May 18th, 2011 | 555 Entries

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555 Entries for “mole”

  1. on the face, in the organization, vole shoal, hole, whole, dole, bowl, knoll, toll, pole, cute and fuzzy shit, not a vole, saw one at my pool hole, if you kill it you’ll get coal.

    By chris crowley on 05.18.2011

  2. mole on my toe
    people gasp and say oh no!
    silly friend, its just a mole
    deep down, its just a hole
    in the skin of my sole

    By paige URL on 05.18.2011

  3. Mole… thats just awkward. Why would someone wanna write about a mole?? Its something thats develops on your skin from a lot of sun exposure. It can also turn into skin cancer… wow…

    By @LiXx URL on 05.18.2011

  4. This year in chemistry we learned about moles. It was an annoying unit, just like the little, scrawny animal.

    By Arielle URL on 05.18.2011

  5. There was a mole on the ladies neck that was sitting next to us at dinner. when I noticed it I made my date turn to look at it. He started to laugh which cause him to gag on his chicken. I reached over and had to give him the himleck manuever.

    By Jennfer McMurray on 05.18.2011

  6. There was a mole on the mans face. It was a giant mole; one he probably got made fun of a lot for in school. I wonder what he thought of his mole. Was it hairy? We never really found out, because we couldn’t get close enought to see. I’d imagine the mans name was Berny, and I’d imagine that his mole was named Tyler. They were probably really good friends, too.

    By Allie on 05.18.2011

  7. the mole on the side of her face was not unattractive yet not attractive either… It was just a beauty mark that showed her imperfections, men liked it because it reminded them of a foreign woman with lots of secrets in her past and it lingered there like the secrets.

    By Andrea URL on 05.18.2011

  8. I looked in the mirror;
    An ugly, brown dot stares back at me-
    Mocks me, as if it were to make any difference in my already blackened mood.
    “You can’t get rid of me” It seems to whisper-
    But why do you taunt me so?
    I get enough of that in school.

    By Zoe on 05.18.2011

  9. there was a mole in the agency, everyone knew it. everyone knew and yet people were still dying. when someone is out there selling secrets to other countries and giving up identities of CIA agents no one is safe, no one can protect us now.

    By Andrea URL on 05.18.2011

  10. a black, hairy ugly spot in the middle of a face yucky and disgusting sad and lonely i didn’t know how to take it i just saw it staring at me a birth mark since I was young could it be cancerous a hair grew out and i tried to pluck it but it hurt and bled i am afraid of it and what it could lead to

    By Stephanie on 05.18.2011

  11. the mole looked up out of the hole and sniffed around. smething was different. the rainswere gone and the sun was shining. but that wasn’t it. someone had moved in next door, “great”! that’s just what I need .neighbors!” mole went back downinto his home and started pacing the floor what to do, what to do..
    Next door skunk was just finishing up her unpacking. it sure felt good to finally have a home!

    By Beth on 05.18.2011

  12. What in the name of hell and beyond is a mole again?
    Wait, it’s a kind of spy, right?
    I hate those, except the ones working for me.
    They are quite ok guys.

    By Techketzer on 05.18.2011

  13. Ewwww…no offense to anyone haha. But every time I see this word I get grossed out because there’s this girl I know who has a huge mole on her face and everybody makes fun of her, which yeah I know is mean. But I just can’t help it, that’s what I think about, at least when I see this word.

    By Zoe on 05.18.2011

  14. i have lots of moles on my body. even some on my face, their just freckles now but they will turn into moles one day. Just like my dad, we have a lot in common. He looks exactly like me, but Im a much cuter version of him. we like the same kinds of music, the same tv showls.

    By MaMaKiNa on 05.18.2011

  15. There was a mole who had a hole in the ocean, he was very good at keeping his hole very tidy for guests. His best friend was George, the squid who liked to play chess in the hole with the mole. The mole has no other name, he is just the mole. The mole is beautiful.

    By Martin O'Neill on 05.18.2011

  16. an animal that is ugly and digs down deep. its also sometimes a beauty mark that people have on their faces. people used to draw dots on their faces so that they could have them because they thought it looked good. I have a lot on my face. The animal mole is also blind and a character in wind in the willows. it’s not really cuddly but it could be considered cute i guess.

    By chloe on 05.18.2011

  17. There was a girl in my sixth and seventh grade class who had a large mole on her upper lip. She got it removed though. I was a little sad when it was gone because it was something I identified her with and I actually sort of though it was cute.

    By Samie URL on 05.18.2011

  18. They are big,dark brown protrusions on your skin. The dermatologists have to take them off alot if they think they are cancerous. They leave annoying scars on your skin where they once were.

    By Syd URL on 05.18.2011

  19. a mole is a type of animal but it is also a cyst type thing that forms on the skin. it can sometimes turn cancerous if overexposed to sunlight! not good! a mole can also be a person that is sneeky and finds info by spying and such stuff.

