October 18th, 2010 | 141 Entries

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141 Entries for “octopus”

  1. she swam slowly through the ocean the current wrapping its octopus legs around her slowly pulling her under. She sucked in a breath before being pulled to the depths. The blackness surrounding her and the water’s arms shoving her back and forth through its coldness. She closed her eyes and let the breath out.

    By Brianna URL on 10.18.2010

  2. Its beastly figure, with but a mere 8 legs. Too little to eat the algae, but too much to swim around. huh?

    By Michelle on 10.18.2010

  3. I once slept with a man with an octopus tattoo on his shoulder. It was purple and swelled down his arm, over his bicep. I kissed it lightly and it tasted like sweat.

    By Jacob on 10.18.2010

  4. eight-legged creature
    intelligent and calculating
    deep in the ocean
    deep in space
    floating with ink
    black as peat
    black as tar
    tentacles sticky as tar
    8 8 8
    number eight
    swimming through space

    By Calvn Scot URL on 10.18.2010

  5. The octopus is smelly. I hate standing near its tank because it smells so much. I would really prefer to clean the shark tank. Why did I apply for a position at this aquarium anyway?

    By Marissa URL on 10.18.2010

  6. The eight legged monstrosity emerged from the underwater cavern with a fierce expression upon his squishy face. He splooshed through the water, circling me several times, and the water suddenly filled with an inky black the color of midnight.

    By Kendi URL on 10.18.2010

  7. “Octopus? Really?” “Well, it’s more like a giant squid,” I tried explaining to Pavis. “Listen, there are too many tentacles in the Realms; we have to think of something different?” And that’s when I slapped him with sushi.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 10.18.2010

  8. Paul the octopus supposedly predicted the results of the World Cup. Had the flags been placed the other way round, who knows? They are, nevertheless very intelligent.

    By Sophie URL on 10.18.2010

  9. it has eight legs and sucky thingys on them. if you thinka bout it, they aren’t really legs. their more like noodles. they don’t have feet, but i guess that could be what the sucky thingys are. they don’t really have any genetals either. hm… interesting animals these ocotopus. strange, strange.

    By Martie on 10.18.2010

  10. what is this octopus of which you speak?
    i am the king of the sea
    neither here nor there

    fish beware
    i will eat all i see
    octopus rawr
    i have tentacles
    they reach very far

    By thespacescotsman on 10.18.2010

  11. i’ve already gotten this word. is this the only word of which they give you? maybe i’d get a different word if i signed up for this site. i think i might try that.

    octopus is a very lovely creature. eight legs and all that. not to mention those sucky things. amazing. OH! and they have ink.

    By Martie on 10.18.2010

  12. my grandma doest like them because they have 8 legs and are under the sea. she thinks they are gross. i would ever eat one but i think they are cool when people draw them. yeah.

    By Ace on 10.18.2010

  13. I am an octopus. I have eleven hands which I use to eat things and also to do a variety of tricks. Please don’t look at me like some type of odd thing; I am merely an octopus. I can caulk your windows 4 or 5 at a time.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.18.2010

  14. I love octopus especially from the see they are great creatures especially those who have large tentacles and can swim around and do as they please I bet they all play octopus games with each other all day as they swim freely in the deep blue sea.

    By Devin on 10.18.2010

  15. Like an octopus
    I go through life reaching
    I need to succeed in everything
    But can do nothing
    Because I reach every which-way
    I stretch to thin
    And with the touch of a needle
    I split

    By Amanda on 10.18.2010

  16. Op de tafel stond een schaal met inktvisringetjes, maar niemand at daarvan. Ondanks de verwoede pogingen van tante kor. Misschien kwam het omdat de inktvisringetjes nog door ome drees waren gekocht en dit toch zijn begrafenis was. Mischien hield niemand van inktvis in het algemeen.

    By eenwoord URL on 10.18.2010

  17. Well, so there’s an so called octopus. His name is Bart, Bart Macaroni. I don’t know why he is called Macaroni, but I guessed his so called “legs” where unshaped.

    By CamillaTS on 10.18.2010

  18. Octopus has eight legs. The tenacles are scary, long, and feared. I’ve heard that octopus tastes very delicious and is very bad for your health. Only with moderation should octopus be eaten. The nature of it’s body can be very damaging to the cholesterol in our bodies.

    By Danny Yu on 10.18.2010

  19. I love octopi! They are so cute and then they have eight legs, I mean how freaking amazing is that?! And I’ve always wondered what color they were, black or purple? I mean, I would love to have one as a pet they would be the cutest thing ever!

