January 23rd, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “musical”

  1. There was something enchanting about him. I know reality, but for him, life was just another musical. Everything could be solved through music and dance.
    I wish I believed in that. I wish I had his mentality.

    By Leli URL on 01.23.2013

  2. I take pride in the fact that I’m so musical! I’ve played cello for about 7 years now, and I can also have fun on the piano and the guitar, and I guess I don’t sing too badly either? I just started taking singing lessons like 2 weeks ago! Anyways, music really does mean the world to me, be it classical, pop, or hipster, and I don’t know how I’d live without it. My dream job would become with music in some way or another.

    By Jason URL on 01.23.2013

  3. Something that is insporational and beautiful. No one can hate music, it’s part of life. Music is always there when no one else is and is the best thing around. And when music hits you, you feel no pain.

    By Aly Mendonca on 01.23.2013

  4. Dark velvet drapes, they are the egg of this whole thing. Of every glittery outfit, every chord, every long note held in our mouths like a precious boiled sweet, easily cracked. They hold us in, protect us from what is waiting for us.

    By F on 01.23.2013

  5. My Uncle Joe had the longest fingers. According to my grandmother he was a child prodigy when it came to the guitar. I was always skeptical of her claim until I heard a recording of an 8 year old Joe singing an old folk song “Come on Blue!” that was about a dog. I would like to think that my Uncle lives in my fingers, that I can keep him alive by signing and carrying on our family’s legacy of the guitar.

    By morethanaflower URL on 01.23.2013

  6. Song, sound, summer, shiny, sweet, soft. Everything comes flowing, it is a sort of sunny surrender…

    By María URL on 01.23.2013

  7. It rang in her ears. The sweet sounds of birds chirping through the air. She inhaled the cool air, and closed her eyes. Just for a moment she could feel freedom. Just for a moment, she herself was as free as the wind.

    By cassidy Mcclurkan on 01.23.2013

  8. The best musical I’ve ever seen was the PTHS rendition of The Music Man by the class of 2004. It might not have been the greatest singing, or the most original adaptation, but it was a unique experience seeing my friends, most of whom I would have never believed would have been able to sing worth a damn, belting out “Ya Got Trouble” as if they were destined for Broadway.

    By Chris Clow URL on 01.23.2013

  9. Music and melody
    Swirling and climbing
    Up and down
    Winding through the atmosphere
    Free yet structured
    Keeping us together

    By rael17 URL on 01.23.2013

  10. Everything turned musical to him…The wind, the waves, the snizzes, the crys. He did not wonder where did that music came from. He actually knew it came from nature, from people, from animals, from emotions…

    By Marta URL on 01.23.2013

  11. I am the non musical one in the family. I can’t sing, dance, or play an instrutment but I can write the songs.

    By teeda URL on 01.23.2013

  12. I remember the first time I got up on stage and performed. There were plenty of other actors and actresses, but I was one of the youngest. I was part of the ensemble, but apparently I was good enough to be moved to two small roles. I sang my heart out during every song and put my all into every line. It’s been a while since I was in a show, but none will ever compare to “Guys and Dolls.”

    By Olivia URL on 01.23.2013

  13. Music flows from the room, a steady stream of notes that causes emotions to burst within me. Walls break, shields are thrown aside. I cry as the cheesy feeling of sentiment washes over me. I see my mum in my eyes, smiling up at me, playing this exact song on the piano. Tentatively, I push open the door, not entirely sure if I’m ready to see who the player is.

    By Nicola URL on 01.23.2013

  14. Music is Magic. My friend Shannon runs through the halls singing at school every day. I love music more than life itself.

    By Espi on 01.23.2013

  15. I’m tired of everything that is musical, I need something new. Every note is tied with memories, and I’m ready to be a different person… cutting these ties and moving on.

    By Shelby on 01.23.2013

  16. I had never been a musical child. It just didn’t work: my mother had tried to get me interested, sending me to piano and guitar lessons, but I never had that skill. But now, it just clicked.

    By Maddy URL on 01.23.2013

  17. the musical way of living is just amazing
    the dance the sound and the life
    through all these things we find a meaning of being who we are
    through the bad and good there are always some kind of song
    some kind of beat that helps us through
    music is who we are

    By Tiffany URL on 01.23.2013

  18. people dancing around singing

    By lonnie strauser on 01.23.2013

  19. The musical instrument sat at my side. I can’t play a guitar! Why did I sign up for this talent show?! Better yet, why did Bobby sign me up? Of course why does Bobby do anything. I guess if he didn’t do these things he wouldn’t be Bobby.

    By Allie Vaccaro on 01.23.2013

  20. It’s a lyrical type of thing that everyone likes to sing. But not everyone likes to sing all those types. Sometimes, all those types aren’t even considered musical let alone lyrical to half of all the other people. That’s art for you. I suppose.

    By Gabrielle URL on 01.23.2013

  21. what a perfect choice for a word today, musical, considering the fact that i’m listening to one of my favorite songs, and i thought to myself as i started this exercise, “I hope I’ll be able to take advantage of this song and let it inspire me to write something for this upcoming word”. and here I am, and here I go.

