May 16th, 2013 | 166 Entries


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166 Entries for “manhattan”

  1. I’ve only been to Manhattan once. It was amazing. New York City is magical. Much better than down here in the Bible Belt, where the air is so thick you can’t even take a breath. So many different cultures in one place. I felt at home.

    By Erica on 05.16.2013

  2. I’ve never been to Manhattan, although I have been to other parts of New York City. I love it. The smells. The people. Everything about it is amazing. Tall, towering buildings. So many people and so many stories to tell.

    By Erica URL on 05.16.2013

  3. Man, hot eh?

    By Evan URL on 05.16.2013

  4. a location in New York. One I haven’t visited. Glen Hansard frequents New York. I’d love to visit New York One day while Glen is there. Oh to share a brew and some conversation with him.

    By Linda on 05.16.2013

  5. I’ve heard of places where the streets are alive with the buzz of ideas, and the daily stampede of all kinds of people forms a colorful palette of individual shades, like those jumbo boxes of crayons that always used to amaze me so. I’ve heard the music there is richer, the sights are wilder, everyday life goes wider and deeper, opportunities abound, and fulfillment can easily be found.
    My longing sighs echo across the bland landscape of suburbia as I follow cement footsteps between perfect green lawns. Looking upwards, I take comfort in the bright cerulean sky. It must stretch all the way to Manhattan.

    By Zoe on 05.16.2013

  6. First thing that comes to mind, Woody Allen. I’m not even a fan of the movie, but it does allow for some beautiful views and scenes of Manhattan life. I’ve visited Manhattan a few times and was always fascinated by the speed and grandeur of the place. Also, it makes me think of one of my very favorite cocktails: I do love a good Manhattan at the end of the evening.

    By Nicole on 05.16.2013

  7. Slide up to the sky bar and order Manhattan or so was my original aim.
    Cold shoulders is all I’m feeling today.
    Over and under, it’s all the same.
    Lamp lights flicker to life, and I’m just walking.
    Don’t think I’ll stop by the old place, no, something’s changed.

    By Cocktail Verandas on 05.16.2013

  8. Slide up to the sky bar and order Manhattan, or so was my original aim.
    Cold shoulders is all I’m feeling today.
    Over or under, it’s all the same.
    Lamp lights flicker to life, and I’m just walking.
    Don’t think I’ll stop by the old place, no, something in the air has changed.

    By Verandas on 05.16.2013

  9. The infamous streets of Manhattan were so for a reason. The electrifying energy that one received while stumbling across the sidewalks, lost in a crowd would always haunt me. And invigorate me at the same time. There was something about it. The anonymity. It made me cringe in both fear and contentment.

    By Aleasha on 05.16.2013

  10. manhattan beach with starlit swoops, with moonlit dunes and handlebar mustache smiles. vendors on rickety wheels selling trinkets, blue red and green, things that float in the air, in the water, music, a blanketfull of spraypaintings.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.16.2013

  11. Manhattan was her home. No matter how far away she would be, no matter where she lived, she would still truly call Manhattan home, in her heart. She couldn’t change it, didn’t want to. Her family, her life, was in that city, and she wouldn’t change that for the world, not one second of it, for anything

    By Lena on 05.16.2013

  12. My dream. My city. My future. The skyscrapers, rushing cars and business people that I imagine in my dreams. Manhattan occupies my incessant dreams. Whether but a mere fantasy or the true and great city I believe it to be, it will soon be mine. Whether Manhattan reveals itself to be another dark, fearful city or a magical city of human rejuvenation, is up to me to discover. Solely me. I will soon be yours Manhattan. Whether you like it or not. Whether I like you or not. You will soon be mine.

    By michelle URL on 05.16.2013

  13. I was lost on the winding intestinal tract of the the streets of Manhattan, wandering aimlessly for most of the night.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.16.2013

  14. The music blaring from my stereo put me in mind of dancing with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. It was of course pure speculation as I’ve never traveled from my dusty hometown, and didn’t know if I ever would.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 05.16.2013

  15. big city. bigger dreams. it’s where stars are made and people want to be. big buildings, big people. famous movies. colorful lights and rude people. there’s many people waiting to see what you” do. a hot dog man watches you from across the road.

    By sarah on 05.16.2013

  16. its a city that ive never been to. I imagine that it has rainbows and butterflies and has shiny things that glint in the sunlight. I can imagine that people are always busy, as they usually are in most cities. I like to envision a young girl, sitting somewhere looking out her window. This child is impressionable, and has been negatively impressioned by the

    By jessica on 05.16.2013

  17. I don’t think I could get much further from Manhattan then going to the West Coast and living in the mountains.

    By Strategos URL on 05.16.2013

  18. The city that never sleeps lulls in the distance, lights shining into the sky. I wonder what it must be like to live in the city. Sighing softly, I will never know. That is not the place for me.

    By Savannah URL on 05.16.2013

  19. I’ve only been to Manhattan a few times, but I’m always getting lost. You’d think a grid would be easier to navigate than the winding streets, but somehow Manhattan gets me even more lost. Perhaps it’s that I can circle the city without even realizing it.

    By Chatman R. on 05.16.2013

  20. Fast, drunk and lost is how I felt that last time I was on the island. There to make ways in fashion but I ended up in the back of a dirty taxi throwing my pants away on the way up to my apartment. I needed a change. I needed to get out.

