May 18th, 2011 | 555 Entries

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555 Entries for “mole”

  1. on the body. can look pretty or bad. thought of as omens/signs. they are marks. i have a mole next to my left eye. this is a very weird word to come up here.

    By namita on 05.18.2011

  2. A mole is both a furry little animal and a super secret spy. Which is my mole, however? In this story, the mole is both! A cute, curry little animal that infiltrates the CIA and steals secrets! You guessed it. It’s a children’s book.

    By John on 05.18.2011

  3. There was an idea. The idea was of a mole. Something that tunnelled underground, blind but purposeful. That was the beginning of the plan that was to bring us to this place. Looking around, all we could see was a barren otherworld. We’d tunnelled through the land. We found another realm.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.18.2011

  4. He knew it, there was a mole in the station. Looking down at the body of his CI he blamed himself. But he swore to find this mole and make him pay for the death. The kid might not have been an innocent but sure as hell didn’t deserve to die.

    By Elise URL on 05.18.2011

  5. they waited at the rails as the mole-port extended.the ship,as it landed,shook like a loud hush.elke’s sundress blew in the breeze.they were all smiles….except in the back of kathleen’s mind,she thought,”i’m going to have to take andy apart again.”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.18.2011

  6. She has a mole. It`s placed in the middle of her eyebrows. It`s impossible to avoid, it`s so big and it even has hair on it. Every person she meets stares at her mole. She is annyoed at the point, she wants it removed and so she did.

    By Mira on 05.18.2011

  7. The mole crawled into the dirt, anxiously searching for yummy worms to eat! he clawed and clawed, until his funny nose felt something slimy-a worm! he slirped it up and smiled the way animals smiled

    By Bakers4 URL on 05.18.2011

  8. She was walking through her yard when she saw these little earthen trails all around. Then she saw an end, and when she peered at it, she saw a mole.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.18.2011

  9. The mole was chosen
    The mole hopes they’re not looking at her
    The mole know if noticed, she’s in deep trouble
    Or perhaps once noticed things can get more excited
    And yet with courage in her heart
    The mole continues on until the end
    The end of her

    By Abi Harper URL on 05.18.2011

  10. a mole sat in a house and it was looking for yummy worms and it sucked one up and then another and one thousand hundred. Then it went to sleep. Then he woke up again and then he got up and ate so many that he was bigger than a ship. And he lived happily ever after.

    By Bakers4 URL on 05.18.2011

  11. above his ear there was a mole. he had never seen it before the barber cut his hair a little higher up than usual. at first he was amazed she hadn’t severed it. after that, he was excited to show it off. when he showed it to me, i detected a bit of embarrassment in his voice. why would you be embarrassed to have a mole?

    By choirqueer URL on 05.18.2011

  12. There was a mole on his face. It protruded out in an abnormal way. There weren’t any hairs on it – as of yet, anyway. But it was not the normal color of a mole, it had a purplish tint to it. I wondered if it was because he was cold. Should I ask? Would it be considered rude to be curious of such a thing?

    By sandy on 05.18.2011

  13. face, creature, haury, gross cant eat, idk…. tounge the E looks cool haha. im bored now. NO wait… the O looks like the E… :D

    By logan on 05.18.2011

  14. The mole on her shoulder
    The slight brush of her hair
    The sunshine on her jawline
    The dark varnish on her toenails
    The skirt she wore on Sundays
    All gone with her into darkness

    By Roenhael URL on 05.18.2011

  15. He was a mole. That meant that he weaseled his way into a job and pretended to be a good worker, but all he did was spy and report back to someone who had nefarious interests in the operation of the company. At least that’s what I think a mole is.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 05.18.2011

  16. mole? …..umm…..ahhh….. like Rufus the naked mole rat? or a mole like a fat freckle? I don’t know….

    By Serafina URL on 05.18.2011

  17. I love to be famous one day
    I am a single parent and it sucks.
    I hate douchebads
    I just don’t understands.
    how do feel alright.
    I just don’t unerstand why people are so greedy.
    Where is the peace?
    I feel like there is no such thing as gay pr stright.

    By Daniela on 05.18.2011

  18. A mole is a furry rodent like animal that burrows underground. Moles eat tubers and plant roots and are blind. Moles are typically considered pests due to the damage they make in yards or gardens. The term mole is also used to describe a spy within an organization.

    By McCabe on 05.18.2011

  19. I wish i could see a mole. If only it were possibly to gave upon the inpending visage of molehood. I don’t know about you, but that’s a priority for me in my life. Men with coats are coming.

    By JS on 05.18.2011

  20. She had a HUGE mole on the side of her face! Samantha and I, having just watched Austin Powers, couldn’t stop repeating the line Austin sad about the persons mole. Snickering under our breath, we whispered back and forth to each other, “I’d like to chop it up and make some guacaMOLE!”

    By Tara Orchard on 05.18.2011

  21. Nose poking out of the ground sniffing the air wondering what was out there that smelled so good . . . The compost heap!! Fresh kitchen waste from the Sunday roast veggies!! Yum Yum!

