May 16th, 2013 | 166 Entries


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166 Entries for “manhattan”

  1. High skys and higher ambition. Beautiful people with matching briefcases and shoes and jobs and apartments which glare down onto lesser beautiful peope’s rooms. Acidic smells of fast food and packaging with advertisements slung around them my trained and low paid hands. A fast day, coffe-bagel-coffe-type-metro. I think. Ugly trains, ugly pavements, ugly cars with angry drivers. Manhattan.

    By Rebecca Lines URL on 05.17.2013

  2. You’ll never look out of place in that city, but then again, you could be lost and alone.

    By Natalie URL on 05.17.2013

  3. I have never been to Manhatten before in my life. I hear it is in New York but I have only been to New York a few times. I am a bartender and I make manhattans but not too often, that kind of drink is more for rich people. Some people like olives in theres, they like them up, they like them down, some even like the, dirty. Carrie Bradshaw was from Mnahatten I think. She w

    By samantha kuncio on 05.17.2013

  4. manhattan is a city in new york. i think. there’s a movie about is. i think it’s something like made in manhattan. and there’s a disney movie that takes place in manhattan i think. it’s with josh hutcherson. and yeah… manhattan.

    By Halez on 05.17.2013

  5. Tall city buildings imprinted themselves into her mind catching in her eye. She rubbed at it vigorously, irritated at the constant sting of whatever was caught there. It was ridiculous. This had never happened before.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.17.2013

  6. is the place where people believe they will have their dreams come true , even though they may not know that is more difficult than they think , dreams are always special , the way people think they are going to be , and what expectations of life they have. How they see their selfs in 10 years, the new car, the designer clothes , or just a nice painting in an art gallery , but hey, if their is a lot of people that had accomplished their dreams, lets just give it a try , to fulfill our destiny.


  7. Steam billowed up from the sidewalk as hot rain poured onto it. People rushed pass each other, hurriedly seeking the nearest stoop to escape the downpour. Taxis rushed by, windshield wipers on full blast, rejecting the torrent that bled from the sky.

    By Kate URL on 05.17.2013

  8. Tall shadows, humans and pigeons. Money, water, taxi’s and diamonds in the sky.

    By Gina on 05.17.2013

  9. There are no more people left in Manhattan. At least I don’t think so. At the same time I don’t want to find any people; I worry that they’ll kill me, eat me, that even within these past three days I’ve been alone humanity has turned around and forgotten how to actually be human.

    By Mia on 05.17.2013

  10. The cool amber liquid was slowly poured into the mould,
    Shaping the city that it was to become.
    There’s something fiery and bitter about this city,
    With just a touch of sweetness.
    The gods had a hard time holding their liquor,
    And that’s when the citizens took over.

    By Siege URL on 05.17.2013

  11. i love manhattan. bright lights, big city. such a cliche. but, it’s so true. when i arrive to the city and exit the cab to take my first step onto NYC ground, i feel gloriously overwhelmed by the beating life of the city under my feet.

    By l on 05.17.2013

  12. In a big city. A place where well off people live and work. I want to visit there one day, but I don’t want to live there. It’s just a place that I would like to see. I have only seen this place in movies and read about it in books.

    By Anna B on 05.17.2013

  13. It was in Manhattan that I met him. His eyes were dark brown and the kindest I had ever seen. The way his clothes moved about his body was like a choreographed dance. I needed to be near him at all times. I would call him in the middle of the night throwing my voice over the city asking him if he loved me. “Love you? Well of course little Cat, I have loved you all along.”

    By Ariane Elizabeth URL on 05.17.2013

  14. skycrapers tower over me like I was a bug in a bed of nails. There is no comfort in this place. But there is wonderment. unknown mysteries to seek out. People milling about with purpose. Yet they all have a confused or sobering look. Do not make eye contact lest you become one of them. I try to find my destination without looking like a pathetic traveller – which I am of sorts. Pathetic maybe not, but a traveller at heart.

