July 10th, 2011 | 463 Entries

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463 Entries for “mean”

  1. A lot of people can be too mean for my liking, but sometimes I think maybe I’m the one who’s mean. Because, really, I can be a bitch. A real bitch. Still, I try to be nice to other people most of the time but I definitely come across as if I was a stuck up bitch who has better things to do than have to talk to other people. How depressing is that? Not that much, really, but whatever.

    By BN on 07.10.2011

  2. i mean, what can i say. i guess it could be that mean means mean or i guess it is really all about people being mean to me or me being mean to them. i mean, do you understand what i mean? i don’t love to be mean, but sometimes i am mean. i guess that is what everyone can say. i don’t like people that are mean because a person should do unto others. at least that is my philosophy on a good day.

    By Stacey URL on 07.10.2011

  3. Sometimes I am really mean to the people who love me and care. I was really mean to a friend last week, she was a bit tactless and I overreacted.I don’t mean to be mean.

    By Locsalot URL on 07.10.2011

  4. my life is based on people mean and nice i myself can be mean but id rather be nice what is the meaning of mean it has many meanings like what you mean so what does this mean.

    By jamie on 07.10.2011

  5. What does it all mean, this world, this life. The people who say I love you, who say I hate you. What does it mean when you look at the sky, gaze at the stars and feel so alone. What does it mean when we say yesterday is the past, today is the present and tomorrow, tomorrow is the future

    By overembellished on 07.10.2011

  6. it was a very long time ago, but seems like it was only yesaterday. the marks on my back throb when the thought of him comes to mind. his cruel abuse is still vivid in my head. his abuse scarred my mind as well as my body

    By nicole howarth on 07.10.2011

  7. She was mean. Mean mean mean mean mean. Everyone knew it. But that didn’t mean anything. Everyone knew she was mean. But they all still loved her. They still wanted to be her. Because she was beautiful. Her eyes, bright green emeralds. Her hair, dark brown waves.

    By Meg Barrett URL on 07.10.2011

  8. Someone mean writes here often, and for a change it might not be me. So is it you? It just might be…

    By Nelson URL on 07.10.2011

  9. mean? what do you mean? im not mean. i am mean to be honest, im mean to people i know very well and im mean to people i dont know at all TO people i know very well. its mean to be mean but it can pay to be mean too, at work and so on, you cant win every battle with kindness people, you just cant. MEAN!!!!!!!!

    By Cat on 07.10.2011

  10. How do I mean it? Clearly, intensely, lovingly. Not at all in a mean way. It’s my intention not to continue with what was my habit of miserly stinginess, but to be generous.

    By Valerahaha URL on 07.10.2011

  11. why are people so mean all the time. is it really that hard to be nice? are you just having a bad day or something are are you just a mean person in general. Its not right for you to be mad at epople just because you are having a bad day. be nice.

    By Anisa on 07.10.2011

  12. I think being mean is a terrible way to spend your time. We’re all on this planet together for such a short period of time, how sad that some people would choose to preoccupy themselves with actively trying to make that experience unpleasant for their fellow citizens.

    By Dublem on 07.10.2011

  13. I didn’t mean it when I said you were pretty. I didn’t mean it when I said you were smart. I didn’t mean it when I said you were better than me. I was just too scared, and you were simply too mean.

    By Finch URL on 07.10.2011

  14. A double rainbow!

    What does it mean?!

    By Amanda URL on 07.10.2011

  15. Taylor Swift. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the word “mean”. Not because she’s mean or anything. I love her. But it’s because I keep hearing her song “Mean” on the radio! Especially on the country station. But I guess I don’t mind that. It’s just not one of my favorite songs by her.

    By xstal URL on 07.10.2011

  16. The girl was unbelievably mean. Why did she always bully me? She wore the shortest skirts, the highest heals,and was the prettiest at school. I could see her pointing and glancing at me as she spoke to her friends, laughing gleefully. A part of me envied her popularity, but I knew I had a better character.

    By siba on 07.10.2011

  17. There are different meanings in life. No one in this world knows how to find them anymore. They just go on with their business, not caring what the world is trying to tell them, Oblivious to everything going on around them. But I can see behind that. I can see things no one else can see. And I understand what we are doing to this world, how it will affect our future generations. And I see so much more. Human beings are pathetic things that, if they just took a few minutes to take a look around them and listen to everything, they would find they are capable of saving so many lives and fixing so many problems.

    By Rukia on 07.10.2011

  18. Mean, mean people. know some mean people. I think that the only way for a mean person to stop being so cruel is to flat out tell them they are mean. You can’t just say “You’re a meanie” You have to make sure that the know that they are a mean person. You have to embed that so deep into their mind that they know “I am a mean person. I need to start changing because I don’t want to go to Applebees alone…” Yup.