    By Katelynn URL on 10.18.2010

  20. My brother saw a commerical yesterday for that booze and asked my mom if octopus were really that big. He is 20. I am 21 and still don’t know. Hmmm

    By Emily URL on 10.18.2010

  21. He was barely 8 years old, when his “legs” started to fall off. It was a sad day for the octopus, now that he turned into a ink-spitting jellyfish.

    By Camomilla URL on 10.18.2010

  22. I’d like to be
    Under the see
    In an octopus’s garden, in the shade.

    By Ringo Starr on 10.18.2010

  23. The eight legged creature sprung on the boat and attacked. We thought it was an octopus. But they are friendly creatures. And only are used for producing pens. What was this monster doing in our submarine?

    By Siege URL on 10.18.2010

  24. They’re ugly, and yet beautiful at the same time. The graceful way they glide through the water, smooth as breath. They’re smart, too, and I can admire anything that’s smart as long as it doesn’t decide to wrap me in its tentacles and crush my ribcage.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.18.2010

  25. When I had gone scuba-diving with my step-mother the summer before my senior year of high school, I had one fear: seeing an octopus. It was extremely likely, since the area in which we planned on swimming into the depths of had reported several sightings of the eight-armed suctioned creatures.

    By Mikayla URL on 10.18.2010

  26. octo-lalia i hear everything you say eight times in repeat. muffled like underwater torsos, they move eight limbs in their sleep. read me a siren song jacques cousteau, keep the birds at bay so i can find my way home.

    By becca Loo URL on 10.18.2010

  27. I could feel its slippery arms wrapping me in a slimy embrace. I saw the pulsating suckers attach to the glass of my mask. Despite my efforts I could not free myself, and helplessly continued to struggle as it ripped out my regulator and the cold weight of the ocean rushed into my mouth.

    By SprawlingInk on 10.18.2010

  28. down deep in the crystal bleu sea the once lived an octopus, now this wasn’t just any octopus, he was a magical octopus and would help whoever called to the surface at the full moon through a special ritual.

    By rach URL on 10.18.2010

  29. have an legs would be pretty cool. its just one of those things where you can grap a lot of things at once.. eat all the food i can hold instead of going back for seconds .. imag

    By nubia on 10.18.2010

  30. The octopus is one of the most amazing creatures in nature. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the species, and I am fully ready to submit to the cephalopods when they arise from the oceans to take over our lives, for they will some day.

    By David URL on 10.18.2010

  31. an animal living in the sea and meaning so much i

    By salem on 10.18.2010

  32. I love octopuses they are my favorite animal and they are often the focus of my artwork. The way their tentacles are free form and flowing amazes me as they swim and glide though the water.

    By ali on 10.18.2010

  33. I wish I was an octopus. I think it would be more fun than having a swollen ear/face. I would enjoy it very much. Plus they are cool. I mean, what kind of deep sea creature isn’t cool?! Fuck. My ear hurts.

    By Teeps on 10.18.2010

  34. hobotnica trči travnjakom, guleći lopte poput mandarina

    By byronessa on 10.18.2010

  35. I was searching for fish to slurp but nobody was around so I just ended up floating in the water. Me and my eight tentacles just floating away wanting to suck at something. hold onto you and suck on your pretty little fishy face but you weren’t there for the enjoyment. nope. you decided to swim away.

    By Kit Kat on 10.18.2010

  36. has eight tentacles
    lives in the ocean
    is an amazing creature
    God has a great imagination

    By amber URL on 10.18.2010

  37. If I were an octopus I would be far more useful. (Well, if I could still have bones and live on land. Otherwise I have a feeling I would only be practical for opening jars and squeezing through small spaces.) If I had 8 arms I could do things 8 times as fast.
    Or so I thought.
    The problem is, I can hardly coordinate just my two hands at the same time. I only have one brain after all. One brain controlling 8 arms would be rather difficult, don’t you think? I would probably end up making a huge mess.
    Ah well, I am what I am (thankfully!)

    By emma URL on 10.18.2010

  38. purple line into the sea hiding under your bed waiting to be killed by you by your fears by your power you think you have. it’s all wrong but you keep on your track.

    By morgs on 10.18.2010

  39. What’s the plural of that? Octopi? Octopusus? I don’t know. I prefer octopi. Much less clunky. They’re cool, but sometimes they give me the creeps. And I don’t like calamari, although I guess that’s squid but either way. Every time I’ve had it, it’s been like chewing rubber– inedible. But I haven’t tried it many times. I’m sure there’s good calamari somewhere.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 10.18.2010

  40. eight legs. everytime i think of octopus i think of a giant hug. lots of tentacles and lots of arms. sort of a multi tasker. if i could be an octopus my house would be much cleaner. oh to be an octopus.

    By sonja on 10.18.2010