    By lauren URL on 05.16.2013

  21. She wandered the streets of Manhattan, oblivious to her surroundings. She just kept walking, hoping that if she walked far enough it would lead to an escape from the life in chains that she’d been living for so long. Before she knew it, she found herself on the outskirts of the city, staring up at a mysterious yet inviting mansion surrounded by overgrown plants. Moving through the grounds up to the tall, old front door, she tried to open it and it shrunk away from her at her touch, creaking forebodingly. Without thinking, she stepped inside towards the faint music, laughter and screams.

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 05.16.2013

  22. A bird flew to Manhattan once and watched people as they sipped their coffee and hugged their coats as they made their way through the busy city streets.

    By Tani URL on 05.16.2013

  23. city, big, USA, awesome, great, many people, adventure, work, famous, sex and the city, the sea, love, warmth, future.

    By Frederikke Senger URL on 05.17.2013

  24. Manhattan is supposed to be a place where I should want to go in the next few months, but my work situation today has pissed me off so much that the excitement of Manhattan seems dull and boring. I need to quit this company completely.

    By Jonathan C. URL on 05.17.2013

  25. My sister went to NYU in Manhattan, so as a young malcontent in Massachusetts I would hop on the Peter pan bus and spend a weekend on the island. It was my first taste of some sort of freedom, before I learned how to drive, before the shackles of responsibility came down on my head. I had a few hairy run-ins with unscrupulous taxi drivers, but it actually taught me something to be able to hold my own in these situations. Still, it would be a while before I felt comfortable completely standing my ground, but these early trips were unforgettable, as far as my understanding of the ideas of personal freedom were concerned.

    Later, I lived for a few months in the city, and that experience was much more harrowing, much less pleasant, but it, too, taught me many lessons.

    The city I once knew no longer exists, though. It has turned into a corporate Disney playground. I don’t even like to go back there. There’s nothing there anymore.

    By Gigantor URL on 05.17.2013

  26. Manhattan stands tall, and I have not been here before. I watch the skyline of this empty, alien place, where I know no one and no one knows me. I am used to London, to familiar streets, and now, here, on the edge of this place I stop, hesitate, panic, look back and forth. Then I smile, and enter the city.

    By Katie Lumsden URL on 05.17.2013

  27. The sky was dark, a silent poetic watchman cast absentmindedly over the sleepy city. A lone ranger sat on the corner, seeking out a small morsel or bit of meager sustenance amongst the garbage. He was lonely.

    By Zayne on 05.17.2013

  28. She opened first one eye and then the other. It had been a long flight. where was she this morning? Or was it afternoon? Heidi had no idea what time of day it was. Groggily she got out of bed, stumbled to the window, opened the heavy drapes and there it was. The Manhattan skyline.

    By Amimee URL on 05.17.2013

  29. hey manhattan. I remember you. You’re that pretty one, the diamond in the rough. I can’t afford to love you, you flashy little thing. just promise me you’ll remember our little fling.

    By Julienne URL on 05.17.2013

  30. The music is deafening, but amazing. It seems to speak to them. They dance and sing, loving just how the summer feels around them.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.17.2013

  31. Manhattan, with its tall shivery buildings held in embraces of cold stone and silver glass, frozen in repose over the night sky and distant horizons. She loved Manhattan with its last two syllables tripping over each other on her tongue and the small personal cafes with their walls of warmth defrosting her face after a battle with the chill wind. She loved steadfast winter in Manhattan with streetlights shattering sparks over shiny stones embedded in the sidewalk asphalt, shining in rainbows against the stark black of the evening sky. She loved Manhattan in its death and its dark, and loved Manhattan all the more in its life and its light, accepting the city for what it was: a story cherished in the hearts of children, a dream crumpled at the bottom of a desolate, polluted river, a hope with wings spread against the shuttered landscape, a yearning desire to be free. Manhattan was all these things, and more.

    By Skäila URL on 05.17.2013

  32. mad days these were, where day and night became a never-ending experience, a whirling dream of faces and sounds and lights and all I could think of was the trees and the wind

    By sonicspider URL on 05.17.2013

  33. I longed to leave home if only for a little bit. Manhattan was a exciting and Omaha was the opposite. I thought I could be someone there.

    By Therese Fitzpatrick on 05.17.2013

  34. manhatan is a place that i have always heard about, but never had the pleasure of visiting the place! heard it and seen it in movies, where movie stars talk about it like its the place to be. open to all culture and the different kind of people this place holds.

    By amrapali on 05.17.2013

  35. I always heard about Manhattan, and that if ever you were in the state of New York, that it is the one place that you must visit. I heard of its trendy and business like approach and most of all. I were most please to learn that it was on the list of places that we were going to visit on our vacation.

    By victor URL on 05.17.2013

  36. “Another manhattan, bartender. It’s been that kind of day.” And it held little promise of improving, though the alcohol sort of blurred the messy details.

    By Dave Rogers URL on 05.17.2013

  37. is a city that lives inside encyclopedias, novels, films and friends tales. I’ve heard that it truly exists and was once a sleep swamp. But if you asked me today, I’d say it was just a made up name, a word that came about because a man managed a hat with a tan.

    By nytrist URL on 05.17.2013

  38. I sang a durge about Manhatten.But I wouldn’t live there if you gave me the whole dang town.

    By A False Terl URL on 05.17.2013

  39. I want to see the Freedom Tower.It’s somewhere in the city.

    By A False Terl URL on 05.17.2013

  40. As she walked down the streets of Manhattan she remembered the good ole days, when the hotdog vender was on the corner and the kids were playing on the streets. What happened to the quieter times,… It was so busy now.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.17.2013