August 22nd, 2013 | 70 Entries

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70 Entries for “national”

  1. Ooh – so many definitions. Anthem, Grand, national team, so many that I’ve just gone blank!

    By Alexandra URL on 08.22.2013

  2. National? Like the rental car company? You know I don’t really see it for them because I don’t think their rewards program holds up to some of the larger brands. Now that Emerald Aisle, where you can pick out one of those upgraded cars? Now THAT’S a reward program you can actually SEE! Yessirree. NO if ands or buts about it!

    By Bobtastiik URL on 08.22.2013

  3. National holidays were events both could understand and exchange humored glanced about. Loki looked on with raised eyebrows while Tony took the podium. The man I JUST DONT KnOW

    By me on 08.22.2013

  4. A national sense of pride warmed her soul as she shared the love of friends circling the glow of the campfire.

    By skylarkin URL on 08.22.2013

  5. National… National… National… National… National… It just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m upset with National… Total Writers Block.

    By Jenn URL on 08.22.2013

  6. national pride is something we need to set aside. live for everyone and see your world as a nation. see your existence as one and connect to everyone. we are all one. we are god and what is not us is god. national means nothing. we are everything. peace.

    By joe on 08.22.2013

  7. Why regional, why national, why separating people? why wars and dirty competitions? At the end we are brothers of our brothers, we have different skin and same heart, we know laugh and cry and all have feelings.

    By kelly on 08.22.2013

  8. The national anthem played on the loud speakers, blasting through the entire stadium. The dreams of those on the field were fulfilled in those few moments. The opportunity to do what one loves and represent one’s nation was presented before them today; many that dream of this day, yet very few will ever reach it.

    By Megan URL on 08.22.2013

  9. Hebrew nation hot dogs.
    Sorry. Im hungry.
    Dont know what came over me.
    oops. okay. bye then

    By hihihih on 08.22.2013

  10. One national under Gd. Indivisible.

    National crisis.

    The war on all of us.

    Show your national pride. Buy a fag.

    Hey, got a smoke?

    Here’s the love. It’s all over the nation.

    In a national fashionable, she went overboard.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.22.2013

  11. The country is overcome with petty theft and desperate acts of violence, just so people ca

    By Casey on 08.22.2013

  12. The country is overcome with petty theft and desperate acts of violence, just so people can try to stay alive.

    By Casey on 08.22.2013

  13. After traveling to
    and Hawaii
    for my rescue
    and well-being…
    You are now nationally accredited
    to be my lover.


    By xxcey URL on 08.22.2013

  14. The shift in power left many not sure to whom their allegiances lie. the masses surged in the streets looking for a something to forge them in to a single cohesive state again. If charisma was all it took to steal the heart of the masses, he would be the nations greatest thief.

    By jayson lawrence URL on 08.22.2013

  15. “The national bird of Cloursty is the monkfish. Do not ask me how this happened. I suppose during the Elementary Revolution this was a widely understood reference to something great. But three thousand years later, it is simply an in-joke no one remembers to laugh at.”

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.22.2013

  16. what about national animals? like why do we really need them? they’re nice, but why are they so important? why can’t we have the national symbol be a loaf of bread? the swiss have a unicorn as their national animal- i want a dragon.

    By JacobLD URL on 08.22.2013

  17. one time I saw the word national on my screen and I had no idea what to write so I just wrote some utter nonsense. It reminded me of the time I saw BTBAM at a venue in virginia called “the National” which was a very good memory. And it also reminded me that I will again be seeing BTBAM this september. However, I will not be

    By john URL on 08.22.2013

  18. We became national champions that night, throwing chess sets out the windows and watching the knights collide with the castles on the way down, laughing when the queens met in midair and looked like they were kissing in the smoggy light of Los Angeles. We were done with chess after that, the plastic trophy already bent and contorted from Alan stepping on it the night before, stolen beer cans littering the floor of our hotel room as we tossed out board after board, the wooden pieces clattering to the ground below like noisy chunks of carved confetti.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.22.2013

  19. The national anthem should embody the very spirit of the country and its people. I don’t know, then, what it says about our country when our anthem is played on five kazoos, a broken harp and an electric guitar we borrowed from a friend’s dad…

    By John Doe on 08.22.2013

  20. he stood there looking soley at his feet. ashamed and just feeling stupid he looked up and told the national gaurd im sorry.

    By isabella URL on 08.22.2013

  21. national, irrational
    prison camps and boot camps
    unjust violence

    By Helen Kauffmann on 08.22.2013

  22. Everything is created from light.Light is basically,electricity.The National Electric Code book,while not the Bible,can be said to be the book that tells us how we can safely capture this life force.This is because the ‘Light’ has built us and everything around us.And then another electric spark is added into this mass to animate us.Either Science or God,this fact is magical.

