August 28th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “magazines”

  1. Magazines feel like a fake depiction of life. Ads upon ads of nonsense and “If you don’t look as thin as these anorexic models you’ll die a slow death of humiliation and unpopularity.” Magazines aren’t even full of content. They’re just ads. You can’t get much faker than that.

    By Kayci URL on 08.28.2012

  2. I throw the magazines on the table in anger. How could the tabloids say that about me! I am by far the greatest actor to ever hit the stage, how dare they accuse me of having an affair. I could never cheat, I’m not Tiger Woods.

    By Gilltyascharged on 08.28.2012

  3. They were scattered on the ground, like candy wrappers during Halloween. I needed them. Two enemy targets were an equal distance from them, and it seems they had also set their sights on my own target. I took a deep breath and braced myself. Here I go.

    By Meriwether on 08.28.2012

  4. magazines can be very imformative and yet can also be a negative. I feel magazines should be positive and uplifting but NOT an avenue of brainwashing.

    By RaShelle Downing on 08.28.2012

  5. these are one of best things to be invented. the give us news and views. some of the news magazines that i like are tehelka, frontline, and the week. they cover various topics, ranging from cinema to politics to gender issues and health.

    By hannah on 08.28.2012

  6. I hadn’t the money to shop the way these magazines intended their reader to shop. So I amounted a large collection of pictures I’d never own.

    By Ruben URL on 08.29.2012

  7. society controlling us
    telling us what we should do and how we should look. ripping us apart.

    By nancy URL on 08.29.2012

  8. Orgies. Orgies are so fun. Why are they so fun? Because of magazines. Magazines offer ads for orgies. Yes, magazines offer ads for other things, such as plane tickets or guacamole, but mostly offer insightful information about the gatherings of men for big, juicy orgies.

    By Fred on 08.29.2012

  9. Magazines, they can be educational, or pure bullshit. Though, I am guilty of picking up the bullshit ones. Something sick about our overwhelming interest for famous peoples’ diets. I’d rather have an educational bit about space or Africa.

    By Vanessa on 08.29.2012

  10. The floor was littered with glossy magazines – beauty, fishing, crafting, gossip – you name it, it was there. Some of the pages had been turned down at the top corner and many of them had been tossed disdainfully aside as if in a tantrum.

    By Benson URL on 08.29.2012

  11. tijdschriften, schrijven tegen de tijd in, elke week, elke maand papier met letters, wat is de zin? van het leven? van dit alles? we proberen, en proberen, van tijd tot tijd, het schrift gelezen, het schrift geschreven, letter voor letter, woord voor woord

    By diederd URL on 08.29.2012

  12. One word, a command that has the power to make or break a future, a life, a race, an empire. that one word has absolute power.

    By Tarka on 08.29.2012

  13. Magazines: paper bound together with rumors and salacious gossip. All what toe PEOPLE want to hear.

    By Tarka URL on 08.29.2012

  14. Magazies are all pictures and no text these days. Their pages are filled with vibrant color but lack-lustre words. The only words are in advertisements. The stories are unrealistic. I look at fashion pages.

    By tawina on 08.29.2012

  15. He opens the magazine on health, GQ was it? He reads the section about abs, and looks at his own belly. One day, Evelyn, one day you’re gonna look just like this, he tells his own body part.
    “But I’m happy the way I am, Mark, says the stomach.

    By johnnyflashbang on 08.29.2012

  16. Oh my darling,
    why do you focus on torn jeans,
    painted nails
    and magazines.
    prom nights
    girl fights
    but it’s just right
    because I got youuuuuu

    By Sabrina URL on 08.29.2012

  17. i hate all the damn advertisements i wish there were more interesting stories that relate to students and young adults but it mainly is about bullshit politics that my parents love to brainwash themselves with.