    By Emma Jack on 05.18.2011

  20. He wrote on the board that a mole was 6.02×10 to the 23rd power. I didn’t care. I never did. Wasn’t that why I had taken a seat in the back of the room? No, it had been to sit behind him. And how had my priorities changed throughout the year that I stopped watching the boy directly in front of me, and started paying more attention to the antics of the boy all the way in the front row? I remember watching as he wrote that on the board, staring at my reflection in the cabinets to my right. I could watch the whole class unfold from that spot, but it was impossible to watch that one boy from there. I had to turn my head to the front. I remember he was looking back too, on that one day- the introduction to this unit. And he looked away right after, but I looked down at my paper and genuinely tried, and thought that maybe my secret feelings weren’t utterly stupid.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 05.18.2011

  21. I hate Chemistry. Mrs. Thurlow talks about Mole day all the time. She even gets her kids mole gifts. I’d hate to be one of those kids who gets really bad moles. It’s just so nasty. It’s just so icky.

    By stephen webb on 05.18.2011

  22. the mole in the yard was huge. it was so huge even the cat was engrossed by its AMAZING size. the woman screamed in terror as it raised onto its back legs and toppled over the small house. in the end, it was only her next door neighbor getting revenge for killing his cat.

    By livia on 05.18.2011

  23. Hairy. Furry. Think of holes in the ground. Gregor the Overlander. Journey to the Center of the Earth. Star-shaped nose. Dirty. Dig well. Don’t really like them.

    By Danielle on 05.18.2011

  24. Normally, she wasn’t someone I would be attracted to. She was blonde, which somehow always bothered me, and she wore far too much make-up. But, there’s one little thing about that was just so charming: a tiny little mole just beneath her left hole. I couldn’t quite explain it if you asked me to, but it made this girl, who I would otherwise be uninterested in, seem so adorable.

    By Sarah URL on 05.18.2011

  25. mole cole fole troll bowl roll poll dole toll sole

    By Katie URL on 05.18.2011

  26. it was a large grotesque thing staring at me from the side of her face. It was brown and atrocious yet I couldn’t look away. It was a thing of nightmares yet it stood before me as proud as she was that she finally had a date.

    By Caitlyn on 05.18.2011

  27. Hillocks, green tunnels
    Where my foot sinks
    As I run from the large tree that is first base
    to the sidewalk square that is second.
    Mole hills
    Ruin my game.
    I’m not so sad when the cat
    comes home with you dangling
    from the corner of her mouth.

    By angelofmercy URL on 05.18.2011

  28. He stalked his prey. His butt wiggled anticipating the ground’s next movement. The blind rodent surfaced; Magoo sprung. The barn cat triumphed.

    By Steph URL on 05.18.2011

  29. Austin Powers. Mole, mole, mole!!!

    By Savannah URL on 05.18.2011

  30. mole makes me think of chemistry. and how bad i suck at it. and mostly how i hate my school and my teacher, and basically my life. i want summer and i want tan boys, and the beach and nostalgic songs. I want to disregard rules and experience things. just take everything in instead of planning every detail.

    By kelsea B URL on 05.18.2011

  31. There is a little creature that borrows under my pillow and I call him Frank. He says he’s a mole, but I wonder if he just fell out of my head. I am missing something from the back of my neck. Maybe it is him. He doesn’t seem to want to do me any harm, but he can’t see anything, so what if he does that accidentally? I like Frank. But I don’t want him under my pillow. He makes me nervous.

    By Philip Chidel URL on 05.18.2011

  32. Digging, digging.
    What are you looking for?
    Buried treasure?
    I haven’t the faintest.
    I’m just digging.
    Got a problem with that?

    By Stephanie URL on 05.18.2011

  33. I have so many moles on my back my arms my head my ears everywhere I have thousands of moles. I hope they don’t give me cancer but with my luck they probably will.

    By Kayla on 05.18.2011

  34. The incredible Mexican sauce named “MOLE” is mae of rich ingredients like chocolate and chili peppers, giving one that combination of sweet and spicy! Mole is oh so delicious. I want some right now poured all over some chicken.

    By stephanie on 05.18.2011

  35. Sandy lives like a mole. Her office lighting is so dim that I have to feel my way along the walls whenever I go in there. The overhead lights are always off, the binds pulled tight. I guess it’s calming to her, but I find it rather depressing.

    By sakeatken URL on 05.18.2011

  36. A spy. An over-thrower. A person, or entity, who is, in a sense, a double agent. One could say that 007 was a mole, but it’s typically a term with bad connotation.

    By Holly on 05.18.2011

  37. it’s like a scar, she thinks, poking at it. the brown beauty mark left by sun-god kisses– a mole, one her fingertips worry and prod. how daft the world to not be so amused by apparent ugliness.

    By Matea URL on 05.18.2011

  38. With every single cell, every tiny molecule
    in us
    we are mine. We are yours.
    We are ours. Everything you’ll ever know is one of the things
    I breathed in to you and likewise you breathe
    knowledge into me as well.

    By Abbey URL on 05.18.2011

  39. mole. that could either be an appendage on the human body(or any body for that matter) or it could be the scientific term moles. moles are a measurement of a substance and are especially used in chemistry but i hate schoole so i will not talk about that. i have a mole in a bad place you know, and it is slightly embarassing but i don’t care too much because i’m not an insecure person.

    By natalie on 05.18.2011

  40. The mole sat high on the left side of her cheekbone. I wonder what sideglances it has received or when the first hair will protrude transforming perceived beauty to perceived repulsion. It’s beautiful how it’s sits, raised above the skins surface like hair, the nose, mouth and ears. I wonder if it’s purpose is to draw the onlooker in, allowing them to take the second longer to glance.

    By visage URL on 05.18.2011