    By Christianne Rodrigues on 05.17.2013

  15. The heat was sweltering as we lowered our bodies out from the fire escape. I had everything I owned in a small pack strapped to my back. When I reached the edge I looked back and saw him standing in our kitchen looking over the counter tops with one last longing look. “C’mon Bill, we ought to be going.” He turned his head and with a small, sad smile nodded and stepped out the window. “It’s just, you know, it’s the start of us here, and we’re leaving it.”

    By Ariane Elizabeth URL on 05.17.2013

  16. I’d never really been in awe of New York. Most people are, but it just seemed too idealized. But running around Manhattan with Sara was quite enjoyable. I could visit there, But I could never live there, too much grey, not enough green.

    By Kelsey on 05.17.2013

  17. The streets were fullled with strangers, it was so natural to feel like a stranger fulll with stranger, there is no greater feeling than having the doubt of the other subject´s feeling, ideas, thoughts, etc. But in the end, we are all strangers to ourselves.

    By Santiago on 05.17.2013

  18. Hace algunos años que pisé manhattan. Era la epoca de los gansgters americanos que dedicaban su vida a corromper el sistema y al contrabando. fue entonces cuando conocí al lider. Un hombre alto que siempre portaba lentes obsuros y se escondía tras un traje negro.

    By Drako URL on 05.17.2013

  19. A place in the western side of the world. America probably. Also a setting for some movies that I have seen. I remember Spiderman

    By John on 05.17.2013

  20. What Manhattan ? Have read so many times, that life becomes really wonderful, once you familiarize this world’s best hot spot. I haven’t seen anybody who would fall for this time tested myth.. all bloody tall tales.

    By Jaypee Raj on 05.17.2013

  21. In 54 days I will actually be in Manhattan and i could just cry with joy. I havent been to new york in two years and i miss it so much :(
    i only have to last until june with these summer classes then i can start packing and pray to God that my mother books these tickets cause i don’t want to be there without them.
    I can’t count on it to be the best time of my life but i’ll be happy with the fact that i’m in new york and i’m with my family and nothing is going to change that. My flight is booked and i put in my days off. Now only time will tell. I just need to have faith.

    By Nadia URL on 05.17.2013

  22. 94th element in the periodic table – plutonium, enabled the project that wiped out Nagasaki. The Manhattan project. Science lives on. Thousands of lives ended.

    By ms on 05.17.2013

  23. I used to want to live in Manhattan. Was a childish dream of mine, I wanted to be Carrie from Sex in the City, and I always thought life was going to end up like that. I mean, it’s no where near close to over, so I guess it still could.
    I’m very unlucky in love, and my writing is only bound to end up as a journalist. So maybe I will be able to live in New York City as Carrie just like I always wanted in life.

    By Hope on 05.17.2013

  24. I dislike New York, too many people, too much pressure, too much hype, and too many Marvel superheroes.

    By Kelsey URL on 05.17.2013

  25. Manhattan is an interesting city. I mean, you hear more different languages than english. You are surrounded by people of various cultures. You are surrounded by different. Stretched emotionally. Connecting with people.

    By Katy on 05.17.2013

  26. i don’t understand why you’d left me in my best dress.

    By Ezeh on 05.17.2013

  27. Manhattan is located in New York. It is where the rich folks live. The apartment rents is sky high; cost of living period is tooooo high. But on the bright side, there are alot of things to do

    By Vixen Black URL on 05.17.2013

  28. It’s the most beautiful island in the world, a chunk of land holding millions and millions of people. And yet, despite the crammed ness and the noise and the crowds, there are always places that you can go that feel absolutely empty and peaceful. Manhattan is where people go to get lost but ultimately find themselves. Manhattan is where people go because they don’t want to be seen, but want to see others every day. It’s a tiny island and yet it is beautiful/ It has it’s slums, it has its bad areas. It has the places that you don’t want to go under any circumstances, and yet it’s the place that I want to go more than anyone else.