    By Cap'n Boots URL on 07.10.2011

  19. You are so mean. You make people feel like crap and you don’t give a damn, because you feel “good” with yourself but you hurt other people.

    By Fran URL on 07.10.2011

  20. i mean, i am not afraid of you. i love you, or.. i dont love you anymore. i met someone else… this is every man in the world.

    By Florencia Menoyo on 07.10.2011

  21. People are mean sometimes. Everyone has their mean moments. Mean people can be hurtful. But sometimes they can just be telling the truth and not being able to say it nicely.

    By Kendall on 07.10.2011

  22. what do you mean? you ask, as if i ment anything. I don’t know, you say, I mean what I said. why don’t youever belive me? I do, I just don’t understand. you say somehting like that and you don’t expect me to ask?

    By tess on 07.10.2011

  23. A mean girl I knew as a child was small and had a black bowl-haircut. She stole my Strawberry Shortcake doll, and I found it in her toybox during a play date. Her mother was so embarrassed. I tried to find her on Facebook.

    By Alice URL on 07.10.2011

  24. Mean

    People come to mind. Specific people.

    What does that mean? “Mean?” Maybe it means intentional harm, or pleasure derived from harm to others, or maybe it just means someone who doesn’t care enough about anyone but themselves to make sure they never do anything to harm another.

    I hate people sometimes.

    (Yeah I know… pot… kettle…. blah blah blah.)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.10.2011

  25. is it mean as in not nice or mean as in the meaning or what does it mean? perhaps it’s a bit of both. when you say what you mean, you can be mean, taken as mean, interpreted as mean and viewed as mean. i am often told that i am mean. i am just to the point.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 07.10.2011

  26. She is mean. She hates her family, and they hate her. Nothing she does can change her attitude, not the fresh breeze that wafts in her window in the morning nor her dog that kisses her awake. She is cruel to her “friends” and they in turn, are cruel to her. No one likes her because she is mean.

    By Alicia on 07.10.2011

  27. he had taken her books. he had thrown them on the street. turned to her and stared. then left. nothing else said. no goodbye, not even an insult. just the mean intention of silence.

    By Katja on 07.10.2011

  28. If you follow me closely, I will show you what we have become. I know what you mean.

    By Philip on 07.10.2011


    By b URL on 07.10.2011

  30. someone can’t really be mean anymore, i don’t think. They can only be too honest for the taste of the person about whom they are being “mean”. I have known mean people in my life, and I do know mean people, but they’re not really mean, they just tell the truth too often in the wrong circumstances or when it doesn’t really need to be told.

    By Megan on 07.10.2011

  31. MEAN as in average. It’s the norm. If you have five numbers, the mean may not be any of them, it’s all of them together divided by 5, cool RIGHT?!?! i know. mean. it’s light purple. Liliac! Liliac!

    By Melanie on 07.10.2011

  32. Taylor Swift has a song called mean. It’s farely childish- as is most of her work. I mean I think to myself, couldn’t she have come up with a synonym? “Why you gotta be so mean?” isn’t exactly genius. I don’t know, clearly some people like it. Maybe she was trying to appeal to the simple minded audience.

    By Lucy on 07.10.2011

  33. “What do you mean, Hal?”
    I turned away, looking down a the glistening snow before looking up into his grey eyes, “I had to tell someone. I can’t keep it inside anymore. I killed him and I don’t regret it.”
    “You blamed him for it.”
    “I know.”

    By Kori on 07.10.2011

  34. i always hated her, that retreating lean figure i watched strut against the halls
    i guess it was because
    at the very heart
    i knew i wanted to be like you
    and i hated myself for that
    eyeshadow gleaming in the sun, sprayed out beer can profile pictures
    who wants to be like you?

    By Annie URL on 07.10.2011

  35. Watching Alice in Wonderland… What does it mean?

    By Delaine on 07.10.2011

  36. What more people are to one another in a failed attempt to make themselves feel better about who they are. The least useful use of your life.

    By Miles on 07.10.2011

  37. people. without even thinking about it they can be rude and mean. It then rubs off to the rest of the people that they interact with or come into contact with. It is up to those people if they continue a change reaction. If we look at someone being mean maybe we should look at them with sadness instead of hate.

    By stephanie on 07.10.2011

  38. girls. girls from elementary school that find me vulnerable. me when i’m impatient, tired, frustrated. the average of a set of numbers. mean. people.

    By Rachel on 07.10.2011

  39. what does it all mean? does anything mean anything? We are the ones who give meaning to words, memories, life. We’re the ones who make things worth remembering, or life worth living – so let’s not be mean about it! ;)

    By mollyruth URL on 07.10.2011

  40. me, sometimes. angry, jealous, spiteful, horrible grammar. girls, boys, inbetweens. my family, but never my friends. work, customers.

    By laura on 07.10.2011