January 13th, 2014 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “orders”

  1. pizza, fast food, doctors, telling someone what to do. placing orders online,

    By Sheila Kern URL on 01.13.2014

  2. They ordered her execution. And when they could not kill her, they ordered her banishment. And when they could not bring themselves to make her leave, they ordered her to be raised up in the arms of the populace, the new queen of the land, past sins forgotten. The woman simply smiled at this, her mission complete.

    By Iam Me URL on 01.13.2014

  3. I had orders. Orders to kill her, to kill all of them. But it wasn’t just orders. It was down right murder. Why did I agree to do it? What in the world was I thinking?

    By Alison on 01.13.2014

  4. “Your orders, majesty?”
    Elsa blinked, a poor attempt to draw herself from her tumultuous thoughts. “I’m sorry?”
    Illisendale’s guard-captain’s eyes darted to the hard ground – a silent apology for interrupting her thoughts – before finding hers once more, their familiar crystalline depths somehow not lacking in warmth, despite the seriousness of the situation. “What are your orders, my lady?” she repeated, her voice softening in time with her gaze.
    The princess-no-longer felt her heart swell with love for her captain, her own dear Liansi.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.13.2014

  5. We were merely following orders. Sound familiar? Nuremberg anyone? Orders, or instructions, are often excuses to avoid using personal judgment. Data replaces thought.

    By Gary Hokit URL on 01.13.2014

  6. The waiter came to take our orders. I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled; a table of half a dozen giggly old friends, gearing up to get ourselves fuzzy-drunk on cocktails and nostalgia.

    By lauren on 01.13.2014

  7. He barked out the command at the top his lungs. He was easily the most impressive figure on the site. With hulking shoulders and an ogre-like brow he could easily command the respect of any of his workers.

    He was a boisterous man. He was a simple man. He was Bob.

    Hear Bob roar.

    By Savros URL on 01.13.2014

  8. “Now run back in there right god damn now and get me what I’m asking for!”
    The small yet seemingly muscly man shouted.
    I hustled back to the room he was indicating
    And grabbed the item off the nearest shelf before
    I ran it back to him.
    Serving at an old folks home can be rough sometimes.

    By Ellie on 01.13.2014

  9. I bowed low to my king, my stomach churning with what he had asked me to do. My hands shook in my robe, but I would not let my feelings show. I was an assassin. Not a murderer. Not a torturer. Not a firing squad.

    By Sierra Noelle URL on 01.13.2014

  10. a pizza
    a sándwich
    a coke
    a table
    a place in a restaurant
    a special gift
    some chips
    some drinks

    By alicia on 01.13.2014

  11. I jumped up when she yelled. I was used to taking orders by then, not questioning them were a rule. I was twenty, I wasn’t allowed to question. Not to madam, especially! I ran to the living room, straightening the light wrinkles on my skirt, ready to obey.

    By Constança FS URL on 01.13.2014

  12. we file in. 47 of us in a row. woman after woman. not checking what’s between our legs. the scent gives us away. and so does the rouge on our cheeks, the foundation stains on our blouses. and we are picked up in groups of five with two left over, one for each, none wasted

    By micheline on 01.13.2014

  13. We’ve got to drop canvas! She’s takin’ too much heat!

    She can hold a mite longer. Prepare to board! Hoist the mizzenmast, heave-to, hard a starboard!

    …Captain, you’re babblin’ like a brook!

    By Horace Matson on 01.13.2014

  14. My boss had these annoying pants that swished when she walked. She wore the same type of pants everyday, so whenever she was near, all I heard was….swish, swish, swish. I had no way of hearing what the heck she was telling me to do because of the dumb swishing.

    By Lindee URL on 01.13.2014

  15. Stanley stared blankly at his computer screen, waiting for the days’ orders from his boss. You see, Stanley worked for a computer company, and everyday of every minute, he was given orders and typed whatever appeared on the screen.

    By Kenzie URL on 01.13.2014

  16. Orders are like ways of being
    you order this or that, I order you to stop, or does that complete your order?

    He has a mental order, his mom told me.
    Him and all his friends have orders. It’s genetic: their parents gave it to them
    But they find solace knowing that they all have orders.
    I hate them all.

    Thank god I’ve a disorder.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 01.13.2014

  17. I didn’t want to listen to it. It whirled in my ear but did not pass into my brain. His orders no longer seemed to affect me, just came through like passing fog.

    By chiara on 01.13.2014

  18. “You did not go to the barracks, Lieutenant Graham,” Colonel Francoise snapped as the lieutenant snapped to attention.

    “No, ma’am, I did not.”

    “You deliberately ignored my orders and went to the frontlines. Is that correct as well?”

    “Yes, ma’am, that is correct.”

