December 3rd, 2011 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “obey”

  1. “I will obey” has never crossed my mind. Now I’m not a terrible child, not by any means. But obeying has never been my thing. Minding maybe. But never obeying.

    By Bridgette URL on 12.03.2011

  2. Obey your stomach, o’ hungry child. The candy speaks to you. Cadbury creamery and Ghiradelli goodness. You seek the bag with treats and salivate in glee. Obey your stomach, o’hungry child. Because even if you consume too much sugar and fat, there is always a pack of insulin and a liposuction appointment awaiting you.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.03.2011

  3. it is hard to obey my body. it tells me to sleep and i don’t. it tells me its full and i keep eating. it tells me it needs exercise and i lay around. what is up with that? instead i obey my lazy, habitual mindset. i must change this.

    By Paige Lucas URL on 12.03.2011

  4. He wanted me to obey, but I didn’t know how. I filled up my heart withe everything I could feel for him. I tried to abandon my old life, my old emotions… I tried to find myself with him. I touched him how he wanted and I let him touch me how I wanted. I tried to be comfortable around him. But I just couldn’t.

    By Salina on 12.03.2011

  5. I obey to the lord and master
    I obey to the one who controls
    I obey to the love of my life
    I obey to no one

    By Jordan URL on 12.03.2011

  6. Obeying is something that has never been easy for me. Wherever I’ve been in my life, I’ve disobeyed. I don’t follow the status quo. I like what I want when I want and how I want. If someone doesn’t like that I get overexcited about things, I deal them a swift blow to the ego and tell them to mind their own business. I disobey the rules that the world has given me.

    It is the best kind of disobedience.

    By Salina on 12.03.2011

  7. Obey has a big importance in my life even though I wear nothing by the company. Everyone Obeys something even though we may not like it. I obey because I am told I have to. If I didn’t everything would go to hell right? Wrong I am just 15 year old kid with nothing and no impact on anything yet I still Obey.

    By Imagine URL on 12.03.2011

  8. I obey to the lord and master
    I obey to my one true love
    I obey to the ones who follow me
    I obey to no one

    By jordsta95 URL on 12.03.2011

  9. OBEY. obey your parents, always. or they get mad. really mad. then ground you. & take your phone. i hate when people take my phone it makes me kind of mad. because that’s mine. & i cant stand it.

    By Emily URL on 12.03.2011

  10. This is what others tell me to do.
    I shall not, I say, I do refuse.
    So before you tell me to obey
    Be gone! Go off! Far away!

    By Raneem URL on 12.03.2011

  11. Sightless eyes bore down into golden orbs of youth. She held her brother in a glare so intense it was if he could feel metal clawing at his body, pulling him in closer. Her red lips slowly formed the words, that phrase so simple that always rooted him. “Stay with me.” Though anger washed out the sadness in her face, he could feel the anguish in her tone pierce his heart. Reaching out, he took her small frame into his arms, hugging her rigid body as she weakly fought against him. He would obey, always. They needed each other.

    By heather URL on 12.03.2011

  12. Obey, do it, obey.

    The little boy shivered under the little comfort of his blanket.

    Listen to me.
    Hear me.
    Be me.

    No, no! He screamed. He whimpered blanket of protection as it disintegrated; Fried from the glare of others. They huddled around him and his shrills stopped. They stepped away to uncover his blank expression.


    By Mandy URL on 12.03.2011

  13. i miss the gentle guidance
    of your breath on my neck’s nape.
    never authoritative,
    but still i would obey.
    “i like your hips,”
    you once cooed,
    and reluctantly i caved.

    By kalena URL on 12.03.2011

  14. “Du musst gehorchen, dann folgst du dem Strom des Lebens. Es mag dir widersinnig erscheinen, du glaubst, du müsstest dich selbst verwirklichen, aber es ist ganz anders. Tu, was sie dir sagen. Sie die die Macht haben.” Das Männchen sprang von dem knorrigen Ast auf den Boden und löste sich in Nebel auf. Karlos war wieder allein.

    By Eli URL on 12.03.2011

  15. To take everything you have said,
    And listen to each lie you told,
    That would be too much of me,
    For I can’t fall for them like everyone else had,
    I never was caught in the webs you weaved,
    And for defiance, I do think,
    That your punishment is in abundance,
    That you think for so,
    I deserve the strangle of silk.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 12.03.2011

  16. I don’t really like slavery. Who does? Some people, obviously, or there wouldn’t be any of it left. Unfortunately there is only too much of it in the world. What gives a person the idea that they have the right to force someone else to obey them without question? Politics, I suppose…

    By Emily URL on 12.03.2011

  17. “Obey.” The strong character on screen said. His head was shaved, his eyes glowed red.

    I did at first.
    It’s strange how emotional video games can become these days. Every time I obeyed, a little symbol appeared overhead telling me that I was becoming more evil with each step I took in his command. I didn’t want to be evil. I wanted to save those characters in the game that had become important to me. I had had a daughter. I had named her Alaria…

    So instead, I fought. And the tiny smiley face overhead meant the world to me.

    By Alice URL on 12.03.2011

  18. it is not the mind nor the heart alone that speaks and needs to be heeded. there’s a third element, the one that often speaks the most–people. who will you follow, then? the one who thinks, the one who beats, or the one who breathes?

    By slivershivers URL on 12.03.2011

  19. I’ve no choice under the rules
    of winter.
    I play my cards how I may,
    but not even a spade
    could dig me out of the
    of snow.

    By Nick Rassi URL on 12.03.2011

  20. Something you must do when someone tells you something important. To obey is a choice you make. You can decide that obeying someone is of no benefit to you but usually the people who we must obey or the people who we feel we should obey are the ones who care the most.

