January 23rd, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “musical”

  1. The show was billed as a entertainment fiesta for the whole family. However we were surprised to learn that the musical part of the show had to be canceled because of unforeseen circumstances.

    By victor URL on 01.24.2013

  2. Musical to my ears are your sweet words, even your lies are lyrical. Your laugh, your excitement, your every emotion

    By JD on 01.24.2013

  3. I’m listening to music right now. Ratatat. How strange, odd, and not very understandable would be a musical on top of ratatat’s songs. But anyway, musical inspire song, love, dance, all that comes when the curtains close, but on stage, all things seem more real, more sincere. Beautiful.

    By Jan2510 on 01.24.2013

  4. I am very musical. I love to listen to music – although I can’t play a musical instrument, I can dance, I can sing and I can follow a beat. I listen to all kinds of music which makes me happy. I start my day off with music and I am very happy – it puts me in a good mood everyday.

    By Linda on 01.24.2013

  5. I am not a musical person, by that I mean I do not know how to play any musical. I have tried my hand on the guitar but I am stuck in the beginner’s level. I do listen to music and I can carry a moderate tune but that is the most musical that I can get, so far.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 01.24.2013

  6. Musical to my ears are your sweet words, even your lies are lyrical.
    Your laugh, your excitement, your every emotion
    Expressed is like a song
    Your voice, even your silence

    By MojoJojo URL on 01.24.2013

  7. Musical instruments are to be meant to do what they do freely and with great precision but with mental acuity beyond logic. Give a boy an instrument and a reason to play.

    By jessroush URL on 01.24.2013

  8. Hi baby!
    I thought I’d go ahead and start this thing.
    Last night while Phil and I were driving back from Gibraltar, we did a lot of radio hopping, to try to find a good station with good music. Music always brings up memories for me. As you know, Foreigner now has a new and special meaning for me. Well, last night, Foreigner’s “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you” came on and I could almost feel my heart trying to burst out of my chest.

    By Aaron on 01.24.2013

  9. my cat, slinkin, make a sound when i hold him. he whines and trills. i think he must be sharing the song of love. it soothes me. he soothes me. my friend.

    By Rachél ~ Creativity Tribe URL on 01.24.2013

  10. musical. Will the first thing that comes to my mind are musical movies genre. Eg The Phantom of the Opera, Tim Burton movies and … the demon barberer starring Johnny Depp. What is it ? Its where the story will have no or few dilaogues but will have it in the form of music. But I have wondered how those who are bad at singing are able to do this. May be they have found out their talents for that big fat cheque from producer. Also it has been found that this genre, musical do catch lots of awards such as Oscars and Golden globes. So their artistic nature is guaranteed

    By Manu on 01.24.2013

  11. When I hear about a musical it reminds me of chorus class in high school. The boys with high voices and the girls that always used harmony.

    By teresa on 01.24.2013

  12. ‘You know, nothing’s changed lovely,’ she says in the afterglow. ‘I’m still that person. That one thing everybody tells you to hate. Break glass on your arms, twist your arteries, turn around and walk out that door. I’m not your sweet melody.’

    ‘I never asked you to be.’

    By genahtastic URL on 01.24.2013

  13. As I strummed the guitar’s strings, I leaned my head back against the tree, just listening. The musical rythms filling the air brought me to another world. A better world… A world of beauty, of melody. I fell in love with the music.

    By Sofia URL on 01.24.2013

  14. I love musicals. They’re so much fun to be in and to watch. Usually I like musicals with upbeat music, but sometimes emotional music can be just as good. Phantom of the Opera for example is incredible, maybe even more so than my favorite musical, Wicked. Sometimes I dream about being in musicals, but I’m probably not talented enough. You have to be amazing to make it on Broadway or somewhere important. The industry is really difficult to get into just because of how many people want to be in it.

    By Natalie Waterhouse on 01.24.2013

  15. I laid under the stars, strumming my guitar and breathing in the musical air. When I closed my eyes, it was as though I was in another world… A beautiful world of melody… If only it was my reality.

    By Sofia URL on 01.24.2013

  16. I laid on the picnic blanket while he sung me that song. He was strumming his fingers along the strings of his guitar, singing me to another world…a beautiful world

    By Sofia URL on 01.24.2013

  17. musical, something musical moves you, and makes you feel like dancing. different rythms and sounds have an emotion a story. the sound of violins crying, angry drums pounding, and sacsaphones laughing, it gives me comfort when i feel alone.

    By Miriam Abramik on 01.24.2013

  18. I watched the first great love of my life as he strutted about onstage in a high school performance of the Music Man. I should have known he was trouble then – learning too late that actors are narcissistic, insecure, and basically full of shit. But I loved him anyway.

    By Ara URL on 01.24.2013

  19. Tell you the truth. I don’t give much of a damn about the things you put in your ears these days. It’s like doing that makes you an automatic winner, a mistro or whatever other fancy name you want to put on it. Personally, I think we’ve lost the meaning of it all.

