January 23rd, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “musical”

  1. I think of my brother when the word musical comes to mind. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who really truly embodied this word as much as him. He dove right into every beat, every instrument he played. He was musical, that is for sure.

    By Katelynn on 01.23.2013

  2. Musical. Music is thoughtful. It is expression. It is beautiful. Music is everywhere. It is the birds singing to you when you wake up. It is the rhythm of your footsteps as you walk to work. It is the cars honking, and the people interacting.

    By Emily Christensen URL on 01.23.2013

  3. music makes the world go around. when it hits you you feel no pain. I don’t know where I would be without my favorite bands, probably in some dark scary place with no friends or cares. Music is my reason to get up in the morning and what puts me to bed at night. It’s one thing that I think every person can relate to, even through language barriers.

    By Crystal Tighe on 01.23.2013

  4. i like music. it’s fun. it helps me calm down when i’m sad. i have listened to music since i escaped my moms stomach. yea. music. im a musical person. i sing in a choir, i play piano. yeah. music. im musical. laaaaaaaaa!!

    By anony on 01.23.2013

  5. I can hear the waves crashing around me, the harmony of the ocean deep and the treble of the high, soaring crests. The seagulls and other water fowl add their own simple tunes to the cascading symphony that this world is lucky to know. The whales hum their songs and the Fishermen whistle their tunes. Everything, always, in perfect balance with the world. For this is life. The moment we take to listen for just a second, we hear what everyone always searches for. Peace.

    By Sam Hunter on 01.23.2013

  6. havent a fiber in my body—that in unless you consider the constant and melodic thumping beat of my heart—or the snare crackle my knees make when rising or the snap of my fingers when demanding your attenti or the pop in my hip when i switch—thats about as musical as i get.

    By Safon URL on 01.23.2013

  7. Musicaaaaaaaals! In the wise words of NPH “they’re not just for gays anymore” yet I’m not sure who’s wise to that. I love musicals. I don’t think I’ll ever be cast in one again but musicals kindled my love for music and singing. People are always looking for songs that will move them and have power and real emotion yet people seem to “write off” musical theatre. I find that ironic.

    By Park URL on 01.23.2013

  8. I love a good musical. I think that going to a musical can really lift your spirits. Its amazing all of the feeling and emotions that can be displayed when going to a musical and I think that they are one of the best forms of entertainment there is.

    By af URL on 01.23.2013

  9. The car became an instrument, an orchestra all its own and every rev and gentle turn let her conduct it along the curves and beyond the bridges that led back to civilization.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.23.2013

  10. music is the soul of the heart, its what we want to hear when we fall asleep. our steps are musical when we are jubilant and silent when there is no reason to dance. a musical person has a glimmer in their eye while a flat tone has no reason to live. musical is how we survive.

    By Shelby Marie URL on 01.23.2013

  11. Muse-ical ice-icals
    Simple string sympha-ho ho hos
    And a timpani trill-a-lo on the ice ice slats of the ice-icals
    Muse-ical fuse-ion-icle

    By June on 01.23.2013

  12. the sparkle in your eye, the hop in your step. the individual that has reason to live, a deaf tone person has no reason to dance or to sing. tone deaf people have yet to find their higher purpose, but your sound is my own personal musical. i could watch you dance all day and listen to you all night.

    By SadGirl URL on 01.23.2013

  13. Katy Crenshaw is trying out for the musical this year. Dave watched her go to the activities board and put her name on the list. This is my one chance to share an activity with her, maybe we’ll both get the leads. Maybe we’ll make out! Where can I get voice lessons in the next 24 hours?

    By Brad Grusnick URL on 01.23.2013

  14. A play at a theater people standing in tights. he feels quite uncomfortable sitting there as he has always considered himself a manly man. But he does these things to please her. As she has done so much for him.

    By Joel on 01.23.2013

  15. La musique et la musicalité… celle d’une voix humaines et celle de tout se qui est ”bruitage”. Celle de la musique qui me détruis les oreille et me donne a petit feu des acouphène. Que voulez-vous c’est la vie quand on aime ”Tool”…. S’il y a bien un sens que je ne voudrais pas perdre…. j’aurais 2 ouï pour une vue dans une autre vie… aveugle pour la musique….

    By Sif URL on 01.23.2013

  16. If life was a musical, we’d all self combust.

    By JaneDoe URL on 01.23.2013

  17. I love music, yet I cannot describe myself as musically inclined. Don’t know how to sing, except when I’m in the shower or driving alone in my car.

    By Chuks URL on 01.23.2013

  18. inside my head was musical
    but not a cheesy, break out into song and dance musical
    maybe i’m so vain i never tire of my voice
    or maybe i would rather hear a song
    instead of the noise.
    because when there is music,
    a refined, primal sense comes out within me
    and the simplest melody is all that matters

    By kapanga URL on 01.23.2013

  19. free your mind
    sweet music
    the wind beneath my wings
    brings me at ease
    express your heart
    is life

    By Ernie Samuel on 01.23.2013

  20. In light of recent events, Jane took to the deserted streets and surveyed what was left of the chaos. A layer of mist filled the pathways, making it difficult for her to see the street names on each block. Never much of a musical person, she was surprised when she found herself humming a song she was unfamiliar with. It must have been a tune she heard one of the victims singing, before their untimely demise. It was a melody so sad, and so melancholic, that she was crying even before she realized it was happening. A song forever stained with the memory of a person whose name she cannot even recall.

