July 4th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “modem”


    By PAWAN KUMAR on 07.05.2012

  2. Running the world, a thousand bits flying through its net. A lighthouse standing on the for- front of infinity. Cerberus at the gates of hell. A keeper of keys.

    By Jonathan Hill on 07.05.2012

  3. Nothing is more frustrating when your internet cuts out and simply unplugging it then plugging it back in doesn’t do the trick. That is because now it could be a whole mess of problems and “I can fix it” attitude won’t allow you to call a tech support or spend the money for an upgrade.

    By Dylan Ragsdale on 07.05.2012

  4. Precisely what was the reason? I dont want an excuse, what was it that made you do that?

    All I did was unplug the modem and reboot the computer. It was going very slowly and something was jamming it all up. That is what I did.

    The jamming was my work. I need to get the program downloaded and now have to start again. You just killed it.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.05.2012

  5. A modem is something that gives live to the internet and telephone services
    A modem is something that no business and family home should be without.

    By harriet on 07.05.2012

  6. the modem fizzed and popped like a battery shorting out in a glass of champagne. he had not checked his email since before being sent to pentonville. she hadn’t written, but had she tried to email?

    By catbeazle URL on 07.05.2012

  7. i don’t really know much about them. My boyfriend does though, he’s a total computer geek. I love that about him, I’m abit of a technophobe, and he knows it all. :

    By Lucy on 07.05.2012

  8. The internet is out again so how the hell am I supposed to get the writing workshop’s telephone number. I could smack the modem. The sometimes works. The little green light still isn’t even flickering though and oh this won’t work will it. I’m doomed to forever be oblivious towards this one telephone number. It’s pathetic. It’s hopeless. It’s- oh. Well turning it off and then on again worked rather nicely.

    By Erin on 07.05.2012

  9. And so I sat and stared, eyes slowly turning bloodshot from the eerie blue light of the modem. All was still in the darkness surrounding me as I tried to understand what I was seeing, until a lone floorboard let out an ominous creak.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.05.2012

  10. modem?! Again?! Seriously?! Well, here’s ma thought about old-schooled school modem. You know, the one they once use on the computer lab thinggie–I absolutely love the connect sounds, like too-too-too-too, and something because well it sounds so vintage and I love everything vintage!

    By nami URL on 07.05.2012

  11. The antiquated racket of the modem buzzed and ticked, static noise which was an unlikely comfort to me. Seconds away was a new but familiar world and a beautiful array of new information I could absorb. Knowledge is love and whenever the old noise hit my ears I knew I would learn something wonderful which would fill me with delight.

    By Ruby Allen URL on 07.05.2012

  12. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllll! Whiiiiirr Ding ding sqqqqqqqqqqeeeask. ding ding, buuzzzzzzz. whirl whirl whirl. hiiiiiiiis. Connected 40bps.

    By grapplerschool URL on 07.05.2012

  13. The antiquated racket of the modem buzzed and ticked with a static noise which was an unlikely comfort to me. Seconds away was a familiar world and a beautiful array of new information I could absorb. Knowledge is love and whenever the old noise punches my ears I know I will learn something wonderful to fill me with delight.

    By Ruby Allen URL on 07.05.2012

  14. modems can be acoustic or digital, the acousitic ones are the orginal old ones, they had a maximum speed of 300 baud

    By macbirch URL on 07.05.2012

  15. I fired up my modem as I stared out the window waiting for it to load. I thought about the long hours that i filled with nonsensical web browsing as I tried not to think about the hell that my life had become in a matter of days. It whined and screeched along with my body that in turn screamed at me to make things right, make them right before it was too late.

    By Joniva on 07.05.2012

  16. I don’t know what they are really, I’ve heard of them and I know they’re something to do with the internet. Maybe they get the signal or something? I think they break often and cause me problems, but I also know they are very necessary because I spend lots of time on the internet. My Dad probably knows what a modem is.

    By Laura on 07.05.2012

  17. I fired up the modem and stared out the window as I pondered the incredible stupidity with which I handled my everyday life. It screeched and whined and I just felt I had to yell. “Stop making noise! What problems do you have everyday besides turning on? If you wanna know problems, walk in MY shoes for a day!” I then realized I was talking to an inanimate object…

    By Joniva URL on 07.05.2012

  18. The modem with all the information on, secret information was stolen. Our slight advantage of winning the war and getting out of our Dystopian city was now gone.

    By Marie URL on 07.05.2012

  19. The modem was fried when the transformer in our neighborhood blew. I was lost without it.. No work was going to get done until I replaced it so I headed out to the Apple store for a new one.

    By Katherine on 07.05.2012

  20. An original modem goes at either 28.8 kb per second or 56.6 kb per second. It connects people and computers from far away to right down the street. It lets people of all creeds and colors talk freely about topics of the day, it allows for complete annonymity, and yet divules the truth about everyone; eventually.

