July 22nd, 2013 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “meow”

  1. scatter
    pad along the tile floor
    explore explore adventure now
    sweet cold noses telling you
    was mother
    was father

    By Rhys on 07.22.2013

  2. The cat went meow looking for its food. The woman finally took it out of the pantry and placed it on the plate. The cat then ate his food and went about his day.

    By Nicolas on 07.22.2013

  3. sick cat, falling asleep and I smile
    she asks with a noise, not so easily spelled
    volumes, though, her ages tell
    a plea, a demand, an expression of joy
    and I pet her face
    and she won’t ask again
    but all the love is in one noise
    and I wish people were like this too

    By Anastasia Bishop on 07.22.2013

  4. A cat in a dark room. Rain pittering against the window as angular pupils stare into the darkness. Her person had been gone for too long. It was entirely too long.

    Outside, a woman sobs as she touches a bloody neck. Her brakes. It wasn’t her fault.

    By Keith on 07.22.2013

  5. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

    get meow mix for me give it to me now I am craving the heck out of meow mix my life will not be complete without meow mix meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow MEEEEEEEYOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    By Bridget on 07.22.2013

  6. “Did that snake just meow?”
    “Did that snake just MEOW?”
    “What the fuck are you talking about?”
    “That snake. DID THAT SNAKE JUST MEOW?”
    “What snake?”
    “Are you fucking high?”
    “Oh yeah. Forgot about that.”

    By Amanda URL on 07.22.2013

  7. Meow, went the cat.

    By Jason URL on 07.22.2013

  8. .

    By Emma on 07.22.2013

  9. Meow meow meow.
    The little kitten stumbled through the dark house by herself. Her black fur smoothed back and neat. She was a tuxedo cat and acted like a fancy cat.
    Meow meow.
    She stumbled into her little cat bed. The boys were just so much to run away from on this night.

    By Amber M. URL on 07.22.2013

  10. Simple, the sound an American cat makes. Not to mention a very similar sound to that a Japanese cat makes, however, Japanese cats do not say meow, they say “nya”. Just like how French cats say “Miaou”. They are one and the same yet not. It is quite interesting.

    By Nicole URL on 07.22.2013

  11. The cat’s soft mewling was pitiful. He would be hard pressed to admit it in front of his older brother, but he had something of an affinity for the small furry creatures that stalked like royalty through shadowed halls and black alleys. The thing was a runty kitten, smaller than his palm.

    By Aideyn URL on 07.22.2013

  12. “meow” the cat whispered as it snuck into the living room through the window. “Meow,” the cat whispered as he murdered his family. “Meow,” He whispered as he rode off into the sunset.

    By Denise URL on 07.22.2013

  13. I heard a soft meow from outside my door. I opened it and found a poor little lost kitten, who had clearly been wandering for quite some time. As I brought it inside and offered it some milk, I thought about the lonely adventures it must’ve taken to get here.
    “You and I aren’t so different, huh?” I said, stroking its fur.

    By Rose URL on 07.22.2013

  14. My cat is actually truly and honestly evil. She destroys things with her mind. She levitates things. If she was Boo all of the things those monsters said would be true.
    And then she’ll meow at you for food and it’s so adorable that you can’t say no. “Feeeeed meee” she cries and you do because she’s cute for those ten seconds and it’s completely and totally worth it. Because she is a cat and she hates you.

    By Celly URL on 07.22.2013

  15. “Meow,” was what I heard in the darkened room during the blackout, and I felt something warm rub itself against my bare leg.
    Shit, we don’t have a cat.

    By ro URL on 07.22.2013

  16. Sweetheart silhouetted on the sill, he watches the birds. Do you even know what it means to fly? And how quickly would you break their backs on your tongue?

    By Claire Tried URL on 07.22.2013

  17. I’ve never been good at this kind of thing, just starting to write and not stopping every three seconds to make sure I didn’t make any typos. Maybe I’m too insecure to ever be good at writing. It’s what I’ve started worrying lately. I need to let go.

    By Megan on 07.22.2013

  18. The cat sits calmly on the window sill.. it is watching the wonderful outside thinking about what it would b like to be able to roam freely out in the sunshine with all of the wilderness.. it sees a bird, it is annoyed by this bird who can roam freely and frolick by with no concern, jealousy zooms through the cats body and he meows loudly at the bird through the window, as if to say.. I wish a could be you..

    By Katy URL on 07.22.2013

  19. “Oh, shit,” said the cat.
    “Meow.” said the human, and angrily rubbed itself against the cat’s leg, playfully biting it’s thigh.

