November 26th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “local”

  1. i want to leave it all behind.

    By no on 11.26.2012

  2. what? local? local like in the neighborhood? oh god i sound ridiculous i cant even think of anything having to do with the word local
    your local fire department
    your local news stand?

    By shay on 11.26.2012

  3. there were three locals. all of them with reddish hair. their shirts were stained and bloody from a long days work. marauders. murderers. the night descended and they walked into town, barefoot. the rain misted over the tropical forest covering everything with a film and lace of moisture. blood and water.

    By Roddy URL on 11.26.2012

  4. gentry aint it, local hood blossoms onto thee, in ski fashion so is cargo francsay youll date me sucka butt it wont lo ca local bitch

    By creepestbloom URL on 11.27.2012

  5. Local time here is fours hours past noon. Trains in Mumbai are also sometimes called as Local Trains. Local people travel mostly by public transports, leaving visitors no options but to take cabs. Local is a word that can take many meanings. A local newspaper makes it sound like someone from the second home down the street has been printing it for his living. Locally, people in the city believe in their own style of living. Local sometimes becomes a short form of Low Calories. Quite funny, but yes it is.

    By Payal Pandya on 11.27.2012

  6. I used to have a local, back in Darwin. It was right next door. When I moved here, I had lots of locals, because I went out so very often. No longer any more, as I’m a reformed family man now. I don’t really miss it that much. At first, I thought I was sort of hiding my light under a bushel a bit, but then realised that was a bad way of looking at it. Now, instead I say that I’m a family man. I like that explanation better.

    By Snellopy URL on 11.27.2012

  7. “Where do you work?”
    “Somewhere local,” she said.
    “I would assume as much,” he responded.
    “You shouldn’t have asked a question if you already knew the answer.”
    The waiter asked them if they were ready to order. First dates weren’t their thing.

    By DavidRyanM URL on 11.27.2012

  8. Local
    Lead to love

    By Torivoss URL on 11.27.2012

  9. teh san diego local is a special breed. thinking he’s too laid back for LA and too up beat for the east coasters, he resigns to sit back and enjoy his waves and his people. the sun never really sets on his life, but hes always looking out somewhere else

    By ryancinsd URL on 11.27.2012

  10. He always drank down at the local. The brown bodies plastered the bar stools, stuck like flies at the thighs in the sticky heat. He reached for the froth topped schooner, didn’t know sweat cools you down.

    By Kyra Bandte URL on 11.27.2012

  11. i live in the cocoon of the culture of the lamb and the egg and i fuck and i breathe and when did i get here i think this light looks bad on me i am a moth i am the sun i cant breathe and i need some velvet nightmares and moonrise dreams

    By Tojour Rouget on 11.27.2012

  12. “Where can you go that is local and gives you the same value?” she asked, holding up an orange scarf with lime green spots. “This is a great place to shop. I spend most of the day here.” She put the scarf back and moved on to the next counter covered with diamante jewellery. Each object seemed to add to the irridescent glow of the stand. Individually the pieces were small, almost unremarkable, but together they were magnificant.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.27.2012

  13. this is not far from me, just around the corner in fact, a place I rarely visit in my quest to explore and travel to further shores

    By gemma on 11.27.2012

  14. I’m in love with that sick satisfaction I get right after my eyes re-focus.

    By Maddison URL on 11.27.2012

  15. it was clear he was nervous, perhaps waiting for someone, perhaps waiting for someone he had not seen in a long time, or never seen before. I summised as I sat containing my own joy at seeing my beloved as stepped off the plane, any minute now. No, it was his daughter, she flew into his arms, coated in an NYU shirt and grown up so much since he saw her last. I jeallously envied their bursting love as they embraced, nervously waiting for my own embrace and hoping after all this time it would be just as filled with love

    By Jen URL on 11.27.2012

  16. Local.
    First thought is actually a gangster related thing.. which are the gang called “Locolz” in my home reservation. But I dont know why I chose to write about that instead.
    I’d say local for me is home. My strength strengethning, and my friends that I love, and don’t love anymore. Shi

    By Jay on 11.27.2012

  17. It took time to figure out where i was going. India. Pakistan. Rome. But no matter where my mind wandered, my thoughts came back home

    By Robert on 11.27.2012

  18. The idea that local is better sickens me to my core. Should we not all be nomads wandering through this great wide earth? explore our little blue marble? why should we be confined to only one area? I’d much rather be a great wanderer