    Colonel Francoise sighed. “First mistake – you always follow my orders. Second mistake – you do not call me ‘ma’am.’ You do not call me ‘miss,’ or ‘missus,’ or ‘madam,’ or ‘little lady.’ You call me ‘Colonel.’ Got it, Graham?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.13.2014

  19. order of business:
    1. work until the sun goes down
    2. thrive into the night

    By Ines URL on 01.13.2014

  20. the night the stars shone extra bright
    we ordered chinese and ate with your mother.
    i felt so hollow the whole time.
    even in early morning when i beckoned you onto the loveseat.
    you were already gone.

    By Hayden URL on 01.13.2014

  21. Orders! Orders! All day!!! over and over!

    By Michele URL on 01.13.2014

  22. My orders were simple, if by simple you mean ethically challenging to the highest degree. But I didn’t give the orders. So I went.

    By ulimonster URL on 01.13.2014

  23. Taking orders all day long. I flip burgers and take orders. I wish they called them wishes. I wished for a rodeo burger machine in my dreams and it just arrived today! I even can push an extra bbq sauce button for more! The onion rings come out in 1 to 4 in quantity. It might be the greatest day of my life.

    By Rover URL on 01.13.2014

  24. Three tuna on rye, one large pan of sliced apples, a very tiny doughnut with pink icing and multi-colored sprinkles, a pan of green beans – steamed, not fried – fourteen wedge cut french fries, one large slice of Boston brown bread and…I was taking orders like no tomorrow!!

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 01.13.2014

  25. His orders rang in the back of my awareness with muffled fog. I only realized his voice after I had come out of my daze.

    By chiara URL on 01.13.2014

  26. The orders come in on little slips of paper with nonsense symbols on them, but I fill them anyways. I have my orders.

    By Lilly on 01.13.2014

  27. “I have my orders, sir,” the young officer said. “I am to stay here until I receive orders to leave.”

    “Orders, schmorders,” the old man grumbled as he turned away. He spun. “Dammit, Jimmy, you’re my son! You can let me get through!”

    By Annie URL on 01.13.2014

  28. orders. he was an ordlerly man. everyuthing had a place and he could do the most mundane tasks with extreme precision. all of that was fine unless he was watching over you. In that case you were likely not to do anything according to his ideals.

    By Jackee Orozco-Domoe URL on 01.13.2014

  29. orders are taken by those who take orders. Orders can be taken by many, and can be given by many. To take orders is to listen and adhere to another’s command or suggestion.

    By Dominique on 01.13.2014

  30. lady tremaine

    By Katie Norby on 01.13.2014

  31. Already orders, I’ve already taken orders! I don’t want orders, I don’t like them, I don’t need them, I don’t see them when I sleep, so I don’t dream them or hope for them I just give them, I don’t know any orders besides the ones that I make

    By Dom on 01.13.2014

  32. Orders never run out. Orders are continuous. Orders can be mean, vicious. Rude.

    By Dom URL on 01.13.2014

  33. There they were, enjoying a simple evening…or so she thought. Dinner was peaceful and he seemed so sincere. They went back to his place and that’s when it happened. He began making orders toward her. He ordered her to do awful things and she couldn’t resist due to the fear building up inside of her body.

    By Theresa on 01.13.2014

  34. I love getting orders in the mail. Orders I didn’t chose. Orders I did. But then there are the orders I hate. When I’m ordered to do something. To think something. To be something. those orders are no fun at all. Or holy orders. very few people try that today. Why? It doesn’t make sense. Orders.

    By Ann C URL on 01.13.2014

  35. They stood, watching what the doctor was doing, trying not to react. Each of them knew this could not be right, but they had to follow orders.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.13.2014

  36. the bell on the counter talked and sent vibes to the burger who laid precariously all naked and roughed up. The hamburger turned over and looked under it’s patty, “who’s that there?” he asked in a slow voice, fading away into an air of digression from the couple who sat a few metres away.

    By J on 01.13.2014

  37. Leader gave the orders: kill everyone in sight. No one was to be spared.
    But how could he? He knew his mother lived in the village below. And not to mention the others he grew up with. Those he called family. Those he called friends.
    No matter the penalty, he could not kill them.

    By Jonny1424 URL on 01.13.2014

  38. I melt under your hands, my spine softer than your touch
    my knees so weak I cannot stand, and you become my crutch.
    you slowly line my veins like settled dust along a shelf
    the more in love with you I am, the more I hate myself.

    By Carly URL on 01.13.2014

  39. His orders were clear. But following them would clearly scar me for life. No one should have to follow orders from a man who wears lime green crocs. No one should have to follow orders from anyone.

    By Curlfreak on 01.13.2014

  40. I pushed through the entry way, not really wanting to face the admiral. I’d really rather face his execution, because I know his #orders are going to turn me into an execution, and if that happens I’m not sure what will happen with my sacred contract. #OzNolem #OneWord

    By Oz Nolem URL on 01.13.2014