November 26th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “local”

  1. I’m so sick of where my life is going. I feel like I’m just shooting in the dark and I have no idea what in doing. My parents don’t care. My teachers don’t care. I’m so unhappy all the time. I’m angry all the time. I can’t be happy no matter how hard I try. I keep thinking its just a phase but I can’t snap out of it. I just keep looking for something to bring meaning to my life but yet I can’t find a single thing. I think I need help. Or a therapist.

    By Emily on 11.26.2012

  2. here
    now, everywhere, common, freash, community

    By Jessie van Ekelenburg on 11.26.2012

  3. Local markets in town always made me feel happy. Whether I’m in my hometown or out for college, I always seem to be drawn to places with fresh produce. People share there livelihoods and each item sold has a story: the blood, sweat, and tears of many.

    By Mary Hosler URL on 11.26.2012

  4. meu local favorito
    é onde eu encontro abrigo
    e esse local
    é o seu sorriso

    By Brenda L. URL on 11.26.2012

  5. the local pub, where regulars come for their usual. everyone knows everyone, and nothing ever changes. its the same old-same old, and the locals like that. security. knowing.

    By Eden URL on 11.26.2012

  6. I was at the local shop one day when I saw an elephant broswing through the cough medicine isle humming along to his own life music. I walked over to him while staring at him coursity as he picked up his trunk and grabbed a medicine box.

    By mikayla on 11.26.2012

  7. I was at the local shop one day when I saw an elephant broswing through the cough medicine isle humming along to his own life music. I walked over to him while staring at him coursity as he picked up his trunk and grabbed a medicine box.

    By mikayla on 11.26.2012

  8. It was nothing special. We just went to the local diner to get some cheap food. But that was where it happened. It was when I realized what he meant to me.

    By Grace URL on 11.26.2012

  9. Not making express stops. It’s going to be a long slow ride home. Turn on the ipod, open the novel, enjoy the journey without experiencing it. Maybe I’ll see a friendly face or 2. Maybe not.

    By Jonathan J on 11.26.2012

  10. i like to play ball. i like pizza. i like playing coolmath. i like spongebob. i like fun brain. i like logic. i like poptropica. my favorite school is sutter middle school. my favorite teacher is ms. torres.

    By treesa on 11.26.2012

  11. local is your neighbor coughing and borrowing eggs. And you watching next doors TV through the window.

    By steinunn on 11.26.2012

  12. Local is the produce I eat, it’s the people I hang out with and the things I do every day. Local is the clothing I try to buy, when I end up at boutiques instead. I know local is good. But I don’t know the difference between local and organic. But I do know that local with an e, takes me to Italy.

    By nina on 11.26.2012

  13. Locals everywhere. Small lopsided knitted hats and thick blocky glasses that may or not have a prescription attatched to them. Hugging jeans that show knobby ankles and shoes that look like they were stolen from Navajo children.

    By StatiKink URL on 11.26.2012

  14. The local bus stopped outside my apartment, like it does every Saturday morning. I peered out my window with a skeptical look, not trusting it for one minute. Unlike those common folk, who trust a bus, a bus driver, taxis, the like so willingly and without thought, I knew the truth. The horrid, disgusting truth about our everyday life and the people who live it. It was all a lie, but it seems no one saw it. It fooled everyone, giving them a feeling of comfort and calm, when really everything was cold and chaos. Don’t they know what goes on, day after day, night after night? They were all so daft, so thick in their heads and never using what their mother’s gave them. It was a darned waste, it was.

    By Codi on 11.26.2012

  15. I’m a local in my own hometown. As soon as I leave, I cease to be a local and become an outsider, a foreigner, an alien. I no longer belong. There is familiarity in locals. The same faces down at the coffee shop, day in and day out. Always the same, the locals.

    By Ryan on 11.26.2012

  16. This Saturday was Small Business Saturday. It’s where you support local small business by visiting them and trying to only buy from small business to support the local economy. Even President Barack Obama participated.

    By Endless Waltz URL on 11.26.2012

  17. Instead of staking out the local chop shop he could be out with Gina, or Lola. Oh yeah Lola. He popped the lid off his coffee and tossed it onto the dash with the rest of the nights’ collection. Maybe this one wouldn’t taste like used oil. After seven hours of crap coffee and no action, he watched the sleek sedan pull up to the garage door. The detective took a tentative sip and sighed as a big man stepped out of the car and straightened his coat. He regretfully tossed the first decent cup of java all night out the window and flipped on the flashing lights at least his wasn’t the only date to get ruined tonight.

    By EliseV URL on 11.26.2012

  18. I went to the local club to have a night with my friends. when i bumped into you. my sprite ran down my long legs when my cup fell out of my hands getting my shorts wet and sticky. as i was about to tell you off, i looked and saw you. i mean got a good look. there you were looking at me. “oh, gee i am REALLY sorry.” he apologized. it’s ok i think i’ll live i replied. hey he called back, listen i will get you another one of those and um get you some new clothes. it’s cool, really. i holler back. yet he still follows me. at least let me take you home, he says, wait up! and of course i take the offer… who wouldn’t?

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.26.2012

  19. I live at local market. There are a lot of local markets in my city but i live at this one because of the special treasure that lies in the depths of the crowded place. Gold.

