November 7th, 2012 | 279 Entries

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279 Entries for “major”

  1. The major event that occurred on that day was paralyzing. It sent giant bolts of lightning from the heavens, which struck at my eternal soul in foul swoops of abstract hands. It hindered any further progression and then sauntered out the door like a whisper.

    By Samantha on 11.07.2012

  2. Something major isn’t necessarily what somebody else thinks is big or important, it’s what’s important to you. Don’t ever think something close to your heart is insignificant, because if it’s major to you, that’s what makes your existence worthwhile.

    By Zoe on 11.07.2012

  3. i need to figure out what i want to major in in college–maybe english. i don’t know. that means that i have to be good at writing instead of just writing because i like it.

    i remember taking music theory classes when i was in elementary school and i would cry when i couldn’t understand something. major scales are some combination of whole whole half whole whole whole half but i don’t think it’s that exactly. i was a perfectionist back then. i’m not anymore. which is good. and healthier.

    major lazer

    By phoebe on 11.07.2012

  4. This was a major moment in Cam’s life. Her heart was racing. everyone had always talked about this. she was the last of her close friends, finally reaching this milestone at 15. she was so more than ready.

    and he was perfect.

    By Jazz on 11.07.2012

  5. major major which major to decide i don’t even know because i don’t even care because i am not old enough to worry but i have thought about thissince i was 9 oh those were the good days when you didnt have to worry about majors. ugh i miss being 9

    By Moises Gonzalez URL on 11.07.2012

  6. It was what I couldn’t fight… This major, completely stuttered idea. How could I come across something so terrifying, so brooding? Something that twists the soul so utterly that it leaves marks on the physical appearance of skin? “What if I never find love?”

    By dwellings URL on 11.07.2012

  7. “Major Doctor General Headmaster Kaiser Godking Tobias Cooper will be with you shortl – ”

    “Astor, stop trying to intimidate them.”

    “I’m not, your name just sounds really good with ridiculous titles glued to it.”

    By Julia A. URL on 11.07.2012

  8. the major of the city bought strawberry ice creams for all of the people that voted for him and the did a party with white hats and big yellow dresses, they danced cha-cha till midnight and were laughing and having a great time.

    By Fer on 11.07.2012

  9. i have a major bio test tomorrow. i should be studying and i’m definitely screwed. this is awesome. “i say you kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby, fly…don’t you worry cause everybody dies…” sometimes it’s frustrating that no matter how much effort you put into something it still ends up leading to failure. i hope that doesn’t happen.

    By jaya on 11.07.2012

  10. For the two years before, the 4 years during, and the years after, I keep getting asked, “what is your major?” I have decided, against your, his, her, and their will, to do what I want. not just with my major, but with my life.

    By kelseyjordon URL on 11.07.2012

  11. A major implication of my new status hinges upon my willingness to forego any aspect of my former life, whatever it may have meant to me at the time.

    By Matt on 11.07.2012

  12. Such a major word indeed, I know that sometimes people think how to know the best things in life are never quite free. Indeed I want to go to england, yes and to see the world. But why must you look at me in such a way I don’t quite understand. No, not at all. You are a joy to be with. You know that, you must. Such a magnificent word indeed.

    By Kerri on 11.07.2012

  13. My major is Mass communications. Although it is majorly a bunch of bullshit. Anyone can write you don’t need to major in writing to be successful. I would advise picking setting that like buisness for a major. That’s the major field this country was built on

    By Morgan on 11.07.2012

  14. so, it has become this.

    my father often said to wait
    he said to watch. there would be something more
    it would come down to this.
    me and you
    just you wait, you will see

    By heather URL on 11.07.2012

  15. Several things went wrong at the same time, causing major amounts of chaos in the lobby. And I was caught right in the middle of it. First of all, someone was shot. And no one knew who. And no one knew who had done it. It was Clue (the board game, you know, Professor Plum, in the kitchen, with the rope…) in real life.

    By Iam Me URL on 11.07.2012

  16. Her hands were sweaty, which made the prospect of shaking hands terrifying. However as an undeclared undergrad these mixers for majors were pretty much mandatory, as was the continual awkward introductions with the dreaded hand shaking. Each time she struggled to see how she fit in, if this was her calling, if these were the people whose passion she shared.

    By April URL on 11.07.2012

  17. This was the latest major break they had. Five loops. That’s how long it took to figure out the location of the final key. Veneziano felt ecstatic. He could do it! He could get everyone out!
    Then he was pushed out of the way as Prussia took the hit meant for him.

    By Tanya URL on 11.07.2012

  18. I dont know what i want to major in. I just know i love currently, school is hard, and im barely considering college right now.Maybe journalism or something, but then people tell me that it wont make any money. I hate the idea of school, why cant i just go without it and be happy/

    By Dawn on 11.07.2012

  19. Everyone asks me what I’m majoring in for college. I thought “undetermined” was an idea? Like one that you could use if you weren’t sure… Either way, I’m pretty sure that no matter what the fuck I major in, it’s not going to make a difference. Nothing really matters in the end. Right?