    By Tony Hamer URL on 05.18.2011

  22. mole can be a beauty mark on the face like Marilyn Monroe

    a skin mole can be cancerous

    a mole digging in your yard can just cause troubles with the tunnels throughout

    By she53lly URL on 05.18.2011

  23. A lomg time ago there was this cute little mole, she was amazing and special cause he believed in her self and made her dreams came true without thinking it twice. But one day someone came, his name was; sadness and thata guy made the mole’s life absolutely impossible and rough but she wanted a solution so she went and looked for a magic witch: the happiness witch.
    The mole walked days and days looking for the whitch always followed by the sadness guy.
    The path was rough and difficult but finally, the mole arrived and said:
    -hello, dear witch, I need you to eliminate Mr. Sadness from my life.- The witch answered:
    -Its simple, just believe in your self.-

    The mole did and mr. Sadness dissapeared suddenly from her life

    By Luisa dcm on 05.18.2011

  24. no matter if it is today or tomorrow. You’ll get what’s yours. You’ve made your way to the deepest part of my heart. Like a mole set on a mission. But the sad part is, you broke it apart.

    By zjthunderchild URL on 05.18.2011

  25. The mole was peeking it’s small nose in the yard. His nose twitched as he peered into the grass, hoping the cat was sleeping inside the house. He needed to find more food before the enemy came back to claim its territory and, perhaps, kill in a blood-thirsty, sadistically playful rage.

    By Megumi Anzu on 05.18.2011

  26. Mole? Wow. Like the animal or the face mark? I thought of a combination of the creature on the face but then that would be silly because moles live underground. Okay, okay, I understand that the very idea is silly. I apologize. Well— wait, what? My time’s up?

    By Cloud URL on 05.18.2011

  27. when I saw her I hadn’t a clue about anything or anyone she’d ever touched. but then, upon second notice, i saw it. the mole, the mole above her lip. it’d seen more of the world than her eyes, always roaming. i needed it. i knew it already.

    By Chloe URL on 05.18.2011

  28. There was a mole at the center of the earth. His name was Jello. He was a round, plump, little fellow. He had lost his mother at an early age but he did not care. He just wanted the most out of life. He tunneled all the way into the center of the earth, where he found a friend named Jolie. Jolie was a girl mole. They fell in love quickly. They loved each other’s noses.

    By Jaime Morris on 05.18.2011

  29. Can’t see, invisible to the world, this creature thrives on darkness and solitude. Can also be a nasty dark spot on a persons face with a disgusting hair growing out of it….it really coiled be anywhere on the body, which is even more disgusting. For this reason, i prefer the first definition.

    By Courtney on 05.18.2011

  30. It’s enormous. It literally can overpower any pimple – even the one that has stubbornly planted itself right on your nose. Laser surgery is not an option because your doctor says “there might be complications.” Your mom tries to reassure you that maybe it can be your good luck charm, after all it has drawn attention away from the pimple that has now multiplied into two right at the tip of your nose. Sure, but only moms are conditioned to look on the bright side. You do your best to disguise it – you even buy heavy duty concealer but all it does is make your face look like a pancake. By attempting to solve one problem, all I do is create another. Sometimes the best remedy is just leaving it alone and learning to accept that flaw – no matter how hairy, how big and brown that mole is.

    By Bee Season on 05.18.2011

  31. Why do we think first of imperfection when we hear “mole”?

    I wish my first reaction at this had not been disgust.

    By Aj URL on 05.18.2011

  32. I have a moles on my body. My whole family does so it really isn’t a big deal. I’ve had them all my life and I never understood what similarity there was between a dark spot on my skin and a rodent that can’t see. Maybe neither are supposed to be there.

    By Chelwood on 05.18.2011

  33. The tiniest creature she says she’s ever seen. I figure she must have never visited the slums before things went haywire. She picks him very carefully. It’s obvious there’s something wrong with him, but she just cradles him in her palms and looks at him. It’s strange to see her like this. So cautious and so delicate.

    By Veerin URL on 05.18.2011

  34. Adorable. Little black furry creature, with only a little bit of pink showing through it’s nose, whiskers, and bow legged paws. Scurrying across woodland paths to go dig another underground maze.

    By Rachel URL on 05.18.2011

  35. The mole was a mole like no other it was a large mole with other moles revolving around it, like a constellation of moles… oh her face, that is what I learned in english class today… about my teacher…

    By Kendra URL on 05.18.2011

  36. A mole in the department. That’s all they told us. Someone was betraying us, to who knows whom. No one knew anything, except the mole himself. Who happened to be sitting in the room with us. It was me.

    By Abby on 05.18.2011

  37. We come up with the most cruel ways to kill moles. They eat roots and damage gardens, but the poor little mammal can’t help itself. It has just as much right to enjoy the garden as I do, but the poisons and the strange killing contraptions still decorate my shelf if of my garden shed.

    By MaiMai URL on 05.18.2011

  38. I have moles on my body that haven’t always been there. One is on my face. I guess it’s more of a beauty mark. It’s hard to ignore someone with a mole on their face, it reminds me of the moment in one of the Austin Powers movies when he can’t help but only concentrate on the mole.

    By Lauren D on 05.18.2011

  39. it’s quite late and im tired but i will always have time to say something about a mole. yes you get ground moles, but what about face moles? hot or not? SO not. whatever happened to

    By lily_bean URL on 05.18.2011

  40. Moles are furry little mammals that live in the ground and dig tunnels. They are smart and could be used to model subterrain housing for humans. Moles are also spies. A spy that burrows would make for an interesing story.

    By James on 05.18.2011