    By sugarbaked URL on 07.05.2012

  21. I remember 14.4 modems. I remember the horrible sound they made when you would pick up the phone while it was in use, and the way my brother would scream when that happened. We pretended not to know he was discovering pornography.

    By Andrew Hassenger URL on 07.05.2012

  22. computer

    By rocío URL on 07.05.2012

  23. A modem is a device or program that enables a computer to transmit data over, for example, telephone or cable lines. Computer information is stored digitally, whereas information transmitted over telephone lines is transmitted in the form of analog waves. A modem converts between these two forms.

    By sameer on 07.05.2012

  24. The modem clicked as I tried to connect to the Internet. I didn’t had patience for its little hitches right now, I needed to talk to you. You’re 500 miles away and I’m sitting here with my existence relying on a tiny machine to keep us connected. I miss you.

    By fluxandflow URL on 07.05.2012

  25. It’s a word that I have mistakenly thought was “modern.”
    Modem. I’ve heard that word in Homestuck before – have I?
    It’s a little difficult to write about a word that you don’t even know the meaning of.
    I’m sure my friend would know. He’s good at computers.

    By Izumi URL on 07.05.2012

  26. My experience with modems tells me that technology is faulty and a hindrance to my entertainment, enjoyment, and life. harrumph. What is the point? When we were young, all we used to do was go outside and play. Now I spend all of my time fixing the modem for my children’s computer games and gizmos.

    By Gina on 07.05.2012

  27. I found it in a pile, eating dust since the late 90s. If I could turn it on I bet I’d find memories splayed across the screen. A more delightful picture than dust.

    By Julia URL on 07.05.2012

  28. He looked at me, eyebrows raised condescendingly.
    “You don’t know what a modem is?”
    “No,” I barked back.
    “And here I thought you knew everything, Miss Angela.”
    I glared at him for a moment, and promptly fished out my iPhone from my pocket and opened up Google.
    I didn’t know what a modem was at the moment, but in another I would, and soon the information would be stored away forever.

    By Jeanna on 07.05.2012

  29. I remember having a dial-up modem. 56k probably. It took 20 minutes to load an MSN chatroom, which was my favorite internet past time back then, in 1998. My sister and I also discovered Napster, and put our poor little 56K modem to work downloading all of the mp3s our hearts desired.

    By Sunny on 07.05.2012

  30. Upon first glance, I thought this word was “modern,” and I thought to myself, “How easy would that be to write about?” But, alas, it is not modern, it is modem. That little thingy that provides me with the internet…right? Well, thank you, modem, for providing this, its’s fun :)

    By Amy on 07.05.2012

  31. this is a really crappy word. I really have nothing to say about a modem other than it’s handy for getting on the internet. it is great to help connect with other people but other than that it’s a pretty boring thing. i want a new word

    By Arg Black on 07.05.2012

  32. modem sounds like modern when my maw-maw says it. it sounds like mohammed too when nicki minaj says it, not that i know how she says it like but i thought she might say it like that!!!

    By Aishaanyaa Tewari on 07.05.2012

  33. An antiquated device that some today woudl not know if they saw one… But at one time it was the lifeline for 56k AOL dial up users, amazed at this new technology, a CHAT ROOM.

    By Michael URL on 07.05.2012

  34. The computer modem liked to talk to his friend, the toaster, every day between three and four pm. The toaster had always told the modem how much he loved his job because he got to provide food for their master, but the modem simply searches for websites, and for that, the modem was jealous.

    By Jacob McCabe on 07.05.2012

  35. modem can be an interesting word if you say it enough. Modem modem modem modem modem. It has a soft emphasis on the second syllable, sounding almost foreign, almost European in nature. Modem, madame, m, m, m

    By Erin URL on 07.05.2012

  36. I remember one time, wasn’t that long ago actually, just after I got my blackberry.. One time I wanted to get WIFI on my phone but I didn’t know the password to our wireless so I went to reset the modem and ended up somehow fucking up all the internet within the area and my family was super pissed because they’re all internet addicted freaks and yeah

    By Sarah on 07.05.2012

  37. I have to use my modem every day at work and when I do that I feel like I am walking into the light of my future. I don’t know where I’m going to go but I know that when I get there I will be glad of the journey. I want to be happy for those I love around me as they are embarking on a new path. I’m not sure how that is going though.

    By Rachel URL on 07.05.2012

  38. Modem – it connects us to the internet, and to each other. How frustrating it can be, when it goes out, in the middle of research for a speech, while trying to Skype a friend. But above all, a modem connects us to each other and the world, gives us information and assurance when we most need it, and for that it is wonderful.

    By Meg on 07.05.2012

  39. I’m actually not quite sure what a modem is. Shows how much I know about computers, huh. I should probably learn.

    By rushtail on 07.05.2012

  40. Modem, a super duper awesome piece of machinery that powers the internet and all of it’s magic and super fun awesomeness. When the modem goes down, you will proceed to sit in the corner making paper dolls while the people are on their way to take you to the looney bin.

    By Katlin Buchanan on 07.05.2012