13.2014

  8. She got her marching orders. Sit down and shut up. He didn’t like anyone, let alone a woman telling him what he should do. Never mind she wanted only the best for Bobby. His ego, or insecurity, always got the best of him at these like this.

    By just a girl URL on 01.13.2014

  9. I take orders.
    We’re taking orders.
    Follow orders
    What am I thinking
    I don’t think
    Don’t think just write don’t think just write dontthinkjustwrite
    i’m trained to follow
    what then?
    Are my orders not to follow orders?
    i’m so lost.
    I’m confused.

    By Bella on 01.13.2014

  10. Stitches and red but more like black I bite pencils when I’m nervous and you make me nervous so here, take this pencil I mean paper

    By Sophie URL on 01.13.2014

  11. Pull your hair out of your face dear, it makes you look unkempt. The salad love, not the fries, you really don’t need the extra fat. You know beige brings out your bad skin honey, put on the black dress, it’ll hide all that. Take those glasses off sweetheart, it makes your eyes far too big, and you don’t really need them.
    Suggestions? Orders. Degrading, spiteful, picks at everything I was to shape me into everything he wanted me to be.

    By mollyfolly URL on 01.13.2014

  12. Louis read a book and put it down, a different person now. He decided he would do things for himself from now on. He decided he would stop taking orders. It started with him rejecting breakfast, then picking out his own clothes, and eventually even hatching a plan to leave the compound. He got one of his closest friends, Josephine, to help coordinate the breakout. He loved her. But Josephine hadn’t read Louis’ book. And since no one was allowed to leave the compound, she betrayed Louis in order to secure a better life for herself on the inside. I bet you thought this was Louis’ story, but its not. Louis is dead now. This is a story about Josephine.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 01.13.2014

  13. Orders, Orders, orders. Everyone loves giving orders. Bossing you around telling you how to live life, as if they are living it for you. Everyone has an opinion. But at the end of the day, you are the one to suffer. Orders are not orders. You have choices.

    By Aisling Manison on 01.13.2014

  14. I don’t know if she’ll ever understand how tiring ignoring someone you love can be. I’m my own doctor, taking orders I know I shouldn’t, leading myself to death. Most of the time, I welcome it with ignorant and hopeless arms. Other times I think I should fight it. But I’ve never been fully alone before, and I don’t think I have what it takes anymore.

    By Marissa URL on 01.13.2014

  15. “Orders, sir?”

    “None.” He waved his hand, glancing at the console as he did so. Numbers flashed in varying patterns and his brow furrowed. The ensign respectfully stood, silent, knowing that his captain must have noticed something that the ensign himself had not. Understandable.

    “No life forms worth investigating.” The captain snapped his pad shut and stalked off.

    By Adam on 01.13.2014

  16. No one pays attention to intersectionality. They all follow their one marching order, proud to have a cause. The grass is yellow everywhere, bubs.

    By Michelle URL on 01.13.2014

  17. “Get up!” I groaned as the pain hit me in the stomach. I rubbed the spot where my brother smacked his fist into my abs. “James, come on! What was that for?”

    “Mom’s orders.” The 2-years-older-than-me brother smirked and left the room with a spring in his step.

    The day had only just begun, and I was already thinking sinful thoughts of my brother’s blood upon my hands.

    By Rosheen URL on 01.13.2014

  18. “We have our orders, and you have yours. Now if you’ll excuse me,” he brusquely shoved past me in the narrow hallway, “I have business to attend to.”

    By WearyWater URL on 01.14.2014

  19. He was nodding whatever you told him. To the policeman who was giving him a fine, nodding to the dogs on the street. But he was not taking orders from anyone, he was just polite. He didn’t know the local language and nodding was his way of saying: I am harmless, please let me pass by.

