July 19th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “megaphone”

  1. loud

    By Elizabeth on 07.20.2011

  2. Isn’t it funny how kind words seem like a whisper compared to the negative that seem to blared through your mind with a megaphone? I once read it takes 8 positives to make up for a negative one. Why are we so quick to listen to the bad, unkind and cruel. Why are those words easier to remember?

    By Kirsty URL on 07.20.2011

  3. megaphone … don’t you feel just a little bit goofy when you think about the word and only then say it. Has an old fashioned ring to it. Bigger used to be better, conceptually. If you said the word 50 yrs ago it could, upon reflection, have a little more umph to it.

    By Celizabeth URL on 07.20.2011

  4. Megaphones are one of the coolest objects in the history of the world. I happen to have a strident story to fit this amazing invention. One can remember such a thing because the memory sticks in the mind like a police man booming his rough voice throughout the horn. I was walking home from work one day and saw looked up the building to my left to see the man leaning out of the window. The police were gathered around their cars one of whom was holding none other than the life saving megaphone.

    By Arsiyil on 07.20.2011

  5. Boom! Check check! 1…2…3… The songs are blaring outside my window, and a man who believes he is demi-god is dancing under a huge tree. In the city, it is hard to find a day without the megaphone. And, for those like me who escape for silence, the sight of a broken megaphone brings melancholic home-sickness.

    By Samyuktha PC URL on 07.20.2011

  6. It makes me think of Lady Gaga’s telephone song. Beyonce too. But now I’m thinking of cheerleaders with megaphones at a football game. Winning hopefully. Man this is boring. I had hoped I would get a better word than this. Am i thinking right now or just writing? You do both at the same time!!

    By Hallie on 07.20.2011

  7. megatron. right now. omg. finally here. she is? yes, I did say so. Didn’t I? Too loud. turn it off please? and thank you. I want to finish typing right whent the tie stopes

    By Hallie on 07.20.2011

  8. Megaphone, be heard. Shout your soul and send sound waves shocking through reality like lightning bolts of “Here I am!” Let yourself be free.

    By Delaney on 07.20.2011

  9. The man with the hugh orange megaphone roamed through the streets shouting urging people to move on.

    By Writer's block on 07.20.2011

  10. I remember the pink bars that would show up every few minutes back when I played that game everyone played. I remember the icons that would show up in the top right of everyone’s screen, shouting some crap that wasn’t relevant to me at all. I remember that time.

    By Anthony on 07.20.2011

  11. He was a tall guy, though he looked rugged. His face covered stubble from neglecting his razor for a few days. The megaphone was held to his lips and he shouted about

    By schel on 07.20.2011

  12. The man with the large, orange megaphone shouted loudly as he roamed through the street.

    By writer's block URL on 07.20.2011

  13. Dreams are chasing me. Ringing to my ears like a megaphone. No matter how far I wanted to stay away from them, I can still hear it. Load and clear. Not letting me go.

    By opeopeope URL on 07.20.2011

  14. The man was rugged, and he probably stank. Why was it that the activist types always neglected personal hygiene? Their cause was not so important as to stop them for batheing once and a while. Man i could not believe i was here listening to this crap.

    By romantic gunslinger URL on 07.20.2011

  15. It was unfortunate for her that her name just happened to be Megan, and she just happened to be the loudest person in the entire school. We called her megaphone. And often times MEGAN-phone. She hated both. So much so that she would yell at us very loudly when we mentioned it. This just made us laugh at her even harder.

    By Patrick Prejusa URL on 07.20.2011

  16. a megaphone with legs was running down the street blurting out unmentionable words at the residents. The residents just replied back with an angry expression.

    By bennjosh URL on 07.20.2011

  17. The megaphone shrieked. Hands over ears, noses mouths. Any orifice seemed to take in the noise. It was pure torture. The ancient professor was not accustomed to technology yet.

    By RedSkyeArtiste URL on 07.20.2011

  18. a Megaphone is a phone that arrives in a Megatruck! only Megamillionaires can afford a Megaphone. You cpuld get thrown in gaol for not spelling Megaphone with a Capitol M. I was told that
    long ago

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.20.2011

  19. His voice boomed through the megaphone , loud and clear , as the crowd continued to swell in size . they had come today to witness unfolding of a new history , one so powerful it threatened to demolish every belief the people of the country have believed in .

    By awerfa on 07.20.2011

  20. the very thawte of a Megaphone is overwheming…

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.20.2011

  21. OK? I live in a mountain so no problem there- acres of space. It’s just well… the entrance…

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.20.2011

  22. ‘Bloody hell, she’s a sadist,’ Jason complained, rubbing his sore thighs.
    ‘You’d think she would at least put down the megaphone once in a while,’ said Dan, ‘if not to give us a break, then the poor megaphone.’ We all chuckled half-heartedly – the joke wasn’t particularly funny, nor were we in a laughing mood. Physical education always took it out of us. The instructor, Mrs Yates, appeared, judging from the way she ran us into the ground every lesson, to possess nothing that could remotely be called a soul.

