July 19th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “megaphone”

  1. pom poms at high school football rallies, school spirit marked on huge posters made by the ASB.

    By jinnylinny URL on 07.19.2011

  2. the megaphone on the wall called me one morning. I woke, picked it up. WHO IS THERE?? I asked. HOW DARE YOU RING ME THIS EARLY??? The man at the end of the line coughed, and the megaphone spurted blood. There I was, the megaphone in my hand, bleeding

    By clare on 07.19.2011

  3. The megaphone expands the reach of my voice. It carries it far, far away into the distance, reaching the ears of those who wouldn’t be able to hear me otherwise. Maybe that’s why advertising professionals like to use it as a symbol of their craft. Megaphones used to be way cooler back in the day, when they weren’t electronic.

    By vini on 07.19.2011

  4. Megaphone, chicken bone, hold the phone, ice cream cone. Throw a stone, I’m laying prone, and now my cover is blown. My time is up, and I will go home.

    By Donna URL on 07.19.2011

  5. A megaphone helps you at a football game. Being a cheerleader, it helps me grab peoples attention. It pumps the crowd up and gets the point across. A megaphone can me used in many ways. It can be used as a prop in a cheerleading photo. It also could be use to scream at your neighbors next door.

    By Jessica Cromley on 07.19.2011

  6. he wouldn’t listen to a word she was saying until she stormed over to the sidelines and grabbed becky’s cheer megaphone. only when she started screaming at him through it did matt begin to listen. unfortunatly, so did the entire auditorium.

    By devin on 07.19.2011

  7. i think a megaphone is like a phone where you have multiple conversations. i have my own megaphone…my friends and me live on it! also, in today’s world, you must have one!

    By Audrey Coutinho on 07.19.2011

  8. a weird loud thing that makes people extremely annoyed. Usually people scream while theyre talking through it….as if the actual megaphone wasnt supposed to make your voice louder by itself.

    By gg on 07.19.2011

  9. On average, “Christian” music bugs me. Often these artists are pale mediocre copies to another artist’s genius, copy-pasting styles and merely sticking in Christian references here or there. Very vague, no imagination, or beauty in their words. Simply filler for those too blind or afraid to see the beauty in “secular” music.

    …I don’t like Superchick, that’s for sure. *shudders*

    See, their logo is a chick screaming into a megaphone and that’s what got me..thinking…yeah…oop! Time’s up!

    By Arky URL on 07.19.2011

  10. it lets you talk louder when spoken through, your voice is amplified when spoken through this device, usually used in strikes or rallies to get voice heard from a crowd, i wish i could use a megaphone, because ive never used one.

    By jacqueline on 07.19.2011

  11. It’s really loud. Sort of annoying. Don’t cha think? Megan thinks it makes people sound smart. My pervy coach had a mega phone. He’s a meanie. .

    By Megabek on 07.19.2011

  12. As she began to survey the crowd, she clutched tightly to the megaphone, knowing what she was about to have to do. She couldn’t believe that it had actually come to this.

    By Shane Clements URL on 07.19.2011

  13. A megaphone is not a giant telephone. Stupid Clare.

    By Megabek on 07.19.2011

  14. a megaphone elucidates a leader, someone capable of being in charge. a man or woman given the chance to be the voice of a community or the country. a megaphone is louder than our own voices.

    By Jonathan URL on 07.19.2011

  15. I took the megaphone to announce to the whole gymnasium that I was in love with Annabelle, just as I had been since the beginning of freshmen year. Funny how those things turn out. She told me to prove I loved her….so, here I was. Announcing it to a room full of my peers who would mock me forever if I was turned down.

    By Christine Marie URL on 07.19.2011

  16. “Everybody line up!” the couch shouted through the megaphone.

    “Bobby and Susie, you are the team captains,” he said. “You each get to pick a team member, one at a time.”

    My heart sank, knowing I’d be the last girl picked, as always.

    By jspeed29 URL on 07.19.2011

  17. Inside me, I know, there is something falling apart. I can feel the little shards of it stabbing into my heart and lungs, making it hard to move, to breath. The feeling that something is wrong, even though I know everything in my life is right. The constant nagging worry in my mind that just wont let me be happy. I need to move out of here. I need to move out of here as fast as possible. Somewhere, someone has my cure. The pieces of his heart that stand over mine when everything feels like its falling apart, to let me know I’ll be ok. Please, please, let me be ok…. Just one wish. Just the one wish to hold his hand every day.

    By Lili on 07.19.2011

  18. In a room crowded full of people, I could’ve been screaming through a megaphone and no one would still have heard me. That’s when I realized I was completely alone, and always would be.

    By Meg Murray URL on 07.19.2011

  19. the principal started the pep rally by calling everyones attention on the megaphone. then, he handed the megaphone off to a student who used it to recite the pledge of allegance. when the pep rally began the megaphone was used by cheerleaders.

    By carrie covington on 07.19.2011

  20. Loudness is a burden on society. Not everyone deserves a megaphone, but thanks to modern technology, everyone now has one. Opinions are a dime a dozen and the natural selection that limits and weeds out the underdeveloped has been eliminated.

    By Cameron HIll on 07.19.2011

  21. megaphones are awesome! they’re just like a microphone just more portable and easier to use! you could stand up anywhere and just scream into it, like on a building or a house or something and just scream out whatever you want! i’ve always wanted to do that, but it’ll probably start a riot. The crazy person standing on top of a building screaming at passersby. Actually, i’d probably get arrested. I mean, i wouldn’t say anything bad or mean. Just say anything. I’d tell jokes, maybe sing a bit. Just generally cheer up everyones days. Someone should do that! I’d pay good money for that!

