July 19th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “megaphone”

  1. It screamed in my ear, louder than a megaphone.


    So, this was how it felt, huh? This was how a ripped apart family felt. One week with him, one week with her. One week with him, one week with her.
    Split Christmases. Split birthdays. Bitter feelings towards each other.

    My world shifted and I knew that nothing would be the same, ever again.

    By Elin MacRae on 07.19.2011

  2. megaphone. anarchism…toppling the government. no chaos…we just take care of one another. how is that so radical? maybe because we are fed lies by our corrupt government as well as the media. anarchy in U.S….not such a bad idea, huh?

    By ale on 07.19.2011

  3. there once was a megaphone sitting in a bar. A girl walked up and took it from the stool which it sat. she told great stories of friends and foes. she told of how the world was a place in which adventure was just around the corner but only to those who took their friends with them.

    By Krista on 07.19.2011

  4. wow what a massive device you have in your pocket. sounds like a cheesy batman villan. be free…

    By kree8 URL on 07.19.2011

  5. what, stupid cheerleaders. mindless drones of sports trying to distract me from the game. Can anyone actually tell me with intelligence that that cacophony is needed. I think not. Waste of human energy. Masks of happiness covering sad beings. Nausea.

    By rachelzana URL on 07.19.2011

  6. i was a cheerleader and we never used megaphones…thank god! they just look funny when people are yelling into them…

    By courtney on 07.19.2011

  7. She shouted into
    the air so angry she
    could hardly breathe

    Pulse wild rushing
    blood through bluest
    veins she had no

    words he could hear that
    would make her point

    she wished she had a
    man’s voice firm and
    commanding she wished
    she had a box to stand on
    to gain her some respect

    she wished she had a
    megaphone to shake her
    words against his brain.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.19.2011

  8. Loud. When you think about it, it should be a giant phone. But it kinda of is. Also, the color red comes to mind when the word is said. Weird…

    By Bianca on 07.19.2011

  9. I picture someone yelling about some sort beleif to a crowd of people who are all protesting for some sort of change. I see them standing on something above everyone and getting them hyped for their cause.

    By Sara on 07.19.2011

  10. Sometimes I with I had a magic megaphone to yell my aching silence to the ones long gone, to be heard at last. The longing and loneliness over. My truth reaching the skies and me finally able to let go.

    By Bridiejo URL on 07.19.2011

  11. So loud and obnoxious yet so useful and needed. What would an emergency crew do with out it? Could they communicate to their fullest? How about your football coach? Let’s take it from the coach, he doesn’t need it.

    By RickyBeats URL on 07.19.2011

  12. Megaphones are loud. A man sitting next to me at a foot ball game had one. When his favorite player scored a goal he yelled so loudly. I almost peed myself…

    By Gabrielle on 07.19.2011

  13. empty room fills, color molding into the dyeing sunlight. as piano stands taught holding strings, and sit by side boy plays algorithms. My eyes watering joy like a dark corner invisible. and i’m singing silently into a megaphone.

    By christopher on 07.19.2011

  14. I bit my lip. The handle was tight in my grip, the sweat on my hand making it feel slimy. I took a deep breath and shouted, “Jon McGregor, I love you!”

    By Elizabeth URL on 07.19.2011

  15. I wish i had a mega phone, i would scream at the top of my lungs into that thing to the assholes who cut me off in traffic or the assholes who broke my heart, how hard is it to get my hands on a megaphone. That shit is cool, i would give anything to have a megaphone Especially right this moment

    By Meghan on 07.19.2011

  16. v

    By Bri URL on 07.19.2011

  17. she was my best friend, I told he everything, all of my secrets. And now everyone knows them, knows everything about me, as though they were blurted through a megaphone at a high school football game.

    And I suppose that could very well been what had happened. The secrets of the shy, unpopular girl, blurted through a megaphone by the perky cheerleader at a high school football game that she knew was not the shy girl’s scene, pretending she really cared, when all she wanted do was hurt her.


    By jessica URL on 07.19.2011

  18. she stood there, in front of that building, the megaphone in her hands, waiting for a reaction of that boy wanting to jump. there was this suspense, and then the sound of his head hitin the floor

    By Luigi Santos URL on 07.19.2011

  19. megaphone

    By jazelle on 07.19.2011

  20. she screams loudly, but it’s not loud enough. finally someone finds the megaphone and bellows, in a surprisingly rich tenor voice, “It’s time for everyone to settle down and find their seats!” she stops and stares. it’s someone she’s seen before, many times, but never thought of. but that voice – she could melt.

    By silentalltheseYEARS URL on 07.19.2011

  21. something that makes your voice amplified. Usually used in gym class or in public spaces to get people’s attention. Its a form of a phone and is used at sporting events.

    By Spencer on 07.19.2011

  22. Just as the sun was setting, I raised the megaphone to my mouth and called in the loudest voice I could muster: “Give peas a chance.” Then walked away.

