July 22nd, 2013 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “meow”

  1. Cats. I love cats. Cats are quiet loners, and they are soft. I love kitties. Cats will not take anyone’s shit, and you have to respect them for that. Cats are a unique type of friend. Meow.

    By William on 07.22.2013

  2. I’ve had 2 cats since I’ve been married. Both experiences ended disasterously, despite my best intentions and love for those animals. Huxley, our first cat, was a demon. He climbed curtains, ran laps inside my boxspring, and pooped outside my bedroom door anytime I shut him out. Saber, our second experiment, got fleas so bad we had to fumigate the house and get rid of him, around the same time my husband left me and my life fell apart.

    By Maggie Prater URL on 07.22.2013

  3. she couldn’t distinguish supportive voices from those that were out for her flesh. days blurred together, forming a hazy film.

    her only constant was the soft meow that greeted her at the end of every day. and the way the soft tuffs of her carpet felt beneath her bare feet.
    these simple things had become her anchors.

    By S URL on 07.22.2013

  4. We had to put Huxley outside, finally. It was just not working out. I cried because it was November and cold and he’d never slept outdoors. My husband assured me that the cat would stay around, especially if we continued to feed him, but he couldn’t live in the garage because he would poop everywhere. He disappeared shortly after. I could tell my lifestory in terms of my failed attempts at pet ownership.

    By Maggie Prater URL on 07.22.2013

  5. Cat makes meow. The noise. The sound. I’m allergic to cats. Did you know that animals make different sound/noises in different languages? In German for example, cats say or make Miau.. Of course it sounds similiar to meow, but still. Isn’t it a bit weird that even animals sound different in other languages?

    By MaiMai URL on 07.22.2013

  6. kat

    By Juliet URL on 07.22.2013

  7. meow.

    m e o w …

    my eyes open willingly.

    my ears obey wishes.


    By gypsypriestess URL on 07.22.2013

  8. The cat said. He was such a fluffy ball of hair that he couldn’t help but wonder why or who had hurt him. The cat was covered in bruises and blood, his hair divided in pools. Derek took it and kissed it in the nose. Lo acarició contra su mejilla, prometiéndole que todo iba a salir bien.

    By N0Keyral URL on 07.22.2013

  9. The cat was meowing at my feet, but I didn’t move a muscle. It probably wanted food, but I didn’t have any at the house. Why was it that my old aunt had left me with that animal? If she had known me, she knew I wasn’t fond of animals. But she hadn’t. She had my name on her will – to give me that stupid cat -, but she had never spent more than one minute with me. She didn’t know my voice. But she thought about leaving me a damn cat.

    By maria URL on 07.22.2013

  10. Kneazles. Aspen absolutely adored Kneazles. Their little faces, the soft fur, the sound of their purring, and more importantly, the little ‘meow’ that they would let out. She could never have one when she lived with her family, as her father was highly allergic to them, but when she got to Hogwarts, her father bought her a gorgeous white Kneazle, one she named “Ivory”.

    By Aspen Wilde on 07.22.2013

  11. “Mrow.” My cousin crept up behind me, lovingly–or was it tauntingly?–scratching my back like a kitten would play with a mouse. I jumped a little and tried to move away, but he followed along behind. “I’m a kitty cat!”
    Quickly, I turned around and picked up the little tyke, holding one of his hands so he wouldn’t paw at me anymore. “Kitty cat is in trouble.” I stuck out my tongue at him and ruffled his hair. “Let’s go get some ice cream.”

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 07.22.2013

  12. tea cups and kittens
    flowing through the window
    silky sunshine
    nostalgic dust landing
    on the queen
    check mate, my

    By Lily Crews URL on 07.22.2013

  13. cats. dogs. monkeys. zebras. blacks. whites. gay. straight. old. young. smart. stupid. DIVERSITY

    By Julz URL on 07.22.2013

  14. how hard was it to hear a cat’s meow in a rainstorm? very hard, as it turned out, especially to simon’s untrained ears. He had no idea what the cat even looked like, so how he was meant to find it was beyond him. martina had told him he had to, though, so he was stuck in the pouring rain, t-shirt clinging to his shirt and shouting ‘cat, cat, come home little catty-watty.’

    By Alice URL on 07.22.2013

  15. He gave a pitiful meow. She shook her head, and picked him up by his neck. He struggled, claws marring her doll-like skin, but she ignored the drops of blood, and placed him in the cage. He butted the metal wires with his head, and she smiled slightly. It was useless for him to even try and escape, but it was somewhat amusing to watch. He would be forever trapped in that cage, and she would get to watch him waste away, until his paws, comically large against his bony legs, fell out of the gaps and pleaded for help.

    By erstwriter URL on 07.22.2013

  16. I actually sent a text out this morning, all it said was Meow. It was an unsuccessful attempt at seduction. My partner, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, replied with “Good Kitten.” And nothing more.

    By Soulsway URL on 07.22.2013

  17. That’s what the guy I like says to sound cute. And then he adds the :3 emoticon. Like a cat. He has 3 cats. I didn’t know that til a year after I met him. He doesn’t like cats. They chew on his charger.

    By Sofia URL on 07.22.2013

  18. The cat said at her owner. She was lying down on the couch again, watching the tv soaps, as her owner called it. She hasn’t been quite the same since the other owner took some things and left; the cat hopes her owner gets better soon.

    By Anni on 07.22.2013

  19. The cat sat on the windowsill, staring out the wall forlornly. There was no window.
    M HELP
    hey lets start cat jokes ok
    so a cat hits his tail on the door
    and the bartender goes

    By meow on 07.22.2013

  20. The cat’s meow woke her from her sleep. She opened her eyes to find the white animal sitting erect on her chest, one paw hovering just above her nose as if the cat was about to swat. “I don’t think so,” she said, moving the cat to the side so she could roll over.