    By alison URL on 01.23.2013

  22. There was a musical tinge to the hollow sound, a sad melody that wove itself into the hearts of many. As I looked around, some women were weeping, even some men.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 01.23.2013

  23. Life is a musical thing, whimsical and dainty, dark and foreboding, light and fanciful, heavy and menacing, pulsing and pushing, dragging and lamenting, taking us out for a spin every day, every night.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 01.23.2013

  24. To be musical, I feel sometimes it can be such a chore. Limited by my lack of natural talent, absence of creativity and hindered by my frustration and impatience. I wish I could play like he could…to have fingers that moved magically across strings. I would love to sing with him, complement him.

    By Wendy P URL on 01.23.2013

  25. being musical is the greatest gift i ever had. i can’t believe i let my fears and my parents and my teenage stupidity stand it the way of my musical dream. i regret it every time i think of it. and now i have none of it left. two years later i forget everything musical. sad.

    By Keri McCaffrey on 01.23.2013

  26. Ser musical não é mais que um ser dado à música e ao cal. Ambas adjacentes a profissões distintas, por isso uma associação invulgar. O cal previne a propagação do som, o que pode dificultar a audição do fenómeno musical. Por isso, algo musical é também paradoxal, tal como a música também o é…

    By Jorge Araújo on 01.23.2013

  27. as i drifted in and out of sleep, his voice continued its soft recitation of pretty words, rubbing his thumb on my cheek and keeping his eyes on me. it was musical, that voice. i could listen to it and listen to it and listen to it until he had no sound left within him. it was deep and soft and held a steady rhythm, as if he were reading from a piece of sheet music. at this point, the nightmare was nothing but a blur in my mind.

    By margo URL on 01.23.2013

  28. Beauty and the Beast.
    Auditions next week!
    Throngs of hopeful students wait anxiously outside of the auditorium for their names to be called in.

    By Zoe on 01.23.2013

  29. Tick tock.
    The sound of the marimba playing softly in the background was magical. Not because it was musical, but because of who was playing it, and because he was exposing his natural love for art to me.

    By Bea on 01.23.2013

  30. I have been musical since I was a kid. My next door neighbor sold us a brand new piano for only $500, which was very kind of him. I grew up playing the upright, and it still sits in our livingroom. I never would have had this much knowledge about music if it were not for him.

    By Maaaaaaaaaaatt URL on 01.23.2013

  31. the best musical is the one you’ve written and choreographed;
    i’ll never forget the songs
    and the steps are natural for us.
    with art like this,
    how can i deny the awe-struck applause scattered throughout the performance?
    sing to me as i melt into your lyrics and i’ll return the wonder.
    and as we dance to our own heartbeats
    we’ll feel how they coincide miraculously.
    while the curtains close
    we’ll continue the show for ourselves,
    indulging in our own world
    and ignoring the roaring crowd below.

    By Courtney on 01.23.2013

  32. play. plays. singing. dancing. happiness ensues when i arrive at a musical. my ears begin to smile. i remember once seeing a play and sitting so close you could see the saliva coming out of the singers mouth.

    By n on 01.23.2013

  33. As the musical notes of the bird’s song reached hear ears, she looked around her. beautiful huge blue sky, green lush grass…. she sighed. then she pulled the trigger.

    By OnaFish on 01.23.2013

  34. I heard it down the hallway, a slow pouding rhythm, picking up speed as I approached. Then the voices. Thin, winding, not confiednt at first but soon stronger louder picking up speed to keep up with the beat a race a race to the finish. I entered the threatre, hardly daring to believe

    By Kari on 01.23.2013

  35. As the musical notes of the bird’s song reached her ears, she looked around her. The sky was huge and blue above her, the grass was the light brownish green grass of autumn, she sighed. then she pulled the trigger.

    By OnaFish URL on 01.23.2013

  36. Life is musical. Everything is set to a beat, a rhythm. When we are not well, the music is either to loud and overwhelming, or quiet making us feel alone. We need music, it is what keeps us moving.

    By Liz on 01.23.2013

  37. Musicals were never his favorite kind of movies, but for me he watched them almost every weekend. Most people would be a little surprised if

    By Sydney URL on 01.23.2013

  38. I love to be musical. Each note is a new part of my life, flowing off my back like a river of such beauty I can barely describe it. I hate to sound stereotypical, but it’s true. Music is magic. Life is magic. Each moment is magical. It’s amazing to think of it that way, but that’s the way it is. It really is.

    By Josie on 01.23.2013

  39. i use music to escape
    to escape the disaster of my life
    i hide myself in the lyrics
    and blanket myself with the melody
    letting the notes wash over me
    cleanse me
    and take me into a new world

    away from this chaos

    By zzz on 01.23.2013

  40. He was going to write a musical about a magical goat who became friends with a unicorn. Only the unicorn was the head of a Unicorn Mafia, hellbent on getting the McDragons to pay their dues. The McDragons owned a little pub in Little Ireland in an unnamed city, and there the ale would be spicy hot – you know, because they were dragons.

    I listened to him make his pitch and could only nod.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.23.2013