December 3rd, 2011 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “obey”

  1. I must obey. Obey. You Must not obey. We do obey. They did obey. All shall obey. Must have obeyed.

    By Zoe URL on 12.03.2011

  2. i refuse to obey the patterns of yesterday. my past will not dictate my future.

    By laughalot on 12.03.2011

  3. Obey.
    All I ever do is obey. What everyone says, I am only a follower.
    For I don’t want to be a burden, to cause trouble.
    Cause I never felt I was worth the trouble.
    Because I know, I’m not.

    By bela on 12.03.2011

  4. to obey is to have your will taken away. to rebel is to be yourself. never let anyone control you. never be afraid to show your true colors

    By Julz URL on 12.03.2011

  5. No. I will not obey you. Lock me in the dungeon FOREVER!!!!

    By jklsad;gb on 12.03.2011

  6. I don’t like to obey just for the sake of obeying. The more someone tells me to obey the less I want to. If I love and trust someone I obey them more than anyone else. Obeying is a hard thing.

    By Joy on 12.03.2011

  7. Obey. She told me to obey, so I did. Everyone obeyed under her command. Even Noah, with the strong spirit and the infinite knowledge did everything she said; he wouldn’t beat the system, even though for him it was child’s play. He wouldn’t let her free, so I had to take action. Only then did he follow.

    By Alex URL on 12.03.2011

  8. why? Why must we?

    What happens if we don’t?

    Regardless…I’ll make tea.

    By John on 12.03.2011

  9. Must obey when said and when is in need. Then you will feel so much better . Knowing you will be good and know what is good for you. That is why obey is so good for you and when you do it. That is the good point about obey. IT is the way of life and what we have to do

    By Cheryl on 12.03.2011

  10. Children can obey adults they trust and show respect to them. Parents continue to expect their adult children to obey. I do not obey the husband nor the parents. My children are wonderful and obey me with respect. I respect them a great deal for that.

    By J Rios on 12.03.2011

  11. I did this word already, before I signed up to this site. Now obey me and move on. Thank you.

    By J R URL on 12.03.2011

  12. There are nights I get kiss close
    and lay my head in between her deep, soft breaths;
    collecting all of her exhales in my lungs where
    I hold them them until I can’t breathe,
    hoping my body will store them away
    in my heart.

    By drew URL on 12.03.2011

  13. I gave in. I admitted that he was dead. I obeyed Lord Sharthil and killed him. It was my fault. Sharthil is cunning, rude, and ambitious. No one will ever dis-obey him. Not unless they want to live.

    By Jenevieve on 12.03.2011

  14. She hated being told what to do. She wasn’t some dog that could be trained. Never would she bow down to a so called master. It wasn’t in her nature to be controlled—to obey like some puppet. In this world of docile flowers, she stood out in stark, unabashed contrast; she was a raging inferno, burning bright and out of control.

    By Roslyn on 12.03.2011

  15. It’s tough to obey the rules when you’re 16 and you know they’re wrong. (Of course, they aren’t wrong; they’re right, t you’re a stupid 16-year-old and you think you know everything.) So you don’t. You don’t obey them. You pick your own path and it usually leads to disaster and then you reach 18 or 20 of 25 and decide those rules are there for a reason.

    By RVG URL on 12.03.2011

  16. The man cracked his whip in the air willing his horse to obey his commands. The horse was a fine gelding with golden brown fur and a white patch on his head between his ears. The horse had been with his previous owner since the beginning and did not take well to the new owner who thought mercy was a kindness undeserving by animals.

    By Bri URL on 12.03.2011

  17. “Obey.”
    But i didn’t want to. I never would.
    I’d always had this reckless, self-destructive streak in me. And I guess it was that part of myself that made me say what I said next. That’s the part of myself that got me killed.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 12.03.2011

  18. There are nights
    I get kissclose,
    laying my head
    in between her deep,
    soft breaths;
    collecting her
    exhale in my lungs
    where I hold them
    until I can’t breathe,

    hoping my body will
    store them away
    in my heart.

    By drew URL on 12.03.2011

  19. obey they say
    they tell me over and over
    of the importance
    of doing what they tell me
    they know best
    but they only tell me what they want me to hear
    how can I trust them
    when I only get part of the truth?
    they are in the position of power
    they hold all the cards
    and unlike a parent
    they hold no love for me
    only for themselves
    obey they say

    By Samira URL on 12.03.2011

  20. One wonders whether one ought to obey laws simply to obey laws. What about unjust laws? Must they be followed? Are rules to be followed for rules’ own sake? Martin Luther King Jr would disagree with that. Socrates would agree. This is just my philosophy class coming out.

    By magdelina URL on 12.03.2011

  21. Obey.
    That’s what they always want from me.
    They want me to be perfect.
    They want me to be what everyone else isn’t.
    But I see myself faltering everyday.
    I see the cracks within the statue.
    The fissure is slowly growing, growing, growing…
    One day I’ll break.
    One day I’ll end it all.
    And I’ll look them in the eye, and whisper:
    “Look at what you’ve done to me.”