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 07.22.2013

  21. I love cats. The way the are so innocent and free. They are just so pure and acred. I wish pople thill sirshited them thlie the old day. I haven’t sept in 24 hours. hardcore. fmew mewo mewo meow
    cat fur soft caf fur smooth
    please me be cat

    By Lily on 07.22.2013

  22. In the movie super troupers one of the officers bet the other that he could’t work the word ‘meow’ ten times into the conversation. That was what inspired Sera’s bet with Noah. But he was walking into coach’s office for missing practice three days in a row and it was a little bit different.

    By Kenna Ashton URL on 07.22.2013

  23. The internet is making sounds again, like every other day. It’s like trying to turn your cat into a unicorn, you wave your magic wand and shout “Rainbows!” in a showman’s style and in the end, he just looks at you like “meow”.

    By Natty Hope URL on 07.22.2013

  24. Cats…I have cats. Cats meow and I can see one from here. Lazy, fat, its eyes small and hunched, and I’m convinced all it ever sees is its food. Its food and the hands that feed it, its hands of God. Funny, isn’t it – we’ll believe in those who give us what we need. I am its God. It loves me because I pet it, I feed it, I give it means by which to live but I am nothing – I am no God! OH. How easily dependent we are, how much we need oneanother…always

    By con on 07.22.2013

  25. meow
    kitty cat hahaha meowmeow what am i supposed to be writing

    By Niamh on 07.22.2013

  26. There’s just something about the vocalizations of cats that really bugs me. I mean, it’s like they know they’re confusing the hell out of the people around them, and they just don’t give a shit.

    For all we know, “meow” is just another way to say “fuck you.”

    Which makes Meow Mix all the more interesting.

    By BluNinjaneer on 07.22.2013

  27. I think the sound that cats make is beautiful. I really wish I had a cat so i Could hear it meow and curl up againist me. Purring and meowing as I stroke her furry ears and back. Phil Lester has perfected his meow.

    By Ashley on 07.22.2013

  28. Sera had issued him a challenge, and he couldn’t back down from a challenge. Especially one from Sera. He had to say ‘meow’ ten times while he was in Coach’s office. He wasn’t sure how well that was going to go over with Coach though, he had already missed three practices without a legit excuse, he didn’t think sassing him would put him in a better light.

    By Kenna Ashton URL on 07.22.2013

  29. The cat sat and thought about how he should approach the situation. He knew that he would have to phrase this just right or no one would understand. he needed to leave get out and see the world. He had to hunt to try and find that missing people of the puzzle. he looked up at his master and uttered one word. Meow he said

    By MitchellRaia on 07.22.2013

  30. There was that cat in the bathroom again. It wasn’t floating this time. I thought to tell Cecil about it, wondering if he’d be upset. Was the cat dead? Why wasn’t it floating? I was afraid of taking the scanner to the cat, in case Cecil got angry, or the scanner hurt it. I hope the cat is alive. It meowed, and I smiled.

    By Boo URL on 07.22.2013

  31. The cat was sitting on the window sill, basking in the sunlight. It was an unseasonably warm October day, the sun was shining through the orange leaves, and the wind was light and comforting.

    By Sam on 07.22.2013

  32. meow said the cat
    it didnt know what else to say
    since that was what was expected of it as a cat after all
    nobody wanted to hear its deepest pondering thoughts
    so instead it would meow and purr and hiss
    like people wanted it to and
    one day it ran away and got a job and you know what, its happier now

    By Dannie on 07.22.2013

  33. The cat was sitting on the window sill, basking in the sunlight. It was an unseasonably warm October day, the sun was shining through the orange leaves, and the wind was light and comforting. He stretched out his back and yawned. His nap was quite satisfying, and not even the chirping sparrows could spoil it for him.

    By Sam on 07.22.2013

  34. catty, carton, mickey mouse, noise, catch, house, family, black, mouse

    By panther on 07.22.2013

  35. The cat’s meow was a startling noise in the dark of night. She had been so focused on the task before her that the commonplace noise sounded frightening. She sat back and allowed her heart to slow it’s pace as she looked around for the source of the noise.

    By Aideyn URL on 07.22.2013

  36. oh my girl would be happy
    or at least less yappy
    if she were a cat
    yes she’d be so happy
    and yet so damn sassy
    dancing and flashing
    and saying

    By Colton Adrian URL on 07.22.2013

  37. The cat sat on the bed and looked at her with wanton eyes. It had been sitting there patiently for her to acknowledge it. She glanced at the cat as if it were an apparition. One small noise escaped the cats lips as if to say “hello?”

    By Tammi URL on 07.22.2013

  38. He asked me, one day, what sound cats make. At that point, and at this one, I contemplated how he thought of me. I told him, and I contemplated what I thought of him. (Not “meow”, but “mrow”.) I wondered how intimate that was for him.

    By Saudade URL on 07.22.2013

  39. Kitten baby. All sparkles and gems. Lying on your back like a golden soft dream. Tendrils caress her soft breasts. Her nails reach out to me and scratch. Ecstasy is an itch waiting to be scratched.

    By Ursamare URL on 07.22.2013

  40. in the moonlight she danced with her arms scattered like stars in the nighttime
    she waltzed to the music of life, of the air
    she foxtrotted with the fireflies and tangoed with the toads
    she was happy
    she smiled and laughed
    and she was completely

    By Rhys on 07.22.2013