October 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “mutual”

  1. it is a meating where you talk

    By pscougar URL on 10.18.2011

  2. helping each other ,mutalism ,friends

    By survivor URL on 10.18.2011

  3. Helping others with your projects.

    By tylerw URL on 10.18.2011

  4. I don’t have alot of friends, and those I do are always mutual friends. I never only I konw, there is always some other friend of mine konowing that person to

    By sissomad URL on 10.18.2011

  5. more than one thing. i would be mutual with my twin if i had one. having somthing similar to do

    By countrygirl12 URL on 10.18.2011

  6. More than one. Something that happens more than once.. Over and over again.

    By Bub :D URL on 10.18.2011

  7. Our mutual friend, Ralph, had the best time of his life over the three-day-weekend at the end of October. He spent most of his time carving pumpkins and drinking beer, but for Ralph, not much more would make him happier than he was.

    By Scott Howard on 10.18.2011

  8. Mutual is something similar or the right thing to do. it’s also something that can mean more than one. that’s what i think mutual is.

    By stewart~little(: URL on 10.18.2011

  9. I narrow my eyes at you and you narrow yours right back. We’re not friends and we never will be. But for right now we must be uneasy allies, we have no choice but to set aside out dislike and work as one to reach out mutual goal.
    But that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

    By Jocelyn URL on 10.18.2011

  10. There mutual together. Mutual is when you have things in common.

    By mango1209 URL on 10.18.2011

  11. is it when a little person is growing up or something about people or something

    By exploding chicken 2 URL on 10.18.2011

  12. Mutual means having something in common or like together.

    By kiwi URL on 10.18.2011

  13. It is a meeting where you talk about certain thing. You do certain things for the city.

    By im a beast URL on 10.18.2011

  14. Mutual means that someone is calm relaxed.

    By i love pandas URL on 10.18.2011

  15. i really don’t no what this mean.

    By xavier URL on 10.18.2011

  16. mutual is when someone is normaly calm

    By Short Stuff URL on 10.18.2011

  17. exchange, negociation, respect. let’s live together and love each other!


    By danae on 10.18.2011

  18. mutual is a baby a lion a tiger R.A.W.R mutual is an amazing word through time and space. when a small baby throws up it is mutual when a big person like us throws up its extreme

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 10.18.2011

  19. this word sound really cool i dont kno wat it means¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XD HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By picklebounce1 URL on 10.18.2011

  20. friend

    By aa on 10.18.2011

  21. Mutual friends? none. Cute? Very. I couldn’t help myself. Ofcourse I wanted to be friends with a really hot guy on facebook. Next thing you know we follow each other on twitter, we skype, email, and text. Than he asked me where I lived. I didn’t know any better. The next day I was murdered… this is the story of what really went down.

    By Maddy URL on 10.18.2011

  22. It was a mutual agreement. He would promise to leave her alone if he ensures his right to see his son anytime he wants. She felt it was his right to see his son. But that was the only common ground they had.
    Lately they couldn’t agree on anything. She wouldn’t see his point of view and he wouldn’t see hers.

    By Sarah URL on 10.18.2011

  23. Mutual friends. People who know each other but not on a personal level. Between and aquantence and personal friends. An agreement between two people that meets both people’s wants.

    By Julia on 10.18.2011

  24. It was “mutual”, they all said. Neither one’s fault. No one stepped up and said they had ended it. Because it was “mutual”, whatever that meant to them. That is not what we knew to be true.

    By AvaJ URL on 10.18.2011

  25. A mutual relationship is almost like you have no idea who the person is except for, probably, there first name. You don’t know who or what that person has faced/ been through.

    By Chaser on 10.18.2011

  26. Die Mutanten waren am Anfang nicht zu erkennen. Hier ein Finger zu viel, dort eine ganz leicht zu tiefe Stimme, da zwei Augen mit unterschiedlicher Färbung, dort eine etwas andere Art der Wahrnehmung. Lange Zeit merkte niemand etwas. Bis es plötzlich unübersehbar war. Auf einmal glaubte jeder und jede, selbst ein Mutant zu sein.

    By Eli URL on 10.18.2011

  27. A mutual friend or a relationship is when one (or both) of you have no intentions of being long term friends. You might have seen each other once or twice, and you are more then just an aquatance but not a friend. I <3 you Ellie please go out with me

    By Chaser URL on 10.18.2011

  28. It was a relationship based on mutual trust and mutual need — he had the bike, she had the three dollars, he had the gravitas of being 11 years old (and she was merely 9), she had the three whole dollars, they both needed candy, and needed it bad, so he went to the store while she waited at the house.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.18.2011

  29. mutual is a good word, i think. it’s important for things to be…mutual? ha, as if that makes sense. mutual agreement, mutual affection — it’s important for people to feel the same thing sometimes.

    By Emily URL on 10.18.2011

  30. I wonder if how some musicians come to a mutual understanding of how music is supposed to go. I also wonder how they get to that mutual understanding. What if there is a conflict between how a piece should sound? Is there a coin toss? Do they create two versions?

    By ColoradoJedi URL on 10.18.2011

  31. two people getting along. working together. coming to a consensus. a joint agreement where both parties involved agree. a mutual break up. when two sides agree on the same answer.

    By Agatha on 10.18.2011

  32. We had several mutual friends. Therefore, it was probably unthinkable that we would have never met. When people ask how in the world we met, I just know it was not coincidence.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 10.18.2011

  33. sometimes i wonder if this is possible. truly possible. what an amazing thing, if it is so. sometimes it seems a confusing thing. especially when its something that makes all the sense in the world, or that should. but that doesnt really make any sense, does it.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 10.18.2011

  34. Double-edged sword, especially if it’s variable.

    By Francesca URL on 10.18.2011

  35. mutual is having something in common for example on Facebook you see mutual friends that means the friends you have in common

    By rym on 10.18.2011

  36. Friends, friends, friends. What would we do without them? Who would we be without them? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. Who are our real friends and who are our so called, ‘frenemies’?

    What constitutes friendship? A good friendship.

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 10.18.2011

  37. we had a mutual agreement. just physical, keep your distance. we don’t want to end up in that sticky situation involving feelings and emotions. but, oops. here we are. and just so you know, i love you too. mutual.

    By Nicolina on 10.18.2011

  38. Mutual understanding is important in life. It helps bring balance and equality in life to evryone around you, including yourself. BEing mutual to a topic can be beneficial because you have no bearing on the outcome and you are able to watch the situation unfold.

    By Jamie on 10.18.2011

  39. Mutual. Mutual…. mutual, mutual, mutual, mutual; yep: it has lost all meaning now.

    By strotherahill URL on 10.18.2011

  40. what is united but under the guise of duplicity.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 10.18.2011