    By Yeah on 07.19.2011

  22. Megaphones always remind me of squeaky gyms and loud people. I’ve never used a megaphone but I guess that’s okay. I want to be loud without something helping me out. Y’know, if that makes any sense.

    By Delaney URL on 07.19.2011

  23. I don’t need a megaphone to express my feelings for you. They pour out of my skin, my pores. They radiate off of my very aura. I can’t hold in these feelings for you. They’re uncontrollable. And, frankly? I don’t care to.

    By mabelhastosay URL on 07.19.2011

  24. it’s a thing that helps your voice to be magnified and it’s cone shaped. it’s a phone that’s mega. police sometimes use it and sometimes even musicians use them. they are used to get attention. security people at festivals may use them. they can be used as toys. some have voice changing buttons on them to make your voice lower or higher pitched. they are cool.

    By Leah on 07.19.2011

  25. You know what I think of when I think of a megaphone? I think of cheerleaders, particularly Sue Sylvester’s cheerleaders the Cheerios. How funny. Then I think of the sign I saw at school that says that saying something is gay is like saying a cheerleader is stupid, I totally agree.

    By Hope on 07.19.2011

  26. To speak so loudly, that nothing doesn’t hear you. Not softly, announcing, pronounced, and bold. Like primary colors, noticeable and vibrant.

    By cassi on 07.19.2011

  27. a megaphone is very helps you yell ay people. uhm it is awkwardly shaped..coaches use see them at sport games…they are fun to irritate your friends with uhm….i love them.megaphone megaphone megaphone i dont know what else to say…yeah megaphone lets make a song with just megaphone…..mega megaphone mega megaphone ooh ooh megaphone

    By Courtney Barber on 07.19.2011

  28. Glee. Loud. Annoying. Lime Truck. Crazy Dance. TV. Great Food Truck Race. August. School. Job? Maybe I should use a megaphone and tell everyone to HIRE ME! and play some crazy tune in the background.

    By Amy URL on 07.19.2011

  29. Giant phone descending from the clouds! “I…AM…Megaphone!” You shall henceforth make all calls through me. I decree that all must have 60 free minutes.

    By Kat Erickson on 07.19.2011

  30. I slid into the leather chair that sat in a corner of the lobby, took out a cigarette, lit it, watched the embers build up. Down the hall in one of the offices I heard the melancholy tone of a megaphone, so beautiful; the jazzy/blues rhythm filled my ears, filled my soul. I smiled, and inhaled, let my cigarette smoke surround me.

    By YouCanOnlyWrite URL on 07.19.2011

  31. A megaphone is used to blow words into someone’s ears. A megaphone is used by cops to bring them down from a hostage situation. A megaphone is used to yell at school kids when they don’t listen. A megaphone is used at events to blow everyone away with awesome sound and music. What ever you use a megaphone for it is all good with me.

    By David Ruiz URL on 07.19.2011

  32. A very Loud “machine” that assists Speaking to large crowds by Amplifying their voice. I think that they are too noisy! I cannot think what would happen if you connected several megapones but I’m sure it would be loud.

    By Ash Ketchum on 07.19.2011

  33. loud. . wish that you have a megaphone in a room that you feel alone in. how many times ive sat in a loud room alone, wishing to yell through a megaphone.

    By Laura on 07.19.2011

  34. I walked across the football field towards him, not thinking, not caring that he was surrounded by all of his friends.One of them nudged him and he turned around. I heard the head cheerleader yelling at the other girls on the other side of the field through her megaphone,
    heard the slamming of bodies crashing as the football players practiced. But all I could see were his blue eyes, watching me walk towards him, full of bristling curiosity.

    By YouCanOnlyWrite URL on 07.19.2011

  35. Megaphones kind of remind me of when I was a little kid and there was this clown standing at the party i had gone to. He was not a kind of clown you wanted at a party, but he just started to scream and scream at us about how we weren’t good enough to survive in society, and how if we ever wanted to make something of ourselves we should join the marines. I was very confused and slightly mentally scarred.

    By Morgan on 07.19.2011

  36. blaring loud,
    never stop,
    millions of people,
    walking about,
    on the streets,
    and in the stores,
    nyc is like a giant megaphone

    By bluejaysfly URL on 07.19.2011

  37. She always wanted to be a cheerleader. When the new school opened up and was holding open auditions, she was ecstatic. She talked her Mom into taking her to ABC school for try-outs, which wasn’t an easy feat considering how much it was going to cost. She had the highest of hopes, knowing it was a new school, therefore there wasn’t a previous clique she would have to break into. The day came, and she was ready. She and her mom jumped into the car and headed out. It was too bad her mom drove to XYZ school instead of ABC school and caused her to miss try-outs.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 07.19.2011

  38. “No running by the pool!” the tinny megaphone croaked at the swimmers. The two children, playing tag by the looks of it, slowed too a swift power-walk. Stiff legged, they stilted after each other. The one with longer legs closed the gap and made a lunge at his friend. In a wriggling mass, they tumbled back into the water, the sun sparkling on the ripples they left in their plunge.

    By torin URL on 07.19.2011

  39. Trollers Gonna Troll, Haters gonna hate, Use a megaphone, like a boss. :Trollface:

    By Idon'twantyou toknowmyname on 07.19.2011

  40. mega phone is a smart phone, launched by abc company it hav a various interesting features in it with a very user friendly o/s

    By Himanshu URL on 07.19.2011