    By TayB on 05.17.2013

  29. It was dark out the light fading from the hollow buildings. It was desolate and grey. Grimacing I tasted my stale coffee. Light had faded from the world. What a Shame too. There was so many potability’s.
    So much death to be had here.

    By MacKenzie URL on 05.17.2013

  30. I’ve never been to Manhattan, and I’m not sure what it even is. Was it a town in America? Or was it a state?

    I wouldn’t know because I don’t know much about the world. I have a computer that I surf with but I still don’t know very much.

    I don’t know very much at all, even though I have one of the many portals on knowledge in front of me. Am I stupid? Or am I just naive?

    I don’t know, but maybe others know. Maybe that’s why they call me stupid. Maybe that’s why this story has nothing to do with Manhattan anymore.

    By Roma on 05.17.2013

  31. it is a city . may be the men there might have worn hats regularly hence the name manhattan.

    By sangeetha on 05.17.2013

  32. the people clung to whatever piece of the city they could hold: buildings, streetlights, fire hydrants. they formed human chains, gripping each other by the arms and legs. around them, cars rained down to the distant earth; pedestrians, too, people who hadn’t managed to find an anchor when the city rose up out of the ground, a great beast made of concrete and pavement. miles below, the hudson, harlem, and east rivers swirled violently around the beast’s ankles, sucked into the gaping hole it left behind, crashing into the atlantic ocean and making it roil. the beast did not roar: it had the screams of its thousands of citizens to herald its awakening, the shattering of glass, the groans of crushed buildings and crumpled streets as it stretched and bent its massive limbs. there was blood now in the whirling waters below, and more bodies shaken off by the moment. the beast did not roar; but it breathed its first breath, and the wind howled.

    By mira URL on 05.17.2013

  33. It seems really beautiful, and i’d like to live there one day, maybe open up a afé there, just cause i want to. Ill sell Scones, muffins, tea, and books and music. it’ll be amazing, or so i hope. Some day, when that works out, i hope to be an artist, making paintings and sending them off to art galleries around the world. I also really like writing, and hope to publish a book.

    By Helena Karabatsos on 05.17.2013

  34. Manhattan seems nice. Its also where Percy jackson lives. I wish i was a demigod. it would be awesome, riding dragons and pegasi. I also really like divergent. I hink id be a dauntless

    By Helena Karabatsos on 05.17.2013

  35. kapag dumating ang panahon na kailangan kitang iwanan,
    huwag mo akong kalimutan.
    bibitbitin kita sa banyagang bansa, ipagmamalaki kita,
    hinding hindi ka dapat magalala.
    hahanapin kita sa bawat sulok, bawat kanto.
    lungsod ko, wala nang tatalo sayo.

    By h. b. URL on 05.17.2013

  36. Bomb. We were quite a team. Gathered in that small but modern lab. If only we had known what we would create but we did know.

    By Paul on 05.17.2013

  37. This was not the city I had grown up in, but it was the city I had grown to love. I fell in love with the tall buildings, true to their name as their tips scraped the sky and dipped into the soft clouds. The bright city lights shone at night, guiding me to my small studio apartment; the day was a maze of buildings that were like a manmade range of mountains.

    By that one dude with the face URL on 05.17.2013

  38. I’ve never REALLY been to Manhattan. I have always wanted to, but a combination of the fact that it’s a pain in the ass to get to, and the fact that I really really love the city of Philadelphia, it’s something that has never been a priority. I DO love the Woody Allen movie of the same name, however, but that’s neither here nor there.

    By Jon on 05.17.2013

  39. Busy
    Mind numbing
    Open windows.

    By Jordan Barker URL on 05.17.2013

  40. manhattan is a district of new york, and is arguably the biggest behind Harlem, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Upon a visit to manhattan, one could gaze for hours upon the statue of liberty, the empire state building, and the 911 memorial. now that i have more time, i can inform you about the high crime rate that runs rampant in manhattan. lots of people are killed, raped, and mutilated by gangs and your average every-day crack-head. manhattan is named after the manhatten project because nagasaki killed alot.

    By thimble URL on 05.17.2013