    By Tricia URL on 01.23.2013

  21. Musical is the sound of nature. It has a rhythm of its own which we tend to miss in our daily busy schedule.

    By Ranja Chaudhuri on 01.23.2013

  22. music refreshes life more than anything. May it be classical, rock or rap. when you are depressed music seem like a friend.

    By achyut on 01.23.2013

  23. They always said she was musical. She spoke in lyrics and walked in time to a song only she could hear. And it was beautiful.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 01.23.2013

  24. Oh what a joy it is. He said it without an exclamation point, and for good reason. Yeah, he enjoyed expressing himself, but what’s the point when you do it everyday. Ever since the ice-cream truck jingle stopped working, the company had forced him to sing it in the truck. Day in and day out, it has gotten old.

    By Jesse URL on 01.23.2013

  25. The way he moves is musical. It is precision and grace, every step a perfect note, every breath keeping time. Each strike is percussion and the moans of the dying are his backing choir. How could I help but love him when he makes such sweet music?
    I clench my fingers around the hilt of my sword.
    I want an encore.

    By scribblingface URL on 01.23.2013

  26. The way she wrung her hands,
    Then the tears,
    Pit pat, pit pat,
    Raindrops on the tin roof
    Coursing down the lines of her face,
    Notes on the page
    Of her own sorrowful song,
    Pit pat, pit, pat,
    Writing it onto the walls,
    The puddles on the floors.

    By Ali URL on 01.23.2013

  27. She sang and danced, the sand digging its way into her toes. She stamped her feet to the beat of the drum, spinning wildly like a force of nature; a hurricane. The fire lit up her long hair as it swayed back and forth, teasingly touching its tips to the fire, but never burning. The music felt like it was coming from inside of her, dragging itself out of her chest. She swayed and pounced, emitting cries like some wild beast, howling to the night.

    By KT URL on 01.23.2013

  28. The crimson on the awning made her delirious. It was it if a thousand sunbeams bursted through her skull, musical, perfect, thrilling.

    By Joey on 01.24.2013

  29. I love how water can be so musical. People take that for granted. Whether it’s the percussion of a waterfall pounding on the rocks, or the symphony of raindrops in a forest, water has a lot of potential. I often find when I’m doing the dishes, the sound of the faucet is therapeutic.

    By Sophia on 01.24.2013

  30. The best part of a day is the music in it, the trains going by outside, leaf blowers, children playing, wind whistling, commercials on television, my puppy barking and playing, my granddaughters laughing while they play-music comes in many forms and many styles =)

    By LLFisher on 01.24.2013

  31. His love of musicals gave it away. He was so careful to masculinize his wardrobe, his way of speaking… But within the first bar of “Hello Dolly,” he was belting it out along with Carol Channing like a star.

    By nedra URL on 01.24.2013

  32. Musical is a talent of the most elated nature. How blissful the musical man must be. How much love he brings forth to the world. To sing of the glory only compounds its usefulness.

    By V. G. Baldwin on 01.24.2013

  33. The last thing that i know is that this is not some very nice thing but i really drop this is it over now?

    By Thilo Führmann on 01.24.2013

  34. His voice is musical, tingling in the air and into everyone’s ears pleasantly. He has captured everyone’s attention, even some’s hearts, and he knows this. He knows the effect he has on people. He knows what his voice does, what it makes others feel. He knows, and he uses it to his advantage, relishing in their attention and admiration, raking in their compliments and feeding his needy soul its daily meal.

    By Loren URL on 01.24.2013

  35. Where whistling is thought musical, that place is to be avoided. Static I can listen through, to the soul of the music. But whistling, it stirs the hairs on the back of my neck, it forebodes as though someone is walking up behind me with nair-do-well intention. It is the music of the lout, the pretender, the rascal.

    By Meredyth URL on 01.24.2013

  36. There is something beautiful
    about the way your voice carries
    through the hollow hallways
    and the empty theaters.

    Something like waking from
    the most pleasant dream
    and finding myself
    echoing those words in my head.

    By Casey URL on 01.24.2013

  37. I like musicals, I haven’t seen many but I like Andrew Lloyd Webber. Cats. Phantom. I like the music from musicals. And Disney. Who doesn’t like Disney?!

    By XC on 01.24.2013

  38. my life is a musical symphony. Every day had their own melody and create a standing ovation at the end of the day. But i guess, that is everybody life

    By jojo URL on 01.24.2013

  39. this is the most overrated music form of the last 60 years. It was nice when it stated, but now the most stupid stories become even more stupid, because actors who cannot sing and singers who cannot act are thrown on stage to “amuse” us. Well, not for me!

    By Mary bradford on 01.24.2013

  40. oh how i love musicals,especially when he is sitting right there next to me,the both of us singing loudly along not caring if we hit the notes or not,not caring if the lyrics are correct or not,because we really treasue those moments when we can sing out loud as sign of our endless love for each other!

    By shee on 01.24.2013