February 12th, 2012 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “maze”

  1. This is all a maze. and by this I mean highschool. In Gabriel Garcia Marquez terms, we’re all in a labrynth of suffering, well no, just highschoolers. Because high school sucks.

    By Livy URL on 02.12.2012

  2. Round and round, that’s the easy way to go. And it’s easy to compare life to a maze…this one is not hard to make deep. We wander around, looking for our way out of the maze, looking for the happiness at the end of the tunnel. But sometimes, we just have to enjoy the challenge, the confusion, the wandering, the maze of life.

    By Jess.Dream. URL on 02.12.2012

  3. The giant dark maze was getting old, I knew my way through and I knew that the cheese at the end would be old, stale and swiss. And swiss cheese is nasty, why would they but that for a lab rat anyways? It seems expensive, I;d much rather have a nice chedder or motzerella.

    By Spirit URL on 02.12.2012

  4. This is a MAZE ing.
    Or maybe that’s just a bad pun for your own amusement.
    This is a MAIZE ing.
    That’s certainly a pun for my amusement, because that’s what farmers with corn do – they create bad puns to amuse themselves while the little kids run around screaming, lost in the golden and green forest of corn that hasn’t been harvested quite yet.
    I just enjoy planning the maze for each new year, I guess.

    By Lancir URL on 02.12.2012

  5. I race–round the corner and then around another. Which way? Which way? I feel frenzied and frazzled. Which way?! I know there’s an end. I just don’t know where or how to get there.

    By KristaQM URL on 02.12.2012

  6. what a maze life can be. there are so many twists and turns, unexpected and vague. just when everything seems like it is straightened out, another complication comes up, and you don’t know which way to turn. decisions, decisions. there is always so much to think about, and life will never be truly “figured out.”

    By Julie Marie URL on 02.12.2012

  7. maze is how i would describe my life at this point in time. there are a lot of options of where i could go next. i’m not sure where each path leads and i know some paths will lead to dead ends. it’s hard to not be sure of what is next for me. i just keep walking and hope the journey will be a fun one. only time will tell.

    By Twin URL on 02.12.2012

  8. I am a rat trapped in the winding maze of my mind. Another agitated turn, another dead end. At this point, I’m not even sure where I’m going any more. As soon as I think I find the correct path to wherever it is I intend to go, I end up completely turned around, disoriented. My eyes blink beadily as I try to remember the way out, the ways I must have turned in order to get this deep into the neverending labyrinth of strange thoughts and memories (not even all of which I can recall as being my own), and what important, unknown thing lies outside of my self-created walls. I am nothing but a scared, sniffling little creature when faced with the alarming complexities of my own mental reality, fabricated or otherwise. I worry that if I remain in this maze longer than my patience can last, I will either use my sharp teeth to chew a hole through the walls or chew off my feet so I do not have to run in circles any longer.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.12.2012

  9. what a maze life can be. there are so many twists and turns, unexpected and vague. just when everything seems like it is straightened out, another complication comes up, and you don’t know which way to turn. decisions, decisions. there is always so much to think about, and life will never be truly “figured out.”

    By Julie Marie URL on 02.12.2012

  10. “It’s a maze, calm down, it’s a maze!” She reached out, grabbing wildly, relieved when her efforts were not in vain. “Calm down you blockheads!” She tightened her grip on the boys’ arms.

    “Shuei?” The one on the left licked his lips nervously. “They never said anything about a maze. No one. No maze. This is dangerous.”

    “The scroll didn’t say anything either.” She wrinkled her nose. “But it did warn of traps. This is probably one of them.”

    “A puzzle?” Ralph blinked. “Aw, man! We gotta solve another puzzle?”

    “Oh that does it!” Shuei let go, watching as the sensors overhead immediately flickered to life. Two spots of bright red reflected on her companions before the system declared them ‘dead’.

    “Shuei!” Both boys protested. “How could you?”

    The girl rolled her eyes.

    By Sara H. URL on 02.12.2012

  11. The girl ran through the maze, darting around sharps corners and sprinting down endless corridors. Panic began to settle in as she considered that, perhaps, there was no way out. She thrashed against the walls screaming, but it appeared the was no escape. Frantically, she continued to run, tears streaming down her face at every turn she was unsure of whether of not to take.

    By Kaylyn URL on 02.12.2012

  12. “I’ll be waiting for you.” His grip on my hand didn’t even lessen. “I’ll be on the other side.”

    “I know.” I didn’t try to pull away. “I’ll walk as fast as I can.”

    “Fly, if you must.” He whispered.

    “If I must.” I tried to smile for him, for us.

    “You have to go now.”

    “I know.”

    “They’ll eat their words when you come out on the other end.”

    “I know.”

    “They’ll never be able to hold this against us again.”

    “I know.”

    “I…love you.”

    “See you on the other side.” I pulled free from his hands and ran to the entrance of the maze. I would find the exit. I would find him. No matter the cost.

    By Sara H. URL on 02.12.2012

  13. My mind is like a maze, and I’m lost. Someone stole my map along the way and I can’t remember the way back home. If i take your hand will you promise to lead me to safety?

    By Katie URL on 02.12.2012

  14. Darkness. It was all he could see. He had too keep going, but where? Turn left, or go straight? He couldn’t stop, they were getting closer. How could they know every turn he was taking?

    By Ryan on 02.12.2012

  15. Her hair is a maze of silk and gold, all tangled in ways that his fingers long to trace, following the whirls and knots to their conclusion. He stares at it every Monday at 3 pm from the seat behind her, and once he reached out and ran a single finger down a single strand, hoping she wouldn’t feel it and turn around but also hoping that she would.