    By alex on 11.27.2012

  19. I woke up, went to the local store and asked for bananas. The owner gave me 5 bananas from Hawai, i was really surprised: aren’t there any local bananas? He told me all the banana fields of my country had been destroyed by the snow and ice. That really upset me and took me aback! No local bananas? Was that possible? It did not take longer than 5 seconds for me to decide: I would grow my own local bananas in my small garden! I planted a banana tree in my back yard an watered it every 3 days, for 8 weeks. And then, a Sunday morning, at 10:30 local time, I looked out of my window and i saw a tiny little yellow local banana on my tree! The feeling i got at that moment, cannot be described in words! I immediately took a photo of my local banana and then ate it. This photo is now hanging on the wall above my old sofa, reminding me how important it is to grow your own local produce!! :D

    By mata on 11.27.2012

  20. Something that is very close to a person, but not emocionally. It means it is in the same area or town where the person lives. it can also be a local citizen.

    By jovana madafaka on 11.27.2012

  21. yep. this is it. this is the local island that everyone had talked about. how magical it is, how amazing it is, he heard them all. he wants to experience it by himself. and so he search for it. for 3 months he searched and finally he found it. as so here he is standing on the sand, looking out the horizon while the waves hit his feet, understanding on why everyone had said how magical it is. because it is, it is how nature works.

    By qie URL on 11.27.2012

  22. local radio stations are really out of date nowadays. They only play the songs that are “in” and never go out trying to find new things. New… What is new anyway? is there anything “new” in this world anymore? or are we just bringing back “old” stuff as “new” and pretend we found something genuine…

    By murat on 11.27.2012

  23. local people
    this is a person hwo live work at the birth place

    By Iliyana URL on 11.27.2012

  24. The locals lived their life peacefully..they grew their own crops, and raised their own animals. There was a sense of community among them, and the entire place was like a

    By MJ on 11.27.2012

  25. It is a place that is very familiar.It could also be something very known and found within a place.

    By Prathibha on 11.27.2012

  26. i’m a local, amongst these pine trees and briney air. i breathe it and i exhale it, and it fills my blood and with it takes my stories, what i’ve seen in this town.

    By Clare on 11.27.2012

  27. I see local as what is around me. I see it as something that can be anything, From my local people to my local places. Local is any and everywhere.

    By Justin Jackson on 11.27.2012

  28. i watch local news on my tv at home when im bored.

    By christina on 11.27.2012

  29. The local authorities had no power to change the outcome. Bane had decimated lower Gotham City and prevented the people from escaping over the bridges.

    By Eric Nentrup URL on 11.27.2012

  30. local rappers
    local news
    local gas stations
    local health departments

    By macy clark on 11.27.2012

  31. I watched the Local news today in just like every other day they were talking about what happened on the South Side . But I have learned that they have found the body of a missing boy in a pond that have been missing for sometime now. The family was hoping in praying that is wasn’t him but they are glad they can finally she his struggle is over.

    By Tatty on 11.27.2012

  32. The local gas station were packed. There is a lot of local rappers in Indianapolis, IN. Some local rappers have made it .

    By Jhayln on 11.27.2012

  33. The local subway station was packed, full of people pressed up against each other. i sniffed and grimaced, the smell of sweat and heavy perfume hung in the air.

    By RockyRox on 11.27.2012

  34. Morning traffic began to erupt. The late office enters his car as he spills coffee all over his clothes. The children enter the school bus in hopes of the weekend coming closer.

    By Armando on 11.27.2012

  35. hello there.

    By Coach Gresham URL on 11.27.2012

  36. The store was local. Time passed and it became harder and harder to keep open. The regional supermarkets were closing in. Down-home friendliness was no longer a virtue. Price was the only virtue that mattered anymore.

    By dan URL on 11.27.2012

  37. well everything is local. the mall is local. the hospital is local. some concerts are local.

    By Craig Beckham on 11.27.2012

  38. Local reminds me of the outside world and things that i can easily get to weather its people or a place. I like being local it makes life simpler for me. Local can mean more then just the definition that i gave here.

    By Shanae on 11.27.2012

  39. I went to the local gas station to get a gallon of gas for my bran new quad.

    By Rayanne URL on 11.27.2012

  40. i live in a local area where everyone knows everyone

    By Tanner Bowman URL on 11.27.2012