    By Tori URL on 12.03.2011

  22. obey your soul to get the real taste of life.. :)

    By Tabbu URL on 12.03.2011

  23. To obey him would have monstrous effects. Yet, there was little choice in the matter. He held the keys to her salvation, the light at the end of the tunnel. Her mind was wrapped in guilt at the thought of what he would do.

    By Jamie on 12.03.2011

  24. Obeying is taking orders. ALWAYS DO EEEET

    By DryYoshi on 12.03.2011

  25. obey the commands of your mind.
    and ignore the longings of your heart.

    By sarah marie URL on 12.03.2011

  26. I cannot obey anything.
    I only obey my mind.
    Filled with chemicals wrong for it.
    Swirling through like caramel.

    By Snow URL on 12.03.2011

  27. The monitor in front of the room flickered across the faces of the young students. Images of the heroic politicians, heroic bankers and heroic corporate oligarchists festooned the wall. Cheerful bassoon music accompanied images of police and National Guardsmen kicking and tasing protestors. “Obey,” said the narrator’s booming voice. “OBEY!” The students, all in unison repeated their solemn mission. “Obey!”

    In the back of the room, where Timmy was shackled, through his pharmaceutical haze, he meekly whispered, “freedom…”

    By richpee URL on 12.03.2011

  28. It wasn’t something anyone wanted to do. They wanted to go and frolic through the fields, letting themselves be free. That was it, freedom. It was freedom they craved.

    Freedom from the destruction it all caused. The fact that they were forced to obey when they had no desire to.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 12.03.2011

  29. Obey. Obey laws. Obey your parents. That word just has so many negative connotations. It seems like something a dictator would go around declaring “obey me and only me!” Don’t really like the word, just seems mean.

    By Doodles URL on 12.03.2011

  30. silent,
    seen but not heard.
    head down,
    follow the rules,
    play the game the way he says.
    Never retaliate, never speak up —
    Just Obey!

    By Sunni on 12.03.2011

  31. Who do I obey?
    I don’t like the word obey, because when I try to imagine myself obeying somebody, I see a very formal setting, and generally I am bowing, symbolic of breaking under someone’s whim. But that’s not it. I follow when I have to, as we all do in an organized society, but I fear nobody’s whip. And I do not obey.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 12.03.2011

  32. She sat so still, so quiet, staring intently at the target–the object of her affection. It was only when she heard that magic word “okay” that she could leap from her spot of anxious expectancy and claim her bacon bit. She was, by all means, an obedient dog.

    By Rachel on 12.03.2011

  33. So direct, so commanding. He stood there standing far above anyone else. He knew that he could give orders he knew that they would listen, that they would act. He knew without a single doubt that they would obey. So he didn’t worry.

    By Jaclyn on 12.03.2011

  34. must we obey everything all the time? its too much effort to obey people, rules… i just want to be free, i just want to smile, make my own stupid mistakes, have my own regrets and not follow other people, their wishes, their desires. my life, my rules, my choices. i shall only obey myself, respecting others of course but its my life.

    By Pari on 12.03.2011

  35. We all fall into the same category. The weak, the strong. It’s all black and white. We lead, we follow, or we trail into the mountains like a lost pack of wolves. We obey because we believe it’ll better the world around us, and perhaps our peers. It’s always the same cause over and over again, never to change but to fall in the same category, the black and the white.

    By Jonathan on 12.03.2011

  36. I dont want to obey anybody. I just want to be myself for the rest of my life and do what I tell myself to do. To obey your own master is just pathetic because it would make us all slaves.

    By FranLoncar on 12.03.2011

  37. Obey or not.
    For whatever the reason,
    the choice is yours.

    By liz on 12.03.2011

  38. oppression more like it, i’m not a dog, i’m not your bitch. Power can be abused, obey without question is being confused. Bullshit, America the free? whatever, from day one your taught to obey. Can we really see or seek our freedom if we’re never taught to know it exists?

    By Murmur on 12.03.2011

  39. “don’t think”, “just write” they say.. well i’m going to obey, comply by saying i have been crying every night lately. whether it is realization that i can not help but sit, locked in that mood. what this mood is, exactly, i am unsure, but it is a feeling of being numb, staring uncontrolably at nothing at all. the feeling of every emotion striking at one, reminiscing thoughts of old times, realizing what has gone wrong in the present days, and concluding what it is that calls for change. arguably, this state of doing nothing at all could be considered the most productive of states. at what other time am i able to think so clearly?  i still have yet to find anything apart from the ongoing cycle of acquaintanceships, or the fact that no matter how hard i try i am stuck in a body that looks such as this one, or perhaps its the idea that my school efforts seem to amount to nothing by the times grades are exposed. whatever the issues may be, i thought i could comply with the true meaning for this silly webpage i continue to write for. im done, however the pattern continues.

    By t URL on 12.03.2011