August 28th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “magazines”

  1. teen vogue
    tiger beat

    By Marr URL on 08.28.2012

  2. i really only like the literary magazines. i cant stand the image society gives the perfect human being. everyone is perfect in their entirety as a being. i like stories a lot though. so i guess that why i like literary magazines so much. they just make sense to me. i wish i had really great stories to write about.

    By sara URL on 08.28.2012

  3. Filled with pap-taken pictures of people who are more famous and rich than me with babies with odd names and pre-pubscent gorgeous features and like how is that fair just because I grew up as a commoner you rude people anyway I’d love to sing on Broadway maybe someday I will and be as famous and happy-go-lucky as all them lot one can only hope please God please

    By Emma McBlain URL on 08.28.2012

  4. The magazines on her desk were all, much to her dismay, fashion-related. All she wanted was a simple national geographic subscription but her mother had insisted that acting within the gender stereotypes for females was more socially appropriate and therefore refused her the science she so desperately craved.

    By mackedee on 08.28.2012

  5. Printed page after printed page
    Glossy lies beguilingly slick masks draped over subtle dewy fabrications
    After all you needn’t separate sentences from words nor fact from fiction in this industry
    They know what we mean
    Don’t they?

    By 5arahZ0ey URL on 08.28.2012

  6. porn….

    By Amris on 08.28.2012

  7. magazines are a good source of information, though having a bad vibe for actual information and really the ugly brother of literacy it is important as it actually leads the world to read and frankly though I might not be a magazine fan I am in awe of their information and ability to share. I have nothing against them

    By Caitlynne on 08.28.2012

  8. magazines host incredible images and show more than books in many ways in fleeting glances however can be superfluous and stupid as well as shallow. i would not want to be in one. i would only like to judge others from what i see in them. everyone does that right? dont you? magazines suck.

    By Julia Galaway on 08.28.2012

  9. i love reading magazines.all types it be fashion,cars,sports,interior desiging.
    what i love most about them is the amazing quality pictures,the paper,the content.the colour.
    everything just attracts me towards them.
    apart from all this i think magazines area good way to actually inculcate the habit of reading in oneself.all in all its a good hobby and i like a productive way to pass your time.
    atleast better than sitting in front of the tv and wasting one’s time.

    By khyathi on 08.28.2012

  10. He picked it up slowly, sad fingers moving gently against the cover. Plastic girls with poofy lips and long hair filled the page, captioned with the words “Summer fun”. he didn’t dare think about how they had gotten there.

    By Alias on 08.28.2012

  11. The font seemed to smile
    corners of the clefts and chiselled edges
    the tariffs, turned in turns
    back through the pages, until the dot
    of the i dwindled to a speck, to an imprint

    By gsk URL on 08.28.2012

  12. magazines.
    magazines were everywhere.
    the world was controlled by the media.
    but this wasnt just like the way it used to be in the past.
    the world was literaly run by magazines.
    television, newspapers, and everything else had been abolished.

    By Ashley on 08.28.2012

  13. Magazines are and important form of media nowadays; people can enjoy reading magazines almost anywhere and at times they offer some useful information

    By Jude URL on 08.28.2012

  14. They are sometimes cool, but most of the time frivolous and boring. Unless you are talking about National Geographic. Those are AMAZING. Mostly because of the pictures. I don’t ever really read the articles. They’re too long.

    By Maria on 08.28.2012

  15. I saw my face printed on the front cover next to the dashing star of that new superhero blockbuster. You know the one, with the capes and the aliens. Well i don’t know how or when, but somehow, we were snapped together at the beach and now i was in for a tidal wave of trouble. I just new it.

    By Elanor URL on 08.28.2012

  16. Oh I hadn’t realized that the buzzer was going lols, Magazines are interesting. I am actually now wondering where they all began. I mean I think that they have been around since at least the 1930’s??? but again would it really be that available? Newspapers would definitely be around alot longer.

    By strangecat URL on 08.28.2012

  17. I think it could be useful, but only in an estranged sort of sense, if i were to own a magazine or two. It would keep my mind occupied and keep me from wondering too far into the depths of my own puzzles and confusions.

    By alias URL on 08.28.2012

  18. I tossed down the magazine with its flash headline introducing the latest make-ups and break-ups. I wondered how anyone could possibly care about anything like that when our world was slowly becoming a mess.

    By Rose Silver URL on 08.28.2012

  19. I screamed. “Let me out of this paper prison!” I cried to no one in particular. People gave me awkward glances as they passed by. Probably thinking: “She’s snapped just like the other ones.”

    By Rose Silver URL on 08.28.2012

  20. Although I’ve been looking for something new, the magazines piled up in the corner always seem interesting. Each time I pick one of those up, it feels like if I haven’t read it before, and all the stories inside are brand new.

    By joseandresaguayo URL on 08.28.2012

  21. I tore it in half. My eyes searching desperately as the paper snowflakes fluttered down beside me. I fell to my knees realizing what i had done. oh no know he’s going to hate me I thought as I picked up the pieces of my unknowingly shattered life that was hiding in the paper fragments.

