October 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “mutual”

  1. I think the world and I have finally come to a mutual agreement. I can say, do, think, and want whatever I’d like, as long as I don’t mind people ostracizing me, hating me, judging me, or anything of that nature. Also, I’ve complied to “get used to disappointment”, as the saying goes. It’s a decent compromise. I think I’ll stick to it.

    By catyeah URL on 10.18.2011

  2. In a relationship, it means that both parts have consent on the stage of the relationship that they are in. In general it would mean accepted globally.

    By Sarah on 10.18.2011

  3. Mutual… There is such things as mutual understanding, which basically embodies the word ’empathy’. Mutual is a bonding synchronicity of emotional, physical, and mental status between multiple human beings, even animals have the ability for mutual compatibility. Mutual status on a positive level is one of the most cherishable connections you can share with someone. Mutual is shared beauty between living things.

    By AssleyJackasson URL on 10.18.2011

  4. she never met me, we have everything in common, i hate mayo too, i think paul was the best of the beatles, i loved walking on the beach as much as her, but she was a he.

    By dvvt on 10.18.2011

  5. The break up was mutual. No, it wasn’t. Or at least that’s what i think… Or hope. I could be in denial. Yes, I am in denial. He broke up with me. It was his decision and all I can do is accept it.

    Oh, how I want you back.

    By SJP on 10.18.2011

  6. i’m not sure if the feelings are mutual. i still love you. do you love me? i question everyday. i doubt everyday. i have hope everyday. i just need a sincere answer. where are you going? why have you left me? was it me or was it Him? if it was Him, i didn’t get the same calling…

    By victoria URL on 10.18.2011

  7. Sharing. It is about giving back to the person who has given to you. We create an equilibrium, hopefully of love but unfortunately sometime based on hate. I try to give what I recieve in all aspects of life. We must meet halfway if we are to move forward together in any relationship. swag.

    By Michael on 10.18.2011

  8. Mutual trust. Mutual respect. Mutual hatred. Mutual bonds. Virtually untrue. Mutual understanding. You get it, they get it. Mutual ‘it’s all good’.

    By Ammi URL on 10.18.2011

  9. he reached for for my drink as if it was nothing and after a sip of whiskey, he smiled at me with disgustingly smug confidence. “i will tell you this: Im going to do what i have to do. im not backing off. every single one of them who doesnt comply with my demands in the timeframe i have given will be dragged out of the filth ridden hole they call an intelligence agency and they will stand trial, publicly, facing a list of charges so long it’ll make atlas shrugged look like a fucking haiku.” I had forgotten that this man used to be a writer. “I am not a vindictive man. I dont hold a grudge. I want justice and that is all. there are two ways it can go and the choice is neither mine nor yours. I assume you feel like you need to choose a side. and you do. im not your enemy. i am not here to ruin you. im not here to expose you. but there is only one truth here and you decide on which side of it you want to stand when the clock runs out. all i want is your cooperation. and your loyalty. He ordered me another whiskey and disappeared with mine.

    By teadrop URL on 10.18.2011

  10. it started out as mutual. she wanted more, he did not. they agreed to continue. he liked the way things were, she did not. the ending was mutual. she was saddened, he was relieved.

    By crm URL on 10.18.2011

  11. friends
    when things have a mutual relationship, they benefit eachother
    i fell asleep a lot in biology
    I always felt really bad because Mrs. Martin was such an amazing teacher
    And she was so nice about my little sleeping episodes…
    that happened like every day
    this is a really cool little thing
    what are they gonna do with my submission?

    By Alex on 10.18.2011

  12. The shared feeling of that evening….unspoken comfort among the raindrops…..settled between our gaze. We long for that evening, for that time, for that life.

    By Brandon on 10.18.2011

  13. look at this thing we have done, together. I cannot remember when we were two, double entendre and spit, just a while back.

    By Shoshana on 10.18.2011

  14. And I knew the stillness wouldn’t last. It was no surprise. But this wasn’t a sharp drop from my steady line of dullness. This was a potential increase, and I didn’t know how I felt about that. It was scary to think that someone liked me. What was scarier was the possibility of me having a mutual interest. That would be a vast change to my steady line. It would put things out of perspective, and my day-to-day routine would be turned upside down. But the impending question really was, would all of this be worth it in the end? I didn’t know, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out.

    By Marissa URL on 10.18.2011

  15. “I despise you, you know that?”

    I shot him a look of absolute loathing. He glared back at me.

    “Yeah?” he asked. “Well, the feeling’s mutual.”

    By Kat413 URL on 10.18.2011

  16. Is it really possible for something to ever be mutual? Looking at the surface, sure, things might appear mutual. However, if we were to dig down deeper would they truly be mutual? Because we have different backgrounds we come at things with different views, so, even when we say something is mutual it could be a lot more complicated than that. Put simply, it’s mutual, but the complexity behind that point of view, the uniqueness of how each individual got to that single point of understanding is beautiful.

    By Haley URL on 10.18.2011

  17. the feeling apparently wan’t mutual. No love? Since when? Since the end of the hug we just shared? Since the moment our hands let go? Since our skin sparked when we touched?

    By Lily on 10.18.2011

  18. what’s
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    By golden brumby URL on 10.18.2011

  19. If our understanding of this word was enough, we wouldn’t go on all these trips into your back yard to reminisce about the what ifs from three years ago. But neither of us are strong enough to say no. I guess you could say we are mutually naive.