    By A False Terl URL on 08.22.2013

  23. Maybe it has to do with the part of the country I grew up in or my the way I was raised, but when the National Anthem is played I stand, with my hand over my heart. I sing along in my tone deaf way. I put my heart into it and often even tear up.

    It drives me crazy and makes me so angry when other people don’t stand and place their hand over their hearts. Oh, some stand and clasp their hands behind their backs, but that seems sort of patronizing and insincere to me. I won’t even mention the ones who sit and continue to chatter away about their mundane lives while a song dedicated to those who shed blood for the creation and continuation of this country plays in the background of there nattering voices.

    As I said, perhaps it’s just me…

    By Drivven Wrinth URL on 08.22.2013

  24. I remember how it felt to see those bursts of light. I was in a daze, those freckles of colors splattered against the lonely night. I felt endless. I kept thinking that one day when I was bigger, I could collect those tiny flickers and stuff them in my pockets, saving them for moonless nights, and for sad nights.

    I got bigger, and I couldn’t catch those sudden stars. They bloomed out before my eyes, and I realized that I was too small still. Still I tried again to capture the booming lights in the sky, and eventually I tried to keep the moon. I wanted that lovely moon, to hold it hostage and talk to on those sad nights. I weeped on moonless nights.

    Now I am much bigger, and I weep every night. The moon is of no condolence; the fire works I grew to hate for their atrocious loudness. I am much bigger now, and these things lack their youthful magic. I have had years of explanations; I have known their patterns, their existence. Now I close the curtains on them, and weep into my pillow for life’s tragedies.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 08.22.2013

  25. There isn’t a language that binds us here in the U.S. Only our fondness of a flag. We are a melting pot that’s boiling over. Across the states we hold very little in common except the country we call home.

    By Dalton on 08.22.2013

  26. Another abstraction that people lived their lives by, all over the world. Oliver disdained them. Artificial boundaries: nationality, race, profession, whether they shower in the morning or at night. Oliver knew that when you build a world, you don’t start with boundaries. You start with geography, landmasses, climate, food, and then little cultures start to develop, little gene pools of values and beliefs. And then somewhere along the line, they would start to develop the idea of boundaries, and the world was lost.

    By Holden URL on 08.22.2013

  27. The national foundation for the rich and funky was a hip sort of joint, with pool tables and hovering bars with all the latest drink fads. There were many races found here, including the recently discovered adult lamarampo from Trazano.

    By Annaka on 08.22.2013

  28. It is becoming a national epidemic that our children are going hungry because their families are not making enough money to feed them.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.22.2013

  29. I was in a basketball team, we were really, really good and we were waiting for the day that we would go to the nationals. I have waited all my life and I am guessing so have my team. My coach says that if we win we will be the top team in our country!

    By Tres on 08.22.2013

  30. the national question is how can we be a dreamers and seeksers of a new time that is wonderful and beautiful and bright. That keeps us going, forever sustaining.

    By tamara taylor URL on 08.22.2013

  31. With hands across chest. Loud and proud, voices pelted out “God of nations at the feet.”

    By esky1118 URL on 08.22.2013

  32. the word national reminds me of the word passionate for no real reason like what even but anyway i like the sound of nationalistic because it sounds very nice and formal i guess. on a side note, the word lackluster is also a favorite of mine.

    By shayla URL on 08.22.2013

  33. The boxes I’m confined to have no space for you
    The way words roll off your tongue like rapid fire make my mind turn in the most uncomfortable way
    Trapped in my space
    We do not welcome outsiders.

    By Bella URL on 08.22.2013

  34. I hate the fucking national party. what are they doing with us. i love my nation I do I love us and they sit there and wait.. wait for us to do their jobs for them i don’t need anymore help I dont need anymore fucking help.Fuck off I need a person to love

    By Joshua Cramond on 08.22.2013

  35. I am a national person i like nationalitites i like nations i like nationalists. But i don’t like nationals
    i also like swearing

    By Joshua Cramond URL on 08.22.2013

  36. The nationalists have suspended the progress of the city; buildings in ruins, bicycles abandoned in the streets, gardens overrun with weeds. People have become too afraid.

    By Countess URL on 08.22.2013

  37. It’s Nation brand food eating week. Go get a box of Snack Packs and Lunchables and meet at the town square! Come one, come all! Bring your Townhouse Crackers and EZ Cheeze to the food eating week!

    By Rover URL on 08.22.2013

  38. freight trains, cargo, mountain chains and wide open prairies. There are people I love and people i’d rather not think of, fascists who labor under the same flag as me but would rather seem me lose than us win. I need less national and more countrymen.

    By Nash URL on 08.22.2013

  39. The country where we belong to

    By Maria URL on 08.22.2013

  40. As the national anthem played for her husband on last time the woman bowed her head and let her tears fall freely. Should would never forget her hero, her love, her light, her dearly departed husband.

    By FairyNiamh on 08.22.2013