    By Rose Silver URL on 08.28.2012

  22. I love to flip through magazines. Feeling the smooth, shiny paper running through my hands, a thousand visions of clothes and make up and people all at my finger tips. People, places and things that I will probably never see in person…all sitting here at my finger tips.

    By paulie aragon on 08.28.2012

  23. The magazines sat where they were left, one on top of the other. Untouched after being thrown there. They didn’t work, those self help leaflets and booklets. They made no difference as they sat beneath pills and bottles…

    By BekahCat URL on 08.28.2012

  24. I was walking along the sidewalk when I saw a magazine with “her” face on it. This girl was me. Well, she was supposed to be. But you never really look the same in real life as you do in the photographer’s edits. I wish I looked like me…

    By Cassie on 08.28.2012

  25. “I need ammo…and I need it now!” he screamed. “I haven’t got any I’ve run out!” she replied. “Then get out of here!” he yelled.

    By Lisa Shambrook URL on 08.28.2012

  26. FIlthy Nick was a pig; a bully, but a smart one. Whilst he meddled deep in the heart of the corridors of corporate corruption he kept his face well away from the spotlight, always careful to avoid TV crews and magazine photographers.

    By sharon london on 08.28.2012

  27. They show us articles about the things going on in our lives. They give us news about what is going on in the world so we know and are well informed. My magax=zines sit on my stand near my toilet becuase they are great thigs to read while to relieve yourslef. i know they are good because it is a form of reading and i like to read.

    By RG on 08.28.2012

  28. She stared up at me. Her still eyes glossy in the florescent lighting. What did she want? I asked myself. What were the discernible words she had spoken to me before she died?

    By Rose Silver URL on 08.28.2012

  29. I love magazines. I get so many great ideas from them. They are so informative. I love bringing them to the cottage and rereading them. I tend to accumulate alot of them and hate to throw them out. I rip anything of interest and keep them in a folder with ideas of putting them into some kind of scrap book some day. I have alot of work cut out for me since i haven’t scrap booked any yet…so i have lots of loose articles.

    By Karen Bedard URL on 08.28.2012

  30. magazines are somwtimes stpid. the media bashes beautiful girls and they end up becoming anorexic. why cant you just let people be? yopu see pictures in magazines and know youll never be as pretty.

    By rebekah on 08.28.2012

  31. Are filled with images that titillate, but do little to inspire, fast food reading. A microcosm of our culture in general.

    By Chuck on 08.28.2012

  32. Magazines! EVERYWHERE! I screamed and slapped at a sickly sweet candy colored one with a sparkly vampire’s picture on it.

    “They’re hideous!” I screamed. “BURN THEM ALL!” And with that, I pulled out my flame thrower and lit up the pile like a roman candle.

    By MYOB on 08.28.2012

  33. Magazines, again. Good heavens, what are they for? Worthless pieces of paper that people stack up in a corner of their homes? No one likes them– just take a look at the previous paragraphs about the word “magazine”… I feel sorry for whoever works for a magazine company. Perhaps I should take the TARDIS back in time and dissuade the first magazine editor-in-chief from publishing it. He or she was probably a Dalek…

    Anywho, ALLONSY!

    By The Doctor on 08.28.2012

  34. Magazines are such god pass time. One can spend moments in oblivion just by reading it sitting at a waiting lounge or a parlor.

    By Haritha on 08.28.2012

  35. magazines have glossy pages filled with pictures and articles about a variety of different things. there are magazines for different interests: fashion, beauty, psychology, travel, sports, etc. Magazines are probably a more accurate documentation of the human race than any other written document. If the human race is wiped out, I hope magazines remain because they can probably inform the future generations more than anything else.

    By Nicole on 08.28.2012

  36. the new york times their covers are usually pretty interesting i especially liked the one they created after obama said he supported gay rights it was the white house pillars in rainbow colors

    By Nick on 08.28.2012

  37. I love to read magazines. The glossy ones. I confess, I look at the ads as much as the articles, maybe more! But when I find an interesting article, I enjoy it. People magazine is my guilty pleasure.

    By Max on 08.28.2012

  38. There’s a pile of magazines sitting in the nooks and crannies of my office. Science magazines. Magazines detailing the intricate wonders of our universe and the beautiful breakthroughs on Earth. Unread, a pile of knowledge rotting with no audience.

    By Adam URL on 08.28.2012

  39. I always wanted a subscription to many fashion magazines. But I could never bring myself to fill out the form and receive the publisher’s discount price. I guess what stopped me was that satisfying feeling one gets when picking up an issue directly from the news stand. Sure I’d be spending a subscription’s worth of money on a monthly basis, yet the feeling was too much to give up. Plus I need SOME excuse to get out of the house from time to time.

    By Ruben URL on 08.28.2012

  40. magazines. magazines can be in reference to a clip for a handgun. if you want to go the violent route. or it could refer to the media version. in which case i imagine superficially painted people. beautiful faces and dead eyes. i don’t know what else to write. is my time almost up? it should be right about now. i write in sentence fragments.

    By j on 08.28.2012