    By Katie on 02.12.2012

  16. the maze brought back memories. distant memories she never wished to revisit. memories of darker times and painful actions. yet there she was, lost in a maze, and swimming in a pool of regrets within the parameters of her mind. and then she thought, will this kill me? feeling the cold- or perhaps imagining it- she could not stop running, running as fast as she could through the tall tunnels which enclosed her. running. running from anything, everything.

    By melina2134 URL on 02.12.2012

  17. The green walls continued to fill view as I twisted and turned through the webs of my mind. I ran and skipped, I jumped and I sprinted until I was lost underneath myself created maze.

    By LittleLionWoman on 02.12.2012

  18. Into the maze I go. I cross the threshold all at once foolish, hopeful, and bold. What horrors await, I do not know. But you don’t miss me, and I’ve only the cold wind to kiss me, but should I come back – the puzzle cracked, perhaps you’ll love me so.

    By Blood and Honey URL on 02.12.2012

  19. My life is a maze, of confusion, of discovery of events that have shaped me for better or for worse. I can love the wonder of discovering whats around the next corner, or I can fear the uncertainty of it all. I can choose. While the maze doesn’t change, I can. I can change my perspective and choose to enjoy the journey.

    By Barbra on 02.12.2012

  20. I’m never one to figure out the best use of CTRL or ALT, but navigating through this new age, I found it necessary to speak QWERTY if I was to stay afloat admiss a sea of

    By Ruben URL on 02.12.2012

  21. Maps are simply mazes.

    By humdedum on 02.12.2012

  22. I see how amazing he really is when we are just hanging out as friends. that’s the best way to do it. I’ve always liked him and the first time we meet was when we got lost in a maze where the walls were mirrors. he helped me out and i helped him. i have liked him since then and when he kissed me i knew it was meant to be :)

    By Love.Hope.Smile. URL on 02.12.2012

  23. maze

    By Amit on 02.12.2012

  24. I go through this maze and I find myself alone once more, once and twice again. I find myself alone and pretending to be together once and twice again. How beautiful; how fun can this game of pretend become?

    By Emily URL on 02.12.2012

  25. I sat on the dirt floor of the corn maze and cried after you told me you loved her.

    By lilldeh URL on 02.12.2012

  26. My confusion, my newest puzzle which has never been without consequence. My love and my hatred pretend to pretend to rival and argue. I miss these things I once had because of you.

    By Emily URL on 02.12.2012

  27. As she jumped into the maze she wondered…”what and I doing here. Why am I here. And how do I get out of this labyrinth?” But she already knew the answer. She was doing this for him. It had always been for him.

    By Kate M. on 02.12.2012

  28. I always wanted one of the gardens you see in England that are hedges cut in a maze, where you walk, and get lost in it’s stringent pattern.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.12.2012

  29. The corn maze is a staple in the commercial farm harvest festival. It’s great fun to hide in it in the dark and leap out and scare people. Well worth the $5 admission, if you ask me.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 02.12.2012

  30. Herein, lies a secret floral maze,
    Beneath bone and fragments, and the life ring,
    Beneath even the bindings of our souls to one,
    Each petal blooms and envelops
    The fingers,
    The clavicle,
    The sternum,
    The coxals,
    Even the littlest of the phalanges, are
    Sweetly drizzled in the sweat
    Of remembrance.

    By Jocelyn URL on 02.12.2012

  31. I gave birth to a maze. It grew from my chest, like a twisted snake. A snake that I entered. Its inside was hollow and sounded tinny. The world outside echoed, like an iron dome.

    By alex URL on 02.12.2012

  32. I ran around for hours and hours, only to find another dark corner, or the same familiar wall, and then I finally woke up. Has this become my life? I’ve fallen into this same dull routine, and it’s time to escape.

    By Sarah on 02.12.2012

  33. It was intricate, and elaborate. And I was lost. But the problem is, I really had no desire to be found. My thoughts tip toe around, like that game with the miniature pin ball, but bounce back quickly. Keeping me safe. I doubt I’ll get out unscathed.

    By Tiffany on 02.12.2012

  34. trapped. the corn maze on the edge of the highway. the one where cars slow their roll, peer out at heads ducking and bobbing and weaving. the one where i shout in exasperation: “it’s just a fucking maze!”

    By zoe on 02.12.2012

  35. The maze in your head was nothing compared to the holes in your pocket. You say you don’t care, and you love her. But what happens when I love you? I tried telling myself it wouldn’t work. “I saw how you looked at that girl,” she said in spanish when she picked me up one day. “Si, Tia, yo la amo…”

    By Ellie URL on 02.12.2012

  36. Trapped in your mind, also in this shrubbery. You heard once that all mazes follow a simple principle; place your right hand on the wall and follow it. The strategy seems to work, but you keep getting lost. And you come across something unexpected. What is–

    By Megan Blease URL on 02.12.2012

  37. Life itself is a maze. I am reminded of a sunset. Sunsets are always beautiful and moving, yet they are always different. Not once have I seen the same sunset twice, because each is unique. In the same way, our lives, though mazes, are always beautiful. Though they are constantly changing, and we are constantly weaving, there is so much beauty to be found throughout all the maneuvering.

    By Sierra on 02.12.2012

  38. Pathos est, chaos, going forward into the mobile, a carrying quantity, carrying with you, a bit of wisdom, for the coming journey, meniscus, orange, a reddening dawn, to wit, I say, it be a maze..

    By Shawn on 02.12.2012

  39. My entire thought process is a maze. Turn left, find the warehouse–an empty room full of thoughts that have been forgotten or packed away for later use. Turn right, find the river–tidbits of knowledge flowing along at an endless pace, soon to pass through completely and go to the warehouse.

    By Kristiana on 02.12.2012

  40. It is a puzzle: ezam ? Cannnot figure it out !

    By lenny URL on 02.12.2012