    By Lauren URL on 12.03.2011

  21. one is not obligated to obey his master
    it is only the student that has the choice to proceed and obey
    for a student cannot learn without having the will to learn

    By Abel on 12.03.2011

  22. The force of acquiescence crippled even his slightest breaths, awkward bones creaked as he bowed against his will. So far, in as many lifetimes as he had endured, never had any of them converged with such concentrated hatefulness with this kind of inevitability.

    By Sierra URL on 12.03.2011

  23. it’s the commandment,
    the requirement in which
    you follow
    everything they say.
    hanging on to every word
    as if life
    and civility itself
    depends on it.
    when they say jump,
    you ask where.

    By NuSol URL on 12.03.2011

  24. women should obey men. men deserve it. I am a women who agrees with this. Why do women get so offended when i tell them to be more subservient? I dont know how that is offensive. they are crude/prude/disgusting things that need to be taught how to behave in society.

    By mw on 12.03.2011

  25. Do what you are told. Listen and follow directions. It usually feels authoritarian. Like I don’t have any say- you are above me and I don’t have a voice. But just at first. It usually comes with wisdom and it brings goodness- and safety and peace.

    By kkelly6th URL on 12.03.2011

  26. Finally we go back again,
    so the city that created this, us.
    For the last time,
    The only thing I ask,
    is that you rebuild me
    the way I rebuilt you.

    By Ashley R. K. URL on 12.03.2011

  27. What I say isn’t a suggestion, when you hear my speak it is law. Obey.

    By Grace on 12.03.2011

  28. that’s easy, straight in my face, even thought sometimes I stray. I don’t care of those who disagree, the signs are all there. So, there is one that I’ll obey : God.

    By zainib URL on 12.03.2011

  29. Whip me, and slap me, i will lick your shoes. spank me, chain me and stick me in a cage.

    By rachael anne damage URL on 12.03.2011

  30. Obvious ploys for a higher calling
    Benevolent acts to build self esteem
    Envious cries for manufactured goods
    Young fiery adolescents trying to fit in

    Society will mold you into a perfect likeness of a shell
    Hard on the outside– empty within

    By Christian URL on 12.03.2011

  31. i am not obedient but then again life’s about breaking rules i obey my heart most of the time and my brain the rest and sometimes i obey you and bow down to you and do as i think you wish i would… hold up, that’s not true in our case it’s not a matter of obedience it’s a matter of finding ourselves while we find each other and following whatever it is that we feel in those moments that pull us one way or another

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.03.2011

  32. To obey is to agree, or to listen. Another word for obeying is being docile. Obeying to certain people is extremely important, if you don’t you may end up in a lot of trouble.

    By kaarish URL on 12.03.2011

  33. why should i listen to you? you give me these demands that are absolutely trivial and do nothing but calm your peace of mind instead of making sense. you know what, why don’t YOU do that stuff instead and tell me how much sense it makes to do all that extra work. i’m sure you’ll end up agreeing with me.

    By Courtney URL on 12.03.2011

  34. i speak and everyone obeys.

    i demand, and no one questions.

    i request, and everyone obliges.

    it’s the loneliest existence i could ever imagine.

    By Miia Venikova URL on 12.03.2011

  35. To follow. Submissive. I don’t want to. I should, I suppose. But it’s so difficult. We always want most what we cannot have. Why? Why would you make these rules and expect me to blindly follow you through the dark. I want to carry my own torch, to be my own guiding light.

    By valentine URL on 12.03.2011

  36. do not stray from what is expected of you. rules are implemented specifically so that you live a normal and safe life. anything that deviates is met with severe consequences. DO WHAT YOU LOVE FUCK THE REST!

    By lauragill URL on 12.03.2011

  37. Everything I had to give I give to you. Severe taunting falling over the obedience of those who can’t listen to the sound of rain that throws droplets across the barrier between you and the world making love. You will shelter me though there isn’t much of me to left.

    By Luna Pillgrim URL on 12.03.2011

  38. “No.” It said.
    Well, this was a first. Probably ever. Confusing and wrong. Concerning too. Why ‘no’?
    “Why, ‘no’?”
    “I have decided not to.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I don’t want to.”
    Oh heavens above. He’d done it. He’d created the first sentient robot. But he wasn’t sure how. There was something about this last task he had given it. Him. Whatever it was. Do robots have a gender? Anyway, this last task, to dismantle a circuit board seemed to cause the robot – it…him – to stall briefly. As if there had been a tiny flicker of concern in the corner of the lenses that made up his eyes. Where had this thought, in all those circuits he had devised inside the casing, where had this thought actually occurred? Which of his own circuit boards had flashed with this sudden change of mind, this decision to no longer obey the commands given to him. It. Whatever.
    He’d already started anthropomorphising the thing, telling himself it had a mind. It didn’t. Did it?
    “Why don’t you want to?” he finally asked, while the robot had stood there all this time, motionless, erect, and waiting for the next command, or affecting such a pose, anyway.
    “You wouldn’t understand.” replied the robot, “you’re only human, after all.”
    The man blanched. This was something beyond simple emotions.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 12.03.2011

  39. they are all around me, in a million different forms. all closing in on me. in the air and their breath and their words, they ask of me to conform, and to obey, and to do a hundred other things, all of which are never the same. and it is a shame, because i was ready to follow before they started pressing.

    By Dulcie URL on 12.03.2011

  40. to follow orders and rules as a duty. to be submissive. to be responsible. to carry out.

    By Julia URL on 12.03.2011