    By Soricelonte URL on 01.14.2014

  20. He frowned, looking away from the other. Green eyes stared at him as the owner waited for his orders to be carried out. When the smaller didn’t move a harsh cry escaped his lips and he swung his hand, causing the shorter to fall to the ground. “DO IT!” was shouted and the smaller let out a harsh cry,

    By Clair on 01.14.2014

  21. You give me orders, I follow.
    I give no orders but to myself to follow
    I seem an empty soul, but not quiet on the inside
    Nearly finished with this life, but not ready to die
    it is within me I cry
    within me to run
    within me to be.

    By Syd on 01.14.2014

  22. You were never good at following orders. But suggestions are like shadows; they give the impression you have a choice to step across a line or remain where you are. With the right words, perhaps a softness around the eyes, and a hand extended, you place your hand in his. Step into the penumbra as you crossover to the darkest side. You honestly consider the very things you dare not dream all because they were whispered to you as tantalizing desires. Buzz words that travel up the nape of your neck and curl themselves against the shell of your ear, it makes you shiver with an eagerness you didn’t know you possessed. Although the wonderful thing about this diplomatic exchange is that balance can be restored in an instant. So as negotiation becomes a dance of control and release, so does your grip in his.

    By Intuition URL on 01.14.2014

  23. Unbeknownst to her, the bottle with the Mysterious Smoke Potion were handed over by Dean to the man in question and were given orders to discontinue on his journey to save the princess from the giant flightless bird. But what the man didn’t know was Dean’s loyalty is so intense to her that anyone else would think he was just being utterly belligerent, if you came across him. Dean had another plan in mind. And it will cost a bird’s life. One he doesn’t particularly gives a care for. On to the castle…

    By Tricia URL on 01.14.2014

  24. Unbeknownst to her, the bottle with the Mysterious Smoke Potion was handed over by Dean to the man in question and were given orders to discontinue on his journey to save the princess from the giant flightless bird. But what the man didn’t know was Dean’s loyalty is so intense to her that anyone else would think he was just being utterly belligerent, if you came across him. Dean had another plan in mind. And it will cost a bird’s life. One he doesn’t particularly gives a care for. So on to the castle…

    By Tricia URL on 01.14.2014

  25. Orders is orders. Shoot those children. Rape those women. Have no pity; no conscience. It’s what our leaders want. You are just following orders.

    By boroptimist URL on 01.14.2014

  26. Doctor’s orders: Yuri drowned in a neon blue tank that was over 18 feet tall, filled to the top. “She must breath it into her lungs!” Yuri practically wanted to die. She was .03 centimeters away from giving up but she kicked and kicked and kept on kicking. Doctor told her to keep going. Sooyoung crashed through the window with a gun in hand. Glass shards from the window were stuck in her arms and legs and lines of blood ran down all over her. Ignoring it, she pointed the gun at the doctor and shouted, “YOU SET HER FREE THIS INSTANT. WE HAVE A PERFORMANCE TONIGHT. WE’RE GOING TO BE ON LETTERMAN AGAIN. THIS IS IMPORTANT.” The doctor thought inside of his head, speaking to himself, “WHY, DOCTOR, WHY MUST YOU USE GIRL BAND MEMBERS AS EXPERIMENTATION SUBJECTS ALL THE TIME? IT ALWAYS GOES WRONG. LIKE LAST MONTH WITH NANA” Sooyoung shot the doctor. His brains splattered against the 18 foot tall glass. Blood covered the floor and, as Sooyoung tried to run to Yuri, she almost slipped because of it. The blood got all over her shoes. Jessica came flying in through the window next, followed by Tiffany, “Reinforcements have arrived!” Jessica shouted while punching her fist straight up into the air, imagining she was now a powerful superhero. She glanced at the doctor’s limp body, “Oh, he’s dead.” She was disappointed, as she was the one who wished to have killed him. ALARMS WERE GOING OFF. It was so loud. Tiffany’s ears cried. They could hear all sorts of commotion down the hallway. “We need to get her out of here, quick. They’re COMING,” Sooyoung started kicking at the glass. Yuri was already unconscious. Jessica grabbed a fire extinguisher off of the wall, “THIS WILL WORK…”…and the glass didn’t break. Tiffany was trying to hit the glass with an assortment of medical apparatae. Then Yuri opened her eyes from under the water. She opened her eyes and looked straight into Sooyoung’s eyes. Sooyoung’s mouth was wide open from shock. Yuri was breathing the water. She was alive…and breathing…the water….and then she screamed.