    By Abby URL on 07.19.2011

  23. Every other day, in the streets of urban Bangladesh, one can hear words blaring from a megaphone. Sometimes it’s sad because a person might be missing, other times, it’s some political issue. Either way, you’ll hear those megaphones loud and clear.

    By Nishat on 07.19.2011

  24. “my heart is like a loudspeaker – always set to eleven!”

    I love that song. It’s on a mix cd Courtney gave me, and I never get sick of it. I know all the words, and it always seems one hundred percent true.

    By withen-aych URL on 07.19.2011

  25. Attention attention
    I would like to inform you
    That the store is on fire.
    Attention attention
    Can you hear me now?
    Do you hear my warnings?
    Do you hear me now?
    The store is on fire
    Forget the deals and sales
    Attention attention

    By AsTallAsCliffs URL on 07.19.2011

  26. talking in the school lot. cheerleaders on a football field. big megaphone guy on annoying movies. I hate that guy. or girl. they are always the most annoying person and usually the one that everyone hates. but what if they are actually a really nice guy but no one knows it because they dont look past the megaphone?

    By Gill on 07.19.2011

  27. The megaphone amplified her voice more than she anticipated, and she stood there for a second, unable to think what to say.
    “Please, don’t do it!” she finally manages to say as she gazes up on top of the building.

    By Vyvyan URL on 07.19.2011

  28. oh, excuse me. The traffic flow is horrible here. Especially on Tuesdays, Market day. You know, farmers market, crafts and stuff. You need a megaphone to get anybodies attention really.

    By Seansj URL on 07.19.2011

  29. I don’t need no stinking megaphone. I am loud enough as is. I don’t consider myself loud, but I can project. 6 kids in the museum and they all could hear me when they needed to. I don’t think any one of the 6 got anything out of the

    By Sam URL on 07.19.2011

  30. John cringed as RTD shouted a few directions from his megaphone. The noise, though not directed at him, still beat coarsely against his eardrums and made his head throb in pain from the previous night’s alcoholic foray. John’s only condolence was an equally-painful-looking wince on David’s part.

    By floppybelly URL on 07.19.2011

  31. Megaphones are really annoying and they drive me nuts. Why do you think they are called megaphones? it’s like .. what’s so mega about it and it’s not really a phone. they are really annoying!

    By Meg on 07.19.2011

  32. I began with a golden megaphone and ended my journey at the top of a pile of shoes. I knew from the very starting line that the megaphone and only the megaphone would hold the uneasy and vexing power to end my age old problem- people with shoes. I could never bear them, or really the thought of their counterparts.

    By TigerLilly URL on 07.19.2011

  33. I wish my heart was a megaphone. Cause then I’d be able to speak the whole truth all the time. I sometimes think I’m a pathological liar. I actually don’t ever really think that. I do know that I lie a lot. I don’t know how to get better about shit like that.

    By Ellie URL on 07.19.2011

  34. A megaphone is such a crude instrument – designed to amplify the voice but not to beautify it. It exists only to project, and not to improve. But when one sees one, one is irresistibly drawn toward it.

    By Jessica URL on 07.19.2011

  35. u shout thru ur megaphone, useless words, gibberjabber. the words are spilling from ur mouth like hail, pelting anyone they touch, disturbbing thoughts or perfect moments. u praise urself thru ur megaphone.

    By grace on 07.19.2011

  36. I’d like to shout
    my thoughts and feelings
    from a megaphone while standing
    on a skyscraper balancing
    on the tip of the heavens
    so that finally everyone shall know
    that I matter

    By SprawlingInk URL on 07.19.2011

  37. Every time I see your face,
    So pure and natural with no make to cover up its intense beauty.
    Every time I stare at your body,
    Molded so flawless I could never change a thing.
    Every time I trace your skin,
    I’m surprised each and every time of its smoothness and cordiality.
    Every time I smell your sent,
    I want to pull you in so tight so that I can smell you forever.
    Every time I say your name,
    Happiness trips out of me.
    Every time you smile and stare into my eyes,
    I want to tell you.
    I want to take a megaphone and scream to you.
    I want to yell to you.
    I want to explain the pain inside when I realize you can never see me the same.
    I say, “ Hey, did you have a dream last night?”

    By greenveggies on 07.19.2011

  38. mr.ratchet continued, “bogdan whispered secrets about your farm having the cure for the plague, but he might as well been shouting it out with a megaphone. “

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.19.2011

  39. The thought of a megaphone brings me back to band camp, where we sweated our butts off in the sweltering Southern heat to the shouts of directions of our band director. All too clearly it comes back: the sweat, the tears, the sunburns, and the sense of being part of something so much bigger than yourself. Those were the days…

    By Elle Bane URL on 07.19.2011

  40. Shake. Do your thing. That’s what the songs say. And stay in form now, you hear? Do you HeaR? Do you heAR? Do you hEAR? Do you HEAR?! That’s what using a MEGAphone is all about. Magnify.

    By l URL on 07.19.2011