    By Bekka URL on 11.07.2012

  20. My major is Graphic Design. Graphic Design is the communication of art, which I love. I love my major. But as I am choosing classes right now I am beyong
    and do not know where to go.
    But I still love me major.

    By Macey on 11.07.2012

  21. youre a major disappointment of a friend, honestly. i always thought you were going to be there for me, to help me when i’m down. but no, it always has to be about you. it hurts to know you wont ever care about my needs, but if you want my help, there i am to assist you. it makes me feel weak.

    By Emily Margaret URL on 11.07.2012

  22. major is a pretty strict word. it is right to the point. it usually means something straightforward and quite large in comparison. it is also a military position, high up i believe in the ranks.

    By kathleen on 11.07.2012

  23. major was an unsightly fellow. he had small beedy eyes, and was rather round. no one knew why he called himself major, only that it was done, and nothing other was he named. major was intimidating, despite his appearance. he was tough and mean, and did not speak to anyone.

    By Kate URL on 11.07.2012

  24. major can be used to describe the size of something. for example, a week ago i ran away, wanting to kill myself. i later returned home, not sure why i didn’t just jump off that bridge. i would describe this as a major event in my life.

    By melaniemitchell on 11.07.2012

  25. “It’s just a bruise. Nothing major.”

    “Nothing major, my ass. Let me look.”

    It was a bruise, all right. A super bruise. Unnatural. This wasn’t the kind of purple swelling patch of flesh you’d get from a fall or an accidental blow. This was intentional. I gingerly held onto the boy’s fingers and squeezed them.

    “You can tell me what happened.”

    “Nothing did.”

    “Charles,” I insisted. “I’m not buying that you’re okay.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.07.2012

  26. a college degree in a subect; the highest league in baseball. Very important or urgent. A high ranked person in a military.

    By Lyle on 11.07.2012

  27. Major change, an actual plot twist… or at least it felt like it. One spilt cup of tea, two strangers with little in common except for their love for winter clothing, and their ink-covered hands…

    By Edna Paulet URL on 11.07.2012

  28. what will i major in in college? will i get into college? what college will i go to? what willi do if i cant get into college? do i really even need college? who set up the idea of college?

    By M/M on 11.07.2012

  29. Major? I don’t have a major. But I’m told that have to decide what I have to do with the rest of my life right now. At 18. Not even out in the world yet. I’m told back in colonial times a woman my age would have had 17 kids by now. Well, fuck that shit. I want to do everything. I want to be everything. But how can I choose a major that fits that? Can I major in awesomeness? I wish I could, because I would be the best awesome-lady around.

    By Steph URL on 11.07.2012

  30. i would like to do a major in digitial design, i want to be a better artist on the computer as well as on a wall, or book, or cloth or any type of material, i want to succeed and win and be recognized

    By kary isa on 11.07.2012

  31. dance . so deeply want to be able to express my emotions clearer and have others feel what i am feeling when im performing. if i cant achieve that by the end of the year, ill feel like i havent tried and let go completely of me

    By Christina on 11.07.2012

  32. i have a few majors. my first major is psychology because it is my major is college. i like it ok but for some reason we have not been getting along lately. My second major is my major attitude problem right now. i have been freaking the fuck out for no reason whatsoever but to freak. no bueno.

    By kalyn on 11.07.2012

  33. Funny how todays word coincides with the current thought of changing my area of study. Maybe it’s a sign to do something about it.

    By Britty URL on 11.07.2012

  34. major
    power puff girls

    By valentina on 11.07.2012

  35. Major Tratman stands at the end of the hallway. His face is imprinted with an indefinite scowl; war can do that sometimes. It’s hard to look at his face, so you bow your head down in humility but his shoes shine so brightly that it hurts. Mostly people just don’t look at the Major anymore, don ‘t pay him any mind. He, alone guards this corridor.

    By hailey on 11.07.2012

  36. the major was sitting on a bench when a giant apple fell from the yellow sky. he thought it was weird because it was not apple´s season yet.
    that made him think about life

    By valentina on 11.07.2012

  37. Major is the opposite of minor, it also has to do with college and university, aka, you can “major” in art history or English.

    By Kaity URL on 11.07.2012

  38. what is major? Is the Word major a social norm for something thats a “big deal” Major means no

    By qiping on 11.07.2012

  39. What is major in my life may be completely irrelevant to yours. What I do you may disagree with. But you are not me. So you do not have the right to dictate what I do. A sense of elitism is major in your life, liberty is major in mine.

    By Amanda URL on 11.07.2012

  40. “Don’t act like you are clean.” “This is a major deal.” “And I’m not even taking about what happened in January.” “This will never be the same!” “WE,.. Will never be the same!”

    By Lee URL on 11.07.2012