    By julian on 08.29.2012

  18. The small table in her living room was always filled with magazines. Some were opened to specific pages, some were editions from months ago, and some looked like they’d been thumbed through many times. There was this one magazine that looked brand new and always sat there in the same place on the table, unopened. Because some stories are too much to read without crying.

    By emlex URL on 08.29.2012

  19. Look at them–
    the magazines.
    they are staring at us:
    those eyes–
    those lips —
    those faces framed and plastered on to the walls and ceilings
    of my mind.
    each take and each look
    it sings of broken hearts and shallow lives;
    it sings of loves lost
    and lusts that are loved;
    and each turn of the page
    sounds like nails on a chalkboard
    but has somehow turned to music
    in my ears.

    By t44 URL on 08.29.2012

  20. papper, pictures, text, famous people,

    By ElnaRose on 08.29.2012

  21. I just love to read about furniture and stuff with nice colorful pictures and beautiful people showing off their houses.

    By Lottawg on 08.29.2012

  22. fun amazing reading fashion cars prize celebreties chit chat pics colour teenage music readers

    By Linn on 08.29.2012

  23. its papers and its boring, i don’t lik’em. They’re scarryyy. Blah bla blah, eheh. I like cats.
    The can be about

    By Svanza on 08.29.2012

  24. one thing that i dont read or use.;) i dont like it.

    By sampan1337 URL on 08.29.2012

  25. i love to read in them and nag how bad they are sometimes they are in beatiful color and hi

    By Eldiablo on 08.29.2012

  26. magazines i think about comics and stuff spiderman turtles idont know :)(((((((( Ammo ammonition

    By Daniel on 08.29.2012

  27. paper, pictures, text, famous people,

    By WARose on 08.29.2012

  28. magazines are floppy books that people read on the bus and trains and while they go to the loo. there are lots of short articles inside the magazines and they can be either entertaining or boring. i have never seen a magazine about morbidities but some can make you want to shoot yourself. like the c

    By pizza on 08.29.2012

  29. I don’t even read magazines. It’s so unneccesary. I don’t even know what the use for magazines is anymore. We have everything in the internet.

    By mikaela paxby URL on 08.29.2012

  30. sports, the only thing in the world I never can get tired of and never will. Every morning I read the results of every game, and of course I read about what’s on tv and comics.

    By Messias on 08.29.2012

  31. summer, dancing, ice cream, water, the beach, hot, cold water, friends, sand, sandtower

    By Daniel on 08.29.2012

  32. Sport, houses,

    By Melinda Christiansson on 08.29.2012

  33. It’s something that girls and older ladies read when they are board :)
    I don’t like them because I’m not a women :)
    gooodbye !!!

    By petter URL on 08.29.2012

  34. penis is a good word. or is it? yes it is

    By gejb da babe on 08.29.2012

  35. I run down the street, how in the world am I gone tell him this? The magazines in my hand all have the picture of him. He is all over the news, how could this happen? I dreaded to tell him, but I knew I had to.

    By Ayla Vinje Fagerland on 08.29.2012

  36. They’re nice. I like how they’re made out of paper. It’s real nice. Go touch them if you don’t bealive me. Or am i supposed to explain what magazines are? whatever…

    By Daniel on 08.29.2012

  37. I think of the newspapper or like an fashion magazine. Or Gossip-magzine whit lots of celeberties in it.

    By Ottilia Fröger URL on 08.29.2012

  38. its made out of paper
    its boring
    there says many news in it

    By Jonthe URL on 08.29.2012

  39. Magazines are like papers , but magazines is not always about news.
    You can found different kind of magazines , like magazines about clothes , cars, football, other sports and very much more. There are a magazine for every kind of taste. I like to read magazines because i think they are very interesting sometimes. But i dont like any sort of magazines.

    By Jasminenilsson URL on 08.29.2012

  40. When I read the word magazine I start to think about a sort of new paper. But its not really about news, its about for example about what people likes, like football.

    By Emma URL on 08.29.2012