    By Gabrielle URL on 01.24.2013

  20. Yesterday I watched a musical film. After watching the film, I realized that our life is also a musical which has its high and low notes. What we need to do is enjoy it..

    By vivek on 01.24.2013

  21. I remember the time we went to the muscial and came home singing its beautiful songs. We didn’t stop singning for days after that. We sang so loud for so long that we became the lyrics themselves and we carried ourselves through the vibrations of the breeze, from person to person. Us, the beautiful, wonderful tunes.

    By Aleah on 01.24.2013

  22. i loved to watch them when i was younger. my mom would take us to the theatre and the first one i remember was about the slave trade called amandla… very frightening. music comes alive. i love how the bass resonates under my feet right through to my heart.

    By rutendo on 01.24.2013

  23. Voices – roll through our heads throughout our lives. The lilt, tone, bass and volume tell us more about what’s being said than the actual words.
    Did you ever listen to a monotonous speech? Interest in the topic wanes quickly. To some, listening to a dialogue with different tones is musical. It keeps them engaged in the conversation.

    By EHM you on 01.24.2013

  24. i wish i were musical, and artistic, and talented, but in the fourth grade i refused to learn music and i just memorized every song that i played on my glockenspiel. then i quit music, and now i only sing for me.

    By Julia URL on 01.24.2013

  25. i love music. many singers ilove. geetha madhuri. etc i wish to be a good musician. i love music to that extent i feel naming everything i like as musical.with this word my sisters come first to my mind

    By sisa on 01.24.2013

  26. One day I was late for musical rehearsal. I couldn’t find my costume! I arrived at the theatre, and realized that it was a real performance. I scrambled to find my costume, but it was nowhere to be found.

    By Bowman on 01.24.2013

  27. Musicals….

    By Bowman on 01.24.2013

  28. music is the nourishment of the soul, it’s the written, sung, heard form of our thoughts. everyone claims to be under the spell of its beauty, but what it really is is a tyrannical hold of our hearts, a test of our emotional strength. For only those who are truly strong can feel and withstand their core at the same time.

    By elizabeth on 01.24.2013

  29. I love the way the wind sounds when it blows through the trees. I love the way my steps sound, pounding on the sidewalk. I love the way all of nature is like a song, playing and playing, never ending, until forever. Guitars and drums and flutes and violins are composing a medley of beauty and nature as I walk through the forest, a never ending song of dreams.

    By Shev on 01.24.2013

  30. To be musical is not to be able to play a richete of notes on the violin or to dance your fingers over the ivory keys of a piano. It’s to feel music, to understand music, to know music. To be musical is to be passionate about music. To love music…

    By Katarhyne Clemenzkova URL on 01.24.2013

  31. lucifer crescendoed
    past the ranks of her sisters
    and dared to dream
    a chorus sung only for her

    and so plummeted
    the tails of their wings rushing
    past. now alone in
    darkness, she reeks, of light


    By h. b. URL on 01.24.2013

  32. the wind was so loud, the trees clacked their branches together and the birds tweeted away in the branches. Acorns dropped from the trees and the click click click on the ground was so musical!

    By Valerie Robinson URL on 01.24.2013

  33. canciones, expresión, sentimientos, volar, imaginar, pasión.

    By wachingorix on 01.24.2013

  34. My whole life is about music! I sing all the time and i love listening to misic! Being musical is one of my favorite quatlatys about myself but im no selfcentered so do get the wrong impression of me please! Music for me is like a get away ! a way to express myself and get away from my prolems.

    By Randi DeShone URL on 01.24.2013

  35. Being musically talentent in a true way is something your born with. It is something you are gifted to have. You have the ability to make people happy through music, which is something to many people do not apriciate.

    By Rori McGuire URL on 01.24.2013

  36. High school musical is a terrible movie. It’s so fake and just bothers me. The movie makes everything in high school seem so cliquey. All the people in the movie just seem so artificial.

    By Nicole Schroeder URL on 01.24.2013

  37. You know, i’m a growing fan of musicals. Extending my thanks to “Turnabout Musical” for this new interest, as of late I’ve grown to like musicals. Now if only I could understand some of the conversations I have with my friend who truly adores them, then perhaps this subtle interest could blossom at last, and truly grasp my attention.

    By Hibaki "Hibby" Coon URL on 01.24.2013

  38. Musical is not a skill, it’s a feeling. When you can sense the vibrations of tones and recognize when they match and strengthen each other, that is what can make one truly musical. Music isn’t always about the individual, but more often about realizing how to function in a group as part of a living, breathing, musical organism.

    By Greg Bush URL on 01.24.2013

  39. It reminds me of the movie August Rush, how the young boy persued his dream and played his heart out to find his lost parents. High school musical, Zac Efron my boyfriend NOT

    By jordan URL on 01.24.2013

  40. The musical instrements are playing above

    By hfdjka URL on 01.24.2013