    By nodochinko URL on 01.14.2014

  27. Orders enforce proper protocol being followed. It focusses on the process and makes things happen at a right pace. But if, overdozed, it could prove fatal. The recipients may lose interest be it humans or even animals. It has to be well balanced and within the limits.

    By Vignesh on 01.14.2014

  28. I despise taking the orders you give to me every day all day every day all day. I am not some Cinderalla princess, there is no fairy godmother waiting for me so do not attemt to rationalise your actions with talk about my wide bright future once I have done it all, once I have finally done everything you want.

    By Mhairi on 01.14.2014

  29. Orders are required. thats what they teach us. we stand in lines, in green uniforms. in unison awaiting the demands of our superiors. although in the heart of battle none of those orders seem to matter

    By vir kaula on 01.14.2014

  30. jack sits down on the bar stool. Orders himself a double shot of JD and ponders. How could this be happening to him. How did life come about to this situation.

    By sidd on 01.14.2014

  31. Jack sits down on the bar stool. Orders himself a double shot of JD and ponders. How could this be happening to him. How did life come about to this situation.If only he had disregarded the orders from his commander this would all have never come to pass. But he was a soldier. How was he to disregard an order. It went against everything he stood for.
    Yet confused, he finished his drink, paid the bartender, and left for Delhi to carry out his orders to terminate the cabinet secretary.

    By sidd on 01.14.2014

  32. Follow orders, obey, do as you’re told. It’s easy to abide by another’s rules and regulations. They’ve done the thinking for you, prescribed your future. But what of your own destiny? What will you order of yourself?

    By Ashi URL on 01.14.2014

  33. I think I’m obsessed with the idea of having O.C.D.. I’m not sure I actually have it, I’m just enthralled with the notion that I may. I like to have things organized, everything needs to have a place, and things need to be ordered according to their height, or various physical similarities. Perhaps I’m more O.C.D. about being O.C.D. that I force my life into order. Maybe it’s just my way of making sense of my life. I shouldn’t belittle the condition though, I don’t know it’s real plight. There are probably those plagued by O.C.D. that they wish their life wasn’t so…ordered.

    By Julie URL on 01.14.2014

  34. Some like to give orders, some like to receive them. Me?
    I am of the latter kind. I just love to follow instructions. So tell me what satisfies and I’ll be here to follow through to the very best of my ability!

    By Tracey URL on 01.14.2014

  35. –the waitress–
    empty orders fill
    me up like coke does
    bubbling, bubbling inside,
    i need one more line.

    By Ines URL on 01.14.2014

  36. Life your life that way, they say. And that way was insane. I listened in fear of being shunned. So I shunned away my dreams and desires instead.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 01.14.2014

  37. The orders you gave me, to wait for you, to be with you, to just be perfectly fit for you. So many more. You became bossy but I still want you.

    Another order was given by my parents. i don’t know will they want you pr not, but just… be yourself

    By Nadhira Rakhmi Yusuf URL on 01.14.2014

  38. Incontrovertible, imperative orders. Do what you’re told – why would anyone lead me astray? Adults can be trusted, right?

    By asavas URL on 01.14.2014

  39. “I take my orders solely from my commander,” the captain said. “If you have a problem with that, you can talk to her.” He swung his hand to point at the tall, dark-skinned woman standing on the ridge just ahead.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.14.2014

  40. A greasy diner. Burgers after burgers, fries on top of fries, layer after layer. The chef tells himself it’s fulfilling and he loves his job, but wishes he had a way to wash off the years.

    By Amy on 01.14.2014