    By Matt URL on 07.20.2011

  23. what’s the megaphone?

    By sean baek on 07.20.2011

  24. I feel my voice is not being heard by those I wish to be heard by, got to acquire a megaphone today, perhaps I just need more volume.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.20.2011

  25. Thank you for spreading my personal business throughout the entire school. Why did you just take a megaphone, stand on a ladder and yell it? It’s not my fault anyway; she should have kept a tighter grip on her boyfriend. Time to end that wide-eyed naievity and realize that people in the real world deal with their problems on a personal level.

    By sc on 07.20.2011

  26. hone me gap?

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.20.2011

  27. Everyone is scurrying from left to right. I look in front of me, and the big red mouth of the megaphone is dominating the grounds. Nobody sits still, everything is a cacophony of movement.

    The megaphone is power. The megaphone is control. I roll the heavy handle in my palm and get ready to shout.

    And I press the wrong button and a squealing siren runs. Embarrassment is the opposite of control and power, I suppose.

    By S Halle on 07.20.2011

  28. uh what is this i dont know. but how can anyone write without thinking does this site make it possible may be may be not but what is a mega phone is it a phone or a successor to iphone

    By Donald Menezes on 07.20.2011

  29. He took the megaphone and stood on the box. The moment he started speaking the crowds were jeering and booing. all efforts to cow him down failed. He continued in his usual strong voice till there was silence all around. The crowds then started clappinging.

    By Abu on 07.20.2011

  30. megaphone mega sound, never call me micro, effected mega,

    By Gaye on 07.20.2011

  31. “Take the megaphone and tell them to stop! Don’t let them continue or you will lose your head! And you better listen to me because I am the king. You are but my subject. Don’t you dare deny me.” King Eric the Evil gave this order to his subject.

    By herby on 07.20.2011

  32. Megaphones make your voice louder when you speak into it. He cleared his throat before he spoke into the megaphone. Megaphones are a good way of getting someone’s or people’s attention.

    By campbell.aprile URL on 07.20.2011

  33. Grab my megaphone
    Scream out loud

    But the city is deaf
    Silent and indifferent
    My shouts go unheard
    And again I am alone

    Burn the city if they won’t listen
    Make them realise why I’m screaming
    This isn’t just for show
    This is real life

    There’s no more love
    Or loyalty in this world…or so it may seem

    Love exists
    Somewhere in the darkness
    Love listens, and love cares
    But I still bitterly wish

    Product of my upbringing
    Scared and scarred
    Anxious and broken
    Needing to be repaired, and soon

    Something I strive for
    Dark elements in my writing
    And in my mind

    Break the spell of disinterest
    Overthink every comment
    Can’t believe the compliments
    It’s society’s fault

    Destroy this society
    Stealing society
    Hurting everyone
    Killing the innocent

    I’ve had enough
    Hang up my megaphone
    No good reason to stay strong today
    Fade into the background

    Was someone there earlier?
    I didn’t really notice.
    Thanks. I was only screaming my lungs out.
    I give up. I’m going home.

    By Rik URL on 07.20.2011

  34. James thought how much easier it would be to get Amanda attension if he used the megaphone that was lying on the ground, but now she would think him silly, and he would embrass

    By kirsty booth on 07.20.2011

  35. i mean… the very THOUGHT of it… and we are told not to think…!

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.20.2011

  36. A voice echoes loudly throughout the room. As you look at the source, you see that it came from a megaphone. Someone pressed a button. The voice came again. And again. And again. It does, indeed, become rather repetitive.

    By Rose URL on 07.20.2011

  37. No matter how loud you shout about it, there’s no way you can swallow that megaphone.

    I can’t hear you, mate. Speak up!

    By Bill Bray on 07.20.2011

  38. The megaphone more than hurt his ears – it caused him agony. Gripping his shirt with both hands and growling he ripped it in half up the buttons. The man stopped speaking and put the megaphone down.

    By stevelw on 07.20.2011

  39. Do you remember? Last night, when we went to the megaphone-store? We went there to get my phone fixed. it was broken and i hoped they could fix it at a low cost. But then there he was. It was te first time I saw him in real life, I only saw him on the internet. So I couldnt help myself and I went for it. I bought myself the newest and coolest phone.

    By mirjm URL on 07.20.2011

  40. There’s really nothing much you can say about megaphones. It’s a mega. and it’s phone. So it has to be one sort of epic phone. Even more epic than iPhone I guess? Hahah. But anyway, megaphones. you shout, it’s loud. That’s the whole premise of the damn thing.

    Still, I wish they gave a microphone. Oh wait. LOL that’s the opposite of a megaphone. But damn, it’s ironic right?

    By Jayhan Aidi on 07.20.2011