    This world is fucked up.

    By Ro URL on 07.22.2013

  20. It was the cat’s meow. The bee’s knees. The hip of hooch in a zoot suit’s steps. Andre had never been happier to have prom be nineteen twenties themed.

    He dressed in his best suit and learned the Charleston. He walked in hoping to snag a flapper girl. He had gone stag, obviously, as his date was not exactly a fan of Great Gatsby. She’d have to learn, old sport. She’d have to learn.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.22.2013

  21. Working with women is like herding a group of cats, they say, only the words the women say never sound like “Meow”. Scat yourself, sister – go join a pride.

    By P J Colando URL on 07.22.2013

  22. what a mean one she was. scratched not only your eyes but ego, schtick, reason for living. you felt like a slobbered on mouse toy once she started on you. yikes

    By Lee URL on 07.22.2013

  23. Cats meow when they are hungry or needy or lonely. Really when they feel anything. Feelings in cats are almost as complex as feeling in humans, but the meow is the equivalent of the words we spill from our mouths when we feel or want things. Meow, says the hungry. Meow, says the sad. Meow, meow, meow.

    By T on 07.22.2013

  24. Cat. A cat says meow. Why? Why do cats say meow? Why do they not say ‘woof’ or ‘hello’? Why? I don’t understand. Cats just sit there all day and do nothing! They’re useless!

    By Mackenzie on 07.22.2013

  25. My daughter just asked about cats and why my roommate doesn’t like them.
    My brother is allergic to cats.
    I have another brother that loves them.
    I also want a mewtwo
    or just mew
    I miss the old days
    the simple days
    Jar how do you get so weird. I loved you. So very much..

    By whitney on 07.22.2013

  26. “Meow,” called the cat as she brushed up against my legs, showing her liking for me. She jumped up on to my lap and started kneading my stomach, finding her resting place very comfortable. Her tail would flick in contentment as she purred away into sleep, happy with the world.

    By Liz URL on 07.22.2013

  27. Cats sat meow. Sometimes they complain about you, sometimes they are hungry. Most of all cats say meow to mean things like when babies cry. In France, cats do not say meow.

    By Cate Apple on 07.22.2013

  28. A cat on the street looked at me and opened its mouth as if to meow, but then seemed to decide it wasn’t worth the effort. It padded away slowly, swishing its orange tail like a pendulum, leaving me alone in the hot morning.

    By Holden URL on 07.22.2013

  29. at the staff xmas party they always want to play games. not my bag. this year they passed out phrases for everyone to try to slip in to regular conversation. mine was ‘meow, you dirty mother fucker’. great. like i can pull THAT off. i barely talk much less talk li

    By amy on 07.22.2013

  30. “Fu**ing cats.” He smiled wryly. They are everywhere. Once they took over the internet in 2030, there was no other form of entertainment. Just gifs, video, and images. Felines everywhere, in movies, books, it was as if an alien nation had taken over the world. A nation of cats.

    By esau kessler URL on 07.22.2013

  31. Jetson died years ago. My old, surly tomcat. The one who had been shot at by the neighbours. Every time I return home, I still expect to find him sleeping on the front patio. He’d see me and let out a pitiful “meow.” He was ugly. But he was my ugly.

    By gingersnaps URL on 07.22.2013

  32. hello,everyone.My name is Julia Wang.I live in Taipei.And I study at yzu.

    By Julia Wang on 07.22.2013

  33. yap,hello !Everyone.My name is grace.

    By 詹元鳳 on 07.22.2013

  34. Hello.My name is Zoe.I am 20 years old. :)

    By zoe on 07.22.2013

  35. My name is Jordan, and I am twenty-two years old. When I was a child, I liked to go to play basketball with my friends. Therefore, basketball became my favorite hobby until now.

    By Jordan on 07.22.2013

  36. hello world~ I am Kelly Chuang :)
    Today is 2013/7/23 MIT my camp
    hope everything will goes well

    By Kelly Chuang on 07.22.2013

  37. when the cat want to eat, it would “meow” to tell the keeper.

    By Emerald URL on 07.22.2013

  38. Cat said meow when it met a person.

    By Elizabeth Chang URL on 07.22.2013

  39. i want to be tall and rich in my future
    i want my family be healthy
    and i need work hard on my work from now on

    By teddy on 07.22.2013

  40. I see a cat was saying “meow~meow~meow”
    Sounds interesting!
    And then the cat bites me.
    What the……

    By harvey on 07.22.2013