    By Kristi on 10.18.2011

  20. It’s a bond that we always seem to have. A moment of darkness makes my heart race as I lean into you. I smile from my eyes alone, and you catch it. You know me.

    Do I do the same for you? I sure hope I do. These butterflies shouldn’t be mine alone.

    By Katelin on 10.18.2011

  21. Mutual love is a powerful thing. To love each other and to mutually care about each other. Love is a powerful thing, when it is mutual.

    By T. Fong URL on 10.18.2011

  22. As you go along in life you realize who you are and what your purpose it. you meet people and sometimes they stay and others go. you find you best friends, your enemies and your mutual friends. you learn how to love and you have a mutual understanding about life once you’ve reached the end of your journey.

    By Julianne URL on 10.18.2011

  23. It was hard for both parties. Tears rolling down her cheek, he was standing by the corner, red-eye. Finally, a mutual agreement has been drafted. He agrees with her terms.

    By prudy on 10.18.2011

  24. Smoker’s fury,
    insulting their intelligence,
    their right to do whatever they want
    to their bodies,
    to coat their lungs in ash
    to stave the cold away,
    take the edge off
    of their problems,
    their mom yelling at them,
    not being able to pay the mortgage.
    And people dare them
    to say “that can kill you”?
    Do they know what it’s like?
    But I don’t know what it’s like
    to have cancer at twenty-five.
    And I hope I and anyone else never has to find out.

    By Scythe42 URL on 10.18.2011

  25. there was an awkward silence as Adam finished his last gulp of champagne, eyes darting around at the other people at the table. holding in giggles, Alice looked at him with admiration, which was silly she was well aware of, they’d only been friends for 4 months, friends of mutual respect and status. Adam’s brown curly swayed back to his forehead as he said, Alice would you like to dance? Alice turned pale and instantly flushed as he came around the table and took her hand.

    the night came to an end and Alice felt so full of joy spending so much time just dancing with him the night away. One day that’ll be us she thought as she looked at the bride and groom.

    By Jillian on 10.18.2011

  26. Within a socially mutual connection, both parties are involved in whatever activities are pertaining to the individuals. Whether it be an acquaintance, sexual relationship or platonic friendship, mutuality can be beneficial for everyone.

    By Knate URL on 10.18.2011

  27. there is a mutual friendship between me and some other friend on facebook. i dont really know this person but it’s okay because it’s only facebook. i don’t really know anyone on facebook i’m really just sad and alone all of the time.

    By caitlin on 10.18.2011

  28. friends. that’s what most people say when asked how they met. mutual friends. this is the most common way to meet people that you know are sane enough to trust, or at least grab a coffee with. then with that person, you find mutual interests. Hopefully it will evolve into a blossoming mutual feeling of love.

    By pia vvelasco on 10.18.2011

  29. There are two involved whenever there is mutual. There is mutual understanding between two people, mutual consent, a between two people that refers to agreement.

    By Prof M. URL on 10.18.2011

  30. Mutual of Omaha.
    The feeling is mutual.
    He’s a mute y’all.

    By Bill G URL on 10.18.2011

  31. I don’t really know anyone on my facebook i’m really just sad and alone all of the time. i don’t know what a mutual friendship is really. I mean, you have friends and then your friends have friends and you have friends that know some of those friends and that makes you a mutual friend. breaking up is mutual sometimes except not really. that’s what you say when you’re the one being broken up with.

    By caitlinlee URL on 10.18.2011

  32. Mutual is A powerful word. It implies consent between others. We think of understanding that can be expressed via words, thoughts, gestures, and in some sort of an agreement. There is not defiance.

    By Prof M. URL on 10.18.2011

  33. “What is it you’d like me to say? That i’m sorry?” Hendrick practically sneered out the last word, an arrogant look on his face. It was a look he had perfected over the years, one that came easily and that hid anything he might actually feel.
    “Honestly, you think that’s what i came here for?” Dana’s brittish accent cut through the crisp air like a sharpened knife. “Well, you’re mistaken. I came to tell you that Damiean has asked me to accompany him tomorrow night, so you need no longer be burdened by escorting me.” She forced out a harsh laugh, hoping this sounded believable. As if Dameian would actually offer to escort her, and at that, that she would agree! Dana was rather sure that Dameian loathed her, and the feeling was quite mutual. But she wanted to show Hendrick just how little she needed him, and if lying was the only way to accomplish it, then so be it.

    By Dulcie URL on 10.18.2011

  34. Friends. Friends with benefits. Likes and dislikes. A feeling of understanding between two people. A good word. Compromise. Satisfaction. Giving in. Relationships. Feelings.

    By Haley on 10.18.2011

  35. The feeling is mutual, nothing else nothing more, I feel for you but I dont want to feel you, got it?

    By Connor Sorensen on 10.18.2011

  36. it was a mutual agreement. they had decided it was for the best and no one could convince them otherwise. they began to shovel the dirt back into the hole while the sun began to rise. when they were done they walked off feeling dirty, and not from the soil they were shifting.

    By Julie on 10.18.2011

  37. I’m glad it’s mutual.

    By Little Shark on 10.18.2011

  38. Mutually beneficial relationships are a rare thing. Seldom will you find a person who needs you as much as you need them.

    By TacheyDelBosque on 10.18.2011

  39. we had a mutual attraction, a mutual bonding, a mutual agreement that we would stay partners in a mutual way during a mutual time, together for infinity in a mutual state of mind,

    By heather URL on 10.18.2011

  40. A mutual break up never exists either the relationship itself didn’t exist or or someone got hurt.

    By melanie URL on 10.18.2011