    By Jessica on 11.26.2012

  20. The trafic had been absurd as of late. The once quiet town of Neitherbottom had been changing drastically and Jean wasn’t quite sure as to why. Mysterys weren’t common in Jean’s hometown and a bit of an oddity

    By Tom Wexler on 11.26.2012

  21. Local coffee shop. Normal routine. Every single day. Same place. Same time. No one here ever bothers to ask my name even if they have memorized my order.

    By Ember URL on 11.26.2012

  22. shops
    low calorie
    low call

    By ja sdf URL on 11.26.2012

  23. I’m a local of green trees
    Rain that washes away the grime on the blood stained streets
    Blood that transforms to roses
    A local of coffee shops and street performers
    Wildflowers and free spirits
    History and character

    By Katheryne on 11.26.2012

  24. The local coffee shop was running very low on sales. Their were cobwebs in the corners, the counter was covered in dust, and due to low income repairs were unable to be made. The owners of the shop were becoming very worried. One day the hostess was dusting the shop when a man walked in and ordered a latte and a scone. The hostess took his order and took it back to the cook. She walked back to the counter and made poliet conversation with the man. When his order was ready she went to retrieve his food and she noticed he was writing on a notepad. She gave him his scone. He took a bite and wrote more.
    “I hate to ask,” she said, “but what is that you’re writing?”
    “I am a critic,” he smiled. “And I will be giving this place high marks in tomorrow’s newspaper.”

    By Kirstein on 11.26.2012

  25. Radishes. Lettuce. Chocolate. I’m at the smoothie booth, mixing yogurt with honey and blueberries, but this is what’s around me. The Sunday market is loud and bubbly and lovely.

    By Grace on 11.26.2012

  26. In town ne’er your house business farmers market omg I love the country local tastes good maple

    By Grace URL on 11.26.2012

  27. Local food is better than no local food. A local friend is. Enter than a long-distance friend. Local means close, and that makes it more personal.

    By Amy Alderson on 11.26.2012

  28. he sits at the counter
    three seats to the left of the window
    and when he walks to the door
    the whole place sighs goodbye
    to the local
    the regular

    By Sterling URL on 11.26.2012

  29. “Think global, act local”
    In order to make a change you should start making a change locally. A real change should start……

    By Paulina on 11.26.2012

  30. Local was the food that I ate. Local was the newspaper rolled like a scepter in my hands. Without my mother’s car to transport me out of this dull college town, I was forced to buy everything locally. And it’s not like local is necessarily a bad thing. it’s just that every day I saw the same faces, the same dull, dreary, weary bodies circulating through a shadowy “life” here. I absolutely hated it.

    By Savanna URL on 11.26.2012

  31. Looking back now, I see the hostile glares. I remember the evil tone creeping into the voices of the locals. I remember how every inn turned me away. But silly me thought it was because of the holidays. The nerve of some people! I don’t know why it was that they hated me so. To this day I stare at them and wonder,”What did I do? What did I do to make you hate me?” Slowly, I recollect all the events. I’m still missing pieces of the puzzle. The pieces I have are a kind, old woman inviting me inside; the lights turning off and me falling fast asleep; the shriek of someone quite frighten; a sole candle accompanied by the glimmer of a knife and darkness. I remember cold darkness. Then the darkness seeps away and warmth floods my every sense. What I know and am most certain of is; I WAS MURDERED.

    By Secret URL on 11.26.2012

  32. to support local seems to be the next logical step in my life. I feel that globalization overall will cause more harm than good. To be able to purchase goods for less does not seem worth it in the long run. Local to me is supporting my community, supporting people that I see, and I like the idea that I will be able to play a tangible role in their lives.

    By Muave on 11.26.2012

  33. the bar
    and the lights all mixed into one
    but i see him and i hate him for the fact
    that there is no one else i can see in all the lights
    but we all wear a million faces
    in a crowd of lights
    and we don’t know where we are going
    but we are made of starstuff
    from the highest, farthest places
    it’s a shame that we are local.

    By madeline minardi on 11.26.2012

  34. Near home, a place where you feel home and safe. A place where you can find things without too much work. Peaceful , lovely, and quite and excepting.

    By Haben B. Voorhies URL on 11.26.2012

  35. The local train station was a quiet place. There were only a few people that got off around my town and as a result, it was almost always dead. I didn’t mind sitting there with a book for a few hours, but today the place had a different air about it. The train let off its horn and slid into its station. A man stepped off with a warm smile and blue eyes.

    By Alyssa URL on 11.26.2012

  36. Where everyone i know is at. Friends. Family. Enemies. Crushes. Horror stories that Will beet go away. The place i want To leave but at the same Time want To Stay in forever.

    By Alyssa on 11.26.2012

  37. something that is near you as in a location or person that might be a regaler in the same place. local stores or family members are the kind of local nouns.

    By Taylor on 11.26.2012

  38. Local is something that is close to you. If something is local, that means that you can reach it without much difficulty. Erm, that’s just about it.

    By Patricia on 11.26.2012

  39. the place where the bennys come and use our beach in the best surfing time of the year… :( i could have totally thought of something better than that. or could I? its what i thought of isn’t it?

    By Brandon Louhier URL on 11.26.2012

  40. conejo coffe, a little coffee shoppe off of hill crest. Thats where all the hip kids go with their double shot macciatos or skinny caramel lattes. They talk about how glum this little town is and how they desperately want to leeave

    By Daria on 11.26.2012